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Friday, February 3, 2006

New Threads FRIDAY!



A general happy consensus was found at KIP last night:
a stole or scarf should be as long
as one is tall.

But of course, one must observe the effect in action - hold in hands close to head...


A scarf is born...

This is the longest scarf I've ever made! It used 4 skeins of #41 Diaketo *Diamuse* and only took 2.5 mo. (snort!) to finish (started November 7th 2005).

Lucky for me, Motha Nature obliges with some snow and CHILLY weekend temps so this colorful coldplay wraps me up!


Phil remarks: "Last weekend I made some changes in the navigation of the Chic Knits site. Please reload the web page if you see wonky routing behaviour - it's all there - it just needs to be refreshed! Thanks... :)

And yes! Somebody saw his shadow! Six more weeks of winter there'll be!"

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