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Friday, October 1, 2004

Mr. Ineebrio singing *K1P2* must've put a spell on me yesterday because I CAN't LET IT GO!

AnnMarie writes:
"Knit One, Purl Two is a Glenn Miller song!"

YES, indeedy!

June 21, 1942
"The Examiner patriotic song "Knit One, Purl Two" was recorded by Glenn Miller and his Orchestra. Words to the song appeared in the American Weekly section of today's newspaper."

"Knit one, purl two
This sweater, my darling,’s for you
While vigil you‘re keeping through rain and storm
This sweater will keep you warm
Purl two, knit one
Our trials I know have begun
And while you are fighting each battle through
My darling, my heart’s with you

I just left the cot where our little Todd
In sleep was smiling
He must have dreamed of you...

Knit one, purl two
My darling, whenever I’m blue
It’s comfort to know that when he’s a man
He‘ll be glad that his Dad came through
Knit one, purl two..."



AND, it's a Knitting Group:
Knit One, Purl Two
Riverhead Library
330 Court St.
Riverhead, NY (hi guys!)


Wilma Flintstone might've started it BUT it's Robin's (of Batman & fame) favorite Oath who exclaims with pure comic glee: "Holy knit-one purl-two!"


Knit One Purl Two: An episode of one of my favorite TV Shows, Stargate SG-1, as fantasized by DENISE!


It's a really intense essay about the INTERNET - I toed you knitting was pure GEEK!


AND, finally, from the wonderful Red Lipstick archive, Stacyjoy writes: "...reporter Julie Chen confidently announcing at the end of the segment while showing 6 rows of her "hamster scarf": "There is no such thing as Knit 1, Purl 2, to do so would be disasterous."

What the **** are you talking about? What do you think broken rib is?"

when I'm obsessed I'm possessed all the way!

WHEW! I THINK I got it out of my system...aguil3.gif

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Monday, October 4, 2004

  Monday Morning Mirth  

wondering why YOUR family can't be as PERFECT
as America's First Family of Acting?



the Baldwinization Centers of America!

don't miss the Before & After Gallery

a miserable little fansite

the Baldwin Brothers Band

other famous acting Families

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Tuesday, October 5, 2004

first there was ^^ This ^^

and then there was...


And WHY o why o gentle reader did the Mondo Condo Poncho end up a pile of washed skeins?


They do it again! Update your computer to protect it from security breaches and SMACKX!

It might
- toast your email program
- introduce all sorts of traps in other programs
- get the first VIRUS you've ever gotten - EVER!


Now, granted, I was rejecting this garment out of hand to begin with. I've been wearing it for quite awhile and just couldn't get into it.

I LOVE THE DESIGN. I will be making another one very soon...

I LOVE the Yarn. My very favorite of all times.



Yes, after repeated wearings, because of the fiber content of the yarn and its length, my little poncho developed a poochie little backside puff. It stretched out and made my derrière look bigger than it is...

THAT, is just not allowed...

So, add the repugnant behaviour of my poncho to the STRESS of fixing a virus on my computer and what do you get?

A TRIP to the FROG POND, snorkle included!

And, what's next? Ah, a better world for all involved - where folks walk upright, in the sunshine... be continued

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Wednesday, October 6, 2004


In a desperate attempt to avoid adding to the acid reflux caused by my Virus Episode, I banned all television from my house last night. NO croonin' or wooin' or scrappin' between the Boyz for me...

Instead, I pulled out and poured through all of my Guernsey books: the Gladys Thompson, the Beth Brown-Reinsel, Alice Starmore, Jo Sharp...


After scouring all of the above, it was in the Jo Sharp - Book Number One that I found this:


The pattern is called "Sheoak" and has all of the elements I was looking for - raised purl patterns, cables, all sorts of diamonds
(ahem, they ARE a girl's best friend...).

I even have the yarn shown in the picture - Jo Sharp DK Wool in Color 327 Navy.

OOps, knitting a pattern in a very dark color? Not black. Almost black! What was I thinking?

Well, in an obvious boomerang reaction from the *simplicity* of the machine knitting I've been doing, my Muse longed for a complex, traditional, small gauge, WHOPPER!

And I say: "Serve it up!" There is NO EXPIRATION DATE on projects here at the ChicKnits Workshop. If this takes me two months (heeeheehee) or two years, I'm goin' for it.

I've longed for a sweater like this for two years already (made into a cardigan, but of course, with different sleeve treatments) - if I would've started it then, I'd be done BY NOW...

