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Friday, June 3, 2005

parisnotebook.gif  2

Femme Cousante
by Mary Cassatt
Musee d'Orsay, Paris

If you told me I'd become an Adventure Diva merely by jetting to Paris and knitting, you would be witness to much eye rolling and lash batting...

But that's just what happened in my world when we mixed a fantastic historical landscape with fiber and FRIENDS! Just like my honorary Parisian Muse, Mary Cassatt, I was an American in Paris, with my craft, but without my KIP, adrift!

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Enter Isabelle (left) and LaŽtitia (middle) , two Parisian knitters extraordinaire who with the Fabulous Becky, put together a day I will never forget!

It Began with a Rendezvous at our Bastille digs, then we jumped on the Metro and went to Marais for lunch. The Paris Metro is one of the most efficient and FAST subways in the WORLD!

I fueled up with a little Croque Monsieur, and it was off to the Races! First stop, Entree des Fournisseurs (8, rue des Frances Bourgeois, Paris, 3e), located off the street in a courtyard. Coming out of the subway, (and I can't recall the stop), all of a sudden, I was overcome with emotion! It was a balmy day; I was with wonderful new friends in an enticing urban playground - more than enough reason to make me weep a little with joy! Paris touches me like no other city ever has - and I was so moved by LaŽtitia and Isabelle taking the time to organize and take us to their favorite places, my tiny eyes were playing misty for me in the warm spring air in no time at all...

Shocking: Cases and cases of buttons became CANDY! in front of my face.

AND, because one is on vacation - one must sample! One must emit squeals of delight with one's beautiful new friend, Uracca! One must be SHUSHED by the saleslady who is closing a sale on TWO beads with another customer...



Desert is Served : On to Bon Marche (Rive Gauche) for a serving of Plassard et Phildar!

I was thrilled to find not one, but two versions of Cotton/Linen yarn. This lovely smoky aqua Plassard jumped into my bag destined for a lacy shell...

After refreshments (YUM! - chocolat from the impecible Debauve & Gallais) at the apartment (and much wonderful sharing of projects) we were ready for Part Two of our Adventure...

All hands on Deck @Benjamin Cafť: or on the Needle as the case may Be! Paris Tricot!

Here's the lovely Stinkerbell, herself, who I strong armed into modeling the Cutaway Cardigan.

Merci Kayla ! Êtes non seulement vous beau, vous êtes un bon sport !


It was absolutely thrilling to meet and knit with all of the Parisiennes! I so appreciate everyone's patience with my fractured French, especially the lovely Nathalie (with her beautiful white Aran), Emilie and Caro, who shared her poncho and converstion with me at the Tricot-In.

AND a Kir Royale all around to fete the FABULOUS (not to mention, beautiful and charming) KATE GILBERT the cover girl sweater extraordinaire of Fall 2005 Interweave Knits...

Félicitations et succès continu, Kate!

And I raise my glass in thanks to all the talented new friends I found on my wonderful adventure.

Merci tellement beaucoup - votre bonté ne sera jamais oubliée !

NEXT: Culture Shock?

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