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Tuesday, February 1, 2005

There's a certain time of year that anyone who lives in this latitude might dread. The days are grey and short (but getting gradually longer). The temperatures are too low to want to do much besides linger longer than one should over the hot coffee, poaching its warmth and stimulation. One is in desperate need of Vitamin KAL!!! Let it begin!

hosted by the fabulous Alison...

Somewhere on the Wardrobe Timeline in my head, I decided that I was going to try and make most of my clothes. I've been going through my galleries (some of which mysteriously disappeared due to coding phglem) and it appears, for awhile this was indeed the case!

Hoodies Galore! Simple Cardis and MORE!

The more in this case is the Holiday Sweater. For some reason, I was magnetized to the fact that I HAD to have a new garment for Christmas. For Valentine's Day. For My Birthday (what, a birthday can't be a National Holiday?). Easter. Fourth of July. SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!

Great anxiety usually chased these creations towards a deadline, taking the wind from beneath my cheerful sails. I indeed gained a sweater, but alas, lost my thrill.

The Ghosts of Holiday Sweaters Past include:

Thanksgiving 2001

Christmas 2001

My Birthday 2003

These sweaters are worn as much as possible - all within the last week in fact - and continue to amuse and delight.

Others are not so gainfully employed. Observe:


Now, this sweater is so wrong on so many levels that it makes my head spin!

In January of 2002, I made some resolutions - these were actually more like proclamations - but meant to empower all the same!

ChicKnits 2K2 ForReal Resolution #1
Feels Hinky
Looks Hinky

ChicKnits 2K2 ForReal Resolution #2
"NEVER be afraid to rip out a mistake or even a whole project!!!

If it feels hinky & it looks hinky, it is hinky and a few minutes of your time will send it back onto the runway."

This sweater does not fit me, never has, and is a tremendous WASTE OF YARN!

So in honor of the incredible mediocrity of that project, I offer you this new proclamation:

ChicKnits 2K5 ForReal Resolution #1:
"If it ain't Bitchin' Undo that Stitchin'!"

Let the fix begin...

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Wednesday, February 2, 2005

      groundhog.gif my little friend says, "Mother Nature sure knew what she was doing when she dressed us animals!"

Phil Says Six More Weeks of Winter!

Whew! I thought I was gonna run out of WEATHER! It appears not! FABULOUS!

My CableMe Cardi is moving right along (back and 2 sleeves done) and I hope to have it completed in a couple of weeks. This was actually started in February last year - then it encountered the Stall.

The Stall is no stranger to me. Perhaps you've run into it as well. The wheels of invention start fast and furious, you rev the engine, you lay rubber when the flag falls...



I was lucky enough to have finished an entire piece (the Back), so everytime I opened up the Marination Chamber, I'd see this wonderful piece of fabric. I'd touch it. It is so user friendly - soft and spongy. The color tone pleases - it is natural grey, unprocessed by dye or chemicals, just like Mother Nature coated the little Targhee sheep it came from...

So why the Brake Job? Hmmm.... Going back and reading my entries (and this is what has started to be so cool about blog keeping - (self)REFERENCE!), I see I was making really intricate projects - Rapunzel, Lovie, Wavy Bulb. I'd finished a jacket - - and I was pattern writing/sample making for the Eyelet Cardi! WHEW! I think the thing just got lost in the crowd. I was also writing the pattern for this sweater and it just wasn't the low effort, Sunday cruise I needed to escape from the others!

And THAT has been my secret to escaping the Stall. Finding a small project or exercise that allows you to feel that Thrill you get when you are in the Honemoon stages of a project. In fact, now that I think about it, I used CableMe to break the Stall I was on with the Wavy Bulb.

Talk about weird Chain Reaction!

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Thursday, February 3, 2005





Over the last couple of years, I've found 3 Naughty Knitting Things that really amuse me. These things all have one thing in common: they let you do something you would usually avoid at all costs to your garmet.

