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Friday, July 2, 2004

After enjoying the Tellstars at the Taste we wandered down Michigan Ave. right past Millenium Park

We saw Chicago's 2 Finest Citizens: Oprah & Mayoy Daley

Chicago has many Pro Sports Teams but WHO'S THE BEST
- say it loud say it PROUD! -
da CUBS!mural2.jpg

Students from my Alma Mater, the SAIC, painted this multi-block mural and it is very entertaining, especially the Presidential Candidate block.

Here is Senor Abruto with many issues on his mind...mural3.jpg


Favorite Song: Michele Branch joined the Tellstars and sang a wonderful number.

Annoying Moment: inebriated fan who kept coming up to Michele later and slobbering all over her. She was standing right in front of me and I needed to stifle myself... Alas, this is what keeps me away from the Taste! There is always a surplus of icky men with beer breath ready to breathe down one's cleavage. I was wearing my Smooch Shell and actually had some cleavage breathing...

Wandering Miracle: on my way to the bus stop, I ran right into another free concert, from JAZZ WNUA 95.5FM. They had San Francisco guitarist Joyce Cooling with her group and it was FABULOUS... Check out the rest of the summer *After Work Concert Series* line-up here. There's plenty of free lawn space so the admission charge to what's called by locals as *the Park Grill Chill* is moot.

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Monday, July 5, 2004

Monday Morning Mirth


Why I LOVE eBay?

because GOOD THINGS come in FUNNY Pkgs...

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Tuesday, July 6, 2004


for your Summer Delight: the Ribby Shell!

On the Left: the 2x2x3x1 completely ribbed version made from Tahki Cotton Classic. Ooh, La, LA! This was a pleasure to knit with - the cotton just slides through your hands and is silky and soft. I did not block this version - I wanted to just enjoy my ribs. It is very fitted, but not tight.

On the Right: the Flat-paneled version made from Vittadini *Teresa*, a cotton microfiber blend. A strand of this yarn is like a tiny, tiny pantyhose wrapped around a cotton core. I blocked this version with a water spray to set the stitches and define the front panel. This version has a more relaxed fit via the flat-paneled front making it cooler, and a touch faster to knit..


MY FANTASY: If I could knit all the live long day, I would knit Ribby Shells for the rest of the summer and enjoy these yarns..

Not associated in any way commercially with yarn companies mentioned or their retailers :)

Tahki Cotton Classic

Jaeger Albany

Lavold Cotton Patine

Vittadini Marissa

Reynolds Saucy

ggh Bali

Lily Sugar Babies

Twilley's Freedom

Goddess Carmen

Artful Cinema

Jo Sharp Soho Summer

Brwn Shp CottonFleece

Schoeller Stahl Topsi

Estelle Young Touch

Cascade Key Largo

Cascade Pima Tencel

Almedahls Evita

ggh Molina

Four Season's Miami

Schachenmayr Micro

Jaeger Trinity

Berroco Denim Silk

Plassard Ceruse

Plassard Coton Lin

AS ALWAYS : swatch first to make
Gauge: 20 sts/28 rows over 4 inches Stockinette St / #6 needles

-- please leave other yarn suggestions in the Comment Section --

-- buy pattern online --

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Wednesday, July7, 2004


presenting Em, the beautiful Ballerina

wearing her Contest Winning Bottoms UP Bucket Hat

da BUP was created by her gorgeous and wonderful MOM, Donna..
(Sydney, Australia)

I couldn't help myself! When I saw the winning entry over at Fluffa's Spring Bucket Along, I had to share! I met Donna earlier this year when she joined the blogring and made her beautiful Gigi...

Then I was cruising the Buckets @Becky's and found her winners and I am just verklempt! Tears in my eyes for ALL of the Bucketeer Glory shown on that site!


It is still a miracle to me that anything
I put down on paper will
end up as an FO on someone's head..


For some more BUP delight, HAT's OFF TO:


Rhonda's BUP over @KnittingGirl


-- please leave any cotton yarn suggestions in the coments box today, and I'll make a master list for a FAQs page --

Becky's ramping up a SUMMER BUPalong -
check it out by clicking this button

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Thursday, July 8, 2004

Onde = Wave = Ombre

welcome to the slow, relaaaaaxed
Summer Edition of OndeAlong!


