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Sunday, March 7, 2004

a ChicKnits Runway Presentation

courtesy of Lana Grossa

Spring envy getting you down?

Get on UP!

Here's a fresh blushing berry of a pulli from Lana Grossa to cheer you towards the sun!

click HERE for pdf file...

English translation is on Page 3...

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Monday, March 8, 2004

Monday Morning Mirth


Apparently the Little Bad Muse doesn't think I have enough free time and has taken to ordering things online (without telling me) for projects she thinks I should jump into... (wonder if Capital One has buyer protection for this!)

After a marathon of a road trip to ThreadBear FiberArts Saturday, I got home at about midnight and found a huge box in front hallway. I'm not expecting any deliveries so I was SCARED!

Even reading the label doesn't give me a clue - I have no idea who "Procura" is - sounds almost like pimpitude to me...

So I drag the thing up two flights of stairs and hack the box open and just start screaming!

A POT big enough For a FINE YOUNG Cannibal!

What the ---

OOOOOohhh, after splashing very cold water on my face, I realize several weeks ago, I was interested in DYEING some fiber.

Fiber MUST swim free...

Apparently, I bought my fiber A SWIMMING POOL of its own...

ChicKnits Guestbook AllStar Quote:

BG, from Maryland, writes: "37 years ago as a newlywed, my husband lunged out of his chair, broke through the circle of paper bags holding six different skeins of colored yarn, grabbed the sweater out of my hands, threw the knitting to the floor, swept me up and into bed, exclaiming, "You're so sexy when you knit!"

We're now 64 and still "knitting."

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Tuesday, March 9, 2004

think PINK

Starmore roams the Scottish countryside for inspiration; Fassett, the cupboards and sitting rooms of the titled elite. Where does ChicKnits find some stimulation?

THE #66!
Here there and everywhere, on the bus or walking on the street, the now classic JAM by Jana Fieffer is romping around in every incarnation possible...

I particularly love this color combo of Brown & (!)PINK! It was the inspiration for me this weekend at ThreadBear to pick up some beautiful mercerized cotton (called King Tut) to make a future ChicKnits surprise!

Also in the basket landed a pile of a new yarn by Katia called "SPRAY". It is yummy pink & white variegated cotton ribbon that is perfect for this Katia Design:

The cables are a combination of condo knitting where you wrap the needle two or three times then drop on the next row, THEN cable the drops! OOOhhh La La!!!

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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

diamonds are a girl's best friend

I hear the pipers pipn'! It's only ONE WEEK to St. Paddy's Day - will Lovie make the cut?!

I certainly would be kickin' high with my non-trad Aran over me shoulders...

This is the back, in its unblocked unglory. It looks really narrow but will be in proportion when I give it a dunk. The combination of how long I've had this yarn (2002) coupled with it's being Mule Spun makes me want to give it a wash during the blocking process.

I fill the washer tub with warm (not hot) water and add two small squirts of Dawn dishsoap. Agitate well. Add pieces and turn cycle to Gentle. Swish for a count of ten. Let soak. Spin out. Fill with water; rinse; spin out.

Then I lay out the pieces to dry on my blocking rug.

VOILA! Fluffy, sweet smelling sweater pieces to stitch together...

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Thursday, March 11, 2004


Get OUT the House!

2144 W Division
7pm to 9pm

Friday, March 12, 2004

The Love-In continues... I've been knitting like mad to get the fronts done. I already ripped back once because I had a half diamond at the front edge where I'd just split the back pattern in 2 to make an opening.


In Retrospect (since I started this February 3rd, 2003 and can't turn back the hands of STYLE), I would've planned my patterns differently.

1. I would've started the cable patterns right off the bat from the edge instead of 2 inches up.

2. I would've used a different pattern in the middle of the back. Didn't do it this time because I couldn't decide which stitch pattern would fufill the MONEY/Love?/SUccess motif of the diamonds and coin cables. (Any other lucky Celtic symbols out there?) It would follow the Rule of Thirds in an inverse geek way..

Just lately, I found in Barbara Walker's book "Treasury of Knitting Patterns" Chapter Eleven - Cables - a Special Note on Designing Fisherman Sweaters, page 239.

Lots of good information here that I found out because of Theresa from Bagatell who made this lovely sweater using these principles.

Brava, Theresa!

Here's a Front CU of Lovie:

after I ditched the half diamond, I added two columns of *Pigtail Cables*. They are the cutest!

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I'm just waiting for my yarn to Arrive to start!

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March 11, 2004

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