3 Naughty Knitting Things:

Felting (where you get to SHRINK the bejesus out of a sweater ON PURPOSE)
Steeking (where you actually get to take a sharp instrument and CUT the garment)
Frogging (where you RIP the sucker right back to its roots)

Now, granted #3 is RADICAL. It is time consuming. It is Post-Production, or post-pro, as we like to say in the video trade.

This is the only activity of the above which de-evolves the sweater back to its main ingredients. And THAT is ususally what you are lusting after.


If I want the yarn, I have to rip out the sweater.

The sweaters above were the latest RIPfest activity I wallowed in. I wanted that Rowan Magpie Tweed! It was not going to sit on the shelf MOCKING me for my poor choice of pattern/execution - this yarn, for the first sweater pattern I picked was just WRONG.

So, off with its thread, so to speak and now I have a Wearable Cardi to play in for the rest of the Winter (did I mention, here in the Midwest, Phil the Ground Hog sez it's 6 weeks MORE!).

I feel the same way about the yarn in this sweater, the sweater I'm playing with for Alison's Knitalong

It is NORO! It is, quoting the Yarn Market's blurb: Luxury! Cashmere and Silk blend yarn from Noro of Japan. 40% Silk, 30% Lambswool, 20% Cashmere, 10% Nylon yarn. ...

I've never owned a non-vintage cashmere sweater - used to have a bunch I grifted out of thrift stores in the day...

But here it is, cashmere, silk, Mocking Me from the Sweater Cabinet, daring me to RESCUE its fabulous little Damson Plum ass...

So, while watching "The Girl with the Pearl Earring", the RIPfest began.

First, it was imperative that I get the furry neckline off the body of the sweater. This is, besides taking the bold step to rip the thing to begin with, the most challenging part of the task. WHY?

You have to FIND the yarn ends you wove into the garment where you seamed or added collars/button bands. I have a really sharp pair of surgical scissors I use to go fishing with; they can prod and poke and un-tie really well. Luckily, it was easy to find where I'd connected the ends of the fur yarn to the Noro - they left a bumpy little knot.

After teasing the knot apart with my scissor point, I *un-wove* the last row of body yarn knitting from the collar. I really wanted to preserve all the CASHMERE I could.

This is time consuming - you go stitch by stitch and just *follow the bread crumbs* back to the next seam. But it is really worth it if you can't just undo a cast-off or cut the offending piece right off the garment.

... to be continued - read the Notes here.

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  Monday Morning Mirth  


Dion Branch!!! Terrell Owens - TO!!! but no KO!!!

FUN! was had by all...

Favorite Moment: chunk of turf stuck in Eagle L.J Smith's helmet for several plays...

Favorite Commercial: TIE - Bud Lite Cockatoo / "Kissing Monkey Butt"
(was it just me or were the commercials alot more CONSERVATIVE ie. BORRING!)

Why yes, they were boring because they were BANNING other *controversial* ads like Budweiser's "Wardrobe Malfunction" or (!) Mickey Rooney's "Butt"

OH SHield Us from ourselves... They're all BAD!!!

ACTUAL Commercial Break Activity: watching the Puppy Bowl over at Best part: puppy makes a whoopsie on the playing field and ref comes in to CLEAN IT UP!!!

Cutest Pupp: Bandit, the 13 week old Jack Russell...

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Tuesday, February 8, 2005

While it drips and drizzles in the drabby day sky,
I am BRIGHTENED by my other little fixUp project.

the Shell that wanted to be a Cardi

After stitching and cutting open the front of the shell and finishing the neck edge with a mock turtleneck, I was ready to make a band for the zipper. (ZIPPER! Does any garment going through the works ESCAPE Zippering this season? Apparently NOT... teeheeheee!)

Using a size C crochet hook and some beautiful Electric Blue yarn


I picked up stitches to make the band.


Here's a close-up of the hook going into the front behind the stitching. Because this is such bulky yarn, I am only allowing 2 rows for the band facing. (The Band Facing is the part that will fold over and be on the wrong side of the garment after the band is knitted.) If it was a smaller gauge yarn, I would make the facing 3-4 stitches wide.


