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Thursday, May 11, 2006


Further evidence of my love affair with cheap yarn, here lies a special flash from my past. It's all washed and getting ready to go UP to Northern Lower Michigan this weekend.

This is a cropped Aran cardigan, made from a Vogue Magazine pattern (I don't have it anymore) that my Mom had, year unknown. I made it about 10 years ago and it's something I'm wearing all the time this Spring - it's short, it's textured, it's now...

It's also made from Peaches'nCream Cotton Yarn. I think. I remember it came on a cone and was probably best meant for a dishcloth but why pay attention to little things like that when you can fantasize! I believe the original yarn called for was Rowan Handknit DK cotton - in my infinite wannabee yearnings, this was the best my pocketbook could do.

And how now, cash cow? Actually, not too bad! This got softer and better with every washing - and since it was cropped to begin with, a little shrinkage didn't hurt TOO much. I actually was totally naive about shrinkage in that era - even though I owned jeans that shrank in length, I didn't grasp the fact that 100% cotton yarn almost always shrinks, (unless it is pre-shrunk and then it still might shrink!) Now, in the New Age of Yarn Awaremess that I live in, I swatch, wash AND dry the little bastards to see *exactly* what I can expect.

Bottom Line? I'm pretty darn lucky - this sweater made it in spite of my ignorance!

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