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Thursday, October 7, 2004


VaVaVoooom - I've learned my lesson...

Being whipped like a bowl of fresh cream by the first front of this cardi was a good thing AFTER ALL...

It allowed me to speed knit the second front, using all of my School of Hard Knocks Crib Notes in record time (ahem, hee, for me...)

This cardi has an applied neckband that goes around the back neck edge, so to continue the positive riff I was on, I sewed the shoulder seams. As the pieces became *whole* I was infected by a gleeful Finishing Frenzy and proceeded to mattress stitch the side seams, then steam the whole thing! (Lightly, microfiber content ahead...)

Here's my buttons:

Beautiful Knotted Button OR Plain Black Button OR Etched Design Button???~

SIDEBAR: my knitting still intrigues and illuminates the inebriated on the #66. Last night a construction worker with a bag and belly full of beer, once again spoke an ODE to a Scarf that Wasn't a Scarf...

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Friday, October 8, 2004

the softer side of Fern...

In a rare attempt to get in touch with reality, I'm changing the sidebar on the right of my page. Instead of just having the trio of WIPs (the three projects currently on the ChicKNits Daily Needles), I'm throwing in some of my lanquishing projects. Perhaps seeing them everyday in plain sight will flick the interest switch in my brain that is now ignoring them.

The Short (!)List:

- Miss BB's Jacket (a glamGirl variation of Mrs CB's Camp Jacket) made in a raisiny burgundy color of Rowan Magpie Aran - ONE SLEEVE DONE then kicked to the curb!

- Fern (the other one) in Filatura di Crosa Zara / Acid Green - BACK DONE then tossed in small gauge disbelief

- Cable Me #1 - a bulky, yummy experiment in jacket making made from natural sheep colored Sweet Grass wool from the Boys in Lansing

- Cable Me #2 - once is not enough to Start & Stop apparently and here's a small gauge version of the above with enough variation to keep it interesting - this one made from a mouth-watering leaf green Austermann *Rubino* yarn from the dear folks at Elann (no longer offered)...

NOW, cross my heart and hope to FLY TO RHINEBECK (happy sheeps y'll!), I think that's IT! I actually have no offending crossover projects left from SPRING '04 this FALL '04...

Shall we SNAP!?~ aguil3.gif

SIDEBAR: "This year's featured breed (@Rhinebeck) is the Rambouillet breed. Developed from the Spanish Merino breed in France. It is large, white-faced, has wool on its legs, can be horned or polled, and produces fine wool, grading from 64's to 70's. It is long-lived, rugged and will breed most anytime of the year."

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Monday, October 11, 2004

  Monday Morning Mirth  

Because, in general you don't get the chance to see
25,000+ almost Nakid Guys running their tutu's off, I bring you some
Hunks from RaceDay: Chicago Marathon 2004... seen from my camera position at the corner of Fullerton and Canon Dr, Mile 6; a guy in a Leopard Print Thong & BowTie combo has just passed but I wasn't fast enough on the draw. OMG! ChicKnits predicted Animal Prints were BIG for Fall 2004 and Boy Howdy, were they ever! I got the above shot after I recovered my senses...

ChicKnits close personal friend, Clark Kent,
decides to run in full Big & Tall splendor...

The Chicago Marathon is a Global Event and attracts celebrities of all kinds: the San Diego Chicken makes a special Guest Run...

Last but not least, my favorite guy
of the Chicago Marathon 2004,
a Guy Named RAY...
Right on Ray~!

DISCLAIMER: it's been 23 days of straight clock-punching with/no days off for this chiquita, so, I'm a little punchy2!

We go set up our camera position at 4am and encountered the MAGIC that is the Wee Hours'O'theMorning along the LakeFront...

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Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Even though I didn't get as much done this weekend as planned because of the Marathon, a personal finish line was crossed nonetheless...


One sleeve to go...

I still love this yarn - the COLOR! - the stitch definition - the feel...

I still am torn over the pattern - it's fussy fickle fiendish code leaves me to my own devices again and again. But, LOVE THAT Bottom Flare and Eyelet Rib!!!

But of course, I had to upsize this sweater two sizes, because neither given size was big enough for my Large American Body...

I also made it conform to my own Standard Set of Measurements. I have a bottom line dimension *catalog* for cardigans, pullovers, and shells that I adhere to without fail. (Produce your own Catalog - follow the instructions you'll find HERE in an article that I wrote last year). Throughout the knitting process of a garment, I measure key points and see if they are in line or matching my catalog.

