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Tuesday, June 1, 2004

Agnes hits the Runway

Although it's the first day of June, it is only in the low 50's in the mornings (and evenings) here in the City.

...the Fabulous Thunderbirds

And this little retro cardi is turning out to be very entertaining to knit! The design is from this season's Rowan book. Of course, I can never leave well enough alone and have made many changes.

I am using a discontinued yarn called Denim (by Madil/Italy) that I purchased from One Fine Yarn ages ago. They are down to a scant handful of balls for sale - and am I ever sorry because once I started knitting with it I wanted more. It is a a 60% cotton / 40% acrylic blend that is tightly twisted and has a slightly sueded look. The closest thing I've seen like this is Bali by GGH and you can never find that in the US in many colors or even styles.

It knits up into a very cohesive but lightweight fabric and I LOVE IT! Sympathize with me for always finding these bargains then have mercy on me for for not buying more when I had a chance.

I PITY the Fool
...Mr. T - aka - Sergeant Bosco "B.A." Baracus - 1983

Back to Missy Agnes - the gauge on this yarn did not match the pattern, so that was the first change that had to be made. I am knitting this at 21sts/30rows per 4".

The peplum bottom of this cardi is dart-shaped moss stitch. Now, I can see the heads shaking and so was mine at first, but after several all ribbed sweaters and Rapunzel, moss stitch is a breeze! And, I adore how it looks...

Then, being the intrepid knitting busy-body that I am, I had to change the top pattern. WHY? To be easier for me! So I dug out my stitch books and slapped in a basic alternating eyelet pattern.

WHO's the BOSS?
...Tony Danza 1984

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Wednesday, June 2, 2004

take a walk around my block

Gucci Window, Michigan Ave
photo by Bonne Marie Burns ©2004


Wardrobe... Gotta have it.

How to get it?!


THAT's the knitting spirit at L'Atelier ChicKnits...

See it in a window? See it on the rack? See on a back?


My curiousity knows no bounds, and that means, I'm drawn like a tractor beam to someone walking down the street in an interesting knitted fancy.

Hence this GUCCI window - I thought at first it was a chubby jacket made from Faux Fur!

The Eyelash Craze is EVERYWHERE!!!

And why am I not weeping and gnashing my teeth like many in YarnLand?!

Because it makes sense on many levels for OUR FUTURE...

For once, the LYSs are making some dough - and those really wonderful small gauge woolens are still out there - they are online and right at your fingertips. For second, everyone I've ever seen wearing these creations, from North to South, grandma to debutante, feels like a million! For three - that's what FASHION is really all about!

The Peacock Factor...

It makes me feel like a Queen, like a Runway Model, like the most desirable woman on earth, as naughty as a boa whirling dancer strutting the bar in the seamiest section of NOLA who turns and....

Oh, that's MY fantasy...

SO I say - Make it, wear it and have the most fun you can!!!

And if it ends up like somebody's retro macrame whatever, then WHATEVER...

We had a blast while it lasted and How About THose THOUSANDS of New KNITTERS!!! Welcome...


1. Free Jacket Pattern from Crystal Palace

2. Berroco weighs in with one of its own

3. Our very own Tank Queen Alison's fine fine Spring Fling Tank Pattern (this is the one I'll be wearing when I'm dancing on the bar at the Artist's Cafe on Iberville NOLA - I have some luscious Lang *Bali*)langbali.jpg

4. More scarves than you can shake a stick at at CP...

5. Felted Eyelash Bag Pattern from New York Knits

6. Send me your links and I'll make a FUN Fur Links Page!

see the page so far...

Please take and use this button...

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Thursday, June 3, 2004

Onde = Wave = Ombre

more beautiful Onde Stars!


VOILA! Another wonderful look takes the runway at the Onde KnitAlong!

Jenny S, lookin good, writes: "I actually really like how it turned out, EXCEPT for the fact that it's too big from the waist down and it rolls like mad at the bottom 2 inches. I thought I was being really smart by doing the first 5 rows in garter. But the pattern instructions say to go back and crochet a border. Doh! To make matters worse, I have no pink yarn left to do the crochet border. I tried it with the white, and it just looks bad."

Hmmmmmm... A Little Remedial Onde Therapy is in order...

