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What the...

the Strokes
Room on Fire: "simply drop deal cool - sharply dressed "dirty puppies" who were handy in a street fight. Their grimy, sleaze-soaked music provided a breath of stale air after the breezy, deodorised dadrock we'd suffered at the hands of the New Acoustic Movement. Tightly bonded and buccaneering, here - at last! - was a band it looked fun to be in. And did we mention how good they looked?"
-----courtesy NME

Pump Up the VOLUME!
"Two hours a day, from a one-room studio with a gas lantern for illumination and two car batteries for power, a group of young Afghan women are transmitting a low-watt, revolutionary message to female listeners in the vicinity of Mazar-e Sharif, Afghanistan.

Radio Rabia Balkhi, named for a famous ninth-century Afghan female poet, has a 3 mile range and offers tradition busting advice to the largely illiterate (~80%) local population."
Washington Post


Saturday - Sunday, November 1-2, 2003

===== ChicKnits Spring/Summer Gallery 2003 =====

Now that it's the Weekend, I got a *B* in my bonnet and finally updated the Spring/Summer Gallery of FOs!!!

Sacre bleu! Seeing everything on one page makes me wonder where I'm going to keep all those goodies if I keep up this insane pace!

O dios mio, hee, like I'll ever stop liking new clothes!


check it out HERE

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Monday, November 3, 2003

Monday Morning Mirth

Can this Divorce be Saved?

ChicKnits perrenial favorite #2 (and believe me, I don't know why), Liza Minelli, gets a little help from her peers in the mediation department:

"Michael Musto, Village Voice columnist: "After making up at a romantic performance of The Boy From Oz, they should remarry and have all the guests throw lamps instead of rice."

Karen Finley, who's channeled Liza onstage: "Now might be a good time for that reality-TV show."

Donald Trump: "David should make passionate love to Liza as a show of good faith and friendship. Then he should drop his demand for the 10 million bucks."

Dr. Joyce Brothers: "If I were Liza, I would spend the money to send him to another country on the condition that he never return."

Chuck Palahniuk, author of Fight Club: "Nude fighting, maybe with an Internet simulcast."

Michael West, Liza impersonator: "He should get custody of Lorna, but only if he loses."

Don King, boxing promoter: "I'd be happy to mediate. We will bring it to the floor and resolve it with love, kisses, and understanding, and if that don't work, get in the ring and make it a lovers' quarrel with 22-ounce gloves. If she's got the bottle, we can get him some headgear and see if we can't put them on an equal playing field. But Liza's a slam dunk. She's a fait accompli."
-----courtesy New York Metro

ChicKnits Sez: "Call Michael and Liz, go shopping, have yer face/nails done, and fergeddaboutit."

Tuesday, November 4, 2003

Ooh La La!

With the holidays looming, my wardrobe cravings have turned to PARTY!

The one designer this season that made me drop to my knees and scream I am NOT Worthy is the venerable Jean Moss. Her fabulous design, Rapunzel, in the Fall Rowan, is about all you could ask for in a romantic, body consious, delicious confection!

Alas, it is made from a mohair blend yarn that I can't wear. So after a thorough search for a Rowan substitute that maintained the elegant feel and failing, I went stash diving.

Substituting yarn is an iffy thing at best, but I think I hit a bull's eye with some K1C2 "Parfait" - a high quality worsted in a clear grey. Gauge is spot on and it has just enough soft drape to flow the design without losing the shape of the piece.

Since my stash reaches to an inch short of infinity (shame shame shame), I tried swatching a light non-baby blue and a taupe, but the GREY took the runway.


K1C2 = Knit One Crochet Two and is a yarn company.

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Wednesday, November 5, 2003

Even though Theresa's socks ain't croc'n', my scary intarsia cardie has!

It's gone from a size XXL to size M with no discernible problems. I was really worried that the underarms would bunch up and foul out the whole thing. Drop shoulder designs have that little irksome quality. You don't have to do the shaping and setting in of a sleeve but you might have to live with some bulk fabric that is just nasty.

Somehow, the Crocidile Cardie has escaped that fate AND, the trimmed sleeve and armhole seams aren't stressed like they would be if it was a set-in type. winWin...

Stay tuned for an expanded article on How-To Resize an Existing Garment...

Over the next few weeks, I'll be adding articles to ChicKnits every other Boss-Your-Knitting-Around-Thursdays!!! Become The Executive Knitter you were meant to be!