After all the stitches are picked up, I knit a few rows then bound off the band. Then I used regular sewing thread to tack the Band Facing down. Because this yarn is rather fuzzy, the fiber itself will *grab* its other fuzzy neighbor fibers and they'll *handshake* together forming a solid join...

convert7.jpg the Shell Notes HERE

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Thursday, February 10, 2005

all good fun fur goes to heaven and pouts...

Off with Its Thread Part III:

Even though the Midwestern Weather this time of year is enough to drive one either to sleep or drink, for me, it is the best excuse I've ever had to just KNIT ALL THE TIME... Why bother trippin' over the grey skies and dreary temps when one can just FixIT?
hosted by the fabulous Alison...

"The Girl With the Pearl Earring" was such a dramatically slow flick, I was able to completely un-ravel my old project in record time while *watching* it. After I wound the yarn with my ball winder (like this), I skeined it with my swift (like this), then washed it. Here's what I ended up with.


Hmmm... What's that I spy on the Left? Although I ADORE this Noro Cash Iroha yarn, it is rather subdued by itself. This subtlety is what drove me to submit it to the tragedy of the Fun Fur collar on the original piece. I used GGH Fee - the funniest of all - not only is it furry, it has little sparkles throughout. I love it so, I could not bear to give it the heave ho and it is now living, for the time being, as a postElizabeathan collar on my Hat Mannequinn...

Back to that pile of yarn - the texture of the Iroha is really smoothe and shiny, in a rustic kind of way. I know, this doesn't make total sense, but the yarn has a 40% silk content and even though the twist of the yarn is simple, the silk gives it glow. I wanted to contrast the subdued but shiny color with something dramatic and VOILA! the lovely pink yarn joined the mix.

It is lightweight Reynolds Candide in color # 153 - I used it doubled for a sweet little band along the front of a sweet little cardi...


This cardi is a modifed version of the Sitcom Chic Cardi. I changed the gauge and made it in pieces. I also scooped the neckline more because I didn't have enough yarn to make the original pattern. The Candide is a basic wool spun yarn - it has a flat, no luster appearance and adds a *felted* texture to the smoothness of the Iroha. Yum - Ménage à Doux - just in time for Valentine's Day...

... to be continued - read the Notes here.

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Friday, February 11, 2005

Even though I'm a dirty rotten cheater and have been playing with my FixIT project, I've been knitting my Cordovan Ribby on the #66. I've finished the Back, the Sleeves, and most of the Right Front.


Because I'm in a Finish-As-You-Go kind of mood lately, I've taken ye olde Steam Iron and blocked out the pieces.

STEAM IRON? Yes! I first read about doing this in the back of one of my Rowan Mags - right before the lists of worldwide yarn shops there is a paragraph in the middle of the page that says to *press* your knitting.

At first, I thought this was crazy - that it would flatten the stitches beyond belief and make everything as flat as a pancake with no remaining texture.

DUEfuss... That's acrylic yarn that does that - not wool.

Rowan says to press (using the correct temps for your fiber, but of course) using a damp pressing cloth, which would create steam. I have done that, AND I've done what you see above. Here I am using my left hand to *open* up the tightness of the 2x2 ribbed sleeve and *floating* the steam over the surface. The actual iron DOES NOT touch the piece - just the steam which makes the stitches relax and behave.


Here you see an un-pressed sleeve sitting atop the pressed sleeve from above. I've used the magic of Photoshop to lighten the color of the top sleeve because the yarn color is too dark to see as is and I outlined it with a little Ogerific Green~!

Really a difference! AND, the ribbing because it is, well, ribbing, just wants to keep its hills and valleys so, in wool, remains slightly textured, but looser fitting...

... to be continued - read the Ribby Notes here.

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Sunday, February 13, 2005



I HOWL for this Cowl! Right-on Marlena...