ChicKnits Solution #1: Knit a garter stitch *ribbon* out of the same yarn (I'd make it about one inch across or as wide as the original garter stitch hem) but knit the longways - ie. 8sts knit in garter stitch for 36" or however long you need to go around, with the ribbon slightly stretched. It can be made of whatever color you have left, using the larger needle.

Then sew it to the inside of the bottom of the shell as a facing - this will stop the bottom from rolling....

These types of *Ribbons* are also good to cover the nasty Zipper Tape Effect and Neck Seam Blahs...

Solution #2: How to Alter an Existing Knitted Garment - TEKtalk will explore how to take-in and re-seam a shell of our own with a sewing machine. Coming up next week...

Go Tara GO! Tara is almost done on her Onde Pullover for her lovely daughtrer Taylor...

Don't forget about Michelle's Onde but DO GO DIRECTLY to the beautiful Rhubarb Pie (!) that she talks about in her May 26th entry...

YUM! Just the thing to get you through those UP chillies with a nice cup-o-joe... My mom has a recipe for a rhubarb/strawberry pie with a sour cream glaze that she made while I was visiting a few weeks ago and it totally blew my away! Is Rhubarb a Michigan thing?

AND - Michelle, the original Chairman of the Board of the DyePot Nation, talks about dying some OTHER yarn in the Onde way...


Jorun is making great progress on her *Le Pulli* - check it out over at *Life de Luxe*...

Heidi writes: "Will someone please stop my thesis, I need to get off...

But in all of this insanity is this little island of calm, happy, purple vibes. Ladies and gentleman, I am Onde Way!"

[And a Happy Belated Birthday to YOU, Heidi!!! :) ]

My very own *Tie et Dye* is half done! YIPPEEEEE!!


Here's how the front/back piece looks completed.


I re-vamped the armholes and re-knit the sleeve cap. I used my trusty knitter's graph paper and made a new sleeve cap that was better fitting than my first interpretation of the original. Dig those belled sleeves! You can also see the knit-in quasi button band where Snap Tape is going to be sewn.

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Friday, June 4, 2004

a ChicKnits Runway Presentation

used with permission of Lana Grossa

Love these rows of KeyHoles!
click HERE for pdf file...
English translation on Page 3...

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

online SHOPs:

Europe: Filati

USA: ThreadBear Fiber Arts Studio

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I am on an ORANGE Bender! and this really caught my eye! I got this whole pattern book from the Boyz awhile back and was delighted when I saw it online.

Not only is it Orange, it's HOLEY! And holey in a good way, like key-holey.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I've wearing orange any chance I get (yes, it's still in the 40's some days in the mornings) - but the sun is BRIGHT in the Late Spring Skies and all of those bright colors I love are calling out to me...

I'm about living in one of my favorite sweaters from Springs Past...


This is called "CORE" from Rowan Book 29 and is made from a cone of 100% cotton I got from Midwest Dicount Yarns out on Irving Pk all the way back in 2001! It was almost one of the Hand Bender Cotton Knitting Ordeals but something in the way I knit seems to save me from that soreness others have talked about.

I learned how to knit when I was 10 from my Busia, and I throw the yarn with my right hand and hold both needles with my left during the throw. (I'll try to take a picture of it someday because it is really funny looking :) So, I'm not stressing any hand or finger during the process.

If you are in the mood for an adventure, take a trip to see *the Ladies* @ Midwest. Their shop is full of mainly crafting acrylic yarn, but on shelves and in the rear of the store are all sorts of goodies...

I've found plenty-o-excitement in the form of wool and cotton in their aisles both skeined and coned AND they have many vintage patterns that are worth their weight in gold for entertainment value.

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Sunday, June 6, 2004


wowie, Wowie, WOW!!!

Check out Joanna's FABULOUS Lace Shell!

When you get your breath back, enjoy her wonderful pics of Europe...

The always articulate and interesting Erica writes about everything interesting on FILLYJONK!!!

Thanks to Spaazlicious, I FINALLY learned how to do a Figure 8 Tie on my skeins! If only I'd gotten a cool Niddy Noddy at the MS&W...

Check out her entry on skeining and washing wool in her May 22 entry.