Less surprises at the very end! Better fitting and wearable garments in the closet!

Last fuss: tweaked the Sleeve Cap on this design to fit my shoulder. The picture looks like it's gonna work just FINE...

Dirty Little Secret: I was too tired after my RaceDay tasks on Sunday to do much but collapse in front of da Tube and I was trapped by Kirstie Allie in "While I Was Gone". BUT, I fell asleep 15+ minutes before the end of the 100% Pure Ivory Soap (Opera) was done. I'll never know HOW IT ENDED! I hope to take this secret with me to the Grave...

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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Left Front and one Sleeve of Tweedy Bird...

To get an idea of how my sleeve work is coming on this Fusion (hand & machine knit) Cardigan, I pinned the sleeve to the armhole. Checking the curve fit early on saves me much PAIN later, I've found. Now I can go on to the next sleeve with my cap recipe and wail...

I've been machine knitting a piece here and there when I find time on the weekends - for some reason, this isn't something I found I like to do when I get home after my *day job*. I have the same feeling about finishing work - unless I have an uninterrupted session, it's all bets off...

For the neckline on Tweedy - I'm making a Loop Stitch Collar using the stitch pattern as shown in this August 20th entry. This pattern was found in an old Mon Tricot stitch dictionary and has HAPPILY popped up all over the place - if you go down a couple entries you see it on a Jaeger Sweater - that the lovely and talented Michelle from our KIP group just finished this week!

It is so beautiful my eyes popped! The yarn is very warm and toasty but LIGHT! YUM - and VA VA VOOOOOM Michelle - it is fabulous...

My sweater, although similar, is a smaller gauge and the yarn (a cotton/acrylic blend) makes it much more bi-seasonal. But now, I'm want'n to make the Big Loop Version myself. It reminds me of all the fur trimmed suede coats I've seen DOWNTOWN...

Dirty Little Secret: IMHO, digital camera work will never be as sharp and focused as analog... Witness the above photo - no matter what I did, it looks oof and a little wiggly. LoRez and repeating patterns put this format into a TAILSPIN...

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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Today ONLY! More mixed metaphors than ever before!

As a Phd. candidate from the School of Hard Knocks, I've learned that even though you can't make a Silk Purse from a Sow's Ear, you can make Suede!

Witness these lovelies...

Last year, I made a beautiful Rowan Design called Tallulah. I saved my dinero until I had enough to ransom the requisite Magpie Aran Tweed yarn in a sumptous color called "Brazil". It is the deepest burgundy with little tweed highlights here and there subtly calling out even more dimension from the yarn itself...

I ripped this sweater back to the bone last year and re-skeined the yarn.

WHY waste an entire season's work and effort? THE YARN! Even though it's lovliness and beauty is unquestioned, it was not the right yarn for this design. TOO HEAVY. Too dense. Fell right off my body when I wore it the ONE time it went out on the runway.

While I was getting my Master's Degree at the SoHK's last year, I tried to use the re-cycled yarn in a frisky version of Mrs. CB's Camp Jacket, that I call Miss BB (daughter of CB, ahemm). I got as far as one sleeve then, SHAZAM!

Still NO GOOD! Still trying to make a formal, elegant, gourmet piece out of a corn-on-the-cob type of fiber. A Fiber so Hearty it could go out and milk the cows in the morning!

ZIP and rip again. NO REGRETS!

BECAUSE, it's finally met it's destiny.


What this yarn and yarns like it are meant for are hard working, field hiking, fishing boat JACKETS!

So off I go to the ChicKnits Bookshelve to dive and delve into my Cable Pattern Collection. Starting out with my cherished Gladys Thompson Patterns for Guernsys Jerseys & Arans, I spy the cable ribbed beginnings on many of the sweaters and My VERSION is born!

In my last foray into the world of Aran Knitting, when a little design called Lovie was born, I used a little 5-stitch design called the Coin Cable. I love that little Coin - it is dimensional without being bulky - just flat and sasssy.

I used a 3-stitch version of it here and because I couldn't find it in my library of stitches anywhere, I've named it in honor of a co-worker who, when I ask him to break a $20.00 for Bus Fare for the #66, always snarls, "Whatzthematta with you, I don't carry no chump change" as he pulls a wad of $50's & $100's out of his pocket. I always ask anyways because I love lookin' at all that moola!

