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Monday, June 5, 2006

  Monday Morning Mirth  

No Mirth is larger at Chez Chic than the happiness that comes from one's friends. That joy was in grand supply yesterday in Chicago as I joined my dear friend Diane to celebrate her 1.5 year anniversary of being cancer free, in a Cancer Survivor Walk with thousands of others at the lakefront.


WHAT could be more exciting than a walk along the beauty that is Lake Michigan? Why, for two chic baseball chicks, running into the International Celebrity Spokesperson for the Chicago White Sox, none other than SouthPaw! Here we are surrounded by all His Mighty ginourmous Chartruese goodness!


Our five mile walk started in Grant Park and it wound it's way around one of the best parts of the lakefront.

It was a clear, warm day and being near the water filled me with happiness like it always does; I saw the faces of courage and determination everywhere I turned, the survivors in purple, their friends and family in white, together, moving in a perfect wave of joy.


At the finish, we were treated to a picnic lunch and entertainment by singers, speakers AND the thrilling marvelous Jesse White Tumblers.

SUMMER now officially begins with a mighty LEAP!


If you'd like to show some love but are not near an event, consider participating
in the MS 150 Bike Tour with
Knitters Against MS
by sponsoring Team Claudia's Blog!

Read more about it HERE.

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Tuesday, June 6, 2006


the Gauntlet: a Tale Fit for 06-06-06

I was so full of fresh air after the CW on Sunday, I joined my building neighbors in a challenging garden clean-up. Our building butts up against a beautiful garden belonging to the people south of us. Trouble is, there is a small area between our properties that is prone to be a weed field without watchful vigilance.

We tackled this last year too, and I must say, it was not as bad this year - there are naturalizing Day Lilies galore and Phlox! These, I hope, will fill in that space and shade out any seedlings. The seedlings that want to grow in this area are perverse and tenacious - the most vile being something called the Tree of Heaven...

I think it should be called the Tree of Hell, myself, because it is just demonic. Black Magically, in one season, it can grow +30ft. I noticed it for the first time last year casually looking out my dining room window (I'm on the second floor) and seeing, suddenly, where there was nothing, a Tree Top! We cut them down last year, but being inexperienced, we didn't know we were really just Feeding the Beast.

By now, the stumps had blown out crazy with fast-growing suckerlings; this year we cut them down again (three about 20 ft high already) then used a little hatchet I had to chop the stump up a little then dose it with Ortho Brush-B-Gone! Now generally, I resist all chemicals until the Final Call of Damien arrives and THEN I do not hesitate. Spawn of Hell: Be Gone!

Mistakenly, when I asked for this product at the Home Depot, I referred to it as Bush-Be-Gone (but of course, meeting with a blank stare from the clerk) and I realized it was just my wishful thinking about the President...

Working and enjoying my neighbors wonderland then inspired me to go to the Grand Ave. garden center and get me some Porch Flowers, et al. So far, I've planted a Sweet 100 Cherry Tomato, a nice cucumber bush and some Pole Beans!


Here is my new favorite plant, Lemon Licorice (Helichrysum petiolare) surrounded by my current WIP, Delilah...

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Thursday, June 8, 2006


The deck flowers are all snuggy in their pots - I tried some new varieties this spring. Above you see, clockwise: purple - Angelonia (Serena); yellow - Nemesia; silver - Dusty Miller (Silver Dust); green - CeCe; silver - Dichondra (Silver Falls); silver - more Dusty Miller; not visible - a lovely light lilac Petunia!

J'adore silver leafed plants - the little Dichondra is most lovely -

And, inspired by the fabulous Bron, I decided that I must have a green CeCe...

Here you see part of a sleeve, made from ggh Bali - a nice cotton/micro blend - it has a matte finish which I love. Guilty pleasure - wallowing in the same color in the same pattern in a wonderful season. Sometimes it's good to stick close to home - to what you know.

I've had a lot of changes this year to date :) Thanks for all the well wishes from everyone for my Family. There hasn't been any new news - my Mom isn't doing any better - she has extreme disk degeneration on her spine. Even though she is in incredible pain, she is being the text book reluctant patient and will not do anything the doctor tells her. This has thrust me into a role that I don't have a script to follow. C.L.U.E.L.E.S.S.

