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Fresh! Lovely!

the beautiful Pixie Purls debuts a wonderful ChicKami...

The version you see above is made with Dale *Svale* in the Wide-Strap option - also included in the pattern is a Skinny-Strap option - and you can see Pixie's skinny verison HERE...

I am especially excited today because some DSL Elves arrived in the night sometime and I now can
Episode 11: Tequila Tank Top

Great ideas and tips about knitting for the Petite Figure and Swatches!

I Pixie Purls!!!


Chic Knits = W.A.R.D.R.O.B.E.
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Pattern: $4.95

the complete Collection at
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Monday, July 3, 2006

  Monday Morning Mirth  

because it's a Holiday *Weekend*
here's some lazy mirth...

Get to The BBQ, dog, in This

then put This

& This on yer plate

chased by This

followed by This...

oops, one for y'all veggies out there...

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Big Shoulders Big Flag

Michigan Ave. Bridge
Chicago, IL USA
July 3, 2006
Bonne Marie Burns

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Wednesday, July 5, 2006

While the new Mrs. Urban (OH, how I love that last name) is off somewhere honeymooning (and apparently beforehand, moonlighting), I've been working away on the Nicole camisole.

I use the term *camisole* lightly - this is probably going to be worn more as a vest over another sheer shirt - or any variety of other shirts. I also plan on wearing it solo - so I've made its lacey-ness more suggestive than revealing.

I love the way this is turning out - it is not a Victorian romp - more like a modern feminine stroll that might work for the night out or for the street. Which is exactly how I have been directing my wardrobe - I want it to have a dual nature - depending on what you pair it with, it can go day to night quite easily. Which is what a Working Girl without a battalion of stylists needs - wearable, usable, knitted clothes.

But if I could, I would certianly want to have Ms. Kidman's wardrobe - almost everytime I see her, she's wearing something I would absolutely love to have. From her award show frocks to her public appearances, she really sets a modern, feminine tone that is rarely seen elsewhere.

My whimsical nod to her stylings remains to be finished - I thought it would be done this weekend, but something else got in the way...

With a bang - if you can believe it, I've had dial-up all this time because I wanted to see what my design work for clients looked like at that speed. But Lorri - it's a brand new day...

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CeCe - now with 3/4 Length Sleeve Instructions!

Chic Knits Weekend W.A.R.D.R.O.B.E. Report


More Fresh Fun! The incredible Karen models her yummy lime green CeCe...

Karen, from the Needles & Wool blog writes: "...Just a quickie note to show you my finished CeCe. I just loved, loved, loved the pattern. Did I mentioned I loved the pattern? heh I used Sirdar Breeze from the stash. I will definitely be making this one again!"

Me too! BUT this time, there's a little twist to the tale...


get it HERE!

Patterns purchased before 07/09/2006 will be upgraded within the next week - please do not email a request - it will be handled automatically...

I thank you in advance for your patience :)

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Monday, July 10, 2006

  Monday Morning Mirth  

responding to last week's post with the
scrumptious Knitted Food
Diane writes: "What - no knitted beer?!?!?!?

followed by Chris...
who wrote: "...Yeah, where's the knitted alcohol?!"

My response? Cant' Find IT!

ME, with my glorious new DSL line (which but of course means hours of mindless slacking when I should be doing THINGS) could not find any. Now I know, I've seen Knitorama's knitted glass of ale. But what I was really going for was the Knitted Cozy on the Bottle of Absolut I KNOW I've SEEN IT SOMEWHERE!

SO, in honor of all you budding V.I. Warshawki's out there, here's a Little Contest.

1. Find an online picture of that Cosy (do not send it to me - just send me the addie)

2. AND, tell me who the hella V.I. Warshawski is...

3. Send me an email including this information in the body and the word: COCKTAIL in the Subject line...

First Person to get all of the above right wins this beautiful prize - enough (4oz) Zephyr Wool/Silk in a beatiful light purple (aka *Elderberry*) to make a very swag shawl...


could it be HERE?