Barb writes: ""As far as 'the experience' - it was good! I like the ribbed style of the sweater; I tried to make it a little shorter in the body than the pattern called for, but decided it is a tunic style, can't be too short. I re-did the neck a couple times - I'm not great at crocheting, but am pretty happy with the neckline.

The yarn has a nice feel, for all the acrylic, and the color changes kept me motivated to keep knitting. I usually get bored at least halfway through a project, and look to start something new. I think I knit this without interruption of another project - I would like to knit something else in Onde."

Over at Days in the Life of a Serial Knitter, Daphne is making great progress on the same design, but in the Jacinthe colorway - check out her June 22nd entry..

Heidi, in between all of the thesis madness, declares: "Two sleeves done and the back is Onde needles!!" over at Compass Knits..

Desha, the KnittingKnerd I hope you're somewhere in Chicago right now, knitting that PULLI! Maybe I'll see you on the #66..

The new owner of an exquisite Charlotte (Bon Mot!), Lee Ann writes (June 04): It is the Phil Onde Pull from the latest Phildar Spring magazine--I'm just not doing the little cutdown loopy neckline thing (no one really needs to see my cleavage) ..Wouldn't surprise me in the least if my Mom winds up trying this stuff; she was drooling over it as I knitted last weekend."

HEY - what the heck happened to My Onde?

sleeve #2 @13" - 5" to go to cap shaping

QUOTE: "This is one project, because of size that will never see the time of day on the #66.."

NOT! This has become my commute knitting with a bang! All it took was one look at our studio's Art director walking across the newsroom in a Navy Ombre Men's Shirt (Club Monaco) to start my engines..


I just decided to put another plastic bag in side of my regular *Scruffy* bag to protect the white yarn from free floating city scummage. That's right, us Urban Monsters are DIRTY and we smell..

But in a good way :)

I finally got the COCO by Chanel cologne..

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Friday, July 9, 2004

New Threads Friday


the MondoRib hits the Runway..

Just in time for the Old Town Folk & Roots Festival, I've got a fresh topper for the hot, hot acts!

Check out Saturday's fun:
"Headlining Saturday's main stage is a roster of renowned international artists, including the very funky, Latin dance band from Venzuela, Los Amigos Invisibles, with additional performances by one of the greatest West African ensembles of all-time, Bembeya Jazz from Guinea, and from Paris, the Gypsy Jazz and Yiddish music of Les Yeux Noirs."

my dancecard..

3:15 PM Chicago Afrobeat Project
with Breakdancers from Chicago's Brickheadz & the L.A. Breakers (first ya break dance)

4:45 PM Les Yeux Noirs (then you BellyDance and I kid you not, this is wild A** stuff)


#1 with a Bullet, drumroll, the Squared-off Scoop Neckline lands on the bodice of this freshi shell. After looking at all the sketches over several days, I knew a squared-off scoop neckline would RULE!

What is different about the sketches vs. reality? Actual drape and weight of the fabric can't be represented - these two things coupled with a untraditional yarn, will definitely throw a monkey in your wrench.

After I finished the front, I did a three-needle bind-off on the shoulders. Since I wanted to minimize bulk anywhere in this garment, that seemed a solid solution - stable but not presenting a thick seam.

This is very interesting yarn:


Imagine, if you will a VERY SOFT shoelace;
that's Katia SPRAY.

I didn't trust it at all - after the first Frog Session, I was at the stage of biting my lip and bandaging my wallet, not ready, though to suck it up as total loss.

And, as almost always, fixing my mistakes/poor planning resulted in a really fun wearable piece. It is comfortable on; it angles in from the hem to the armhole, so there is no pesky clinging in HOT weather. Nuthin' worse than the ziplock bag effect in 90degree heat..

The scoop is an upside-down, mirror-image of the shape of the body of the shell - which is why it is just naturally pleasing to the eye. Me like..

- You like some blooper???

- read the Complete: Spray (all notes about the creation of this garment)

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Monday, July 12, 2004

Monday Morning Mirth


Back to the LAND - uhhhh - What the ----

Proving once again that, for some(most) of us, Ice Cream is the Fifth Food Group, I present my bountiful harvest growing on my deck out back.


joined by a single



I say, furgeddabouditt, some of us are just meant to be knitters, let's go the Dairy Queen..