I've realized that my parent's generation is just not into Multi-tasking the way mine is. While they ponder and deliberate, I dig up alternatives and fixes and plans. My Mother seems to want to act like nothing is different; nothing has changed. That if she just gets up in the morning and makes toast, all is right with the world.

And, she's probably right - after all, it's just one day at a time anyway... :)

I look at flowers. I touch green. I started taking a different bus to work in the morning because of construction delays on the #66 and it's opened up a whole new world of views in the A.M. I love to see what people have done in their tiny yards - lots of vertical growing going on...

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... Chic Knits Worldwide Wardrobe Report ...

summer must be right around
the corner !

the marvelous Teresa sent me this picture of her new MondoCable Shell fresh off the vine...

Teresa writes: "...Hey Bonne Marie! I finished my Mondo Cable Shell last weekend and have worn it twice since. I love it!

Don't know why I waited so long to knit it. While the Lerici Color from Elann is hard to photograph it was wonderful for this pattern..."


I love the Ombre shadings of this Phildar yarn - beautiful lady in a beautiful sweater!

Jessica writes: "...I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful CeCe pattern and show you what I did with it. I had some left over Phildar Onde, from a previous era and gave it a whirl. I have attached a picture so you can see! Fantastic holiday wear..."

summer Drama!

Happy Blogiversary Gray la Gran and thanks so much for the B/W glamour shot of a fab ChicKami!

Gray la Gran writes: "...I knitted this with Nashua's Sassafras, in the smallest size ... with shaping and icord straps..."

Chic Knits = W.A.R.D.R.O.B.E!
get fresh

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Monday, June 12, 2006

  Monday Morning Mirth  


Yesterday, my friend Di and I went up to the annual Andersonville Midsommarfest for a little twist and shout...

We walked and walked the blocks looking for Festival love in all the boothes - but NAY! Gone were the more enterprising artisans and bling pushers - in their place were real estate mongers, chiropracters, and cheap cheap jewlery. All that was missing were the 6-packs of Tube Sox...

The only really Original Guy I saw was the Man who, for a fee, engraved your very own name on a Grain of Rice!

It brought to mind the button you see above - a souvenir of my very first street fair in Chicago a million years ago - my head on a pigeon body, drawn by none other than Gary Whitney.

Mr. Whitney & a fellow named Jay Lynch were wacky underground comic artists of note from the 80's - I feel Immortal! NOW that's what a good Street Fair should do for ya...

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


No good mixalot starts in Millenium Park without this ^^^
If you follow the Orange you'll see some people you know...

Spotted at 4 o'clock on the Bean: Theresa, Julie and b-marie making their way to...

Drumroll Please...

Worldwide KIP Day!

As far as the eye could see, Knitters Galore! Braving an intermittently crappy grey day, (hmm, in September we'd call that Sweater Weather), dozens of folks from all over the GCA met up East of the Faces Fountains in Millenium Park for some knittin' karma.

Old friends and new gathered under the fountain's approving glance.

One of the most fun things about KIP for me is visiting the knitters AND their knitting - I spent a lot of time mingling...

The throngs of people passing by (heyBEAN, lookout comin' to getcha...) were not immune to the Magnetic Pull of the needle. Stopping to show some love were this trio, left to right, from Chicago, Dehli, and New York City! When I first saw them, they were excitedy pointing and discussing what we were doing.

Cirque KIP - where knitters of all skills and pride perform amazing acrobatic turns and leaps on a tightrope of Yarn!

Thanks Aidan! for spreading the word and getting us all together in Chicago...

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Up in Andersonville this weekend, the streets were alive with some *new* sounds. Mucca Pazza ("Mad Cow"), a 17-piece ensemble made up of horns, drums, violin, accordian, and guitar, reigned supreme, bringing
their Punk Marching Band vibe to infinity and beyond!

I took this photo at the Sommarfest, Sunday, June 11, 2006.


read more about them here & here...



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Thursday, June 15, 2006


RELAX with a cool drink and your funky knitting

{{{{{ KIP }}}}}
2144 W Division
7-9 pm


This photo was taken June 9, 2006 at
6011 S. Justine St, Chicago.


MEME Time...

Please leave a one-word comment that you think best describes me it can only be one word long. Then copy and paste this into your blog so that I may leave a word about you. seen over at KarenB's and Cara's place...

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Friday, June 16, 2006


Happiness is seeing at last the sleeves of young Gwyneth going round and round! Bonus Giggle: using one long circular needle to do it - I never tire of the fun of it.