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Congratultions to Karen T, who blithely quickly
with the speed of light
submitted the following:

1 - Cozy
2 - V.I. Warshawski: Victoria Iphigenia "Vic" Warshawski is a fictional character in a series of detective novels and short stories by Sara Paretsky. She is a gritty Chicago private investigator.

What is insanely cool about this, and forgive me if this is general knowledge, but this cozy was designed by Cynthia Rowley (!) and photographed in her apartment in N.Y.C. !!

Pardon me, but if anybody was to come over to Chez Chic today to shoot anything, they would have to:

1. Send in the Clowns to clear away all the extra *prop* material cluttering up this circus...

2. Send in the Stylists to make me Look Fabulous! I was in a commercial once and went through complete stage make-up for my scene - even though I was driving a truck (!) and YOU COULDN'T EVEN SEE ME because it was a night shoot! What was extraordinary was that most of the men who see me every day suddenly were hovering and flirting around my Painted Self as if I was a Brand New TOY.

[Cheap Factoid: did you know Toy was a Scottish term for a headdress of linen or woolen hanging down over the shoulders and formerly worn by old women of the lower classes? I believe Toys might have been what models were wearing in this Spring's Rowan mag or]

NOT that kind of toy - but did all that attention drive me deep into the Halls of MAC forevermore? Not likely, my friends - although that night I most resembled the model labeled *Très Cher!* which kinda made me wonder where those fellows might've been clubbing after work...

But I digress...

Here are some other cool answers:

- Lourdes sent this eBay auction (ignore who *Bought it NOW* - but check out the sellers handle! Was this kismet or what?)

- Lesa wrote: "Surfing the web I found that Lily Chin is credited with making the Absolut cozy for the ad."

- Rose sent this discussion by LILY CHIN herself! (about halfway down the page - The Absolute Cozy Story)

And here my friends is where it gets back to being all about Knitting! This is a great discussion of what goes into the Design Process AND how INSANE it can be to give 'em what they want...

Thanks to EVERYONE! who tripped
with Me!

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Thursday, July 13, 2006


Somewhere along the line, my brain came to a conclusion. This conclusion was neither original or difficult but certainly was compelling...

The Conclusion: Must Have More Yarn!

The next thing I know, one itchy trigger finger later, I was the lucky owner of the ginourmous bag of Sonata (elann) cotton you see above. It has Chesnut Brown, Sage Silver, Navy, etc. etc. etc. Oh and a littel Pesto to top it off. These are all destined for transitional tops...

And even though the Mighty DSL Pipeline is making my head swim (omg, I can now catch up on all of the Podcasts!!!) it has also opened up new horizons of content.

For instance: Pantone's Fall 2006 Color Report - downloads in about 3 sec. (right click on the dress on the right side bar). YaHAAAA!

OR: cruise's Couture Reports like they were pages flipping on my lap!

So far, my favorite is the Collection offered by Proenza Schouler which you can see here.

Most compelling for me? The Color.



I believe the Report calls it *Bijou Blue* [Pantone 18-3921] and the look it creates paired with Black anything is fabulous. They show it with Black leather; Black chiffon; Black taffeta. Hmmm. But of course, I've always been in love with Black.

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Monday, July 17, 2006

  Monday Morning Mirth  


1. Take a bottle of cheap vodka out of the refrigerator.

2. Have a cool buddy like Lourdes Lopez send you to eBay and see the Find of a Lifetime for $4.95!

3. Really ROFLOL because the Seller's handle is Cubbiesdugout!

4. It could be, it might be, It is! A home run!

...bonus tickle: the Cozy actually has a beautiful woven label that says *Cynthia Rowley*...

Amy writes: "I remember getting the cozy in the Sunday Trib several years ago (when I wasn't knitting much) - I think it went in the Goodwill bag back then."

Gaile: "Interesting stuff... I don't think my family would appreciate cozies on the booze. That would be one step too many in getting to the product in the bottle!"

Leave favorite Vodka Cocktail recipes below...