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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

click HERE for stitch CU

Chicago, it appears has become a VACATION DESTINATION!

Tourists from the far corners of the USA and beyond surface the near-north Lake areas like frosting on an especially captivating cake.

Do I like that?


NOT when I'm stuck at a crosswalk because 75+ free-floating beings with their nose' in the sky scraping the sights are crossing against the traffic signals. Most of our downtown (and other main artery) streets are SIX lanes across, plus turn lanes. Fill these with people mesmerized by the bulidings and display windows and you have Heart Attack Central landing right in my driver's seat!

BUT then again, it gives me the oppurtunity to people watch with no apologies. An endless parade of fashion for the scoping, if you will, streams by my windshield, for better or worse, richer or poorer, sicknesss or ...


YES! I've been almost rendered lifeless by some of the sights I've seen this summer while held captive by PedJam.

Furgeddaboud your basic Butt Pack Misdemeanors - I'm talking from Mini-Skirts & Heels on the oblivious Granny to Dreads & LowRiders/SATIN BOXERS on White Bread Teens, trolling and pouting behind their parents, who are dressed identically in shorts/golf shirts complemented by (dark socks)/sandals.

The Worst Possible Case occurred last night as I drove into Chicago from Crown Pt, IN. I was one block away from parking my truck, posterior/right cheek sound asleep, bladder straining, when I was captured by a flow of bodies going North. A whole group of young teen girls crossed the street wearing those little Minis with pleated skirts and lowered waistbands. THONGage was evident from the rear view. Many were not slim and evidenced HANDLage brimming over the tops of their skirts and AROUND THEIR THONGS.

My mouth was already open when I was rescued by a sight from above - a lone strolling, tall cool drink of a woman in a


It had frisky, flirty fringe which swung back and forth like a mini-hula skirt across her heiny(sp.). A little tank, slim jeans and heels completed the ensemble.

THE Urban Pshawl strikes again!

I am making great headway on my creation - have just passed the halfway mark and think it is going to work out quite well.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2004



I couldn't resist this wonderful color when I saw it in the store on the rack. It had the freshness of spring, the excitement of a summer day, the COLOR of...


Ogerific, I say, the more the merrier!

Anyone who's ever been out yarn hopping with me can attest to the fact that after I walk into a store - any yarn store - anywhere - I will walk in a straight fast line quickly to the first LIME I spy.

Like a bee to the pollen, I BUZZ and adore, court and fondle, and with great effort, push off and try to inspect and appreciate something else.

Sometimes, the attraction is too strong - and GLADLY, I ended up with this hot, hot, hot color just made to order for these HOT Summer days.

It gives me great pleasure to pull this out on the bus, after I've waited in the city soup at the stop, and just look at it in the Summer Light. This saturated SUPERcolor just makes sense now in a way that it never will in the middle of winter.

The mystery for me, though, is why this attraction is so strong to begin with. And even though you don't see many people wearing this color often, when they do, it is always striking.

I am intrigued by why all humans have a favorite color. To echo our libidenous brothers who delcare "I'm a Leg Man myself" I'll have to just SHOUT "I'm a LIMEY for sure..."

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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Onde = Wave = Ombre

more Onde Knitalongers
reach the Finish Line!


Tara writes: "...Taylor in her new Onde with Sophie (our new kitten); aren't they just a pair.

It was a really fun yarn to knit with, and it kept my interest going in the never ending St stitch with the color changes. I get bored easily, and this kept me going wondering what it would look like next.

I didn't quite get the measurements right, but it's got a bit of growing room for Taylor."

Onderful Onde Done!!

FANTASTIQUE, Tara - so beautiful and so is your Taylor - thanks for sharing the little schmoo, Sophie as well!



I'm making great progress on my Gilet!

Sleeve #2 is finished! I steamed out the rib at it's bottom to see how it is going to lay and I like...

That is until I dropped the steamer on the floor and BROKE IT :(

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Friday, July 16, 2004

a ChicKnits Dirty Little Secret Presentation

I have never read or owned a book by Elizabeth Zimmermann. That's right - hard to believe - but like many of last decade 20th century knitters, I've been a slave to fashion magazines, knitting mags and yarn company publications, like Rowan and Jaeger, Vogue and IK.