The lovely Rose, from Citizen Skein, gives us New York groupies a cool rundown on the joint Christo and Jeanne-Claude Central Park Gate Project...

I adore the phone pix taken in the wee hours of the unfurling! Thanks for getting up early!!!

Hey Rose - I'm giving up French Fries and Diet Coke for Lent. We'll see how long THAT will last...


Have you noticed? There are PUPPIES everywhere! That is one of the surest signs for me that SPRING is right around the corner...

Read about Breeze's (Ballymena Winter's Wind) adventures in birthing written by owner/spinner extraordinaire Kim over at the Woolen Rabbit...


I am green with envy over Barbara's fabulous fuschia Vittadini sweater using Natasha yarn! The midriff (sp.) cabling! The shape! The cables along the neck edge... BEAUTIFUL! See it over here at the Fiberphile...


MORE ENVY: RedHead extraordinaire from my favorite City-by-the-Bay, Silvia, has made a fabulous beaded/crocheted necklace - choker set. OOh La LAAAH!


Support our Troops & their families! A big HELLO and welcome to the Knitting Blog Ring for Teresa, currently living in Germany with her Army Hubbie. Scroll down her page and check out her SMOKIN' Skull chullo she made for him...


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Happy Valentine's Day!

  Monday Morning Mirth  


Wishing you and yours all the LOVE in the Universe!

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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Like many of you, I am on the last piece of my Ribby Cardi - a Front. This piece, if you are a first time sweater knitter, might be the first time you see the esoteric and well-loved phrase *AND AT THE SAME TIME*. Want to unravel that piece of knitting code? Follow me...

YUP, it's easier than rubbing your head and patting your tummy AT THE SAME TIME, in fact it's easier, IMHO, than casting on or even making a button band.

When you see that phrase it is a FLAG, an indicator, that you are going to be doing two different knitting processes on the one piece you're knitting. In the case of the Ribby Front, you are going to be shaping the armhole, then you are going to start shaping the neckline. It's a "joined-in-progress" type of thing. First you start the Armhole Shaping and are going merrily along; and after a certain dimension or count is reached, you start the other process AND DO BOTH at the same time. Most of the time, these instructions are given as a count, so you can easily keep track of your Decreases with pen and paper or one of the various counting devices out there.

I like to use safety pins and often put one right through the completed DEC bump and then I can easily find them to count (good for lining up later to sew as well.) These are very cheap and can be found just about anywhere.

Elizabeth writes: "I am trying to do my neck decreases on my left front. Everything works fine until I get to the last five stitches. On the KAL site, you suggested doing a K3TOG at this point. So would I K1, k3tog, then k1. And on the next row, just knit the last 3 sts together? Also, does it make a difference if I do a ssk, or k3tog? For the left, as well as the right?

here you see the last 5 sts on my Right Ribby Front

I have to decrease once for the neckline and once for the armhole. So I K1, K2TOG, then K2TOG again. If this was the Left Front, I would SSK, SSK, K1. Now I am down to 3 stitches.

To do the last decreases, I slip the first stitch purlwise, K2TOG, then pass the slipped stitch over the stitch formed by the K2TOG (this can be abbreviated PSSO), then break the yarn and pull it through the last stitch. DONE! For the Left Front, that would be Sl 1, SSK, PSSO. Double DONE!

AND, we've accomplished something else that you commonly see referred to in most sweater patterns, the phrase: *Reverse All Shapings*.

I wrote Elizabeth thus:
"Reverse all shaping is easy - it really means, wherever you worked a K2tog, instead work a SSK. Wherever you bound off stitches on the RS, now bind-off on the WS.

VISUALIZE this: Use the Back piece as your template (this is why you make the Back first). Put it on a flat surface and look at the armhole edges. You will be making equivalent edges on your front pieces. It is easy to see what your shaping should look like this way. Remember for the first bind-off (which would correspond to your Left Front), it was on the RS of the piece, then you finished the row. THEN, the next bind-off was on a WS row (which would correspond to the Right Front), and you finished that row.