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Ode to DSL continues...

When wacked in the face with somewhat impossible deadlines, I tend to do what any sane person would.

I start another project!

The last few weeks, I've been overhauling this site (Pay NO Attention to that (WO)man behind the Curtain!) and doing all sorts of interesting things with my other new Pal, Adobe InDesign. There's been a lot of Front and Back End tweaking going on (and it's too bad that doesn't refer to my booty, but there you go...)

The Gallery is undergoing a change that will make it easier to view and expand.

The Portfolio is either bulging at the seams or straining at the gate but you know me and my mixed metaphors so we'll just gently walk away from that one. Suffice to say, delightful times lay ahead!

AND, I have this week off from my *day job*. Now most of you know I work as a videographer/photojournalist in addition to ruining this fine establishment. That fabulous place gives me vacations! And since it is my vacation, and even though I must truly really deeply get some things wrapped up or launched, I Get to PLAY, too.

Meet my new little friends - Zephyr wool/silk (color: blueberry) and the fabulous Mountain Peaks Shawl pattern by Miriam Felton...


Switching platforms and setting up the MacMini has been pretty much a breeze, so much that I've been left with a little time to try & organize & streamline my millions of files. Rousting around my web mailbox (I can acess my email online), I found a pattern I bought online a few months ago, but couldn't download - sometimes with my old computer/dial-up connection, the whole system would crash during the process. So after I wiped away my tears back then, I just left it where it was and then LIGHT BULB!

Last night, I decided to try and amuse myself in the way you only do on vacation, by thrumming through my pattern collection. In hand, the beautiful Bijou Blue Wool/Silk. Not-in-hand, a suitable shawl pattern. I wanted something airy, light, with more than one lace design in it (Birch was also calling, but, hmmm, one lace repeat? another vacation, maybe?)

Then I remembered my stuck-in-orbit Mountain Peaks! A few minutes/seconds? later it was smack dab on the Desktop where it now could be printed out and fancied. But why stop there - I went to Adobe and downloaded their latest version of Acrobat (now at 7.0.8) and it was a party!


The beautiful thing about all this is that this project is just for relaxation, inspiration (OH that Color!), and no deadline. Love that...

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ah, the power of Real-Time Blogging - listening to the pouring rain while sitting in my jammies...

My Father, may he RIP, once told me that I learned everything I know from the School of Hard Knocks. As I've graced down the timeline, I've found, wonder of wonders, IT's TRUE!

Note to Parents Everywhere: YOU were RIGHT!
MOST of the Time!

It seems lately I've been busy at my lessons and shall I say, re-lessons.

Luckily, the Do-Over is not a dirty word at Chez Chic.

Even if it was generated by lack of common sense, it is No Crime to get it Right the Whatever Time.

For Example: I've started knitting the Mountain Peaks Shawl and am already at my first DO. I am using Jagger Zephyr yarn and started out with #4 Clover needles - hmm...

Knock-Knock: Who's There?
Dumb, dull points. Wicked thick cable. Sloppy uncontrollable tension.


Here you see on top the first try - fug ala mode, created with the #4. No way was I going to wear it. So, I decided to switch tools but searching through my needles for the ultimate in knitting pleasure, Inox Teflons, I was flummoxed to find I did not possess a #3! Now if you've ever seen my needle collection, you would think this was not even remotely possible. I did however, have a sharp pointed Crystal Palace #3.

Evil, resisting cables; possibly going to have to take time-out to glue the mfn bamboo portion into sockets.

However, I am on vacation. I am dressed to kill and ready for bear.


I hereby invoke the buffness of Henry Rollins
to show those nasty cables Who's the Boss...
(YaHAA DSL: check this out)

Here you see the re-lesson #2:


Now this is really nothing new - heat generally relaxes cables.

Unless they are, but of course, CP cables. I have almost fried myself silly with a hair dryer trying to un-kink whatever wonder plastic these are made of. Seems like that silly little metal join spins around and just when you think you've smoothed the cable out, it twists and spits in your face.

