Monday, November 15, 2004

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  Monday Morning Mirth  


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Becky said:


Be still, my heart.

P.S. Where's Alan Rickman? And the guy from Sweet Home Alabama?

Jenna said:

You put Ewan in the sidebar but not in the poll. Well, my vote is firmly with him. ::Drool::

The good side to Long Way Round, the show about his round the world motorcycle adventures, is that my boyfriend is a motorcycle freak and rides the same bike as he does. When the DVD comes out, we can watch it together with a little something for both of us....

Aprli said:

Totally off-topic but extremely urgent bucket sighting. Click the "On the Street: Cold Mode" link on the NY Times Sunday Styles page sidebar and check out what the dog is wearing in the one-up-from-bottom-left photo--a human in a familiar chapeau. Wish I'd bought the paper instead of reading it online!! Another link in case the URL field doesn't work--

Jackie said:

Can't I just have them all?

Trope said:

Is it bad that I don't know three of those choices?? Just going by the pictures (and what an awful one of Grant!) I have to take the boy on the top left. Yum, yum.

rachelkates said:

How on earth could anyone but Josh Holloway win this poll!? And thanks, Bonne, for cluing me in to this guy's name. I watch LOST every week and never noticed the actor's name (he plays Sawyer).

Laurie said:

OK, I have to share a Matthew Fox story. I was working on a film shoot for Party of Five and I hadn't really seen the show so I wasn't completely familiar with all the actors. One of the gaffers left a bunch of lights where people could trip on them so I needed to have them moved.

All gaffers dress alike. Jeans, flannel shirt, scruffy beard. Is this sounding familiar? I ALMOST asked Matthew Fox to move the stuff because he looked exactly like all the gaffers do. For once I listened to my instincts and didn't do it. He was such a nice guy though he probably would have moved them for me.

Jenny said:

Well, for long term-committment men, you'd just HAVE to go with Colin Firth. No debate.

However, you forgot the current best bad-boy... Colin Farrell! *drool*...

Bonne Marie said:

I KNOW! This could be a LOOOOONG list - I thought I'd put up two TV guys & 2 film guys that I was *seeing* alot of lately...

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