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free knit hat pattern

      Chic Knits Handknitting Patternsfree hat pattern
       by Bonne Marie Burns

Here's a hat for the Sports Fan in YOU!
Uses doubled worsted weight yarn - or -
bulky weight yarn...


Size: Medium (fits Women's 21-22")

Yarn: 110 yds each of two colors (C1 & C2) Worsted Weight Yarn
(220 yds total - yarn held double throughout)

OR 110 yds Bulky Weight Yarn (55 yds each C1 & C2)

Gauge: 14 sts / 18 rows over 4" St st

Needles: #10.5/6.5mm 16" or 20" circular needles & Double Pts

Stripe Sequence: 6 rounds of each color 7 times.
[C1, C2, C1, C2, C1, C2, C1]


Cast on 76 sts and join to knit in the round. (Remember worsted wt. yarn is held doubled throughout; bulky weight single.)

Round 1: [K3, P1] around.

Repeat this pattern, observing your stripe counts until 4 stripe sequences are completed.

Work 2 rounds with C1.

Next Round: K2TOG; [K15, place marker] repeat around.

Decrease Round: [K to within 2 sts of marker, K2TOG] repeat around.

While continuing to observe your stripe count, repeat the above DEC round every round until 5 sts are left. (Switch to Dbl. Pts when uncomfortable to continue with Circs.)

Break yarn and weave through remaining sts. Weave in all ends.



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