Well, I'm twisting right back atcha, cables! and I poured boiling water into the largest stainless steel bowl I have - (just sticking these things into the pot has little controllable effect) - and plunged them in. My reasoning? The cable once it hit the heat just might follow the circular shape of the bowl. And VOILA! Works for me...

Happy now, I make Try #2 (seen on the bottom of the first picture above) with the smaller needles - and get what I want. I also changed the start of the piece - right after casting on, I worked one knit row to strengthen that point.


Sahara writes: "Oh lord, Bonne––you've discovered Jaggerspun Yarns! Time to rent storage space! ...I will warn you. Put every other project into a UFO bin, out of sight; you will be so enraptured by the color, "celebrity sheen",and pattern––everything else will just unravel by the wayside."Crikey Sahara! You are Right On! This stuff is so yummy I can barely look at the pile of UFO's staring me down - now so very very ordinary...

Stephanie writes: "Miriam Felton is a genius and there is no lace she has designed that I do not love.

The combination of her great lace and that great yarn? I'll probably steal it out of your purse on Monday. Might want to watch me."

My dear, quite likely since it is impossible to tear one's eyes and ears away from the splendor that is the YARN HARLOT (appearing LIVE in Chicago - Monday - July 24th - Ridge Park, 9625 S. Longwood Drive, 6:30-9:30pm; then signing books at My Sister's Yarn, 9907 S. Walden Parkway) long enough to even protect my lovely shawl but perhaps you remember this Urban Tale? TeeHeeHee :)

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Chic Knits = WARDROBE

Chic Knits Worldwide

Stunning Color in a Beautiful Yarn!

It's all about SUMMER and Heather looks gorgeous in her just off-the-needles ChicKami

For details and more fab yarn tales, visit her blog

and I double-dog-dare ya to not want some of her Chocolate Chocolate Verde Verde CAKE!

the ChicKami looks great in any light worsted weight yarn - cotton - blends - wool - check out this one that I made from Rowan KidSilk Haze - the ChicKami makes a FAB Vest! I love the way it looks over a T-shirt or blouse - start one now for Fall!

Chic Knits = WARDROBE
get fresh

downloadable hand-knitting patterns

Check out the Improved

Wearable, Wantable, Workable, FRESH!

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Monday July 24, 2006

  Monday Morning Mirth  

I confess - I was glued to the TV this weekend watching the original Episode 1 of Miami VICE...

I must say - after viewing that and then viewing this (yaHA DSL!) I'm a wonderin' what the * they were thinkin' casting Colin Farrell as SONNY CROCKETT! Even in the trailer, his accent is all over the place - maybe it's slippin' on all that Hair Product (to be fair, when I'm in Miami, I use lots of this) but


Almost as wooden of a perfomance as Alexander, minus the funkay golden locks?

the Original Miami Vice

Get Dressed

Listen to the Theme Music and I double-dog dare ya not to remember the Coconut Bra!

My Vote

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Tuesday, July 25, 2005

what I did on my Summer Vacation...


a little color tab for you - take and enjoy...

Spurrred on by the cute little DSL Monkey-on-my-Back, I spent some time online (can you believe it) slacking and exploring all sorts of good stuff. Who could resist visiting the Runway Pages of, WWD, and New York Magazine. Sonic BOOM!

Many thanks to Christian Dior's John Galliano for waking me up this morning! b.Limey my brother! Oh where oh where is Heidi Klum when we need her! Auf Wiedersehen, indeed! Thanks to Corinne, I now know I can enjoy PR on NBC! Question though, how does someone like ANGELA survive and the possibly talented Malan gets the boot? (Quick: can anybody say "producer-led preference for conflict ratings over real talent.") Confession: I watched some of the Miss Universe paegant just to See the Dress!

Apparently only some of the Designers in the High End Fashion world actually use the fashion forecast colors, but I like to see what the ranges might be. Looking for some new kinds of worsted weight, I obtained this.