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Monday, June 7, 2004

Monday Morning Mirth

used with permission of William Ortega ©2004

On a good day on the job, I get to go to some really wonderful assignments.

My station has partnered with local high schools such that if they perform our theme music, we make a cool credit tape and run it on the air.

So one day I found myself at lovely Glenbard West High, and I must say, I was blown away by the beauty and expertise of their music! (Hear it on the web - find the list of high schools on the right hand side of this page.)

Imagine my surprise when someone emailed me and showed me these pics on their website in the band section. Thanks Mr. Ortega! I've never really seen myself on the move like this before!

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Wednesday, June 9, 2004


But of course, one of my favorite slacking activities is and will remain: Cruisin' eBay!

The book above, KNIT TO FIT, is one of my best acquistions to date. It is by Ida Riley Duncan, who was a Professor of Home Economics @ Wayne State University in Detroit.

It cost $1.99 and is CHOCK FULL of some of the BEST information I've ever seen about designing knitwear.

This book was first published in 1963. Any of us with a passion for vintage knitting patterns will attest to the wonderful styles of the day.


This is my favorite vintage pattern book from 1963. Love that redheaded party girl - their table is IN THE WATER, and if they have to wear sweaters, I'll bet there might be some RUM in that Classic Coke coolin' in the drink! The guy is such a stud dork as well - smokin' IN one shot and wearin' a LIME GREEN MOHAIR sweater in the other! I'm in LOVE!!!

Amazing how Coca Cola was working it's tail off even back then for those product placements in other companies' advertising. WEIRD! I thought it was only in the movies...

Ahem, back to Ida Riley Duncan! What sets those wonderful designs from the 60's apart from, hmmmm, let's say the 80's, is that they were designed to really flatter the body - THEY FIT!

In this book, Duncan writes, "KNIT TO FIT comprises the material... from my Progressive School of Knit Design, as well as other pertinent information." HOORAY, Ida! A textbook for me to roam at will and find out these among other things:

Chapters on Diagramming and Charting the back of a cardigan to the armhole - Duncan walks you through the entire design process

Shaping of the Armhole, or ARMSCYE!

How to Shape Shoulders


Fronts of Sweaters: Bands, Zippers, Pockets - both positions and type!

Sweaters and Blouses Using Lace Stitches

I'M OUTTA CONTROL HERE: there's even a chapter on Operating a Knit Shop!

This is a university level textbook! And I'm it's favorite student from today on...

Ida SPEAKS: "Just as in the construction of a beautiful piece of architecture, there are principles which may be followed for correct shaping. Simple diagrams are all that are needed. The Stitch Gauge (Chap. 4) and How to Take Measurements for Knits (Chap. 3) are very important. Once these are understood, there'll be no cupping of skirts or too-tight garments across the bust, and you will realize that with correct styling, anyone can wear and be very smart in a knit."

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Thursday, June 10, 2004

take a walk around my block

a lovely bunch of accessories @Pump


It's Spring~! And a young girl Ogre's Fancy turns to....


up the street aways, lives plenty-o-Betty

look closely and you'll see the insanely cool bustier purses on the lower shelf! Patent Pleather DELIGHT!

These goodies I found at my favorite Wig Hut: the D&S Yo-Yo Shop on Milwaukee Ave. And, the Yo-Yo does not stand for a toy -
it's just the phrase for HELLO!

all photos by Bonne Marie Burns ©2004

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Friday, June 11, 2004


This is a portrait of me knitting, crafted by the beautiful little Brooke! Her mom is none other than the lovely Kerrie from MagKnits & Kerrie's Place in the UK. Kerrie is also a wonderful writer.

She's written an article on blogging that appears in the Spring/Summer Rowan Newsletter. In the article was a most flattering mention of ChicKnits's Blog - I'm just grinning from EAR to EAR!!!

ROWAN! I love Rowan - wouldn't you just like to go visit all their designers and have a KIP! I always see the travelKnit tours and would just like to go to London or Holmfirth and meet all the superstars that put these lovely designs and magazines together. I see on the back page of the newsletter all sorts of weekend retreats and one day workshops all over the place - especially the John Lewis stores.

Also in the package from the UK was this:

How mouthwatering is this?! Sienna in a beautiful fuschia paired with an irresistable lime...

