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Thursday, February 8, 2007

the flip side of the Super Cold Coin is Super Warm

knitting patterns


The more I see the grey, grey skies, the more I seek the something warm indoors.

Hot coffee in my cold cold morning hands. Check.

Hooded, felted sweater. On.

Vintage Fuzzy Feet. Check.

b.Lime on the Mannie. CHECK!


Well, all the stash diving I did to find this yarn warmed me right up! It's better than three days up in Wisconsin! BTW, have any of you ever gone up and sampled those indoor heated Water Parks at the Dells in the middle of winter? Better than Vegas, baby...

From "H2 whoa! With about 20 hotels now luring guests to jump into their pools during what used to be the off-season, Wisconsin Dells is the world's chlorination capital. We're not talking about a Jacuzzi and a couple of floats tossed into a pool. The features vary from property to property, but some of the bigger resorts boast indoor water attractions that rival most outdoor water parks."

looking at these picture galleries makes me warm inside....

WHOA. But I've been doing my own kind of warm-up: straight from the stash, some chartruese Jo Sharp DK, [they called the color "Maple"]. I've been burning up ye olde machine doing knitting *laps* and it's time for an inspection. I've blocked and seamed the body and have pinned the sleeves to it to check the fit. Check.

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