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What the...

I got a Novarg email in FRENCH! My friend got one yesterday in Italian and jealousy reared its oh so ugly head...

There is a special place in H**L for these virus creators. They will be locked in a small room with Ron Jeremy and Tammy Faye Baker and made to read InStyle until they all fall down...

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Monday, January 26, 2004

Monday Morning Mirth

I'm a Loser... After months and months of scorning the MeshBack Craze, I've fallen and I can't get up!

Last week, I found a box of black baseball hats behind the assignment desk. The Third Rule (1st: immediately find the Bathroom upon landing at a new location; 2: never turn down free food even if you just ate) of MiniCam Journalism is never turn down freebie promo stuff - especially if it's weatherproofing...

So into my hands the little hat goes. It's black and nicely made. Its embroidered logo is small and not annoying. It reads "the Butterfly Effect".

Hmmm. Isn't that Ashton Kutcher's new movie? Is Ashton on the premises? Now, I'm all stoked up to find THE MAN who loves WOMEN. I'm a woman. I'm in good shape for my advanced age. I can't do one arm pushups like GI Jane but What the ----?

Nope, it's just his movie's DIRECTOR giving an interview. They go on these insane junkets promoting their flicks. This one must really s**k because the director hardly ever trips out.

No Ashton. Oh well. I try on my new hat and run my right hand over it to smooth and fit.

WHAT! I feel MESH! It's got Mesh! What the - did I think that see-through stuff on the back of the hat was FishNet and cool? Or was I blinded my greed and just doing a mental happy dance beccause I got something for FREE! Like I'd ever WEAR this?

YIKES! I've been Punk'd!


how I really do my dishes...

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Tuesday, January 27, 2004


Now that *I'm* stuck in my own tower by hostile weather, it seems absolutely proper to finish the lovely Rapunzel.

I must admit I'd stalled big time. The thought of MILES of I-cord slip-stitched around the entire sweater made me faint! Rowan has a rating system that uses balls of yarn to indicate the difficulty level of the pattern. This one got the hightest rating - three balls of yarn. I think they should've given it a special ball of its own = 4 BALLS! One, just for aggravation. A few more pictures of the finished sweater would've been wonderful as well.

Just kidding - I love this design - and every stitch is worth it. I can see as it grows the brilliance of Jean Moss take shape:

So far, I've finished one third of the I-cord. Why did I stop? Because I actually READ the instructions for something else and realized my plan of attack was in opposition to the pattern.

READ THE PATTERN FIRST - does this sound like a New Year's Resolution?

H**L no, it's a LIFE RESOLUTION!

After the sharp reality check, I abandoned the I-cord and continued with the crochet edging, which is applied to all outside edges of the garment. It is lovely, but I had some problems figuring out how many stitches to actually crochet into, as it ruffled somewhat in areas.

I always love when I read somewhere this phrase "I'll fix it when I block it".


I believe in fixing the problem when you see it crop up big as Freddy with a bloody blade right in front of your eyes. (AND, if you see it much later, toss a coin then dodge :))

So the Frog Pond was honored; little by little I dipped my toes in the water and rippled its shiny surface.

And now, I know Rapunzel is going to be a Queen because in the House of ChicKnits, rippage signals success...

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Wednesday, January 28, 2004


this color defies photography

Crochet has an inversely proportional effect on me. The more I do it, the more I loathe it!

First reason: you really have to pay attention. There is no apparent rythym. When I am knitting, eventually, I settle into a mellow zone where I am lap weaving. I might almost be meditating. If I'm making a sock, I'm probably not even looking at the knitting unless I'm turning the heel.

With crochet, intense concentration is required. You stab and pull through loops, and pull through more loops and chain and count until you're exhausted just from looking at it. There's no rythym, but there IS an incredible amount of eye-hand coordination involved.

Second Reason: same as the first but doubled.

After working about 18 more inches of the scalloped edge on Rapunzel last night, I ran screaming back to Wavy Bulb.

Now there's the Third Reason right in front of ya. Crochet is so frustrating, you will go find the most difficult knitting project you are working on and take a break!!!

I continued working on the Right Front - I rarely make pullovers anymore - cardigans have a built-in thermostat: the button band - and I can enjoy wearing them more often.

So, fueled with crochet frustration, I knocked out about 4" of knitting, in a rather complicated pattern...

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Thursday, January 29, 2004

it's Thursday and it's time to Boss Your Knitting Around!

go HERE to read all about it...

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Friday, January 30, 2004

if it's the Year of the Monkey
I say Let it be a Sock Monkey!

In honor of our National Holiday on Sunday, (whwat? Super Bowl Sunday is NOT a National Holiday - hurmph - tell that to the expected 130 million viewers in the United States who will be watching and munching in more harmony than any other day in AMERICA!), and in honor of My First Anniversary as a Sock Knitter AND to to celebrate the lovely Elizabeth's foray into this wonderful technique:

ChicKnits invites you to the 1st Invitational
SuperBowl Sunday Sock KnitAlong!!!

This is the easiest KnitAlong you will ever ever do. In between bites of cheetos, and gulps of the beverage of your choice, just knit a few rounds when your team makes a touch-down or extra pile-up play! Or when the extremely kinetic (ie. over-chiseled & choreographed) Janet Jackson hits the stage during Halftime, go for the gold and see how many rounds you can get done until she breaks a sweat! Even though she's alledgely going to be joined by SUPER Mack Daddies P-Diddy, Kid Rock & Nelly (OMG, a SUPER OREO, somebody, SCREAM!), I think I might be turning a heel...

You might have been lulled to sleep by the Pre-Game Show meanderings of Aerosmithasaurous Rex... But I challenge you to recover long enough to GET DOWN and CAST ON and enjoy the partay!!!


some of the coolest Sock Monkeys on the planet as photographed by the wonderful Arne Svenson in his wonderful book

.....thanks Carolyn

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January 29, 2004

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