Add a splash of champagne, and I'm ready to go! Cheers, Kerrie! Thanks so very much for the good writing vibes and...

a HUGE thank you to little Brooke! She made me look mahvelous - reproduced my hair SPOT ON!!!

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Saturday, June 12, 2004

a ChicKnits Runway Presentation


Marlena writes:
"I finished a ChicKami a little bit ago, and I LOVE IT. This baby is done all in one piece. The hardest part was weaving in the ends, which I should have taken pictures of, because I've never done it so well in all my life. The ends are invisible."

BRAVA Marlena!!!

Read the whole story HERE and check out Marlena's way cool INK...


pattern available HERE

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Monday, June 14, 2004

Monday Morning Mirth


something for the June Bridesmaid...

Kinda down because your bride is really UP?! Who loves ya baby? ChicKnits Personal Shopper, that's who...

While wiling away some time on Milwaukee Ave, I spied this unique applianace at Diana's Fashions.

If your bootay is not liscious enough, get one of these and upgrade what Mother Nature left behind...

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Tuesday, June 15, 2004


I am a creature ruled by the sun. Now that the temperatures have consistently been in the 80's, Agnes has been benched, and my Onde Cardi is just too hot to handle. (WOOT on that arcylic content - love it hate it...)

I am as fickle as a buzzing bee flying from luscious flower to flower...

Ahem. Not quite - the five day forcast says we're back in the 70's by tomorrow, so I can OndeAlong once more without the pesky AC blasting my sinuses to oblivion - I avoid AC until the last possible heat stroked moment.

I LOVE THE HUMIDITY! It is possibly the only time of the year when my head is at maximum operation and all cavity systems are go. I got a nose FULL of Chanel #22 at work the other day, unexpectedly, because I can usually smell at about fifty percent, and it was GLORIOUS!

I myself am a Coco woman and now that Stormtracker says (whoever made up Titles for weather computers that make them sound like PEOPLE will be locked in a miniscule room and forced to listen to the new George Michael CD 'til they drop!) we're in for a big sky roast, I'm in for a new bottle of cologne and am looking forward to spraying myself into a paradise of scent...

Which happens to be the name of the yarn I'm using for the start of the shell you see above.

SPRAY that is...

It is very soft cotton tape by Katia. I did not trust it at first - thought I was going to end up with a pot-holder-like-something-to-wear - then just decided to go for it. This was initially slated for a rather intruiging openwork design. I vetoed it in favor of this current design because of the need to wear something underneath the other shell because it was just TOO OPEN - which would make it summer unfriendly. (I'll save that pattern for some other tasty LIME GREEN sheer tape I have by LANG:     Roma - hmm, they say it's ROMANTIC!).

The wardrobe concept is a large one, all over blogland. I just read Theresa's thoughts (June 14th) about how if it can't travel to the office it won't travel on her needles...

I agree! If it can't hit your personal catwalk, be it an office hallway or in my case, the sidewalk, why make it? Why have a closet full of extraordinary knitted garments that see the light of day about once a year...

Although I've been a prolific knitter, I haven't always been a practical knitter or even very sensible knitter. You can go through my galleries and see some really funkified errorific disasters! Where on earth was I planning to wear all this crap?!

So I've started a simple V-neck shell with a trapeze shape that will be comfortable to wear and show off this yarn's goodness to boot. I've alternated wide columns of purl stitches and knit stitches. I think of purl stitches as the Negative Space of Knitting - it's usually on the Wrong Side and most often a counterpoint to thrust forward a knitted pattern like a cable or lace column.

Here it is the focus and becomes the pattern itself...

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Wednesday, June 16, 2004


Moving at the speed of a sun-stroked tortoise, I've entered the final third phase of my Ribby Shell I. The pattern is written and I just need to finish the samples. (My pesky day job is just squeezing the life out of my knitting calendar - 6 day weeks, 12 hour days, who can knit?! When I was making the Sitcom Chic design, I clocked my time at over 50 hours of labor to design the pattern, write up all the sizes and knit the sample. WHEW! I need some elves...)

The *Teresa* yarn by Vittadini is just luscious! Even the other riders on the #66 agree - it always elicits comments from my busmates pals.