I give you the:

ChumpChange Cable
(worked over 7 stitches)

Rows 1 & 3 (WS): K2, P3, K2

Row 2 (RS): P2, gently slip next stitch off of left hand needle and hold in front of work, slip next 2 sts to Right Hand Needle, slip 1st st, then the 2 sts back onto Left Hand Needle, K all 3, P2

Row 4 (RS): P2, K3, P2

Dirty Little Secret: did you realize you just cabled WITHOUT a NEEDLE! Congratulations!!! You didn't even have to buy the book...

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Friday, October 15, 2004


What do you do with a hard working yarn?
Make a jacket for a hard WORKING GIRL!!!

Since I've been on such a work bender dayside, AND the weather has reminded me of upcoming frosty fun, this burgundy delight will be perfect with my black down vest.

Once I layer it up with a turtleneck and the vest, I am good to go to almost 25 degrees! CHILLY outside, yes, but fashionable & WARM at last. I wore my sweaters all last winter like this with complete coverage.


A working garment needs working symbolism, no?

From Right to Left:
1. ChumpChange Cable: signifies the ever shrinking buying power of my paycheck

2. Two-Stitch Rope: I'll think of this as my personal Boot Straps, ie. pull yourself up

3. Elongated Chain Cable: CHAIN, no explanation needed, ok, BALL & CHAIN! This is also the basis for the Honeycomb Pattern - which "is considered symbolic of hard work bringing its just reward just as the work of the 'busy bee' produces the golden honey." On the back of this jacket, there will also be a smaller dimension honeycomb panel in the very center.

4. ZigZag: This is symbolic of the ups and downs of life or MY CAREER!

So there you have it: SHAZAM! I have the weekend off...

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Monday, October 18

  Monday Morning Mirth  

my sis gave me this vintage spoon holder
as a BLESSING indeed - it simply reads:
HEAVEN will Protect the Working Girl...


THE working girls in the morning are going to work--
long lines of them afoot amid the downtown stores
and factories, thousands with little brick-shaped
lunches wrapped in newspapers under their arms.

Each morning as I move through this river of young-
woman life I feel a wonder about where it is all
going, so many with a peach bloom of young years
on them and laughter of red lips and memories in
their eyes of dances the night before and plays and

Green and gray streams run side by side in a river and
so here are always the others, those who have been
over the way, the women who know each one the
end of life's gamble for her, the meaning and the
clew, the how and the why of the dances and the
arms that passed around their waists and the fingers
that played in their hair.

Faces go by written over: "I know it all, I know where
the bloom and the laughter go and I have memories,"
and the feet of these move slower and they
have wisdom where the others have beauty.
So the green and the gray move in the early morning
on the downtown streets.

... Carl Sandburg, Chicago, 1916 (public domain)


Working Girl Karaoke SINGalong:
She Works Hard for the Money

Independent Women: All the Honeys Making Money

9 to 5

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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Shazam: Right Front

For Fiber so chunky you gotta eat it with a FORK (ahem, hay fork that is), look no further than then SHAZAM!

I finished the Right Front last night - wooo - it needs serious blocking, but Oh Baby I love that Stitch Definition. I LOVE Cabling! (New Knitters: learn How to Cable HERE). These cables just JUMP off the body of this sweater! Comin' to Getcha!~ (In a very friendly way, but of course!)


Tweed Yarn is such a mystery to me. Magpie came in Plain or Tweeds and I'm using the Tweed offering - it is SO different. The Plain version is softer and loftier; Magpie Aran Tweed is dense, dry and less elastic.


Spinners? Please educate Us? Please?

I did some judicious Googling and came up with: NADA!

I'm intrigued - how's it made - why do they put those little flecks in there - why is it so much DRIER than the normal wool...

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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

TWEED: I'm all over it!

Actually, it is soon going to be all over ME! I now have 3 Tweed projects on board - this weekend, after I rested and bubble bathed myself back into LIFE - I had some time to devote to my FUSION knitting projects and finished machine knitting the pieces for Tweedy Bird and started a poncho.

This summer, while spinning my wheels in Poncho Idea Land, I came up with a little wool number that is going to be so much fun! I am totally into LAYERING at this point - will be wearing this on my commute, over my jean jacket or leather jacket/coat and be snug as a BUG!

For this outing, I used something called *Swiss Chalet* made by Forehlich Wolle (Switzerland). I saw it last year on a field trip to the Indiana Land of Oz (now in Lansing) and called and they had a color combo I was looking for...

