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Saturday & Sunday, January 17-18, 2004

A Saturday, a mere 3 years ago was much like this day.

It was very cold and grey. The boredom factor was at an all time high...

The Little Bad Muse rattled my cage and


So, in Celebration of ChicKnits' Birthday, we are going to knit a nice modern Cowl. I've been very inspired by Chelee's Hot Lava Bucket and am going to go with a red and black color scheme.

ze Chickie Dickie

Yarn: 180 yds very soft Aran weight wool & 180 yds Eyelash Yarn

I used Filatura di Crosa 127 Red Merino
and GarnStudios Pelizza Eyelash in Black

Needles: #13 / 9mm 20" circular needles

Measurements: Circumference - 22"; Height: 9"

Gauge: 3 sts / 4 rows per inch over Stockinette St

Using both strands of yarn, cast-on 66 sts.

Join stitches without twisting and PURL the first round.

Knit one round. Purl one round.

Knit every round for 8 inches.

Purl one round. Knit one round. Bind-off all stitches Purlwise.

2004 Bonne Marie Burns
All rights reserved.

For Personal Non-commercial Use Only - Not to be used for garments For Sale

This is the Chickie Dickie pattern worked without fur
at a gauge of 1824 (99sts in the round on #8/6mm needles).


Previous Party Favors:

Year One Pattern: Chic Beanie

Year Two Pattern: Shaker Rib Hat

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Monday, January 19, 2004

Monday Morning Mirth

A very cool reader from New Zealand sent me a post with this FAB stamp on it. I know there must be all the other characters on stamps, too! Oh now I have to find the you-know-who-that-guy-who-plays-wahtwisname-hmmm-Aragorn stamp...


AND one for the Ladies: (and no diggetty, I'm SURE some gold-diggin' chicken-head cracker, somewhere, wants her DSL on Gollum since he has such fine onions, it's just NOT ME). My good friend, MJ, sent me this card with her own special in-your-face-notation. It's OK, MJ, methinks there's enough Johnny to go around...

You can have him on MWF and I'll take him all weekend long...

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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

You might recall the Fine Tradition of Alley Picking in Chicago. Although I don't cruise as much as I used to since the #66 doesn't go down my way, I still have the DNA that magnetizes me to a potential windfall.

I was waiting for a prescription to be filled yesterday and wandered into a thrift store. My brain is inflamed with all the Bloggers who are Rippin' and Recycling... I love using found materials anyway I can.

My original idea was to troll the sweater sections of the store and find reusable great yarn [Rachael!] or find just something cool for work. Alas, I did not score on point one, but found a couple of pristine work sweaters to brighten my foul January days. Total cost: $3.27...

They surround what is the Most Funkified Fabulous Find of All: a half knit (a complete hardly worn Aran Vest by Bruncana of Donegal, Ireland) Must Have Sweater. Here's another knitalong I've been eyeballing with no time to join (although the Louvat Aran I started last year is similar). Now I can happily feel in synch with my blogging buddies all over the globe.

Half Knit you might ask? - that's the beautiful part. I have in ze Stash, matching vintage yarn. I'll only have to make SLEEVES! I can recycle the armband wool for the initial ribbing and then copy the pattern in the front, simplified possibly to an Aran Diamond / Twisted Cables panel.

Since the possibility of the yarn color being off is rather a given, I'm going to get some Lanaset dye and make this a beautiful Eggplant Color... I saw some Manos down at the Boyz Hut of Yarn in Columbus whose color was just scrumptious and I've got to have something on me in that shade.



the Windy City Knitting Guild

Tonights Program: "... a Creative Exploration of Color in Knitting by Master Dyer, Dagmar Klos.

Learning to knit and do needlework at the age of 10 began a lifelong love of textiles for Dagmar. Twenty five years ago the focus shifted to weaving. Discouraged with the available color palette of yarns, she started dyeing which became a passion. So many colors so many possibilities.

Dagmar teaches dyeing and co-edits and co-publishes a natural dye newsletter. She has received the Certificate of Excellence in Dyeing from the Handweavers Guild of America. She is also the author of the Dyer's Companion for Interweave Press due to be published this year.

The WCKG has the best workshops and field trips going. You must be a member ($20.00 a year) but the valuable fiber treats you'll find here will knock your hand-knitted socks right off your bootie...

I'm not even going to mention all of the warm, charming, beautiful, and passionate knitters who belong to this group...

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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

One of the best things about knitting and technology is the cool ability to design-in-progress. Or DIP, not WIP, work-in-progress...

I took a picture of my Moonlight Cardie (hitting the 75 percentile mark as a WIP after knitting 3 inches on the back last night at the WCKG meeting).

Then I used the dandy little paintbrush tool in Photoshop to lace white *yarn* along the shaped portions of the cardie.

I actually did this with real yarn when I had just one front done but pulled that out.

Here I can get the *total* effect of this decorative add-on without the pain of trial-and-error.

Guess what? I like it better than ever!

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Thursday, January 22, 2004

KIDS! Don't try this at home!!!

Last night, in a fit of Inspiration/MADNESS, I decided the right thing to do was go through my stash and organize it by color. Sort of. One of my favorite yarn stores, Arcadia, does this and it just is a work of art to walk into their space.

