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Cultural Froids

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What the...

Brittany Watch
What's in your

ChicKnits witnessed her performance on a recorded tape from SNTV Oct 18 and wonders did little Brit get gobsmacked by the Anti-Rhythm door on her way out of the dressing room?

OR, Theory #2, her wooden dancing was just the result of trying to save us all from a dual Crack Attack from the low-rider pantsez and bustier combo she was wearing...

We suggest Brit gives ChicKnits muse and Diva, Beyonce, a call and find out what SHE uses to keep her outfits on because that girl never falls out of her gear and she moves like a comet!

Joe What-the?
NBC Producers whine about how hard it was to find fat, balding, shemps for their new Reality Show

Shemp Patrol
once again, ChicKnits and all females over 14yo beg you, Dr. Phil to just please sit down!

How can this guy give marital advice when everyday his wife meets him at the door with a tennis racket and an ice tea?

Heh, where do I find My Guy who will meet me at the door after a hard day's work with my knitting needles and some kiss-alicious pearls?

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100 Things about Me

23. Fall is my favorite Season:
yes, it's always sweater weather...

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November 21st

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Sunday, October 19, 2003

You asked for it!!!

NOW!!! Instructions for 9 sizes, from kids to guys!!!

Just the topper for everyone from you,
your friends, your kids, to your grandma!

Uses Worsted Weight Yarn and simple techniques to produce a fresh and easy cap...

Use cotton or wool and make a plain bucket hat
make it out of wool and felt it for
some really Warm FUN!

Instructions included for both plain and felted versions and how to felt the hat...

Get ready, because everybody you know will want one!

Pattern includes instructions for
Finished Measurement:

15", 16", 18", 19", 20", 21", 22", 23", & 24" Head Circumference

Gauge: 18sts / 24rows using #8/5mm needles before & after felting


Buy this Pattern for $4.95 using PayPal!

Secure and easy PDF Download!!!

Monday, October 20, 2003

Monday Morning Mirth

Microsoft boss Bill Gates was
photographed by the Albuquerque, New Mexico
police in 1977 after a traffic violation...

Who's got too much time on her hands?
ME! I finally have a week off!

After several weeks and 13 days in a row of brutal sports coverage assignments, I am enjoying the quietude of my own home.

That means doing about 11 loads of laundry. Cleaning the pigsty of a house. Sorting through the piles of stuff everywhere and making new piles in other parts of the house...

But the Number One Pastime appears to be avoiding all of the above by surfing the net! [Now you can't see me taking a bow for originality, but believe me I'm blushing].

Happy Find: Mugshot Mania on the Smoking Gun.

My favorite? None other than Baywatch beauty Yasmine Bleeth, arrested while on a bender in a small town in Michigan.

Join me vicariously in some Extreme Slacking & cruise the Gallery. Extra Points for using your boss' dime...

Celebrity Mugshots

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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

a lonely little Poncho

The MiniChic is crying for its collar. Here it lies all seamed and end trimmed and blocking and...

Minus the first edition of the shawl collar that I made.

I ripped it.

That's right. I made a cool shawl collar out of 3x3 ribbing and Short-Row shaped it to a fine curve.

Problem: didn't act like a built-in scarf. There was a just a little skin showing on the front of the neck - you know, that part that you just NEED a scarf to cover - that part most attractive to biting wind and vampires. And it was going unprotected.

I knew this would drive me insane so off it came.

I actually love doing things over at this point. There is a lot of freedom in acknowledging that you will do it better because you can.

Especially when you are using #13 needles...

Shawl Collar #2 is on the needles as we speak and I guarentee it will find that little gap on my tender neck and just give it a big hug.


I tried the whole thing on over my leather jacket and it looks good - actually fits around the collar of the jacket very nicely and the drape of the fabric is soft and follows the shape of the body well.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

the Yearling

Once upon a time, a woman thought she was making the most beautiful sweater she would ever wear. She saved her money and actually bought the yarn called for in the pattern, all the way from England.

The yarn was breathtaking - the deepest, most sensuous burgundy she'd ever seen.

For months she toiled on that ruffled cardigan and proudly put it in her gallery of finished objects, almost a year ago, where it would remain until October 18, 2003.

That day, when for the hundreth time she tried to wear it to a glamorous event, it fell off her shoulders. It hung like a sack. It looked like a ruin. AND it dropped to the floor for the hundreth time just like every other time she tried it on. That yarn, even though it was the one called for by the designer, was just WRONG for that design, too heavy and dense. She was ready to cry and beat her tiny fists against the wall.

BUT no.

She bossed her knitting around.

Once again, a belated and difficult Executive Decision was made.

It would be RIPPED! That yarn was too handsome to languish in a heap on the floor where she'd thrown the garment. It had NEVER BEEN WORN!

The yarn did not protest when it was skeined and washed:

And it screamed with delight when it was knit as such:

This is a modified version of Mrs. CB's Camp Jacket
- a perfect match of fiber and design intent...


The actual Mrs. CB's Camp Jacket is on the road to being completed. It's finally cold enough weather in Chicago to hold and knit heavy wool...

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Thursday, October 23, 2003

MiniChic CHaCha...

Wonder of wonders, the second time was the charm! After a disappointing first go-round with a shawl collar for the MiniChic Poncho, we have Lift-Off!

This collar version is made entirely in garter stitch and achieves its shape by increasing selectively at both edges to follow the shape of the neck on one edge and make a collar edge on the other.

I knitted it with the larger needles (#13) so that it would be flexible enough to fit over my jacket, but hug my neck if I wore it over a sweater.

Shall we Happy Dance?!

Friday, October 24, 2003

I can, I can, I can...

I've been knitting like a maniac (heh, do I ever knit any other way?) to get this finished. I have until I sack out tonight to finish the yoke and edges on this if I want to wear it on my trip tomorrow.

This is my Sitcom Chic done up in Jo Sharp DK and it is delightful! It is also going rather slow...

I don't know why it takes me much less time to knit pieces than knit a big honkin' piece of lumber on my lap.

Heh, guess I just answered my own question.

It sure looks great and smooth done this way, though, with no side seams or sleeve seam. I guess the pain is worth it.

I'd really have it done by now if I knit it * flat*. TeeHee, maybe next time I do one (with Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in a yummy denim blue), I'll cheat a little...


I'm going up to Michigan for the weekend to visit my Mom and Aunt Jo. Auntie is finishing her second round of Chemo. It's a long road but one foot at a time is the steady pace...

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Saturday, October 25, 2003

aw shucks, I ate desert first...

Ribby Cardie v2.0 in progress

The ubiquitous Ribby Cardie is udergoing a Version 2 Make-over!

When I realized I wasn't going to finish the Sitcom Chic (although I hit the 99% done mark - just the edges to go!) I started playing with some yarn that came in the mail from Dzined.

Since I'm in a ripping good mood, I re-did the sleeve from the Seb sweater and have re-written the Ribby Cardie pattern to reflect what fab knitter Lisa from Lisa's Place did with hers - which continues the K3, P1 center bottom rib right to the neckline which has a little rolled edge.

I've also improved the writing, shaping and construction. The body will be knit in one piece up to the armholes, then joined with the sleeves. It will be gauged at 4sts/5rows per inch using #9/ 5.25mm needles. The neckline is improved and this time, the pattern will include directions for a rolled neckline, collar AND mock turtle!

It's all written and except for the knittin' is finished.

Stay Tuned for Emminent Posting...


Halleluyah! My neighbor just got up (I heard his coffee grinder) so now I can shower and get on the road. I get up EARLY and hate to wake the whole building on a Saturday...

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