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Saturday, November 15, 2003

fresh off the Work Bench!
presenting the


a 2x2 Ribbed Tube that sligthly scouches down like a
dancer's leg warmer between the knee and ankle


: 440 yds Aran weight wool
(This pattern works best with yarn that has springiness to hold the shape. If you think your yarn might sag, knit some fine matching elastic into top rib edge.)

Size: Ankle Measurement = 8.5"; Top of Calf = 13"

Length: 22"

Needles: #6 & #8 circs or DPNs to knit in the round
(4mm & 5mm)

Gauge: 18sts /24 rows per 4" / 10cm over Stockinette St


Top Edge: Cast-on 56 sts using #8/5mm needles.

Switch to #6/4mm needles.

Join, being careful not to twist stitches and work in K2, P2 rib for 3 inches.

Switch back to #8/5mm needles.

Work even in 2x2 rib for 11 rounds.

Next Round: K2, P2, K2, P1, K2TOG, place marker, SSK, continue working in pattern around.

Continue in 2x2 rib
at the same time
DEC 1 st before and after markers as established every 12 rows 7 more times.

(40 sts remain)

Switch to #6/4mm needles and work in 2x2 rib for 1 inch.

Switch to #8/5mm needles and work in 2x2 rib for 3 inches.

Bind-off all stitches loosely.


To easily change the length of the Leg-O-Chic Warmers:

Tight-to-the Knee: Work DECs once every 10 rows 8 times.

Boot Length: Work DECs once every 8 rows 8 times.


**©2003 Bonne Marie Burns**
For Non-Commercial Use only

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Sunday, November 16, 2003

Walk the dog, feed the chickens, look fabulous!

click HERE for CU

Doing the chores the Chic way is easier than ever when you're wearing this Jacket about
Town or Country...

Uses 1600 [1800, 2000] yds Aran Weight Yarn at the
popular 18sts /24 rows to 4" Gauge

Mrs CBs Camp Jacket is a fitted cardigan with double moss stitch on the lower body and easy but very appealing cable and ladder
patterning on the upper body.

The jacket has a distinctive collar/buttonband that is knit-as-you-go in garter stitch then joined to a cabled panel that lines up with the patterning on the back of the jacket.

Finished Measurements:

40, 44, 48 inch Circumference

27, 28, 29 inch Length

Buy this Pattern for $4.95 using PayPal!

Secure and easy PDF Download!!!

I used Sheepy Valley Worsted available HERE

The color is Light Sheep Grey

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Monday, November 17, 2003

Monday Morning Mirth

Now that some flakes have flown in the dreary Midwestern Sky it looks like it's time for some fur to fly as well...

It's become an urban tradition over the last few years for City People to adopt the clothing of Actual Working People.

We've lived through Grunge Rockers wearing Eddie Bauer vests inside out before EB was owned by Spiegel, Hip Hoppers decked out in Timberland, Wicker Park rockers were/are wearing Cowboy Hats attempting to crib some hip from down under in Austin (not Tustin). And in the recent past, Davie Crockett hats were on everyone's head in Chicago, including the golden nobs of Financial District traders.

Currently on the streets of Chicago, Carhartt Clothing is making a bid for the hipster dollar. Or should I say Hipsters are making a bid for some Working Class Credibility. Or something. Just like ChicKnits beloved Trucker Hats, people put on the threads and SUDDENLY they're transformed into Sex Machines with an Attitude.

Enter Cabela's, the utmost USA outfitter of clothing for the Intelligent Hunter, including several fur hats. We've already seen a few of these on Chicago nobs - which sends us into spasms of Super What the ---?!s

ChicKnits recommends that you JUST SAY NO! or our Posse will have to reposses your Hip and send it back where it belongs...

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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

the Rain has Begun!

Ribby Cardie with 2x2 & 3x1 Ribbing
9" done on the Body - 4" to go...

And with it a frenzy of knitting... I've been waiting for this weather. Even though it's the worst weather for me to work in (autumn rain is always coupled with penetrating chill), it's the best weather to knit.

Everytime I stick my needle into a stitch and wrap it, I'm sticking my tongue out at Mother Nature.

Rain used to be very depressing for me - I love being outside and having as much freedom of movement as possible. In Chicago, like any big city, everything just grinds to a halt during a heavy storm. People forget how to drive. Heck, they even forget how to take the bus. Rain just wraps the brain with Big Stoopid.

What better way to get back at it than knit and focus that grey day's grey matter.

Now, if I could only figure out how to knit and drive at the same time...

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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Just Desserts...

I miss my Mom... She lives too far away for drop-in visits. I want all of you Mothers out there to know even a grown woman gets the pangs for their Mommie when those decorations start going up downtown, especially when it's a cold, rainy day.