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Thursday, November 6, 2003

Show Me the CB!

Pam writes: ... get a move on with Mrs CBs Camp Jacket will ya!!!!! 97% come on, I'm dying here in anticipation!"





Mrs. CBs Camp Jacket has done what many projects do!

It's hit the Stall Wall!

BUT, it's Boss-Your-Knitting-Around Thursday, and I've been rippin' and grinnin' over the right front edge. You see, I'm a somewhat of a perfectionist. Oh Hell. I am the Energizer Bunny of Perfectionists.

I figured out how to put the buttonholes in the knit-as-you-go buttonband so they fall in the low ridge of the garter stitch.

That's a first. For me, any way.

Many tries later, I must say, it was tedious.

So was formulating the front edge of the collar. The Left and Right Collar Edges of Mrs. CBs original do not match. At all. Mom couldn't remember why. On one side she decreased on the edge itself. On the other she decreased two stitches in which formed a cool little edge on the edge, which I really liked. I did the decrease perfectly on the left edge, then couldn't re-create the look on the right collar edge.


BUT I'm a pesky little scientist and just kept going. Knit a little rip a little. Knit a little. Rip a little. Knit Knit Knit. Rip a lot. Knit a little more.

Hey Now, the Right Edge Matches the Left!

25 more rows to go on the Right Front.

One pocket.






The Design Process is a wiggly little fish.

I actually studied to be a fashion designer in San Francisco after I graduated from High School. That was my dream. Five years of school and starvation later, I was making patterns for a company called the Soft Machine. Then, the designer quit and I was the Designer for a year and a half.

But the Soft Machine went bankrupt like many small businesses do. What to do with all that pent-up *drafting, sample making and a boss who offered to pay me off with his televison set because the checks had stopped* ANGST?

Kick it into the Pacific!

That was one of the first executive decisions I ever made!

Then I went back to school because I was hungry and got into Televison...


I made the above pocket yesterday on the Route 66 going to and from work. I must say, now that my hours have changed at work and I'm leaving the North Loop area later in the evening, I'm meeting new, different people! My neighborhood has a venue for every appetite of food and sound and the glitterati pour in after 7. Yes, even the Beautiful Ones ride alongside us Hoi Polloi on the 66.

Two nights ago, there was a pouring rainstorm and the fab and lovely lady bus driver let everyone ride for free. Then we all fogged up the joint, dripping and laughing and almost missed our stops because there was no way you could see out the windows. A little Urkranian girl about 6yo was sitting in a side-facing seat next to my front facing seat. She kept asking her mother loudly, "What is that lady doing?" Her mother shrugged her shoulders and ignored her. The girl kept asking, each time in a higher, whinier voice.

I am not a parent and I caved. Heh, it's Happy Hour. I told her a little about knitting just to stop the whine! That caused a hip-hop guy to ask me to teach him right then and there! I think he wanted a cap by the time he got to his stop - he was SO excited by it. He kept saying, "No, I mean really, I want to know. I want to know. Really."

And that's when I felt kind of yeah yeah yeah happy - sometimes I'm really embarrassed by the passion I have about this then it's just TOO MUCH darn FUN.

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Friday, November 7, 2003

The Cubs made me DO IT!

The Little Bad Musetold me I better look real good for Santa this year...

YIN: 60+ hour work weeks.

YANG: Cash flowing from my pocket like a river.

BANG: Can make THIS using GGH Tiffany yarn and the Red Chinese-Style Sweater from Rebecca Nr. 26.

The Muse herself wants to wear it...

The pattern shows an iron-on transfer design applied to the sweater. I think I'll be skipping this becasuse:

1. The yarn/tape is 100% NYLON (Oops, Santa, I melted the exotic naughty top :) :) :)

2. My home experiments with Iron-on Ink Jet Transfers have turned out very BAD. Heh, downright Shabby. Anybody know of a really great material to use for this? Fabric? Paper?

So I'm taking the Muse for a visit to Chicago's Chinatown down at @Wentworth and Cermak. We're going to troll the shops and look for floral appliques and frog closures. We have all digits crossed that a fashion miracle will happen...

If not, we'll stuff ourselves at Dim Sum with any and all dumplings we can find because as we all know, there is No Crying allowed in Baseball, but Pouting in Fashion is a given...

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1. Mrs CBs Camp Jacket (98.5%)
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3. Rapunzel (10%)
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Designer: Jean Moss
Yarn: K1C2 Worsted
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Needles: #6 & #8

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