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Where DID I put those legwarmers?
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I've been getting lots of emails asking me for a pattern...

proof-positive bling-bling is dead
Women's Wear Daily goes wild

Zeta wins £14,600!
"During the court case, Oscar-winner Zeta Jones, 34, told the judge she felt "devastated" and "violated" when she discovered "unflattering" paparazzi pictures had been taken.

The couple wanted £600,000 from the magazine after a photographer sneaked into their wedding reception - ruining their exclusive £1m deal with OK! magazine."

ChicKnits demands £1,000,000 from whoever took those "unflattering" paparazzi-like poses now appearing on the masthead of ChicKnits. And, get a new model will ya?

the movie

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Saturday, November 8, 2003

a ChicKnits Gallery Presentation

CEO Karen boldly goes from the Yarn Store to the Board Room!

ChicKnits salutes her beautiful Garment and her
executive leadership in deciding to boss her yarn around...

Karen writes: "First of all, I have to say that this pattern was terrific - extremely clear directions and a very fun project. (I made the ChicKami this summer and found the same to be true of that pattern).

I'm definitely planning on making another LoTech© Sweat this winter, this time using different yarn and adding the pockets. (I didn't put pockets on this one because I thought the pockets would make it look a bit more casual) and I'll probably lengthen the sleeves a bit since I'm tall.

Now for the knitting details: I used Lang's Polar yarn (100% wool) which was on closeout sale at my LYS. They didn't have enough of one color so I decided to do a color-block.

Even though it's a bulkier yarn than the pattern calls for, I used US size 6 needles for the moss stitch and US size 8 needles for the body of the sweater for a gauge of 17 1/2 sts = 4 inches.

I made one size smaller than I needed and it turned out perfectly! I like the way the tighter gauge makes for a heavier, warmer sweater. I've been wearing it a lot lately and I'm sure that with the cold Chicago winters, it will be a favorite."

Sunday, November 9, 2003

Feel the Furry Goodness!!!

Materials: one strand Worsted Weight plain wool and one strand eyelash yarn - the furrier the better. Use equal yardages as given on pattern.

What I Used: Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Color #M86 Almond Blossom and Gedifra Tecno Hair Color #26.

Technique: Yarn wil be held double throughout. I made mine regular size and it came out fine - this combo makes a slightly stretchy fabric. You won't need to block it. It is not felted...

Monday, November 10, 2003

Monday Morning Mirth

©2003 Simon Thackray

You remember our Friend Simon Thackray
from the blog on Monday, July 7th.

He and his fellows of the Shed are behind quite a bit of FUN performance art and music in his corner of North Yorkshire, England. If you are lucky enough to be in the UK tomorrow, don't miss this (and tell 'em ChicKnits sez "Hello from the USA" - I adore Trombone Music!):


The Fish and Chip Van Tour

Date: Tuesday 11 November 2003

Time: From 16.45pm

Location: Brawby (and 6 other North Yorkshire villages)

Steve's Fish and Chip van calls in Brawby on Tuesdays at 18.50. It begins its run in Slingsby at 16.45 and then negotiates the narrow North Yorkshire country lanes to Barton Le Street, Brawby, Great Barugh, Kirbymisperton, Great Habton and Amotherby.

Improvising trombonist Alan Tomlinson will blow the horn to herald the arrival of the van and give a short performance to the Fish and Chip van queue in each village.

"Enormous energy... he can make the trombone sound like frustrated elephants courting or like the finish at Brands Hatch." Melody Maker

"He's a genius, just amazing" Annie Whitehead

The Fish and Chip van tour is the latest event to emerge from the brain of artist and promoter Simon Thackray - the man responsible for the Yorkshire Pudding Boat Race, Mrs Boyes' Bingo and Hat (words, music and knitting with Ian McMillan and Billy Jenkins).

...and this is why ChicKnits really is wild about this stuff:
It's sponsored by Sirdar - 'the leading branded spinner of hand knitting yarn in the UK'. People always show up to knit at these performances. Now they can eat too!

YO, Lion, Plymouth, Classic Elite, Reynolds, Tahki, Mission Falls, etc...

Where are YOU? We need some Art with our Fiber!!!


Timetable for the Fish and Chip van tour.

THE SHED: "The smallest show on earth" ...Guardian

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

oh yeah, I'm in touch with my inner child...

sleeves being knit using a 40" long circ Magic Loop

My Busia (Booshah = grandmother in Polish) taught me how to knit. I was 10yo and wanted to make clothes for my Barbie doll. Busia loved to crochet and only knit slippers and mittens but crafted fabulous lace and afghans. I was a pestering child who quickly forgot what she showed me.

So, I received a little booklet that prompted the memory when it flagged. It had great drawings and even then I was intrigued by the graphics. I think yarn and stitches must be very hard to draw but this showed everything: increases, decreases, purl stitch, bind-off. You can still get something very much like it at Walmart in the yarn section.

I thought the abbreviations were particularly funny especially BO for Bind-Off. Of course, dingle-berry was an important word in my vocabulary at this time too.

Using baby yarns, I plugged away on the Barbie fash - little needles and little yarn and little hands made a perfect match. And, when I knit, I throw that yarn like a champion pitcher. I can go real fast but to this day, it makes me reluctant to teach anyone how to knit because my style is wild and crazy...

When you learn to knit out of a book, the big picture of holding the needles and yarn and developing a rhythm is lost. You have just the single stitch, handless, armless and vague.

But I can go real fast!


Online Learn to Knit Video

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Thursday, November 13, 2003

Art and Fiber?

Around the time I was learning to knit, I was craving to craft in many other ways. That Barbie doll was fash bashed to infinity - I sewed clothes using little patterns; I made her a house out of leftover ceiling tiles; I started drawing and painting.

There was an Art Supply store in an adjoining neighborhood and I would ride my bike over there and wander around and worship the goods. It was VERY exciting to find watercolors in tubes instead of little pads. Things came in sets - plain hinged wood boxes held 10 colors and two brushes. Their small leather handles were just big enough for my hands.

I saved my allowance and bought an oil paint set and a book. Nothing in our house was safe from becoming my model.

After I honed my craft on bowls and shoes, it was time to attempt something alive. A mammal. Like the horse on the cover of my instruction book.

So I filled my pockets with biscuits and took the family pet chihuahua, PeeWee, into my basement studio and made her portrait.

She was most gracious and patient and shook like a leaf the entire time. I was too unskilled to paint that movement, but I think I came pretty close to capturing her joyful attitude from being a model...


I now put the fortunes from Chinese
fortune cookies I've gotten around
PeeWee for good luck. They read:

Your dearest wish will come true.

Everthing will now come your way.

Your home will be visited by good health and wealth.

Patience is the best remedy for every trouble.

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Friday, November 14, 2003

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