Lately, I've been knitting my in-the-round projects inside out to keep 'em clean.


and am I ever ready! FINALLY, we're seeing some hot weather - I'm going to a beach party tomorrow and get to wear a printed blue skirt, tighty whitey T, flip-flops and my new Sommarfest earrings, Even though I ranted about the fair last week, I did find these blue beaded lovelies...


I spyed a redhead on the #66 wearing cobalt blue earrings and was hooked - hadda find some for me. I double dog dare you to find someone that blue does NOT look good on...

photo behind earring from Belmont & N. Sheridan Rd. architectural detail Beaux Arts Heads

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Monday, June 19, 2006

  Monday Morning Mirth  

is a
Cabbage-Eating Cowboy Monkey

...with a Battle Rating of 5.1

To see if your Food-Eating Battle Monkey can
defeat Bonne, enter your name:

WARNING: I've been training at buffet tables All Weekend! HIC...

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Thursday, June 22 2006

Flash Your Stash Trash...

I've been marooned on Sleeve Island since the last time Gwyneth and I tangled. Just what would leave me up Frog Creek without a paddle?

Being a three time loser, that's what.

After I finished the first sleeve, I tried the little darling on and yay, matey, that sleeve was too tight! This became the perfect opportunity to fine-tune the rest of the object of my desire. Since I was going to frog to infinity and beyond, I might as well make some other adjustments as well.

Last Thursday, I'd finished the body portion of the top at KIP. The lovely Theresa tried it on for me and there were two other obvious places improvement could be made - it was just a little short and just a little high-necked.


In a feat not unlike the cliff divers of Le Quebrada, I frogged with relish and abandon, right back to where I started the armhole shaping. From here, it was easy to: lengthen the body a tweak, start the neckline a little lower, and make the sleeve a breath wider.

All it required was my willingness to Rip Out about 5 days work. Hella. Baby.

It must be done - I am now starting that sleeve again and I'm in love...


In the meantime, I had to go looking for a length of scrap yarn to do a provisional cast-on for that pesky sleeve. I opened my *remnants* box to score and found one of the most god-awful sights I've ever seen!

A bag of tiny pieces I'd thrown in with some small balls of yarn had perved itself into a hybrid whack of a mess that took me quite a while to rescue - and yes, those tiny pieces went into oblivion! What the h did I think I was going to do with five feet of 70's rust-colored acrylic?

Well, if you are the inheiritor of the family Pack Rat DNA, you know the answer to that question. I certainly do :)

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Monday, June 26, 2006

  Monday Morning Mirth  

I'm thinking if one went back in history far enough, one would probably find a Pin-up Girl on a cave wall. Whether it's B.C. or P.C. is not the question but what IS our fascination with the Girl?


Back in the Day when the Pin-up ruled Supreme, one would often see her painted as aircraft nose-art, sitting on a Bomb intended for some other Tom, Dick or Charley...

Today's Pin-up blithely rides a Spray Paint Can...


I shot these Can-Do Girls about 9 miles directly south of my house, in the Englewood neighborhood, under the tracks at 58th & Justine.

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Thursday, June 29, 2006


bright lights, Big City...

If yarn could be edible, the stuff you see above would be on my plate in an instant! The glorious KarenB, knowing that cheerfulness extends beyond a smile, reached out and lifted me up with some beaming fiber JOY! Just look at the color fun - this is destined to be a future capelet the wearing of would challenge even Superman!

The colorway is called *Good Morning* and is from the fabulous folks at I'll say - every single person that saw this on the #66 wanted to reach out and touch this lovely stuff - THANK YOU Karen!


Think I resemble that color combo - right on!

This is my new knitting bag/bus satchel. It's cheerfulness is authored by a neighborhood designer named Lou who has a store called LoLa. Theresa and I found this exciting new house of purse on a shop crawl along Division Ave.

One of my personal mottos is: "if you're going to make a move, make a Bold Move" and this fits that bill perfectly...


And last, but not least, one for the Cotton Tots, the lovely K&A! WHO could resist this color I spied lanquishing all lonely in a bin at a Michaels Craft store? Not I, who had just run in to "use the facilities" on my way elsewhere. b.Limey - talk about multi-tasking?!

I see some Bucketing in my crystal ball, y'all...

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