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Andrea writes: "Everwood is filmed here locally, much of it on Historic 25th St in downtown Ogden, Utah. This is the home of the wonderful, amazing, awesome Needlepoint Joint (they have a website and ads in the back of VK and stuff like that). Since they film the street scenes right next door to that LYS, I suspect that had something to do with its inclusion in the story line, but I could be crazy... :) So far as I know, they aren't handing out any fake IDs in the back, though..."

Who's Your (Knittin') Daddy?
Sneed, columnist for the Chicago Tribune reports: "Now comes word via the Aussie grapevine that actor Russell Crowe may not eat quiche, but he has taken up knitting and has knit a baby blanket and booties for his baby son. Now there's a real man."

Whwat's the
Secret Word?

I watched Everwood for the first time tonight and Ephram goes to a yarn store with his friend, who asks for Regia sock yarn (by name, pronounced correctly). They are then taken to the back room where the Yarn Store Lady makes them fake IDs...

how'd me mug end up HERE?

Dr. Lustberg posts what could be the goofiest picture of me on my entire site...

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Long Johns
Day 100...

100 Things about Me

26. I think Peanut Butter, preferrably Skippy Super Chunky, spread on a homemade peanut butter cookie is a full course meal.

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Saturday, February 21, 2004

a ChicKnits Gallery Presentation

Rose's Blog: Citizen Skein

ChicKnits free pattern

coming soon, the Ribby Pullover, Cardi and Shell, in multiple sizes...

multi-season CHIC in cotton, blends, wool, etc...

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Sunday, February 22, 2004

the antidote to
Cabin Fever is

a frisky


sing along now...

I saw it on a Sunday and my heart stood still
Da do Onde Onde, da do Onde Onde

Somebody told me that his name was Phil(dar)
Da do Onde Onde, da do Onde Onde
Yeah, my heart stood still, yeah, his name was Phil
And when I took it home,
Da do Onde Onde, da do Onde Onde...

Someday soon I'm gonna make it mine
Da do Onde Onde, da do Onde Onde
Yeah, it looks so fine, yeah I'm gonna make it mine
Da do Onde Onde, da do Onde Onde
Da do Onde Onde, da do Onde Onde
Da do Onde Onde, da do Onde Onde
I do Onde Onde, I do Onde Onde...


The pattern is in the Phildar Tendences Spring 2004 Magazine available in English from Knit'n'Tyme

Join me and Silvia and steal this button...

email me HERE
to join

Details: All you have to do is knit something out of Phildar's new yarn Onde. This cool yarn starts out solid then fades to white over about a 20" span. Tres Chic!

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Monday, February 23, 2004

Monday Morning Mirth


I've been doin' a little Spring Cleaning here @ChezChic and came up with a whole boxfull of Homespun!

Now, didn't I see a little pattern in the current IWKs for some groovy sweatpants that call for this yarn?

Since some of you might not be able to get the yarn to make these pants I'd like to GIVE YOU THE YARN TO DO IT!

First come, first served.


I will mail the yarn anywhere in the continental USA for free; if you are global, we'll talk...

holy guacomole chicas! let the knitting begin!

the Sweatpant Knitters are:

Sarah - from One Stitch Short glamourous in *Prarie*

Lacy - lovely in *Edwardian*

Lisbeth - from Kangaroo Typad stunning in *Regency*

Carrie - from Carrieoke's smashing in *Deco*

Thanks to all who wrote and NO I'm not making the pants myself, just wanted to de-stash and show some Homespun Love...

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Why take a picture like this? No, I'm not referring to the fact that this color makes the pic appear out of focus and weird (magenta defies digital photography - we always ask female reporters to change their lipstick if they're wearing it because it dances on the screen - whawat - you like dancing lips?).

Anyway, it appears the knitter has verred off on some partial knitting tangent, what with needles sticking out and stitch holders awaiting...

Since I discovered that a picture does not lie, whereas my eyes go merrily along, it's been very helpful to pin out a project in the intermediate stages to see that all is well -especially one that rolls up into tubes when not pinned out...

Are the sleeves the right length? Will they fit into the armhole? Do the fronts match on the cardi? Are the fronts the same length as the back? DO YOU STILL LOVE IT?

