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New York has a new
IT Girl

You think I'm Kidding?
see why she just might get elected President

Courtney Crisis Watch
after the cheap thrill sideshow in NYC, the Lovester has gone back to LA where it's all quiet on the Western Front.

New York Steps Up Security

"One week after the Courtney Love train wreck that injured one fan, NYPD has mounted an unprecedented security effort in the hopes of thwarting another massive attack by a spiraling out-of-control celebrity.

Teams of officers have been doing surprise "security sweeps" of all black luxury SUVs before they enter New York City to make sure they aren't carrying Tara Reid.

Some of the other anti-celebrity terrorism measures include:

* Equipping over 3,200 cops with a lightweight, military style gas masks, which can withstand prolonged exposure to face-scolding vodka breath.

* Deploying cops outside Shannen Doherty's hotel room to establish a presence"

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Saturday, March 27, 2004

Stand-by Unit 10:
POV of a Chicago Photojournalist

shooting this story wiped the smile off my face...

AH, that first week of Spring in Chicago! The first Robin. The first Crocus. The first wiggly worms on the rainy sidewalks that you don't notice until you slip...

The *C* in Chicago = Controversy. We are never without it. We would probably collapse if it disappeared. WHAT would the gas bag politicos have to debate if suddenly Chicago became as modern as perhaps San Francisco, or Seattle?

The Windy City would have the breath knocked right out of it.

CASE in POINT: current imbroglio for March 2004 - Loose Lips Sink Ships.

Several Chicago Fire Department Firefighters have used racial slurs over their 2-way radio system. Those communications were broadcast over freqencies that any one is able to pick up.

That would include their commander, the 911 system, all other CFD with radios and US! That's right, anyone with a scanner can pick up ground level comm signals with readily available equipment.

The media uses scanners to monitor breaking situations at disaster sites - picking up person-to-person dialogue and group instructions. This is done to basically find the nexus of the breaker and STAY OUT of the way of the ground troops.

Others are what I can only call Listener Groupies. These are citizens who *peep* on service department activities and SHOW UP as spectators to the big event...

Knowing this, it is amazing anyone would let loose with the SERIES of degrading comments that have been spoken over the air during the last few weeks...

To add fuel to the fire, the upper management of the CFD has re-assigned the Alledged Original Slurist to the Bridgeport House 29 CFD.


"Bridgeport was a semi-legendary, all-Irish segment of the south division, where men were men, and boys either hellions or early candidates for the last rites of the Church." (1.)

During the Civil War years, Bridgeport was often described as "Copperhead" (Southern sympathizer) country. Flash forward to pre-WII years and you find:

"For Bridgeport, the great dividing line was Wentworth Avenue, which separated it from the black neighborhoods to the east. Bridgeport's fears were exacerbated by the fact that the population in the black ghetto was expanding rapidly as a result of migration from the South. At any moment, it seemed, the black neighborhoods to the east might expand and grow large enough to overrun Bridgeport." (2.)

Five of Chicago's mayors have hailed from Bridgeport. It is the home of the Daley Family and the childhood neighborhood of the current Mayor: Richard M. Daley. His father, Richard J. Daley, also a mayor (deceased), belonged to the notorius Hamburger Athletic Club, one of many, many ethnic gangs that have existed over the years in Chicago:

"The work of patrolling the South Side's racial borders was often taken care of by gangs like Daley's Hamburg Athletic Club. Because of these gangs' propensity for violence, blacks who walked through neighborhoods like Bridgeport did so at their peril. It was a lesson that black children growing up on the South Side absorbed with their ABC's, but newly arrived blacks who wandered into the area from outside could be caught unaware, often with dire results." (2.)

And even though the ethnicity of the area has become about 50% Asian and Hispanic, Afro-Americans must still beware. As recently as two weeks ago, a man from Bridgeport was charged with a hate crime for destroying the car of a young black man near the infamous Viaduct on Wentworth (the *natural* boundary line of the area).

So the question looms larger than ever: WHAT was the Fire Boss THINKING by assigning the Fireman who Erred on the Wrong Side of the Viaduct TO the Viaduct itself...


1. Political History of Bridgeport

2. Excerpt from
"American Pharaoh: Mayor Richard J. Daley"

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Sunday, March 28, 2004

Ode to ONDE
Onde = Wave

One of the main prime directives of a Fashionista is to go SHOPPING! While on my travels around the Mag Mile this week, I found these at Club Monaco.

Now the Club is, IMHO, certainly not the endALL beALL that you can be in fashion, but if it makes it there its made it you know where.

Hey Leya - look - they're playing your song! [GO GIrl GO!}


excuse me while I go swatch
for the miracle
that's about to take place...

Le Gilet Long
Effet "Tie & Dye"

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Monday, March 29, 2004

Monday Morning Mirth

Never one not to jump on the bandwagon (even narrowly avoiding the MeshBack craze), ChicKnits is thrilled by the trend of re-issuing Rock Band T-Shirts!

OMG - Now when you jump on stage to sing along with your favorite group from the last 3 decades, you can shake it wearing their LOGO plastered all over your tatahs!!! What could be more exciting if you missed them the first time around (or were there in the front row)?

BEST site on the WEB (for now): TRUNK Ltd.

I kid you not - I go here just to get charged up with my morning caffeine.

