Thursday, November 11, 2004

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From the DIRTY Little Secret Files:
Two things happening here:

- first, the apparent need for cappage, due to the inclement weather

- second, the apparent need to run and get a camera and document it.

But no, no simple photograph will do! It must be grainy; it must have giant hands in the foreground; it must be a REFLECTION from a BATHROOM MIRROR!

In honor of the un-counted times I've lost control and found a camera in my hands in that very room, in that very posture, smirking, I've dubbed a title onto this photo to remind myself of my visual redundancy. I have no idea if the count is correct, but it seems likely. By doing this, in the photo world, it now becomes A SERIES!!! Who knows! Maybe some patron will spot me some day and I'll hang on the walls of MOMA at last.


But in the meantime, I'm hot on the trail of the Christmas Elves, flinging hats and scarves in their direction, hoping to hit a bag-o-presents or two. I've been making bucket hats in the mornings with my coffee and blogging.

This is my first Aran Bucket made from OK - those with severe ACRYLIC ALLERGIES AVERT YOUR EYES - Red Heart Classic! This took one little skein (3 oz) of Color #0971 Camoflage. I think I paid $1.77 for it, but it could've been less...

I love it and plan on living in it and pity the poor teenager that was going to get it as a gift (but will still GET IT because, heeehe, I splurged and bought 3 whole skeins). In fact, I have a hoodie I made out of this yarn a couple of years ago. My mom and I went on a Kmart bender in Northern Michigan where the LYS Beast is almost extinct and most folks get their goods at a Walmart or Kmart. Me too...

Today's WX: "...Blustery, colder! Readings 15-20ƒ below yesterday. Some rain from a thick overcast settles south, low/mid 30s all day."


MORE DIRTY Little Secrets:
Today is the first day I will wear the SNUGGIES - the Long John's - John L Sullivans' Drawers, if you will. The rule in my line of work is: Snuggies from Halloween to Easter in the fabulous MidWest! Apparently, I've been really lucky and just didn't notice...

Feeling a Need to Slack in this pathetic weather? Read THIS...


Karen said:

I love the hat AND the hoodie! Very cool, and indestructible too:-)

maryse said:

thanks for showing us that even a talented knitter such as yourself isn't "above" using the ole red heart. the hat looks great.

Terri said:

Cool hat! I was thinking of you the other day when I was in Ricki's (a Canadian chain of women's wear stores). What did I see but a commercial version of your ribbie cardi (zipped) in gorgeous Shrek green!

Becky said:

Love that camo hat! There you go, tempting me with the accessories again...

Trope said:

Ha! My first long-underwear day was Monday, in the depths of the cold cold school tours... I guess I am on a tighter schedule than you this year! :)

Laurie said:

The camo bucket hat completely ROCKS! I'm all over it.

Silvia said:

Is that a camo bucket made out of red heart? Fabulous! It's indestructible. Brilliant.

Stacie said:

I didn't know that Red Heart had a Camoflage print. Very cool! I think Red Heart is great when you want a low maintenance high durable item. Throw it in the washer and dryer and go. No worries :)

Maureen said:

Love your schedule for long johns. For my grandpa, who was in and out of a meat cooler all day, it was Labor Day to Memorial Day.

My theory is you aren't really cold until the temperature falls below your age. Of course, I discovered that theory the year I was 26 which is the temperature at which flesh freezes! My personal "too cold" threshold is much higher now. LOL

Tanya said:

My oldest son might like that Camo color. I need to seek that one out. It is very hip and cool :)


Meg said:

Just when I think I must be the lowliest to even *look* at Red Heart, ChicKnits goes and makes it ok. Do you have to whisk any pills off your camo hoodie with the sweater stone?

Melissa G said:

I admit to being a (former) snob. It happened when I knit my first sweater out of synthetic something in the summer. Being a compulsively tight knitter I got blisters. Since then I have avoided the syn until this summer then I ventured into Hobby Lobby for Landscapes and also found fun chunkies--can you say three pairs of slippers in less than a week? The recipients love them!

Gaile said:

I'm also glad you aren't above using something like Red Heart - EVERY yarn has a purpose, and certainly if it wasn't selling, they'd stop making the stuff! I love your camouflage bucket, very chic! (I originally dropped in here just to get the link to your sitcom chic, which I'm knitting up in Patons Katrina). Thank you (again) for sharing all these lovely patterns!

Bonne Marie said:

Red Heart Rocks! There's a yarn for every reason, and teeheeeheee, I don't need ANY reasons to buy it!

Pillage on my Hoodie: minimal - haven't resorted to shaving because it hasn't been necessary. I usually use a disposable razor to remove 'em, carefully, but of course.

Jeanine said:

Just this past weekend I mentioned to some of my knitting buddies that I would be making a bucket hat in camouflage. Wouldn't ya know... I also have 3 skeins of RH.

deb/yent said:

Baby socks are adorable in that camo yarn, especially when the proud dad is a hunter. Baby's mom wasn't so impressed. d

Toby Wollin said:

Our schedule up here in Upstate NY runs like this: The day you change the filter on the furnace and turn on the heat is the day you pull out the longjohns. 'Course, I'd rather wear my wool tights from Canada than longjohns; they are definitely snuggy-er and I don't have the ...mmm...going to the bathroom logistical issues. We're up 1.7" of snow for the season already, though for any whiney-babies out there, I remind 'em of the towns at the eastern end of Lake Ontario, which had 6' (that's 72 inches, folks)of snow during a one-week period this past winter.

Vickie said:

Oh my goodness! Saw the picture, purchased the bucket pattern, already had the yarn and less than 24 hours later: have a camo hat. My Christmas list just got a lot easier. Thanks, Bonne Marie!

Bonne Marie said:

ROCK ON, Vickie, you goddess, you...

Excellent hat; it looks practically authentically camouflaged! My fave Red Heart is the one called Fiesta, with all those loud primary colors gone south-of-the-border. I'd better get some on my way home today to make some holiday buckets for the nieces :-)

P.S. The BarnYarn dye-job is splendiferous!

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