I wouldn't call it Homesick, since I've lived in Chicago for a long time. Naw, I'll call it Homesick. Home is where Mom is. Home is where Mom would fix me tomato soup and a grilled cheese (really) and everything would be OK.

I had to step away from the Camp Jacket after the marathon finishing session on Saturday. I didn't rant about it until Sunday - then Mom & I gave a rolickin' loud cheer punctuated by much laughing and ribbin'. Yeah, I started it in April and November is almost over.

We're partners, Mom and I. The Camp Jacket was our bridge; we were both in need of focus and distraction from the task at hand, namely the rough side of her healing from major surgery. This project was something that brought us together during those first uneven days when we were just too scared to talk about what was really going on.

I can definitely say I never want to need that kind of focusing again.

I CAN definitely say I want to keep designing more knitted goodies. Not only was it a great distraction, it was great fun! And one of the most fun things was meeting the lovely & talented Geane from over at KnitPix.

I wrote her on the 1st of May: "I could use a knitting Pal tester because my pattern writing ability is *immature*."

So Geane became the Counselor over at Camp Beta...

Heh, boy did she ever HELP me Grow Up! The brave, adventurous Geane made a Camp Jacket using some beautiful Black Welsh Mountain wool she had. She finished her jacket in August...

Not only did she have to deal with a pattern that came together in dribs and drabs and a partner who was knitting very slow, but she had to put up with emails like:

"I'm working on mine right now. I think I was on sinus medication when I declared to you I'd have it finished by this weekend HAHAHAhaha..."


"How are you doing? It is hotter than Hades here and muggy. I just got out my Camp Jacket and threw it across the room because even with the Air on it made me break out in hives. No kidding. I have a huge Itchy Brother on the back of my neck that's driving me nuts..."


"Right now the Collar Shaping says the BOs take place on the "neck-facing edge". This is TOTALLY WRONG! I am a moron."

The last missive ended up with a map to the frog pond...

And she didn't even scream out LOUD! :) Drum Roll Please - Geane, you RULE! Thanks for putting up with my loopy stylings and going on to make this:

a most scrumdiddleyumptious
Chocolate Sundae!!!

Thank you so VERY much!

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Thursday, November 20, 2003

Too BIG for the Bus!

And that is so exciting... The 2x2x3x1 Ribby Cardy is rollin' right along. I love this stuff - the yarn is very soft and yummy to knit with and somehow I've fallen into a ribbing trance. It used to take me forever to rib but after about three ribbys, I'm right out the gate.

Looking at the hand-painted yarn while I'm working is very hypnotic as well.

In it I see all the colors of, what else, LURAY CHINA!!!

As a collector of McCoy Pottery (aqua only), I *accidentally* picked up several pieces of Lu-ray at various flea markets.

("Lu-Ray was manufactured by the Taylor, Smith & Taylor Company (T.S.&T.) from 1938-1961.

The four original colors--Surf Green, Windsor Blue, Sharon Pink, and
Persian Cream (a soft yellow)--were joined by a fifth color, Chatham Gray, in 1949.")

They made the most scrumptious rich pastel colors - I especially love the Surf Green (aqua, of course) and have several huge platters and one gravy boat.

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Friday, November 21, 2003

So Kiss Me cuz I got up at 5:30am
because the Baby downstairs is Teething
and this picture seemed the only thing to do!

This is the very first sock yarn I bought... This is the second time I've knit this sock. And it took a few intermediate steps to get the Opal formula down for my funky wide pierogies.

Those would be *feet* in the extended ChicKnits family. Big doughy dumplings! Flat on the bottom. Wide in the Middle.

Immense tweakage was required after I finally traced my foot. I saw the beauty of its form and realized the standard pattern would not apply. Of course, I was 2/3's of the way through the first tight sock, and it was thrown behind the couch. Why turn down a chance to Boss my Knitting Around!

But common sense finally prevailed and I started three other socks instead, out of non-Opal yarns. None of them are over 3" long yet - little bulbs of socks, threatening to grow into a pair that will shame the Opal pair into behaving.

That'll show 'em...

I carry this sock with me everywhere and even knit awhile standing up at the bus stop in the mild temps yesterday and it slid into the finishing stage. Once I start the toe shaping, it just can't be put down.

Sock Two is on the needles; 1" of ribbing is already done.


Letizia's was buzzin' last night at a rolickin' fun KIP. Order of the Day: Gloves! Scarves! Gifts! Holidaze!

I'm too chicken to take up the Glove Gauntlet (yet!), But Mary and Heidi were just saling away on them making it look so darn easy!

Come join us - we'll be meeting every other Thursday starting with December 4th...

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