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Paris Hilton
"Paris Hilton" is the No. 1 fake name used by people calling for pizza deliveries, according to a survey of Domino's Pizza drivers in Washington, D.C., released Monday by the pizza delivery chain. And 38 percent of those using the name of the socialite model ordered pepperoni topping." (...CNN)

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On Christmas Day, I was waiting for a colleague to finish an interview and was weaving in the ends on two scarves that were slated for delivery to two dear friends that evening. I was sitting in my TV truck outside some rowhouses in the Altgeld Gardens Project on the far South Side of Chicago.

Suddenly, about 10 shots rang out from an automatic weapon. People started running; the gunfire seemed to come from right in front of the truck, it was so loud. My mind went, "D**n, I'm not going to get these scarves done!"

My body then hunkered down in the front seat of my truck and I kept right on weaving...

SUPER What the

I actually finished all of my Gift Knitting but didn't finish EITHER of my holiday sweaters


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Long Johns
Day 58...

100 Things
about Me

26. I've developed a serious Crush on U2's Bono after finding out he has the same eyewear designer as I: Selima of Paris!

But alas, the wind beneath my wings leaves as quickly as it arrived as I find out MADONNA wears MY frames, the Aline...

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Wednesday, December 24, 2003

....original photo & artwork by Bonne Marie Burns ©2003

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Friday, December 26, 2003

New Threads Friday...

Kids fussin'?
Husband not listening...
Santa leave a lump of Coal in yer Stockin'???

Who Loves YA baby!
ChicKnits that's who...

roadtested on teenagers
for your protection...

NOBODY wants to block it... including me, after making several as gifts!!!

So here it is - the NoBlock NoROLL right off the needles BUCKET-O-CHIC!

(This one is made from Lamb's Pride by the Brown Sheep Co.) AND the pattern has the seal of approval of a 16yo boy! I made him a bucket out of Red Heart Acrylic (Black Brim and Top with Grey Middle) and he loved it but like a typical teenager, refused to have his picture taken!

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Please do not post online, whether written or photographed, the details of the Bucket-O-Chic pattern or the changes that have been made in this current version. I know I haven't re-invented the wheel here, but this is a commercial pattern that has taken a long time to craft. MANY hours have gone into the development and production of it.

It has always been copyrighted material. Some folks out there do not respect or are unable to understand this concept and think the Bucket-O-Chic (or any pattern) is a *recipe* who's *ingredients* (numeric details) can be distributed on lists or other online pages.

That is NOT the case and I would ask that everyone respect the copyright of this pattern...

Monday, December 29, 2003

Monday Morning Mirth

Sean Connery becomes my new fantasy boyfriend...

What's more fun than a barrel of monkeys? Why wearing your Christmas gift Shrek-colored fleece robe covered with Monkeys and reading your new National Enquirer "30 Years of Unforgettable Images"! Heh, my friends know me too well...

This tome has it all - the celebrity mug shots, the weddings, the funerals, Julia Roberts at a movie premiere with hairy pits. Prince Albert of Monaco working out at the gym wearing a Viagra Tshirt. Sean Connery wearing what appears to be a red diaper with matching suspenders, thigh-high suede boots & a ponytail from 1974's movie Zardoz. Who knew he was such a hunk of burnin' love?

The best thing - my friend told me she got it at her local FAMILY DOLLAR STORE, for you guessed it, $1.00...

I had a wonderful time with the Familials on their Christmas visit to Chicago, especially watching DVDs with my Mom. She said the stereo sound-around was spooky; she loved Johnny Depp enough in "Pirates of the Caribbean" to buy it on her way home when she stopped for gas in Big Rapids.

But the most fun was finding out she could dig Martial Arts movies WITH SUBTITLES with me. We absolutely ROFLOL like maniacs watching "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon." I love that movie.

I love my Mom.


AHHH - the Power of El Guapo himself...

What I learned today: Johnny Depp lives in Paris with the "ravishing former pop singer Vanessa Paradis. It was America's "random violence, rampant ignorance, gluttony, greed, [and] ambiton" that propmted him to emigrate, he said. In France, "I can be with my Family, drink wine, and smoke cigarettes."