I will confess to having picked up a couple of EZs books over the years but actually put them back down because, (swallow hard), they weren't written in a way I enjoyed reading. Essays, like this one, can contain a wealth of information, but you have to dig for the jewels and nuggets.

The Y2K Knitting Boom I've been living in is one driven by the Internet with its wealth of graphic design and white space publishing. It puts those nuggets right up in there for you to grab like a gold ring at the carnival, GUARENTEED.

Because I've worked as a television photojournalist for years, I've honed and wittled away my attention span and stroked my appetite for the delivery of compressed data within 30 sec. or less or YOU/I CHANGE THE CHANEL. I am a deadline driven diva.

I've been missing alot. I know. Many people have written to me, some nicely, gently, some holding huge EZ sluggo mallets in their tiny fists and have asked me, What the ----, Bonne...

So it's back to the roots for me.

And what better place to start than in 1940, with Ida Riley Duncan! I've copped a copy (a 1968 reprint of that 1940s gem - groove-o-matic cover art, oui?) of her famous Complete Book of Progressive Knitting, on eBay. Now I have one of Ida's other books (Knit to Fit) which actually was published shortly after this new aquistion. It is a TEXTBOOK and is a clearly written formulaic GEEK approach, suitable for a Phantom Class that will never be offered anywhere I've seen. I fantasize about taking this class at, hmmm, maybe Columbia College downtown?!

Hey, I'm a dweeb with a keyboard - don't hit the girl wearing the glasses, will ya?~!
the Little Bad Muse twirls...

This edition has chapters on the Fundamentals of Wool; Blouses; Socks; Knitted Pants for Small Boys (!). I can't wait to dig in this weekend and see just what I've been missing from one of the most fashion forward decades of the 20th Century.

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Saturday, July 17, 2004


shop online
for ChicKnits Original Hand Knitting Patterns

Buy ChicKnits Patterns

using PayPal or
Money Orders or Checks

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Sunday, July 18, 2004


Missa, aka The Midnight Knitter has finished her crocheted Capelet for the Flower Power CAL - WOW! Great job - I am on a poncho bender myself and this has given me the shot in the arm I need to get a move on...

She also has created a page with
for fiber artists.

This fits my bill:


BUT this is probably closer to the truth


Thanks, Missa!

(Please be sure and download these to your own server so you are following cool blog etiquette...)

The Fabulous Lisa, over at BlogDogBlog is playing with COOL buttons as she nears the finish line with her Adult Surprise Jacket. Always a treat: the pictures she posts of her tiny schmoo herd of Dachsunds:
Mike, Jack, and Della...

Her sister has a blog called Banana Flip! and a new puppy named Apple who actually is more of a fruit than possibly Gwyneth's bambino??

THE one and only Brainy Lady confesses a crush on Alred Molina (Spiderman) - read her July 15th entry on his Girly-Man Group - the heterosexual anthesis of the MetroSexual!


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Monday, July 19, 2004

Monday Morning Mirth


Now that Chicago has become such a HOT tourist destination everybody is offering generous travel stop hype...

from Men's Health magazine: "Look for where State and Rush Streets intersect to form a triangle (nicknamed the "Viagra Triangle" because of the head-turners seen there). Best viewing area: the outdoor patio at the Tavern on Rush."

Overheard: "It doesn't have that Viagra feeling," she said. "They call this area the `Viagra Triangle' don't they?"

Ashley was talking about the granddaddy bars of the Rush Street area, places like The Lodge and Mother's, spots that are often a haven for, um, the older set--men and women still trying to hang on to their youth."

Under 40? Enjoy a cocktail called the "Little Blue Pill" @Elm Street Liquors and do some People Watchin' People Watchin' People yourself...


ChicKnits Advice: furgeddaboudit - go yarn shopping...

Chicago Area Yarn Stores

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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

bonne + lime love = b.Limey!

The Fabulous Kate Gilbert writes in the last edition of b.Limey: "In the haute couture fashion world, green is considered bad luck so many designers avoid it. Madame Carven was one of the first (and only?) successful designers to use lots and lots of green."

Way to pique my imagination, Kate! Superstitions, fashion, luck, mystery, intrigue - all just the stuff we are made of over hereaaah @ChicKnits...

So onto the Fashion History Ride, where we find:

"According to Liles, Scheele's green or arsenic sage was introduced about 1770. Although it was extremely poisonous, it was used to dye cotton, linen and paper."