This is a whole sample yarn set from Blackberry Ridge, my neighborly farm source from the North. I've seen them at a lot of the shows but thought it would be really cool to have the set to appreciate the colors and textures of the yarns in person.

I got this in the mail about 3 minutes before I met Theresa on the #66 to meetup with Cara, who was here visiting Chicago. We had a great time oohing and aahing over these mini-hanks on the bus while sitting in a seat facing backwards going down the street - always happy to entertain the other passengers with some fiberly fun!

If you haven't seen this yet, go check out Cara's trip pix (around July 19)! So awesome that she and her hubbie knew to go visit one of my favorite Chicago Couples, Mr. and Mrs. Superdawg! Did they treat you right or what, m'lady?

Cocktails! Fireworks! Friends! Nothing like meeting one of your favorite bloggers and knitting a few rows under the summer sky!

I toast all ya Knit Bloggers out there with my favorite, a Cosmo...

1 1/2 oz vodka
1 1/2 oz cranberry juice
splash of cointreau
splash of lime

thanks to Glenna for the above and to all for the Vodka recipes!

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Happy Birthday Vic!



Thursday, 7 p.m., Women & Children First, 5233 N. Clark St.

"On the 50th birthday of V.I. Warshawski, the famous female sleuth in Sara Paretsky's mystery novels, the author will lead the third annual scholarship awards presentation. The college scholarships will go to selected high school students who spent some time with homeless people. Students will read from their essays and Paretsky will sign copies of her novel, Ghost Country, about a homeless woman. There will also be birthday cake to celebrate Warshawski's birthday."

In honor of one of my favorite characters of all time in Fiction, P.I. V.I. Warshawski, and her happy day, here's a little contest for you: send me an email with the word "GUMSHOE" in the subject line and the item you think you might find Vic knitting someday on a stakeout included in the body portion of the message...


WIN this Regia sock yarn to make some Cool Socks for your Gumshoes...

[Winner selected by Random Draw on Sunday...]

One of the greatest and happiest mysteries of my life is the connection that takes place when the circuit completes: take the cord of the written word and plug it into the socket of my brain.

And surprisingly (or not), one of the strongest hookups for me has been the novels of Sara Paretsky. She's from here. I'm not from here. But I've been here long enough and have a job that throws me out on unexpected landscapes with abandon to the point I relate to Warshawki in a way that can only be described as uncanny.

One of my dearest friends is from Vic's neighborhood and has taught me all about the difference between Chicago St. (near where I live) and S. South Chicago Ave. That's right - South South - and that's the world Warshawki is always going back to and getting lost and locked up with in her many detective adventures. It is a part of the city where if you didn't grow up here, you would get lost in as soon as you got off at the Indy Ave exit.

Paretsky's writing opens up the Region like no other - the incredible melting pot; the industrial wasteland of a landscape; the people who hang on to their heritage old and new with strength and continuity while trying to find the dream and survive the predators.

The very best thing I like about Warshawki is that she never gives up. Never takes the path of least resistance. Even when it might not be the wisest thing to do. Knock Knock...

I'm there.

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Chic Knits = WARDROBE - Get Dressed

Lately, my knitting friends and I have been talking alot about fit and sizing - we're planning to measure and discuss at a future KIP. This article was first published in 2003 ( and is a great starting point for your next sweater...

Give me your tired, your poor, your ill-fitting DESIGNS...

Oh, how we all love make-overs. On any given afternoon around the globe, talk shows, TV shopping networks, cable access, you-name-it, are all jamming the air waves with stupendous before-and-after dramas...

Well, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy ain't got nothin' on us.

Just for grins, we're going to stage a little reality show of our own. We're going to make-over many of the ideas we hold about patterns and knitting. If your mail to me is any indication, you want to know EVERYTHING there is to know about SIZE. From re-sizing to my-sizing, the questions fill my inbox to overflowing.