Then the very next row, a RS row, was where you started your DECs. ALL DECs take place on RS rows. All DECs on the Left edge of the Back are K2tog. All DECs on the Right edge of the Back were SSK.

You do the same for your Left and Right pieces. That is *reverse all shapings*...

And, on the Ribby, it makes an elegant and graceful angled line on the edge of your garment."

I hope this helps a little - I'm sure I've left something out but until next time... the Ribby Notes here

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Thursday, February 17, 2005

When you live in a building with other people, certain rules apply. When the baby on 1st is having a primal teething howldown at 3am, you seek solace by diving head first into the living room couch and countinue counting zzzzzzzzzzs. Your alpha waves don't even break stride. They're busy making up for the deficit that occured at 12:30am when your gi-tar playin' neighbor on 3 came in from his weekly buddy jam session and has decided to continue the vibe for awhile.

You went to bed at 10:30pm and are now up at 6:30am like a tiny little atomic clock, even though it probably isn't in your own best interests.

TEMPTING, the thought of doing a few loads of laundry (they're always THERE like the smile on the Cheshire Cat, waiting for you when you walk by) because using water in the middle of the night is one of the LOUDEST things you can do. Yeah! Somehow in the trip from the water main in the middle of the street, the jetstream picks up about a thousand wailing surfers and when you open the faucets, aloha, RAVE!

Just flushing the toilet a few times would be karmic payback enough but alas, you know better than most what goes around comes around and you choose instead, to Pick'n'Dust, while listening to Marie Ishad's KnitCast on your iPod. Coming from a family where every second born person inherits the special Pack Rat DNA, you don't stand a chance and those little piles of STUFF grow casually on their own until they are everywhere. You are a Pyramid Piler. No nasty chaotic mess on the floors for you; you, being in denial just stack like-shaped like-materialed things on each other. All over the joint. And it NEEDS to be put AWAY...

Most of it is irrelevant crap but you, in your ever-lovin' pea-pickin' heart just KNOW that maybe, just maybe, it's gonna come in handy LATER...

and HEY, baby, later is TODAY...

Like almost all of my Holiday Deadlined Projects, the Ménage à Doux cardi, slated for a Valentine's Day debut, missed by a mile!

It is almost finished, though, and lays post-pressing on the dining room table. I am tempted to get some cork board, paint it white and mount it on the wall for awhile because I just like LOOKIN' at it.

Sylvia writes: "I have a wool knitted garmet that I need to frog completely....once I do that, what do you do to yarn to be it back in natural state?"

Here's my favorite links that show better pictorially what I missed in my Rippit Saga:

+-- Alison's Excellent Ripping Adventure
+-- Andrade's Ode to Thriftstore Goodness
+-- Ashley, the Neauveau Recycler, who in case you're not ready for all that, sells her *harvested* goodies on eBay (I can't find her ID). I love just reading recycled yarn auctions (yes, I am a loser) - somehow the mental drama of a *Yarn Rescue* is just too good to miss...

What's next for the little Ménage à Doux ()? Thrilling Neckline Decisions!

The best is yet to come, and won't that be fine
You think you've seen the sun, but you ain't seen it shine
Wait till the warm-up is underway
Wait till you see that sunshine day
...SINatra the FixIT notes here

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Friday, February 18, 2005

Hey, it's *New Threads* Friday





one cheap end-of-season bulky wool shell
3 skeins of bulky NEON wool
in a Mock Turtleneck and Contrasting Sleeves
with a Zipper
the cheerful late-winter-bustin' COLOR!
of your new work Jacket!!! the NOTES here


Film: the Wedding Date (A woman hires a male *escort* to take her to her sister's wedding - no irony is too small for this fun chickFlick! There is one shot where they rim light Dermot Mulroney's eyelashes that almost made me faint - you find the shot...)

Food/Cocktails: check out some new feedbin/watering holes. What is that woman WEARING in shot #2?

