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November 1, 2001


Autumn WIP

Yeah, this should be "work-in-progress" but in my case it's gonna have to look like this: WIPs. As in Multiple. Varied. Half-finished. Almost there. Too lazy to finish, etc.

I can't seem to just work on one project at a time (just a short attention span, I guess) so here's what's on the needle:

1. Blue-aqua-purple variegated LONG cardigan with large ribbed collar. This would be done, but I put fringe all around the collar, hated it, pulled it out while watching Law&Order, and now have decided the collar needs to be about 3" longer (it's 6" now).

I have been making ribbed collars by starting out with a needle size two sizes smaller than the needle size the body was made with. Then after two inches, I go up one needle size and even two, depending on how long the collar is. This seems to make the collar roll easy and lay nice without alot of weird increases to keep track of.

2. Felted Pumpkin Colored Hooded Cardigan with a zipper (!) front made from Cascade 220. This is almost done - just needs tape facing on the inside where the zipper is. Hand sewing is not a high priority for me, so there it sits. This project became "felted" because I accidently made it one size too big and decided to shrink it down because I was feeling frisky after felting a vest a couple days earlier. I had to get a grip because I wanted to start felting everything in site because it's so much fun. I guess I was lucky to have this huge sweater staring me in the face.

3. Dark Brown Heather Coat/Jacket made out of Bartlett Fisherman's yarn. Nice stuff - really lanolin heavy. I've got one knee-length front done in a cool assymetrical rib 5 x 2 x 7 x 2 repeating across. Should be done for Deep Winter January Chicago.

4. Celtic Cabled Ribbed Pullover out of Rowan's All Season's Cotton. I love this stuff! Feels good, looks better, and makes yummy cables. This is my KIP (Knitting in Public) project that I carry around and haul out on the bus, lunchroom, coffe shop, street waiting for the bus, doctor's office, etc...

5. Camo Lace Hooded Cardigan out of the most exciting camoflage variegated yarn - shades of green, a little gold, browns, tan, etc. I'm making a variation of a chevron pattern I used on a baby blanket with eyelets. Tre urban chic for that hip Thanksgiving dinner with the folks. Yeah, like they'll notice...


November 11, 2001

OH happy DAY!

Yes, not only is it truly sweater weather in Chicago, but there are new FO's in the house and soon to be on the street.

Fresh from the UFO pile:

The very cheerful and colorful Blue-Aqua-Burgundy-Purple variegated long cardie. This yarn is so scrumptious! It is hard to describe but it's handpainted with skill so similar colors blend in variations then merge into the more contrasting areas.

I got this yarn on eBay from a seller whose ID is lotusblossom (check out her stuff - just beautiful). This particular color was named "Cosmic" and reminds me of an urban night sky blissed by the halo of mercury vapor lights. WOW.

I ended up making the ribbed collar 9.5" long and it is a 1000% improvement over the 6" version with fringe. (I'm still dying to put fringe on something though.)

NEVER be afraid to rip out a mistake or even a whole project!!! If it feels hinky it looks hinky and a couple of minutes of your time will send it onto the runway.

Using the same pattern from above but in worsted weight BLACK wool I also got on eBay (for $10.00). The collar on this one is normal size - so this is the mid-thigh length sweater you see everywhere. And the basic I, of course, didn't have because, like many knitters, I usually make stuff you can't buy somewhere.

This year I made a resolution to make the basics because I finally got out of denial and admitted I have champagne taste on a beer budget. Meaning of course, I went to the store, stared at the sweaters on the DKNY racks then went home.

Felted Pumpkin Hooded Cardigan.

I finally got sick of looking at this thing on my dining room table.

Everyday I would put out something there to help it along. One day scissors, one day pins, one day thread, etc. hoping to shame myself into sewing on the binding that covers the zipper tape on the inside.

This was the first zippered cardie I ever made and had a B of a time finding out anywhere how to do this. All the pattern books this fall have these cool zippered vests and cardigans. In the final assembly instructions, they all say, "insert zipper neatly". What the...

I emailed the universe trying to figure this out, even went to Rowan's forum where I got some words of encouragement and hints. One of these days I'm going to add my final technique to the tip archives on ChicKnits but the experience is just too painful to relive right now.

But, it looks Mahhrvelous!

So, the list of UFO's is now:
1. Camo Lace Hooded Cardigan (back & both fronts done; two sleeves and hood to go. This has become the KIP to get it done in time for Thanksgiving. It goes everywhere - I have no shame. I knit standing up waiting for the bus!)
2. Celtic Cabled Ribbed Pullover (holding)
3. Dark Brown Heather Coat/Jacket (holding)

and drum roll please...

4. Black Bulky Zipped Close Fitting Hip-length Cardigan with Fur Collar (This is 100% knitted and is just waiting for the dreaded you-know-what to be inserted!)

Wish me luck:


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April 9, 2004

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Finishing up a couple of projects then I'll start my ENGINES!

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