In our show, no one wears ill-fitting clothes! (Especially ones that come off their own needles...) Sleeves are long enough and have the right amount of ease. Length and structure of the torso pieces flatter and enhance whatever Mother Nature blessed us with. Whether you're a twig or an elegant oak, your clothes do not bind, gap, or ride up. If you have a bountiful bosom or a shapely long waist, your knitted garments can mold to your frame as if Da Vinci himself stroked you on a page.

RealityKnits Episode #1: Whose Size is It Anyway?

Fashion sizing seems to be the 4th dimension. Even Einstein would agree that off-the-rack sizes never actually match commercial knitting patterns with any kind of standards or regularity. Commercial sizes don't even match between price points or manufacturers. It is unreal.

Many of us have totally trusted our regular size when choosing a pattern size for a garment we want to make but have found ourselves with an armful of awful after hours of knitting what we thought was going to be a masterpiece.

I have had fabulous disasters just blindly following a knitting pattern in *my* size according to the retail clothes I owned. My personal disaster *best* is a sweater I re-knit 3 times! (YES, I am STUBBORN!) AND it still isn't right - the sleeves are too big and the body is tight. Ce la vie!

Solution? Grab the meauring tape and follow me...

Exercise #1:
Your personal size

You need:
  • fabric tape measure
  • pen
  • printout of this picture --> [right-click on the picture to open it in a new page, then print the page]
  • a knitting friend


Measure each of the indicated areas and write in the numbers next to the areas of the body on the drawing. Go HERE, a page masterminded by the Craft Yarn Council of America, to get information about how you should measure these areas. The info we want is on the right.

It is best if you have a friend help you with this! Not only is it fun, but they will most likely be able to keep the tape measure horizontally aligned better on the parts of you you can't see. (And they won't cheat on your hip measurement like I do when I measure myself.)

Exercise #2: Wardrobe Size

Look in your closet and you will see three basic kinds of knitted garments:

  • shells (or vests)
  • pullovers
  • cardigans

They look something like this:


If you look closely, you will see each is differently sized than the other. The Pullover is larger than the Shell. The Cardigan is bigger than both. They all function differently in your wardrobe and need to fit in slightly different ways.

In the design world, this is called *EASE*. It describes how tight the garment fits to your frame. Shells have the least ease or are "very close-fitting". Cardigans have the most ease because they usually go over other clothing or are "standard to loose-fitting". Pullovers are inbetween; usually we like them to be more "close-fitting".

These great descriptions of general amounts of ease can be found on the same page we found How to Measure in the Fit Chart on the left. The CYCofA have gathered this information to try and standardize the knitting world's idea of Ease to be more in line with Retail Clothes. I like it. I THANK THEM! Please print out this page for later. (Better yet, go to the bottom of that page and save their 16 page PDF booklet for your study and pleasure.)

So for this exercise, you need:

  • fabric tape measure
  • pen
  • printout of this picture
  • printout of the Sizing Chart
  • printout of the Fit Chart
  • AND, go get from YOUR closet a shell, a pullover, and a cardigan. Pick the ones you think fit you the best.

Measure the areas on these garments that are indicated by a double tipped arrow on the Picture Printout. Write your numbers into the little spaces provided to the nearest half-inch or whole inch. Be sure to multiply the width measurement by 2 so we can compare notes in the next step.

Do this for all 3 garments.

When you're done, come back and we'll talk...

NOW, place the two pages of measurements you've taken side-by-side. First of all, you'll notice none of the garment measurements match your body measurements at all. Put the CYCofA Sizing Chart next to the garment measurements and see if they are close to any of the sizes they give. Are they the sizes you thought they would be?


TAKE A DEEP BREATH, and place your Body Measurement Page next to their Amount of Ease Page.

Add your chest measurement number
to the
number the CYCofA gives as the amount of ease for a pullover
and what do you get?

VOILA! The measurement of your favorite pullover!

Do the same thing with your shell and cardigan. Do we see a theme developing here?

As in, what's the secret to choosing the SIZE you need to make to actually FIT you?

Your *SIZE* is the pattern size whose width measurement is closest to the width measurement of your similar, favorite garment!

