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Saturday, April 5, 2003      8:12am - Cold - 27

OH what a beautiful feeling...

magenta magenta magenta

One of the main reasons I knit is the repetitive nature of the craft. I find it soothing and meditative. It really helps smoothe the rough edges and short circuit worrisome brain meanderings.

Imagine my delight when sometime last night, after a very trying week, I settled into some knitting on my Magenta Wonder and actually didn't have to look at the chart! It started to make sense all on its own - the rhythm of the pattern just played out like a song.

I WAS watching Star Search (please, no loser flames :)) and during young David Archuleta's singing it happened. He was just belting it out and so joyful I tranced right into my cabling.

Music is so good for knitting! It adds just one more layer to the *feel good* phenom...


Vogue Knitting Fall 2002 pg 105
"Coppertone" by Shirley Paden
Yarn: Filatura di Crosa 501
Color: 2120

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Sunday, April 6, 2003      7:37am - Blustery - 30

He's B-A-A-C-K!!!

and I'm glad...

The joke in Chicago, like many MidWestern Cities, is that there are two seasons: Winter and Construction. I thought we really had passed into the latter since there's all sorts of weird street and expressway activity but my weatherman tells me NO!

So to celebrate this crappy grey cold day, I did what any self-respecting daylight-saving citizen might do: I felted my FUzzy FeeT!

They are now busy drying and won't do me a wit of good this dank chilly morning! I forgot about that part. So I'll just put them in the middle of the living room floor and look at them like the work of art they are!

Following all the marvie Fuzzy Feeters that walked before me, I put them on while wet to shape them to the uncanny Shrekiness of my Feet.

I can't wait to brush out the Fur at the top. I think I'm gonna make some waffles now to celebrate!


Many thanks to Kate for posting all of THESE FUZZY WONDERS as they are made and completed!

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Monday, April 7, 2003      5:28am - Blustery Snow - 36

Monday Morning Mirth

Adis mi Aussie amor!

Now that my boyfriend is married, I am retiring his knitting page from ChicKnits.

Although I was very fond of it, it is just too painful (*sniff*) to look at anymore. (And I sure won't miss the wacko flames people mailed to me over this!)

Happy Birthday, Russ, and Congratulations on your Nuptials!

I am, however, auditioning a Replacement...


Close: but No Cigar...

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Tuesday, April 8, 2003      5:38am - Blustery - 30

Mom & Me

I have a trip in my near future that I've been dreading for weeks. My Dear Mom has some health problems requiring surgery and I'm going up North to Michigan to be with her. We'll be spending a couple of weeks housebound and I've been plotting all the things that will make the time more fun.

Number One on my list is the jacket you see above. My Mom made this for me when I was in college and I've worn it to shreds. So we've decided to recreate it for posterity and because it's just my favorite sweater of all times. We thought it would be fun to de-construct it and make a new one out of Sheepy Valley yarn.

My Mom is a genius - she knit this after she saw it in a picture on the cover of a Family Circle. There was no pattern. She just cast on after figuring out the main measurement and BAM! Cool pockets! A Shawl Collar that is made in two pieces and is joined together in the middle of the back by a third piece that has 3 vertical cables! Matching cabling up the middle of the sleeves!

So we're going to make this over the next few weeks and I'll post the pattern here. You're all invited to go along for the ride. We'll need all the help we can get!

See you in a few days!

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1. Lt. Blue Super Bulky Jacket (99%)

2. Magenta Bulb Cardie (33%)
Vogue Knitting Fall 2002 pg 105
"Coppertone" by Shirley Paden
Yarn: Filatura di Crosa 501
Color: 2120

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4. Black Bartletts Yarn Ribby Cardie (80%)

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