Music: Friday - SHARON JONES & THE DAP-KINGS - 10 PM, Double Door, 1572 N. Milwaukee AND free in-store at 12:30 PM Friday at Tower Records, 2301 N. Clark! Put some uncut FUNK in your Trunk; Saturday - CALVIN COOK, steel guitar player EXTRAORDINAIRE at Buddy Guy's Legends Blues Bar, 754 S. Wabash - 9:30PM

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Sunday, February 20, 2005

ChicKnits New Threads Weekend Edition


the lovely and talented
Stephanie (from Half-Baked)
debuts her...


Stepahie writes: "Size wise, I made my Ribby one size bigger than my "measured" bust size to give a little bit of extra ease through the body - and I made adjustments in the length and arms based on what I know of my own personal measurements. I'm not normally a Cardi kinda girl, but I derive such pleasure from wearing this one, especially since it was my first garment" :D


check out the

Gallery Ribby

for more details about the construction
of this beautiful garment.

Personalize your Ribby by adding stripes or different areas of color!

For more ideas as user friendly and fabulous as this one, visit the Ribby Cardi Knitalong HERE.

...Want to be in Gallery Ribby? Send me a picture of your Ribby with knitting details to be included in the gallery...

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Monday, February 21, 2005

  Monday Morning Mirth  

I'm too TIRED to make a cover for my iPod so I went shopping instead~!

Check out what
these quick thinking *young* entrepreneur(s) did:


OR, how about THIS one?

not done YET!


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Tuesday, February 22, 2005


In an ironic twist of fate, knitting this garment has not added to the GREY that is February but is LIFTING me out of the dullness!

Cassie, (she of the beautiful Central Park Gate Pictures), encourages us to EMBRACE the slower time that is this shortest month and become a...


This is a great idea! Although many mornings I feel like I'd rather just burrow further into the bed, I can instead, FOCUS on the projects I have going and Wrap Them Up! It's the perfect time to look away from the Cabin Walls and look into what Could Be Done. In what would certainly be a first for me, I'll have finished everything I started this Winter Season and go into the SPRING with a clean slate.

FRESH! Exciting...

Like Cassie (and her daughter), I was born in February (Bday a couple of weeks ago), and it makes me wonder just how important the Weather Seasons are to a baby. The first few weeks of my life, my mother tells me, I wore nightgowns that had a drawstring through the bottom, like a sack and then I was wrapped in a receiving blanket.

(SOUNDS a lot like the swaddling wraps of Tudor Times to me. YIKES! I recently finished reading "the Other Boleyn Girl" and one of the things that Mary Boleyn always does when she is alone with her infant is to remove her baby's wraps so it can Kick Freely!)

So this year, I'm symbolically "throwing off the Wraps" and going to go quickly into the February Days that remain with Happy Hands & Feet!

And, but of course, a new Grey Sweater! The CableMe lies a blockin' and is ready to be seamed and banded. I adore this yarn (Sweet Grass Wool) but it was too Barny for a simple steam finish and had to go to the Baths. I soaked the pieces in hot water in my washing machine (with a couple of tiny squirts of Dawn Dishsoap) for a few minutes, spun it out, rinsed with vinegar, spun, rinsed with plain water. Then I smoothed it out on my Blocking Rug and there she sits a dryin'...

FRESH. Exciting...

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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

hosted by the fabulous Alison...

hmmm.... This missed it's Valentine's date -
will it show up for the OSCARS!? You Betcha...
It's all sewn up
but it still needs a neck(?)...

If you are like many Chicagoans, you are playing "Can You Outguess Ebert" right now. It's Oscar week and our papers and airwaves are full of it.

And especially full of it is Roger himself! We love him; we hate him (although we might just have even more pointed feelings for one Richard Roeper, his partner - eeeUehh!) We resist the impulse to read his Movie reviews until that day finally comes when you're about ready to go to the MegaPlex and have NO IDEA what's out there because, these days, it seems like Holly-Wood is spittin' 'em out like watermelon seeds at an August picnic.