Heh - in Paris, even the dogs smoke cigarettes...

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Tuesday, December 30, 2003

no SADD here...

I figure since one of my New Year's Resolutions is going to be a strict adherence to the three at a time rule, I better be a dirty rotten cheater as much as possible before the ball falls...

It's also been dreary and cloudy here. What better way to wake up those brain cells than a wild-eyed dose of Limon Lime?

This is a design called "Fern" from Rowan #24, page 97. It's just a nice little fitted cardie with faux ribbing. I like it because the finer gauge of this garment (DK: 22sts/30rows) would make the fit too tight in regular rib (at least for me). The addition of moss stitch between the knit *pillars* gives the suggestion of fit with some flattering ease thrown in for good measure.

The wonderful Olliwogs has this same project on the needles, and is using the same yarn we got at Elann a while back: Filature di Crosa Zara, an "extrafine" merino. Alysia is making hers out of a cool light blue. Yumm...

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Wednesday, December 31, 2003

the Year 2003 in Review

Sort of... I've been reading the papers and magazines with relish this last week, like I always do at this time of year.

I love to put all the world's ducks in a row before I walk through the Door marked AŅo Nuevo. I want to smell the Glory of Victory, and cry over the Agony of Defeat.

But this year,
me and my Family and the Global Tide
mix into a big, strong Martini of Gloom
that I'm not sure
I have a Hang-Over Cure for.

The Little Bad Muse says that it's just much
easier to Look Forward.

So instead of wallowing in the headlines, lists, and familial drama, I put all the 2003 knitting I could find in a pile and just looked at it instead.

That's one of the fine, fine things about knitting. It has a FUTURE attached to it. It really isn't finished when the garment is *done*. In fact, it's just beginning!

So I salute this year's ending by reveling in the promise of some belated runway action from the fruits of my labor.


Heh, by rough estimate of the pile above, which is missing a few things, it appears I finish one garment per month! AHA!

And by recall, I finished most of my stuff out of order. As in, I started it to late to wear it much during the season it was meant for.

Do I smell what La Bonne is cookin'? Hmm, me thinks a Resolution might be rearing its sage old head...

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Thursday, January 1, 2004

Friday, January 2, 2004

en SkŹrme Maiden nemlig den Konge...

The more I work on the lovely jacket Rapunzel, the more I think it is what an elfish Princess might wear.

The seed stitch is reminiscent of chain-mail, fit for a sheild-maiden, decorated with cables and chevrons that symbolize the power of HAIR.

My nephew and I visited Chicago's Art Institute over Christmas and viewed the Arms & Armor Exhibit on the lower level. The evening before, we went to see "the Return of the King". Quite the spectacle! Wrought with enough excitement and thrill rides for at least 5 other movies, "King" was also a LOVE story.

The row of young ladies in front of us went through at least a box of Kleenex during the movie; when Aragorn sweeps Arwen into his arms (and onto his lips) while they stand atop Minas Tirith, there was a strong breeze coming to our row from all the fanning of faces.

I was thankful.

Mr. Mortensen has to be, hands down, one of the most enjoyable romancers on film to date. Just rent "A Walk on the Moon" or "the Perfect Murder" (be sure to fast forward when the foul M. Douglas is in a scene) to see some more of the talented Viggo in action...

Oh, this blog is about knitting.

I am in love with love today! No, I'm in love with these sleeves. The shape, the texture, the patterns, the little crocheted edge that took me a few tries to get right.

I am about 35 rows away from being done with the last piece.


Mr. Mortensen "grew up in Denmark, he can be heard speaking Danish in LORD OF THE RING. Specifically there is a line he says to Arwen as she is about to take Frodo to Rivendell, right after she says 'I do not fear them'. Mixed in between the elvish Viggo says 'min ”lskling' which means 'my darling' in Scandinavian (Danish, Swedish, Norwegian)."

Danish Fans carrying Strawberries for Viggo

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1. Rapunzel (95%)
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2. Chinese-Style Sweater (32%)
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January 1st, 2004

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