It is BLACK, Natural, Grey, and Auburn: two plies with solid color runs, then bi-colors, then small sections of all 4 in various combos with the above...

It looks like THIS and is extremely LIGHT and Airy!

Since Tweed defies Digital Photography, it's hard to see the pattern in this - this is just your standard 2-rectangle joined poncho, but there is 1x5 Mock Rib across the width of the piece. What is Mock Rib? A standard knitting machine only makes knit stitches - you have to have a Ribbing Bed to make alternating Knit/Purl stitches.

BUT, if you skip a stitch every few stitches you get a *fake purl* stitch which is really a tight Float across the fabric you are making. It is similar to all of the Drop Stitch Scarves you've probably seen this Fall, but not as loose.

When you are done knitting, the fabric has *valleys* that combine with the knitted areas to make the valleys and plains you see in ribbing.

The Twoncho has some nice landscaping across its way...

Now the question is: TO fringe or NOT to fringe?

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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Marnie writes: As for fringe or no, how about going a little different and getting some pre-made fringe. I really like some of the stuff at this site. They have fun beaded fringe."

Funny you should mention TRIMS, but I just took a field trip Monday to Fishman's Fabrics (1101 S. Desplaines St) to scope and score some trims for another enchanted project: Tweedy Bird...

After finishing the knitting and most of the hem and button bands on the Bird, I realized a Sea of Tweed was a eyeful of BLAH! This stuff can be DULL as DUST! No wonder the ForeFather/Mother Designers of Old called upon the Braid Goddesses to part with some of their ornamental locks!

So the ForeF/Ms edged their creations with TRIM! Velvet Ribbon, Braided Cord, Fringe, Beads, SOMETHING to take this out of the mediocrity of vision and pop it to ya...

Here is what I came home with...

1. trim1.jpg
Enchanting perhaps to my eyes only: Yellow-Green & White Diamond Woven Ribbon

2. trim2.jpg
Just guess what this is... It might be my favorite!

3. trim3.jpg
Two Faux Cable Corded Trims side by side.

4. trim4.jpg
Really Lovely shiny corded Crowns...

Who Will WIN the Place on the Loopy Collar: stay tuned for more exciting Loopy News...

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Friday, October 21, 2004

New Threads Friday

Just for today, one sock qualifies
for a special one time only FO dance!

Technically, a pair is needed, but this is SPECIAL because it indicates I've gotten back on the SOCK BUS!

Even though I've been pretty good at cleaning out the workbasket, there are still a couple of lonely socks waiting to be finished.
This one is now ready for its MATE!

Dirty Little Secret: But not without a little help from my friends...

I've been working on finishing this for a couple of days - its my stop gap knitting when I'm stuck somewhere waiting for work direction or between shows. Yesterday, I SCARED the reporter I was working with by whipping off one boot and tracing my foot...

I'd forgotten my sock pattern and needed to know how long to make the sock! Seeing me measuring the trace did not relieve the stressful situation I caused but only added to the mystique!

Later, I took the little Hemp/Wool sockie to KIP and finished knitting it there. This yarn is so delightful, it was much petted and SMELLED! YES - for the first time ever I participated in a MASS SIP (Smell in Public)...

I'd only done this in the privacy of my own home before But I was emboldened by all the TESTIFYIN' done over at Wendy's on Wednesday in the Yarn Sniffin' Comments, and, damn, this was FINE! Corinne started it but I couldn't resist -

But I digress... I got all the way to the end of my toe shaping on said sock and started to Kitchener it together but ALAS! I lost my Will To Kitchener! I could not, for the life of me remember how to do it! MARY to the rescue! She pulled out a copy of Interweave Knits and VOILA! In the back section is a handy dandy tech section and there it was - thanks Mary! Love you guys!!!

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Monday, October 25, 2004

  Monday Morning Mirth  


COLINETTE: Prism - color Alizarine

stash enhancement aplenty this weekend...

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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

if this Collar could talk, it would say something like THIS. (YEAH, right...)

But really, this little number has stretched my imagination farther into the hand-knitting process than ever before...

It has short rows, negative space (for the trim application), loopy fringe, a 3-needled bind-off, etc. etc, etc...

What was I thinking?

Well, while I was mentally prepping the Shazam sweater, I did a lot of reading in the ChicKnits Library, immersing myself into the idea of taking things I know and combining them with things I was only familiar with. The essential tome that really caught my imagination was Alice Starmore's "Aran Knitting". In it she deconstructs historical cabled garments (eauuu, cables, so dear to my heart) and very nicely explains the construction of such from Simple to Combined.