It is so sophisticated, people don't assume I'm making something for a baby - which on the #66 is the usual comment because knitting is so extint in most parts, the only time anyone sees anything handknit is on an infant.

Mais ce n'est aucun chandail de bébé!

Oh no - this is W-O-M-A-N...

I see a nice linen skirt in my future by Friday. Sometimes, I wander up and away from the studios after I punch the clock and find myself on Michigan Ave. (hence the store window shots!) Even with the hundreds and hundreds of tourists that are here for the season, it is fun to mingle and feel the excitement that visitors bring.

So a little skirt must be sought out and matched to this honey. Consolation prize if I draw a zero in the skirt sweepstakes? But of course, linen capris...


Some pre-stroll contenders...

1. Linen Blend Top-Stitched Skirt

2. Linen Flounce Skirt

3. Campaigne Masonite Tweed Skirt

4. Crinkle Pleated Skirt

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Thursday, June 17, 2004


TONIGHT! 7-9pm Letizia's 2144 W Division


However thought they could start a lace project at 11pm, should be sent to their room immediately for some QUIET TIME...

In an effort to make Wardrobe Reality, I started a little lace poncho this weekend. And re-started, and re-started until my head spun! I tried 5 different stitch patterns, in all. I wrote all of the stitch patterns down (I really liked something called Bead Stitch and will use it in the future...) but forgot to photograph them before I RIPPED 'em OUT! What a pretty little story board that would've made...

First off, I went with some Brilla (Filatura di Crosa) in a very pretty cream. Alas, this yarn is just too shiny for what I had in mind. I was hoping to use a variation of something called Vine Lace but the pattern was just lost in the glare from the rayon wrap of the yarn.

I had expanded the mesh portion of the pattern - in fact, 2 of my first tries were mesh only. I really like the way it looked but all I could think of was how BORRINNNNg...

So then I went on to another type of yarn - this one a deep Stash Revival of an eBay purchase. It is similar to Cotton Classic, but actually a DK instead of worsted weight. It cost all of $12.00 for 1200 yds. - came in a very large unwound skein that has been frightening me for almost two years.

Well, two years ago, I was only working in the mailroom. Today, I'm the CEO! I took that skein and WOUND IT! To the suppliers credit, it was skeined beautifully and did not snag or fuss or pull in the process of ball-making.

And I was rewarded with a wonderful, mercerized, soft, cabled delight-of-a-yarn that doesn't glare in the light because it's too shiny and shows the simple stitch pattern beautifully.

I think this final stitch is perfect. It is inspired by a garment I saw on the #66 bus on Tuesday morning. A very stylish young woman had on a black eyelet lace pullover in a wonderful pattern that looked like little bells seperated by more open mesh stripes.

You've seen them everywhere too - they are simply a looooong rectangle that is sewn after it is folded lengthwise, leaving an opening for the head.

I am going on vacation in August to North Carolina with the fam, and need a nice little shoulder holder to wear over my summer dresses...

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Friday, June 18, 2004


Picasso @Daley Plaza


where one can buy some delicious fruit at the Farmer's Market


or in less than two snaps snap up some salacious peas...


where Picasso's models grab a smoke and some veggies
before the afternoon session...


MiniRant: although I wholeheartedly love going to the Farmer's Markets around the City, I am chagrined that the *farmers* are selling FLORIDA TOMATOES! And, those *Michigan* strawberries I bought and wanted to eat for my lunch!?

If they were from Michigan, I'm from Costa Rica! You can't fool a girl who grew up with the real thing! Those watery, tasteless blobs were enough to drive me straight to the sugared-cinnamon-pecan booth!

At least here, the Nut Guy (yes, that's what it says on his card...) was making them right in front of you. AS ADVERTISED, people...

all photos Bonne Marie Burns ©2004

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Sunday, June 20, 2004


Welcome! to Froggy Knits, new to the KnitBlog Ring, whose Motto: "cause some days you're froggin' more than you're knittin" - could be the Story of MY Life...

A HUGE ShoutOUT to Julie, the mighty BoogaJ, our KnitBlog Mom, who in spite of her very busy life keeps our ring a-rollin' along - thanks Missy Jules and when are we fiber hunting together, soon? We'll be sure to be ONTIME with that Fab SHREK watch of yours!