The thing about stash is that it just sits there a lot of the time. I am lucky enough to have a two bedroom apartment, and I use the larger bedroom as a design studio. Initially, I put my yarn out in a vertical wooden bookcase. The intention was to shame myself into not buying anymore; I figured if I could see what was there, I'd not be as prone to impluse purchases made in the first few moments of Lust that hits you like a brick in the yarn store.

I also have a walk-in closet in this area. SO, when the Plan of Shame ultimately failed (and who but maybe a dork couldn't see that one coming at them like a 300lb hocky player), many items, still in their plastic shopping bags, ended up in cardboard boxes in the closet.

Well, I started outing the closeted yarn and to my surprise my brain went off on another tangent - why not get rid of some of this fine stuff on eBay. Stash Reduction is also one of those fabulously ridiculous ideas that hits you in January just like the urge to go on a diet or join a gym. (Which I also did, last night!!!)

The combination of organizing for display AND sale was just too exciting and before I knew it, Things were strewn everywhere. I eventually put yarn into two of those big plastic bags you get when you buy a comforter, because I RAN OUT OF SPACE IN THE BOOKCASE. Oh, the pain, the shame...

It was thrilling!

When I came to my senses I noticed one rather noxious by-product of

my fiber feeding frenzy. I had covered much of the floor with redundant packing materials. These now covered the TEN or so piles of documents I had made a few days earlier for Tax Preparations and general filing. I sure hope they can be rescued with a simple extraction of all strewn about crap with one exception - ALL BUBBLE WRAP MUST BE SAVED! It was great fun *accidentally* walking over it as I packed and flung.

Cool ByProduct: I took the new Full plastic Blanket bags and stacked them against the door where a foul chill wind was creeping through and making the room shiver.


Current Temperature = -1 degree

Among this winter's coldest! 30 colder than 24 hrs earlier. Mixed sun, stinging NW winds. Thermometer readings hold to single digits for only the second time this season. Wind chills reach no higher than -9 to -22. Temps drop to near 0 then rise to 6 by sunrise Friday.

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Friday, January 23, 2004

Stand-by Unit 10:
My Life in the Thrill Chill Cult

POV of a Chicago Photojournalist

Girl Gone Wild, heh, Stupid with the COLD...

Why would anyone WANT to do this for a living... Ah, the glamour, the wardrobe, the ability to feel nothing in one's hands after five minutes of shooting in sub-zero temps.

I certainly am the epitome of style, even on a tortuous... Wait. That word is a little too hot. Sounds like *torrid*. Let's try again.

Even on a glacial afternoon, I'm emitting. OOPS. Another hot word. Sounds like *radiation*. Which is the ultimate hot.

Hmm, even on a glacial afternoon, my fashion vibe is so artic cool, I dare not subtract even one sophistitcated element of style lest I start a stampede in the crowd, as they rush towards me wanting to bask in my gelid presence.

NOT! The streets of Chicago are so frigid, few are silly enough to be out in public for any longer than necessary to sustain life by grocery or fuel need. Those pitiful souls who might be driven by hunger to appear in the great outdoors are taking one look at me and rushing away as fast as their frigid little fannies can take them.

Now don't hold back.

Is it the Hood? I like the hood. It is filled with down and surrounded by sheepswool. They stopped using Coyote a few years ago on these Polar Parkas so surely no one could be offended by my fur.

Or maybe it's the face mask. I was out getting MOS (Man on the Street) sound bites regarding a very wealthy man who shot a home invader as the burglar entered his castle. We were in Winnetka, a location not very kind to outsiders; could be the face mask put people in a bad mood after the breaking and entering event - just the fluke headgear of a pariah, bad move at a bad time.

NAH. sGotta be the pants. Take men's wool socks (they'll actually fit you like knee socks), cover with stretchy long johnnies, then jeans, stir, and cover with 5 year old Express stretch pants in a dusty lavender shade. How very gauche of me to wear something so covered with pills it is obviously last year's model. (Try, hmm, maybe 1999's model.) That's why people won't talk to me!


THEORY: The suave populace of the North Shore would rather be caught shopping at, snark, Costco, than be seen as a tool of the media. Especially television. Especially when it comes to a neighbor. You just never know when that audit spotlight might land on you and we all know, loose lips sink ships.

WHEW! I'm relieved in a way so huge words escape me.

NIX! That fog coming from my mouth is just the last gasp of humidity my frigid little body possesses.

MORAL: Drink as much water as you can get down. Your body is 99% water and the Atmosphere wants it back. You're gonna be standing on that street for a long, long time.

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1. Rapunzel (99%)
Pattern: Rowan Fall 2003
Designer: Jean Moss
Yarn: K1C2 Worsted
Color: Clear Grey
Gauge: 20sts/28rows over 4"
Needles: #6 & #8

2. Moonlight (70%)
Pattern: Rowan Fall 2003
Designer: Kim Hargreaves
Yarn: Sheepy Valley Worsted
Color: Navy
Gauge: 16sts/20rows over 4"
Needles: #8 & #9

3. Coppertone (AKA WavyBulb) (60%)
Pattern: Vogue Knitting
Fall 2002
Designer: Shirley Paden
Yarn: Filatura di Crosa 501
Color: Magenta
Gauge: 22sts/30rows over 4"
Needles: #6

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January 15, 2004

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