Liles states that "Napier complained bitterly in 1875 that the dye was still being used and that it poisoned the maker, the winders of yarn dyed with it, and the person using the dyed article." (p.145)

"He adds that it was particularly dangerous when used on wallpaper and that there is good evidence that the arsenic from the wallpaper in his bedroom on St. Helena killed Napoleon and poisoned some of his servants."

The STUFF that TOOK DOWN the tiny Emperor? The arsenic in the dye itself was the culprit!

More from the Victorian Web:

"At Guy's Hospital in London a surgeon had been presented with many patients suffering from sore eyelids and lips and lung and throat complaints, and he was the first to isolate a univerul cause. A cheap and widely used type of wallpaper was decorated in green foliage and flowers, the pattern made up in thick relief of arsenite of copper. Under heat or agitation from brushing or cleaning, particles of dust would slowly poison people in the room."

And there's the flip-side of a favorite color: the POPULAR color!

And you thought Avocado green refrigerators were LETHAL...


more on Madame Carven, the petite grand couturier, who, for the love of lime, defied the superstition: "It all began when Madame CARVEN decided to establish her own Haute Couture house on the Rond Point des Champs Elysées in 1945. Her main objective was to cater for the smaller woman as she herself was only 1m55!"

Designer History

House of Carven

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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

take a walk around my block

Before you think I've run off and joined the Chicago Tourism Bureau, I have to warn you there is more summer festivity rant to follow...

WHY?!:) oh why? I work right in the flight path of Navy Pier, Water Tower, the MCA, NIKE, Sony, the Apple Store, blahdeeedaaaaaaaaaah...

When I get off the bus and walk to the Studios to check in for the day and get my gear, I am virtually swimming through the masses.

First reason for the snarky gleam in my eye: they are NOT AT WORK...

Second reason for that sparkle: wherever there are tourists there are MIMES!

Mimes are scary - they're looking at me and when (and they will) follow you down the street, like the painted angel on roller skates, beggin' to be bought off so they finally STEP OFF, I start running with my head down.

Our beloved tourists give them lots of money, so of course, that spawns MORE MIMES!

Yesterday was very hot and humid and when I saw the Big Silver Guy Mime outside of Water Tower, I actually felt pity for the first time EVER! His makeup was runny and missing in several places, and he was sitting on an overturned 50 gallon pickle bucket (THE mime seat of choice and Street Drummer instrument of beat as well). My hand was on my camera (the little one I carry around at all times) but I hesitated, knowing how I hate it when people take pictures of me while I'm working. (I've been know to quickly dive onto the ground and lay on my back and take pictures holding the camera almost straight up in the air to get a good picture of, say, thousands of ballons being let go at once).

So no picture of Mr. Guy.

By the time I got to the bus stop and got my first wiff of Horse *rine from the Carriage rides, my pity party was over.

Now these Carriages, IMHO, are the biggest rip-off in Visitor Land. You get into a sweet little gettup and they geddyUP you around the block and then down to the Lake. The Rip comes in when you see that you can't really get TO the Lake you can just SEE the Lake in the distance beyond LAKE SHORE DRIVE, a 6 lane freeway that borders it. Hmmmm...

In the meantime, these horses are depositing whatever whenever and in the midst of July, it is a most unwelcome aroma. I LIVE IN THE CITY! If I want to smell animals I'll go to a ZOO like a normal urban citizen. (BWAH - the country?! - get real - avoid at all costs unless there are nice little sheep to see...)

Because of some weird traffic science that I couldn't see from my bus stop acreage (each person gets about an 18" square piece of street to stand on while waiting. Think this is not a legal parameter? Violate it once and find out!), I was forced to wait for almost an hour for a bus that's supposed to come every 10 minutes.

So I whipped out my current Bucket hat (something really sweet - I'm finally working on a new pattern so you can use Sugar 'n Cream cotton) and started wailing. A big red Cadillac Escaldade was stuck in traffic right in front of me and *I* became the tourist entertainment. This made me knit faster for some reason (annoyance/adrenalin>?) and I was pullin' yarn out of the satchel I had stuck between my feet (yes, within the 18" square...) like there was no tomorrow.

