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Knitting Tips & Techniques by Bonne Marie Burns

Knitting Tips & Technique Articles

•  How to Apply I-cord

•  One Row Buttonhole

•  How to Cable

•  How to Convert a Pullover into a Cardigan

•  How to Downsize a Finished Sweater

•  How to Felt a Knitted Cap or Sweater

•  How to Join Sweater Pieces to Knit in the Round using Two Circular Needles

•  How to Lengthen a Finished Bottom-Up Knitted Sleeve

•  How to Pick the Right Size to Make from a Knitting Pattern

•  Basic Short Row Shaping

•  How to Sew a Zipper in a Sweater

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Tiny Knitting Tips

•  Flat Edges

•  Gauge #1: What the Heck is IT?

•  Gauge #2: Make a Swatch

•  Gauge #3: Check your Swatch

•  How to Avoid Dropped Stitches

•  How to Block ANYTHING Fast & Easy

•  How to Find Your Size

•  Knitting Rhymes

•  What is an Edge Stitch?

•  What Type of Needle Should I Use?





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