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Courtney Crisis Watch
"Just moments ago, Courtney Love was seen dangling her baby out a window.

When the crowd of fans yelled up to Ms. Love that the baby she was dangling was "imaginary," she broke into a violent rage, then into a fit of shy giggles, and finally into a high-pitched yelp. Her fans stood quiet and motionless as she then stared off into the distance for a moment. She then flashed them her boobs."

Don & Dumber
Trump tries to trademark the phrase "You're FIRED!"

Uh, sorry Donald, my boss already has it nailed...

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April 3, 2004
Stephenson Co. Fibre Art Fair

Cedarburg, IL just west of Rockford...

Vendors & workshops centering around knitting, spinning and dyeing

Admission: $2.00

A veritable mini-MS&W - BE There!

May 1-2, 2004
Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival

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Sunday, March 21, 2004

come zip with me...

Real-Time Zipper Installation...

Started @ 9am:

click on pictures for details


Pit'n'Bit Stop: eat chocolate,
hit the bathroom and set up sewing machine...

Finish - 10:30am: flush and lovely Lovie...

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Monday, March 22, 2004

Monday Morning Mirth

Even a rascally ogre needs to put his feet up once in awhile and it appears that Mr. Shrek has grabbed some #96 needles and knitted himself a chair!

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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Tales from the #66:
get your kicks, etc, etc, etc...

On any given morning in Chicago, if its M-F, you can find me on the bus going to work. Once in a while I drive my car, a 1991 Jeep Wrangler (45k miles) but I usually forget I drove and have been known to actually wait for the #66 and even ride it for a few blocks before I remember. (Oh, I love it so!)

NOT! I do enjoy, however, the mobile lethargy riding the bus affords. Consider this: first you stand around waiting. Your mind can wander and contemplate either the future or unwind from the immediate past.

Once you're on, even if you're standing in a line N*ts* to B*tts as they say in the Army, you can drift and mentally take a mini-vacation. Unless some newbie guy with a bulging backpack smacks you in the head, there is no reason to pay attention to anything in partiucular at all. Leave the Driving to Us indeed!

If you get a seat, it's another story. I usually don't bother sitting unless I can get a Knitting Seat. This would be one where my right arm faces the aisle or in a single row seat.

Then I can wail on whatever project is the designated BusMate. Currently, it is Fern, the Zara yarn Hargreaves cardie that Alysia just finished (very very nice!)

I drift right into the stitching zone but somehow manage to wake up a couple of blocks before my stop and eject myself into the real world.

My real world yesterday ran smack dab in contact with a movie set. Paramount Pictures is in town for about 40 days shooting "the Weatherman". They are right next to the studios where I work and mwah, being the nosy journalist gal I am, had to immediately smoooze the security guard on my block.

Here were all of the star trailers, stenciled with, you guessed it: Stars! And the point of origin: LA! Seeing the trailers was excitement enough for me - I was still unfolding my brain from the Womb of the #66 and not quite in touch with my surroundings.

I spied a nice looking guy coming out of one of the trailers and zeroed in, don't ask me why, on his, ahem, jeans. Mentally, I was nodding that region of the brain that goes Yeah, uH-Huh, when confronted with a stimulating vision. Needless to say my mobility was in a forward direction and his became an intersecting path to mine as he talked over his shoulder to an aide.

I was as helpless as a Dear stuck in the Kleig light of Bizarre as I swerved to avoid him but not before getting an eyeful of one Mr. Nicholas Cage on his way to a scene.

He flinched to avoid a collision and said "Hi!", and I answered with a very friendly, "Hey There!" and neither of us broke stride. I was late for work.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

I will finish these sweaters...

While Onde beckons like the Sirens of Odysseus
I struggle to stay the course and finish my last two wool creations.

This is the second version of the collar on the Wavy Bulb cardi. The first version did not roll correctly - after about 4 inches, I tried it on and realized with a sinking feeling IT HAD TO BE RIPPED...

And surprisingliy enough, once I make that decision, gleefully I go. I attach the free end of the working yarn to my little ball winder and just race to the finish line making a neat little skein.

This final version is 4x4 rib with a slipped-stitch edge. It has been steam blocked so the rib forms a fabric, not an edging.

Tomorrow: Lovie's turn in the Collar Derby.

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Thursday, March 25, 2004

hiphip Hooray!

Lovie hits the Finish Line!

Lovie Aran Jacket
Design: Bonne Marie Burns
Yarn: Sheepy Valley Worsted
Color: Louvat
Gauge: 18sts/24rows over 4"
Needles: #6 & #8



Get OUT the House!

2144 W Division
7pm to 9pm

Read about it in the hard copy edition of
today's Red Streak!

page 28

Letizia's is back to normal...

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Friday, March 26, 2004

Ode to Shrek...

Ode to Spring

Anna LĘtitia Aikin

And feed the flowering Osier's early shoots;
And call those winds which thro' the whispering boughs
With warm and pleasant breath
Salute the blowing flowers.

Now let me fit beneath the whitening thorn,
And mark thy spreading tints o'er the dale;
And watch with patient eye
Thy fair unfolding charms.

O nymph Approach! while yet the temperate fun
With bashful forehead, thro' the cool moist air
Throws his young maiden beams,
And with chaste kisses woos

The earth's fair bosom; while the streaming veil
Of lucid clouds with kind and frequent shade
Protect thy modest blooms
From his severe blaze.
O Sweet

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March 25, 2004

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Finishing up a couple of projects then I'll start my ENGINES!

Jenny G
Jenny S

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