I'd noticed a young man who was waiting watching me with interest - I gave him several smiles because he was a guy gettin' off of work just like me - except his job was as one of the Break Dancers I'd just passed at the Water Tower Entrance. And heaaaay, they give you your money's worth and don't FOLLOW YOU AROUNd.

At one point he raised his arm high and went HEY and pointed to my bag. I'd just pulled about 3 feet of yarn out for another Bucket round and had flipped the whole skein onto the ground. It was fast a-rollin' towards the gutter. The GUTTER. The Horses. A TRAGEDY mirrored on the face of my dancer - the look of panic on his face was precious! He did not want my yarn to go lightly into the MIRE!

And who says City People are harsh!>? Thank you Mr. Break Dancer Guy from the bottom of my evil little heart...


Paris is the Sister City of Chicago and therein dwell the Original Mime Nation:

lower third pictures: is this guy on vacation in Paris FROM Chicago?

here I am enjoying the nonsense

please write your Alderman - so this guy won't be at your bus stop next year...

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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Onde = Wave = Ombre

another Onde Masterpiece - this time from Luxemburg!


Jorun writes: The test of all things knitted:
Would I buy this for twice the cost of the yarn if I found it in a shop? No, I wouldn't.

Would I buy it for the price of the yarn? Yes, I might. But I would consider a larger size. I think my gauge in the knitted item is tighter than in the swatch I did.

Do I regret having spent time and money on the Onde? Mais non. Je ne regrette rien.

Would I knit it again? I really would like to knit something in the volcan colourway (the shocking pink/orange shade). I would choose another model, probably something ribbed.

Would I do something differently if I did it again? Apart from the size/gauge thing, I would make sure to buy an extra ball of yarn. The collar is too narrow. I had 1.5 meters left of the yarn after binding off and seaming.

What did I learn from this project? That I need to check my gauge "under way". And I did that invisible side seam for the first time, and it worked very well.

BRAVA! Jorun - fresh, exciting Chloropyll!...

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Friday, July 23, 2004

Stand-by Unit 10: the Rules...
POV of a Chicago Photojournalist

Hard Hats were served up at this location
in lieu of food. This is an acceptable substitute and will make
us smile even if we have to give them back...

Just like any other job, ENG (Electronic News Gathering) has an individual Corporate Culture.

Rule #1 in Mini-Cam (TV Video Photography) is: Where's the Bathroom?

Once you land on a scene of any duration - unless it's a whale of a *breaker* - one is immediately magnetized to the location of the *head*. Deadline driven jobs can be made or broken by a bladder, I kid you not! It's a guarentee that your own Mother Nature will call you OUT just when you're being CHIRPED by your producer for a 30 sec Stand-by.

It is possibly the only job where talking on your cell in the Bathroom is not only not impolite, but a Bottom Line requirement. Just don't drop it in the bowl like some of my ilk - this makes the Boss really nervous at a time adrenalin cocktails are already being served.

Rule #2 in Mini-Cam is: Where's the Food?

Many of the events of duration one could be assigned to offer the possiblity of the Graze. Now this is usually an inclusive option - but sometimes is at the discretion of the Host - as in never just sit down at an empty place at a set table, joining a Lunch-in-Progress, and try to blend in. However, whenever there is a Buffet, all rules are suspended.

Sometimes the Host will provide a keen spread, like de facto Senate candidate Jack Ryan's folk, who laid out nice cookies and roll sandwiches for the media but quickly lost points when said rolls were discovered to contain an unidentifiable *meat substitute* loaf product. This coupled with the natural green color of the rolling tortilla wrapper really put people (especially the cameraFolk) into a tailspin. Now I'm won't go On the Record and say the Carnivore Instinct is the norm with News Gatherers but you can do the Math...

If any Buffet is within 100 feet of any working press, eventually they will drift over and help themselves.

Such was the case yesterday for me when I was out in Glenview with the Dubya entourage. Senor Arbruto was in the area for a Self-Serve SHoutOUt with the EMS Departments of any locality in the Region. This included the entire gamut of Emergency Service Workers and was a site to behold.

It was also catered.

After the speeches were over, I drifted into an area where there was considerable activity going on. My Mother OUtlet was serving up the event coverage internationally and the entire White House Press Corps (YES! That's what they call themselves!) was in tow with cameras, laptops and ATTITUDE! Think West Wing cocky dialogue to the max with really bad haircuts...