AND: I vote for the 1971 rekindled Doors T - white sleeves with black body - hold me BACK!

Life might be perfect if only I could find an REO version!

I'd gladly pop that price of $92.00 baby, hey we're talking 2004 dollars on a 1970's recession price!

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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Thank God it's gotten back to seasonal temperatures! This weekend's 70 degree temperatures were luring me to the Dark Side.

The Stash Pot. The Cottons & Ribbons & Tapes, (oh, my).

But the excellent 45-50 degree weather is letting me run with the Wool.

Of course, I have to make that as challenging as possible for myself. It reminds me of High School in Gym Class. I've had Rhuematoid Arthritis all of my life and my feet are hinky. I believe my forward top speed motion could be not only be described as *running like a girl* but on some days, *running like a girl duck*.

So in the Spring of the Year, when we went outside to run and jump during Track Lessons, I was occasionally a very amusing specimen. Especially when it came to Hurdles.

I was not so hot.

But, I kept trying, even after taking a face full of cinder when one day I launched, too short for the leap, over a hurdle bar and landed face down on the track. The instructor didn't even let me go into the bathroom and pick the bits out of my face - she just told me to dust off and made me go again. And again. Knowing I wouldn't be able to get out alive without doing it, I finally, by the grace of God, made it over. No longer a duck, but a pokey baby sparrow, I took wing. For a few seconds anyway, long enough to progress to the showers and cinder bit removal.

I am a DieHard.

The Wavy Bulb proves it.

Not satisfied with the completed sleeve I had (even after changing the cap!) I pinned it together and tried it on my arm. It was too tight for too long at the wrist area and then had all of the increases jammed up at the top for a not very pleasing Leg'O'Lamb effect.

Since the calendar reads 2004 in Chicago, I decided to just redesign that sleeve and skeined and washed the yarn from sleeve #1. It sits above under a and improved sleeve version that fits up the arm the way I like it.

And that's what this sweater is all about - my journey in making something that I LOVE! (No matter how long or how many attempts it takes to do it - hey there is no expiration date on YARN!)

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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Just Swatch IT! But read the pattern first!!!

My Original SIN in knitting is the reluctance to PREPARE.

I was a Brownie but never a Girl Scout. Did you know there is a merit badge for knitting?

You have to go all the way to the UK to get this badge (anybody want to plan a vacation with me???)

But the FACTS remain the same: BE PREPARED!

I swatched my Onde last night -I made my swatch out of the white yarn because there was more of it and I didn't want to disturb the cool color progression of my varieagated balls.

Needles: I tried Addis, Bamboo, and settled on my Inox Teflon coated circs. These have become my favorite needles. They seem to be fabulous for all fiber contents. No stickiness, no drag.

I got gauge using them so I was emboldened to try some ribbing and I cast-on for a sleeve. The yarn is soft and easy to knit - it reminds me of SoftBall cotton. It is a wrapped loose spin that knits into a fabric with some bubbly texture to it.

Hmm, more water in the WAVE!


I've added a *NOTES* section to the Onde Knitalong pages. Here you can find an archive of all blog entries related to my experiences with the Fantasy Le Gilet Long Effet "Tie & Dye"

ChicKnits Onde Notes

Feel free to leave notes of your own in the Comments Section on the Notes Page, especially if you don't blog :)

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Thursday, April 1, 2004

What a surprise! In the mail yesterday, as a beautiful thank you for the Fixation I sent was this card from Janet Witte.

It is a picture of a Hand-Painted Paper Waistcoat by Isabelle de Borchgrave - inspired by fabrics of the 18th & 19th Century.

Best of all is its necklace - 4 beautiful bead stitch markers hanging on a russet piece of chenille!

Thank you so very much, Janet - I will use these in Good Health. Cheers!

Friday, April 2, 2004

A picture is worth a thousand words. So They SAY and WHO am I to argue.

The above is my feeble attempt at a test shot for my *new* sleeve design. I've found taking a picture of the work-in-progress (WIP) really helps to troubleshoot the garment. Especially, if, like me, you can't stop changing the pattern.

This sleeve starts out with the original stitch count to maintain the slip-stitch ridge pattern that blooms into Wavy Bulbs later in the body of the sleeve. I love that. I did not love the shaping of the sleeve, so I altered the repeat sequence of increases to be more gradual throughout, ending up being 14.5" wide at the top. Perfect for my arms and the photo shows that the proportion is correct.

Many sleeve patterns are just too wide tapping out at around 20" for a drop shoulder design. Even with another sweater and turtleneck underneath, you just aren't going to need that real estate. Imagine the bulk poking out from under your arm!

Give me set-in sleeves any day. Better yet, give me RAGLANs.

That's right - even though they introduce a *line* into the design, they fit for ACTION and are very flattering. Most of the things I've designed for ChicKnits have raglan sleeves for that reason. No Bulk. Follows the body and even Self-Adjusts to the shape of the individual. They just FIT...


SATURDAY - April 3, 2004
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Stephenson County Fibre Art Fair

9 am to 5 pm

at the Jane Addams Community Center
430 W. Washington Street
Cedarville, Illinois USA
(just west of Rockford)

Vendors & workshops centering around knitting, spinning and dyeing

Admission: $2.00

A veritable mini-MS&W - BE There!


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April 9, 2004
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