I love the Oscars! It is another one of those quintessentially American moments of Sincere Insincerity that we do so well. The Drama! The Fashion! The Emotion! And, greater than it all, because, boys and girls, this is Capitalism at its finest, the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

And it is everywhere! The Oscars I mean - seen by billions (?) worldwide, we get to rub out shoulders for one night with the glitterati without even leaving the living room! I'll be pulling my false eyelashes out of the mothballs for the event and dolling it up to the max! Hooray for Hollywood!

ANd hooray for Ebert! For the first time in my personal history, I AGREE with him ALL THE WAY! OUUUFff.........

What does THAT mean...

1. Sure signs Blogging is OVER: the telecast's producer keeps an Oscar Blog for our pleasure

2. Your ScoreCard - really- a PDF Ballot!

3. Enjoy the SuperStars Evolution of Style at the Oscars over the Years

4. Just how big is BIG BUCKS after the Oscars?

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Friday, February 25, 2005

I'm either a big winner or a big LOSER over here with this pile of FINISHING that needs to be done...

In an embarrassment of riches, I find myself with a double load of sweater pieces begging to be seamed and banded.

EGADS! When did this train wreck happen! I was all in a frenzy to finish my Winter Projects and something might happen that has NEVER happened before. They might all GET DONE!

UPSIDE: now I can roust in all the Spring Pattern books that are insinuating their way into my hut. New IK. New Knitters (!). Rowan on the way (UK). WOOT!

DOWNSIDE: miles and miles of mattress stitch and buttonbands. OUuufffff...

And I can't take it on the bus either, so THAT MEANS I get to be a dirty rotten cheater and start something else just so my fingers don't get out of practice during Rush Hour. Knitting is my tranquilizer; my post-work Cocktail of sorts. Take it out of my Commuter Equation and it is NOT a pretty sight! It's usually not much of a pretty sight even when I can reach for the knitting!

What could I possibly knit! Why something that might be left over from Spring LAST YEAR!!! Resurrection Hallelujah!

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Sunday, February 27, 2005

ChicKnits New Threads Weekend Edition


BerryLicious! The lovely Roxanne (Knit'n'Purl Zen) from Alberta, CA models her sparkling new Ribby! YUM! I love this color combination!

check out the

Gallery Ribby

for more details about the construction
of this beautiful garment.

Add some SPICE to your Ribby by adding contrasting stripes in various places on the sleeves, yoke or body...

For more ideas as user friendly and fabulous as this one, visit the Ribby Cardi Knitalong HERE.

...Want to be in Gallery Ribby? Send me a picture of your Ribby with knitting details to be included in the gallery...

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Monday, February 28, 2005

  Monday Morning Mirth  

IF you were able to stay AWAKE during last night's Oscar Awards Show, I have some vacation pictures I'd like to show you...

L.A. Gossip Rag DEFAMER blogged live (YAWN!)

Some of Defamer's tipsy observations in no particular order:

8:05: "Hilary Swank wins Best Actress (umm, duh)!...She goes to the “girl from a trailer park” thing, which is obscene for someone who’s just won their SECOND Oscar. Um, you’ve already overcome the Cheez Wiz sandwiches and GTOs on blocks in the driveway years ago? White trash cred expires after the first award, Hils..."

6:02: "The make-up people are the first below-the-line category to be forced to stay far, far away from the stage, where they might make eye contact with the people they spackle pancake onto for a living..."

"...The camera keeps cutting to FN star Johnny Depp, who looks like he was dressed by a high school English teacher who’s had the fashion lobe removed from his brain..."

8:03: "Sean Penn laments that five thousand actors can’t be nominated for Best Actor/Actress each year, the only way that the craft can be properly respected. Lesser Baldwins watching from check-cashing instutitons silently nod their approval..."

All I got to say is, HEY, it was a terrible waste of false eyelashes, including mine, all AROUND! When the Red Carpet Parade of the pre-show is better than the show itself? Grab the Swag and Run like He**!

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