SO here I was with about a cup of mixed green salad on my plate, winding down mentally from a grueling afternoon of pulling cable through mud and pools of standing rain water, security sweeps, shooting, live shots and more. Suddenly a face was between me and my plate asking what I was doing at the counter of food. Suddenly I notice a Big L on my badge where others have a large N. In this room, L for Local is about as large as an ant standing next to an elephant.

I am a BUG. Crawling on the Buffet. Getting in IMPORTANT PEOPLE'S FOOD...

But everyone in News, including those in the room most of whom I've known for years, knows that once it's on the the plate it will be protected at all costs. So I offer to give it back to the Host (a non-News Party Guy), and he declines the offer. Instead he nods in closer and tells me to fill 'er UP! He had to say something OUT LOUD, anything actually, because the Caterer had outed me and just didn't know the RULES...

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Weekend, July 25, 2004

~ summertime fun ~


ChicKnits MondoCable Shell is made using Chunky Yarn
and has built-in detailing for plenty of style
without any of the hassle!

The slightly loose, trapeze shape is perfect for all the light and airy cotton tapes and ribbons you've seen everywhere this season...

This pattern is suitable for the Advanced Beginner who
knows how to knit, purl, cable, and decrease.

Finished Chest Measurement:
38 (40, 42, 44) inches.

450 (500, 550, 600) yards Chunky Yarn
(sample made using Sesia *Denim*)

Gauge; 16 sts/20 rows over 4 inches Stockinette St / #9 needles

Buy this Pattern for $4.95 using PayPal!

Secure and easy PDF Download!!!

- window takes a few seconds to open if dial-up connection is being used -

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Monday, July 26, 2004

Monday Morning Mirth


Wonder if our Friends
@the Dem Convention in Boston know this?

From the Nat'l Enquirer: "Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, the hero of 9-11, is being secretly courted to become President George W. Bush's running mate in the November election, The ENQUIRER has learned.

Sources say Republican Party officials want Giuliani, who showed so much leadership and courage during the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001, to replace current VP Dick Cheney on the ticket.

They are convinced Rudy is the secret weapon that could defeat Democratic hopefuls John Kerry and John Edwards."

Hilary Fashion Watch

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Tuesday, July 27, 2004



Throw a catchy tune my way and my brain doesn't stand a chance.
I'll be singing it over and over the livelong day - against my will even.
Perhaps this has happened to you...

Lime. Aqua. SING IT!!!

I can't get away from it - it's been a lifelong attraction on clothing I've made and worn. One of my favorite dresses I ever made back in the day when I was trying to SEW all my wardrobe instead of KNIT IT was a turquoise dress trimmed in lime green piping...

and... Have MERCY! I've been inspired by a purse...


If you recall this missive's March 9th entry, I was overcome by a desire to couple Brown and PINK because of the way Jana Feifer used them together on her initial series bags.

Well she's playing MY TUNE again -

Just in time for those Lazy, CRAZY days of Summer, a wonderful, outrageous, not-for-everybody cup-O-Iced-Green-Tea with a Sprig of Mint...

Or a garden of luscious tropical foliage and sky...


noun [C] : a light frame made of bars of wood or metal crossed over each other, fixed to a wall for plants to grow up.

At first, I was calling this design "Arbor" because of the color being so evocative of my love of trees. When I drive up to Michigan to see the Familials, there are miles and miles of Forest Preserves and the undulating greeness of it all makes the miles (300) fly by.

But something I've decided to try on the front of this piece demanded a change in the look of the back.What you see is a Trellis - angled lace that emanates from a center stitch and travels to each side edge.

If all goes well and I'm, well, just plain lucky, something this way grows...


the Green Goddess wants YOU!

Juicy Couture's Sweats

Lacoste Baseball T

Language Sequin Top

Marc Jacobs Venetia


All blime all the time
Complete Notes: b.Limey

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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

a ChicKnits Dirty Little Secret Presentation

In order to keep my 3attaTIME WIP Rule in effect, sometimes started objects have to hit the sidelines. It's usually a fluke of the weather that gets them there - they've become too hot to handle or too difficult to manage.

Dirty Little Secret: just too darn boring...

Just so they won't feel too impossibly rejected, I've gotten something to hold them, lovingly, in plain sight in my living room. This pretty leather chest was purchased to be a footstool but it had a greater purpose in store.