I've been admiring Sharlene's work for ages now and really enjoy her gallery slide shows...

check 'em out @Mommio...

I especially adore your Tiffany!

I love the name of Elka's blog - the title is *Elka Knits* then in smaller letters *because*...

my sentiments exactly, Elka!

Elka, who is moving soon, may not have to suffer so badly through the packing blues if you help her De-STASH

Heidi & Lynette (hi Monica!!) are working on tanks for Nathania's Tank Along and my Trestle Tank was lonely....

So....join up I did!


Over at tréCool Fiber Fever, I found this cool portrait maker - I am a sucker for these thingies...



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Tuesday, June 22, 2004


Sidelined with a too large finished Garment?

Join the Executive Knitter for a Board Meeting and show that sucker who's the boss!


Don't forget to check out ChicKnits whole range of TEKtalk TOPICS!

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Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Just in time for a stroll in the park! I found the perfect skirt to go with my Ribby Shell - it is the most voted for Linen Flounce Skirt from BR in a khaki color.

I do not believe I've ever had a lovelier fitting skirt! It follows the body down the sides, then FLOUNCES! It flares out like a little lily around my legs and even in the dressing room, I felt a little naughty grin pass my lips...

Just as polished as could be with the Shell and a little pair of s
Sliders - you can't see the front of the shoes in this pic, but they have little buckles across the top of the shoe and stacked heels.

Add it all up and the Urban Goddess Look is Good to GO!

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Friday, June 25, 2004

first came the Mondo Condo next the Mondo Rib...

Why am I laughing so loudly? I have just flipped off the Third Time is a Charm hysteria that ripples my Frog Pond and have made it on TWO!!!

This little charmer has already seen the rewind button once. I finished the WHOLE FRONT and decided I just didn't like how it fit.

Yes, there's that word again...


Fit me like a pair of gloves. Fit as a fiddle and ready for love.

Oh everything blooms when you show it some LOVE!

And the LOVE in this case was ripping it's nasty tight knitted --- out and redoing it with TAhDAh - #13 needles instead of #11 needles. OOOOhhh, improved drape and texture galore...

Now this leaves me FIT TO BE TIED - why does the company who distributes the yarn print more than one needle size with the gauge info. I NEED THE *BEST USE* SIZE ONLY - can experiment later if I have the time. I knit really average - almost ALWAYS hit the label recommendation.

Of course, I'm grousing because I didn't - ahem - S-W-A-T-C-H! Even though I've never knitted with this fat tape before, I thought, hmmm, I'll just read the label and fly away! NOT!

So I end up with a 20 by 21 inch swatch FIT FOR A KING but not ready for the - ahem - Queen...

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Saturday, June 26, 2004

a ChicKnits Gallery Presentation


Isn't she lovely?
Elizabeth just floats off the page in her new cardi...

here's another View...

Elizabeth writes:
"I finally finished the Eyelet Cardi for my sister-in-law, but since it fits me as well and she doesn't have a digital camera, I'm sending a few shots along now.

About the sweater itself, it's done in Elann's Peruvian Collection Quechua in Charcoal and finished with a cloak clasp instead of a button. It worked up really quickly--I had the knitting done a month ago but I was lazy about getting the ribbon sewn to the front edges. I loved knitting it, and as soon as I decide what color I need a cardigan in, I'm going to make one for myself."


get the pattern yourself at
Le Chic Boutique

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Sunday, June 27, 2004

a ChicKnits Gallery Presentation


you asked for it!


get the pattern for GIGI at
Le Chic Boutique

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Monday June28, 2004

Monday Morning Mirth


"Historically, the starting of the nougat goes back several centuries. It is thought that it was imported by the Greeks, Via Marseilles, which explains the success of this product in all Provence.

On voit mention du nougat dans les années 1700-1701 puisqu'on parle du nougat aux noix, du gâteau aux noix "Nux gatum" ou "nougo"."
..... from Gerb d'Or

AND here I thought a Nouggie was when I was really little, I grabbed my brothers head and rubbed it real fast 'til it felt like it was on FIRE...

I LOVE this STUFF - boiled honey from lavendar, egg whites, pistachios and almonds...