Your favorite garments are templates for the new, hand-knitted garments that you intend to make! Place your garment-in-progress on top of your favorite garment to check for size accuracy throughout the knitting process and you'll have more and more successes under your belt in no time at all!

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And the Winner of the GUMSHOE Sock Yarn is...


Congratulations to, drumroll, please, the winner, KAT KENNEDY, by random draw, of the two balls of Regia Sock Yarn!!!

Kat, from For My Next Project, writes: "I picture VI working on a double-knit Chicago Bulls watch cap. Probably using the Magic Loop method so no DPNs get lost while she dashes off in pursuit of a suspect."

WOOT! I hope to see a sock-in-progress at Fenway, m'lady!

I love this! Speaking as a person who is sometimes in similar V.I. type situations, my tried-and-true buddy knitting-in-my-pocket go-everywhere thingie is TaaDaaYaHAA: a SOCK!


I use the Magic Loop Method with a really short (24") Inox Teflon circular and you can squeeze in a little here and there and everywhere, in the dark, drop it quick, hurry up and wait style...

I can't thank you all enough for entering and playing - it wasn't until after the entries came rolling in that I realized I should've had everyone just leave a comment. Here are some you might like...

Donna writes: "I think a lovely corset would be appropriate, though if she's on stakeout, probably self-striping socks would be more reasonable (but who says Vic is a reasonable woman?). I don't recall, however, that she has ever indulged in my own--and clearly many others'--passion, so would she take up knitting at this stage of the game?"

Lisa: "I think V. I. is undoubtedly knitting, out of Lily Sugar 'n'Cream, rags for gun-cleaning :-) What else would be mindless enough yet zen-mind-engaging?"

Trope writes: "If we found her on a stakeout, V.I. would be knitting a scarf for Mr. Contreras, since he's the only one she can be "soft" around. It would be garter stitch, of course, since she would never have found time to learn how to purl, and it would be full of holes and dropped stitches, as different targets distracted her attention. It would be stuck with leaves and twigs from being stuck under the front seat of her car, and be about nine feet long. If she ever did give it to him, she would refuse to admit that it was handmade, though to him it would be obvious."

Ania: "Vic would knit knee pads for when she has to crawl through gravel, fields, and muck."

Denise: "a black wool watchcap for late night tresspassing...uh, I mean sleuthing."

Janna: "How did I not realize V.I. was turning 50? Because I'm turning 50 on Sunday - it makes me feel a little better to know V.I. is 50, too, because she is so, so cool.

I'm babbling -- I think obviously V.I. would be knitting a simple sock out of a gorgeous yarn. It would have to be something that she could throw down in a minute to go after a bad guy, but out of a nice yarn." (Bonne writes: "HEY - be sure to go wish Janna a Happy Birthday!)

Claudia L writes: "Taser Holder"

Lorinda writes: "Since I just went to hear the Yarn Harlot speak, I'm going to have to go with Vic knitting a Willie Warmer. Just sayin'."

Kelli: "I imagine V.I. Warshawski would either be knitting something practical (like your very own Voodoo Wrist Warmers) to use on a future stakeout, or a warm cashmere scarf for Max, Lotty or Mr. Contreras."

Jenn writes: "I think Vic would knit socks - lots of stitches to keep you busy on long stakeouts with a little excitement tossed in for good measure when you get to the heel and toe."

Michele writes: "Anyway, I think she would be knitting a gun holster, which she would then felt, with a matching knitted, felted belt. It's gotta be tough and something that won't stretch from the weight of the gun :)

And of course, she has to have several WIPS: When she's home, she's knitting Rainbow Bright Dog Collars and Leashes (from the April issue of Magknits) for Peppy and Mitch; for Mr Contreras she's knitting a vest from Knitty (Petrol) to keep him warm and cozy during your cold Chicago winters. Oh, and she's knitting Clapotis for Lotty.

No knits for Morrell - can't risk the boyfriend sweater curse!!!"

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Monday, July 31, 2006

  Monday Morning Mirth  

and you thought my latest posts were BIG...

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