You'd be surprised how many UFOs I can stuff in there and it is only about 12" high x 18" long!

Saturday, I begin a great ROAD TRIP adventure. My family and I are going to Camp LeJeune, North Carolina to stay with my nephew for a week. He is in the Marines and stationed there before he ships BACK out to the place that will not be named here. We've rented a lodge on Onslow Beach and will be enjoying Nature - the Ocean - each other - for about a week.

Gawd! I hope my mother and I don't really get on each other's last nerve during two days straight of driving!

About two days ago, I heard distinct rumblings coming from the Chest of Dreams. "Take me!" was a muffled plea I heard. "NO - Take MEEEEE - I'll be more fun" wafted into the air...

So I've made this pile and am just plain stymied about which little Buddy(s) get to enjoy the Tennessee and other road sites in store:

click on garments to see details...

HELP!!!! Me Pick a Roadside Friend?!!! Any and all weather suggestions also greatly appreciated...

What's it like at night on the Ocean? Will I be able to wear my Lacy Poncho???

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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Hard to believe, but there is nothing new under the sun.

I've been steadily working on my lacy poncho for the vacation fest - originally the Urban Pshawl was supposed to be a just a long rectangle that I was going to just fold in half and seam part-way up one side, leaving a neck opening.

This poncho shape was a wonderful invention - ancient geometry fer sure! *Weave* a rectangle, rip it off the *Loom* and weave some edges together... I can imagine shepards all over the hills of Mesopotamia standing with their staffs in hand - ponchos on frame.

I got past the half-way mark a couple of days ago on my *Modern* poncho and decided to check it for size. I took several large stitch holders I bought used on eBay and used them to pin the sides of the poncho together. (This is my most exciting crafting moment this week - those stitch holders doubling as GIANT SAFETY PINS saving me from the tedium of basting!!! AAYiEEEEEEEEEEEE!)

So I slipped it over my shoulders while running to the nearest mirror. I generally love this feeling - up until the first moment you put something on, it's really a crap shoot. It can be the most soft, beautifully colored, perfect...

You know what's coming next, don't you?

I HATED IT! It had a little bunch at one side of the neck that wouldn't lay flat. The lace pattern, coupled with the inelasticity of the yarn (mercerized cotton) I am using just wouldn't behave in a nice flexible fashion needed for this design.

Bet those shepards standing on those faraway hills in 78 B.C. didn't give a Rat's A** about that little fold because they were too busy tending their fold...

I mean I really HATED IT! Here was my Vacation Goal busted all to H. If you recall, I am obsessed with finishing new clothes for special occasions and holidays and NOW, what was I going to do?

You know what's coming next, don't you?

BUT NO! I did not Froggit! I decided to get real and just make a different shape. Suddenly, my DNA shifted into Evolutionary Gear and I ramped up about, hmmmm, a millenium, and started playing with paper.

And, in the picture above you see the results of my *study*, modeled by a White Hen Pantry 592mL water bottle. This wonderful garment is what *I believe* to be the next ancient poncho in history, recreated from copier paper that I tore with my own hands. It is now 2 rectangles, one folded over at the end and joined to the other. I COULD NOT GRASP how this really worked, even having seen it a million times in a million ways online and elsewhere, so I had to make a personal demo.

You know what's coming next, don't you?

But of course, I had to run home and cannabilize my Urban Pshawl...

I figured out the numbers, went to the pattern repeat that was to become the end of Rectangle #1 and the beginning of Rectangle #2 and used two knitting needles to pick up stitches one row apart. Then I carefully snipped that middle row open and had VOILA! Two rectangles!!! One which needed to be knit down at that point for the edging and one that just needed to be cast off!

Only 12 pattern repeats to GO!!!


Little Buddies Making the Road Trip

1. Big Blue BizChic Cardie

2. Onde (THE perfect St st road hog!)

3. Agnes (to reward myself in the evenings if necessary)

4. That whole pile of Bucket Hats in the background for all the Familials - joined by 2 in progress. I'm totally having fun with Rowan Allseason's Cotton and Sugar'n Cream.

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Friday, July 30, 2004


The Lassitudes of Contemplation
Beget a force
They are the spirit's still vacation
That him refresh --
The Dreams consolidate in action --
What mettle fair

...Emily Dickinson

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