Can one buy this in Chicago? My nougat came all the way from Lyon, from a tiny dancer - thank you FLUFFA - the nougat was all fluffy and accompanied by some rather haute sparklin' yarn fun - Wowie WOWIE WOW!!!

Montélimar, the nougat capital

There are several types of French nougat:

- Montelimar nougat contains at least 30% nuts, comprising roasted sweet almonds (28%) and pistachios (2%).

a confectionary TIMELINE - "Recorded history traces candy to the Egyptians 3,500 years ago"

Colas, the kitchen boy, and the beautiful princess...


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Tuesday, June 29, 2004


L'Atelier ChicKnits presents:
Doube Gauge Final Jeopardy!!!

Contestant #2 hails from Chicago USA and thinks she knows everthing there is to know about knitting! Tell us about yourself Bonnie Marie...

Bonne Marie: "That's Ms. Bonne Marie, Alex - well, the kids in my neighborhood call me the Worsted Weight Queen! On most evenings, you can find me, tiara in place, wailing away on some mouthwatering wardrobe.

Alex: "Right, let's get to the game..."

Bonne: "I'll take Super Chunky for $1000.00."

Alex: "2.75 sts per inch"

Bonne: "What's the gauge of a Super Chunky Yarn?" Super Chunky for $4000, please..."

Alex: "Incorrect! Ms. Marie, the correct answer is 'what's half the gauge of Worsted Weight?' Next contestant, please..."

Bonne: "Just a minute, Wizard of Odds - is that why it's taken me twice as long to knit this damn shell?"

Alex:: "Now, Bonnie, any expert would know, when using Fashion Yarns, the normal rules do not apply!"

Bonne: "Dude, you may be missin' your moustache, but I've got all my brain cells, and I'm telling you: THERE ARE NO RULES!" This stuff is just plain ---- welll ---- I'd rather be stuck on stage with Bob Barker and his MagicTan than try and design anything out of this AGAIN!!! And it's B-O-N-N-E!!!!! BONNNNNNNN!"

Alex: "SECURITY!!!! STAT!!!!"


Television Without Pity:


the Price is Right


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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

the MondoRib in rehearsals...

Yeah, Yeah, yeah, I was whining like a little girl yesterday about this shell but it actually wasn't about the yarn at all. I love the yarn! It called to me from across the room when I spied it and I had to have it.

AND, I actually have pattern books from Katia, from the last 4(!) summers, so there is no excuse for me not looking up how they dealt with this type of yarn themselves in designs. OOPs, I did look up the patterns and as always, there is no BEHAVIORAL SECTION in ANY pattern I've ever seen about the characteristics of the product.

BACKSTEP: the new book by Rowan using Linen Print carries this disclaimer about that yarn: "Due to the heavy nature of this yarn, it has a tendency to drop in length in wear. It is therefore advisable to measure knitted sections hanging from needles, rather than laid flat."

Ah, the best LAID plans of mice and men! THAT's what was missing in yesterday's photo - flat as a pancake. I'm making a 3-D Ribbed Landscape and I'm making it haunt a 2-D world...

So up she goes on the ever ready and willing L'Atelier ChicKnits Mannequin. Even though this was the Back of my MondoRib Shell, that I'm making for the Tank Along, I pinned it to the Front of Mannie to see how it really is going to work in Free Space.


I am entranced...

I CAN and will make a Front because I'm diggin' the BACK!


I have been finding my Digital Camera one of the most important tools in my workshop.

The combination of the journaling and the picture taking really launches the process into regions unavailable in real time.

I can even make changes before they have to be made!

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Thursday, July 1, 2004

mondorib3aS.jpg   mondorib3bS.jpg
mondorib3cS.jpg   mondorib3dS.jpg

Now that the MondoRib Shell has gone vertical, it's time for it to GO RADICAL as well.

Using my friendly photo-editing program (in this case, Adobe Photoshop), I've taken my original shot and copied it to try out some new moves.

I planned to make a mid-depth V-neck finish on this shell but once I got started drawing and trying different neck shapes, my original plan started to lose its appeal.

Hmmmm. Which neckline does this piece justice?...

late addition - a squared-off neckline


Join Team Photoshop and see what all the fun's about!

PhotoShop Tutorials

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