In her notes, she talks about early knitters *winging* it as they try something new - a *determined enthusiasm* that most knitters have when they're in the thrill of the chase...

That State of Mind brought me to the finish line on this one! Although I knew what shape I wanted the collar to be and had a hard count of stitches picked up around the neckline, it wasn't until I was actually knitting the collar that it became what the fiber and the shape needed.

It was subtly adjusted as necessary, added to, subtracted from and shaped into the form I could see only in my mind, not in a sketch or chart. For the first time, I REALLY understood what I was making from a particular fiber in a eye/brain/hand coordination individual to this time and space.

Yeah, Twilight Zone...

But how about that BROOCH! (click on it in the above picture for groovy CU!)


>> Silly Contest for no Particular Reason <<

Guess the Name of the Movie from the above sound clip and WIN enough Cascade 220 yarn to make a Felted Bucket Hat (including pattern)!

Send me an email with the word *Movie* in the subject line HERE and the name of the movie in the body of the email...

Winner announced Friday, October 29, 2004

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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

the evidence is clear...

My Second GoRound with the Dye Pot that
is big enough to swallow Toronto

is a TIE!

I actually dyed a sweater! Remember this? A lovely yarn, done in a lovelier pattern, both of which were SERIOUSLY NOT meant for each other. Looking back on it, I feel like I do about some of the Boyfriends of My Past: Really Cute and Fun to Touch, but as Time went along, as it is wont to do, it just became Get Off Me!

I even relegated this sweater to Work Patrol - where it confused and mystified the public - they wanted to like it but something was just not right...

SO INTO THE DYE POT it went! Seriously inspired, as always, by the Fiber Stylings of one Claudia B, I had to try again, this time adhering religiously to the instructions that came with the dyes...

>> today's Dirty Little Secret:

A few months ago, I was lucky enough to fly down to Maryland for something called the Sheep & Wool Fest...

While waiting to board our plane, my boon companion, Theresa W, and I had coffee et croissant. I was so Proud. So Stylin'. So in possession of one hand covered in BLUE dye that was coming off my *cool* sweater.

Two days before, I'd dyed the very same garment from above NAVY in an attempt to get it back on the runway. I remember that time my water wasn't clear (which means the dyeing was incomplete; the dye bath was not EXHAUSTED, it must've only been yawning) but I ignored THAT and went my merry way...

So my cool Wool Fest sweater was kept out of site (and off of any white Hotel Furniture) the entire trip! How I longed to tell my Fiber Buddies about my dyeing adventure! How I hid the evidence in my suitcase afraid dye particles would spontaneously jump out and land on everyone freckling them with navy blue dots that would spread and we'd all end up looking like something from a Celtic nightmare!

This perhaps worked to my advantage on Dye Attempt #2. I figured, since the dye on that sweater wasn't set, maybe I could overdye it once more and get a non-traveling result...

I mixed two parts Dark Red to one part Yellow, and WHOOSH:


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Thursday, October 28, 2004


I've been making some progress on my Wool Spun sweater. Now I wiggle in true happiness, as the patterns get even more interesting because the back of the piece holds all the mystery en mass -


>> today's Dirty Little Secret:

The center panel brings it all together - I dug and dug and found a little honeycomb pattern that is actually a wavy version of the ChumpChange Cable! All honeycomb patterns are cables that cross right, then left, then right, etc. paired with another cable that crosses left, then right, then left. WOOHOO! Wavy hands please - very trippy!!!

How much easier could this get - I just make honey every 4th row, which is the same row that I make the Chump Cable!~ VOILA! HONEY CHUMP!

DISS-Claimer: I recently got royally flamed for naming my stitches (and patterns) such WACKY names! I don't know why, but I never get tired of doing it and will NEVER stop!

Hey, I'm a just a dweeb with a keyboard - don't hit the girl wearing the glasses, will ya?~!
the Little Bad Muse twirls...

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Friday, October 28, 2004

New Threads Friday


la Fleur de Fluffa
Design: Rebecca Nr. 27- Design #25
Yarn: Rowan All Seasons
Color: Dusky #164
Gauge: 18sts/24 rows over 4"
Needles: #8
Type: Hand Knit


to All the Girls Who've Gone Before

there was/is a virtual Knitalong Goin' On

la Fleur Herself: Becky




Jill: aka the RESTLESS Knitter






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