The past couple of months, I've rather despised all of my knitting. It went slowly. It was complicated. It didn't offer immediate gratification, like many of my projects.

I have a whole closet full of hand-knitted blah because it was made in a hurry and I didn't think it through to the end. Where was I really going to wear all this stuff?

Somewhere along this timeline the Little Bad Muse smacked me upside the head (and is reminding me this morning) that I'd made a decision to make more difficult, hence less, garments.

YUP. They take more time.

YUP. And since, I am the CEO of my knitting, I made an executive decision and ripped back the cap of the sleeve that was finished. (YUP, I'd changed the armhole shaping, too, and now the sleeve cap was nothing more than HINKY!)

This picture helps me get a perspective on my changes. It also gives me the motivation to go on with this Bas***d because I can clearly see that It's Almost Done!!!

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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

unblocked but not unloved Lovie Sleeves

Can't stop cabling? You are not alone! Everywhere I spin around Blog-Land and Beyond, I see folks cabling like there is no tomorrow.

From Jenna's Rogue (check out Steph's completed beauty) to the Must Have Cardigan to assorted freelance braided romance, we can't get enough of this stuff.

To me, it's the essence of knittng.

I don't know if it's my Irish heritage peeking through or the fact it just looks so darn good!!!

I'm having a great time making my Lovie Cardi on the #66. I've veered far enough away from Shrek-ville (not too far, this aqua is on the same side of the color wheel) with the color choice here to present a challenge for my eyeballs.

I wonder how much our love of the color we are working on influences the speed of which we knit?

How about ease of pattern - I chose the patterns on Lovie because they are easy Twist-Stitch combinations or happen only every 8 rows. (Even though I keep trying to make it every four rows - I swear, it's so easy I'm ten rows or more beyond the tiny coin before I see I made a mistake...)

I also chose the patterns because they represent good luck and money! Who says you can never be too cabled or too rich! Forget the thin part.

Whawat - you WANT to look like Paris Hilton?

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Thursday, February 26, 2004


Get OUT the House!

2144 W Division
7pm to 9pm

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Friday, February 27, 2004

Look out - first there was the MiniChic, here comes a MiniTEK...

Last night at KIP, I brought my Wavy Bulb Cardi along to knit. I am on the last 25% of the Left Front, with 1.25 sleeves to go.

Missy Bulb made the KIP trip to enjoy the camaraderie and ENERGY of the group! I needed to soak up the knitterly goodness of others pouring themselves into their knits and purls. I wanted some of that positive flow to rub off on my UFO!!!

It worked! Extra Supersonic FLOW ensued when Heidi finished her FIRST SWEATER and tried it on! Theresa swatched some beautiful blue Calmer for Audrey from the new Rowan. Instantly, 2 of us were swept away into the new Audrey Knitalong hosted by Morgan, Elisabeth & T. The lovely & effervescent Carolyn and Elizabeth took lots of photos - watch for them in likely and unlikey places SOON...

We were even sitting in a circle last night, spanning two tables. I got most of the Left Front done and was so pumped, when I got home, I made the directions for the Cap of the Wavy Sleeve.

I used FreeHand and Photoshop to make a graphed design for the scooped neckline a couple of weeks back so I did the same thing for the sleeve cap.

THE Never-Ending Journey:

1. Start Sweater December 4, 2002(!)

2. Abandon Sweater 12/24/02 when I realize it won't be done in time for Christmas 2002

3. Put the Sweater back into Rotation December 12, 2003 when I realize the Christmas project for 2003 is going to suffer the same fate as its predecessor

4. Start really messing with the design when I realize I want a ScoopNeck/Portrait Collar on FRIDAY THE 13th! What was I thinking? How lucky am I it turned out!!!

5. With my newborn cocky puffed-up head (after looking in the archives and seeing THAT date I was STOKED!), I decided to do the same for my Sleeve Cap.


Oh Yeah, this is going to work!

I started with the same armhole shaping I created for the Front.

Supposedly, rule-of-thumb for sleeve caps is height of cap = 2/3 height of armhole, so I made the cap 43 rows.

I drew my new curve between the Armhole Shaping stitches and the number of stitches I wanted for the final stitch count (~4").

Then I played the StepStitch Game and drew in the shape.

Who's the MiniBOSS!

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February 26, 2004

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