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Cultural Froids

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What the...

rUkiddn' Me?
how much faker could the Madonna/Brittany moment be? EEEeeewww...

Another Reason to Celebrate Labor Day
You are moments closer to the Fall TV Season and the debut of Paris Hilton in "the Simple Life". WARNING: if you are allergic to Chihuahuas, take a chill pill first.

Send your Thank You! notes to Fox TV for this programming miracle.

Sometimes, I wish I was the daughter of filthy rich parents and could have my own TV show; then other days I'm just glad to sit around the trailer in my underwear and knit...

Never One to Sit on Her Laurels
Mariah is buns up kneeling on the current cover of Maxim

Obviously, being filthy rich was not enough for the effervesant M, so she just subtracted the $$$ part...

Saturday - Sunday, August 30-31, 2003

a ChicKnits Gallery Presentation

a wonderful celebration of summer knitting
created and modeled by the fabulous Mariko!

Mariko from my favorite Super Eggplant
writes: "Hi Bonne Marie,

Though I am generally a shy gal, I was so happy with your ChicKami pattern that I decided to send you not one but TWO photos! I totally dig the wide strap version, since it feels more tank toppy than camisoley, and I guess I am more of a tank toppy type.

You can also see that I am wearing SitCom Chic, which I did for the first Knitalong, as well as a Bucket o' Chic. You are my designer of choice, no doubt!

I've been enjoying seeing the various interpretations. I am really pleased with how the ChicKami turned out. The yarn I used for that is something a friend gave me at least 10 years ago. I don't even know what it is because the store or my friend cut chunks out of the label. All I know is that it is some Italian 100 percent cotton yarn.

The SitCom Chic was made with Cotton-Ease as suggested. I actually really like that yarn! The Bucket o Chic was made with Classic Elite Provence. It's all cotton. I made one hat with 4mm needles, but it was on the floppy side. I sent it to my mother, and she loves it. I made the second one, the one I am wearing in the photo, with 3.25 mm needles. Can't wait to make a wool version this winter!

Bonne: "Top Three Reasons I'm a Mariko Wannabee: 1. She thinks Jackie Chan should be GuvOfCa instead of Arnold; 2. She has the CUTEST pink-nosed dog named Dede; 3. She is an AMAZING cook! (Oh what a lucky man is her husband & her bro!) She makes homemade ice cream AND homemade marshmallows for S'mores! I also found the amazing Little Stitches link on her site...

Oh, Mariko, I am not worthy of all the praise you heap on my head! Your interpretation of these patterns in color and workmanship is as ScrumpdiddleyUpsious as your Marshmallows!

Monday, September 1, 2003

Monday Morning Mirth

and what to my wandering eyes should appear?

Why none other than the fabulous Travis Fimmel doing Klein BJs on my very own Rt. 66 Bus Shelter at Erie & Fairbanks Sts.

Now that's what I call *Boy Howdy* after a long day's work...

I send my heartfelt thanks to the CTA and the JC Decauex Co. for their *bus* furniture!

BTW, Happy Labor Day! Off in the rain to work I go...

Truly, there is no rest for the wicked!

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Tuesday, September 2, 2003

Labor Day Labors

I squeezed this out yesterday between assignments. I must say, it was a fabulous day for knitting; non-stop steady rain and just a slight chill in the air. It is going to be THIS, a sweater called *Jazz* from Rowan Knitting Magazine Number 19.

It was not a good day to work outside. My first assignment was on the near South Side looking for a woman who'd been kidnapped while parking her car on the street outside her house. Then she was taken over 10 miles north to a Chipolte burrito restaurant where she was the manager and forced to open the safe and give the kidnapper/burglars the money in it.

It took a lot of investigative work in the rain, but we found her, but were called off with minutes to spare to do a live shot outside the Congress Hotel on Michigan where the union hotel staff was picketing over low wages and give-backs.

It was pouring. I salute them! I am in IBEW Local 1220. Whatever you think of unions, I would not have been able to do a professional job over the years without their protection. I work in a dangerous, non-office field. I am commanded by people who are face-down in a monitor all day, hypnotized by run-downs, wires, and Sat feeds. They often request coverage as if they are ordering a pizza for delivery, without any thought of the consequence to the worker. Like, "Hey, give me the large with pepperoni and mushrooms.* Then they call back 15 minutes after the pie is baking and say, "Hey, I don't want the mushrooms, get rid of them" which means you have to put your hand into a 500 degree oven and pick them off one by one...

A union allows me to reply "THAT is dangerous; I need help to finish that request" without fear of termination. I say "Thanks".


It was still raining by the time I got home. I actually drove to work, and noticed that there were several piles of stuff behind the garages in the alley. OK! I forgot! Labor day is Bulk Trash day for Streets and San! Pickin' and Grinnin' to come after I got off work, if the stuff was still there.

She shoots, then Scores: I found a complete IKEA grey laminated computer desk with hutch top and a perfect little chair to go with it.

It was a real B* to put it in the Jeep in the pouring rain - I had to back up about 300 feet with the back door open to my garage. Since I am thoroughly in sync with the IKEA design brain, I had that bad boy apart in about 1 minute flat.

Then I carried all the parts up three flights of stairs in the back of the house and put it in my office! It was in very good shape, even with the rain, all hail the mighty *I*.

Now I have a scanning/printing section for my graphics workstation. All the hardware was on a very nice but narrow green shelving unit I'd picked 4 years ago at the SAME TIME of the YEAR. From a different address...

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Wednesday, September 3, 2003

Summer Tweed

This is a gauge swatch for Rowan Summer Tweed Color 509 Sunset. It is swap yarn I received for some graphic work I did and I Love It! Corinne, the former owner, hated it. AHA, one woman's ceiling is another woman's floor...

Actually, the color doesn't do much for me close up. But take a few steps back, and it's an impressionistic delight!

I am planning on making a Mandarin collared wrap jacket that closes with three Frogs. No, that doesn't mean I'm going to rippit out three times for luck before I sew it (although there's always a possiblity at ChicKnits for Extreme Frogging - hmmm, sounds like a new reality show that could play right after Fear Factor. Damn, I wish I would get money every time I frogged...).

What's a Frog? It's the decorative knotted button with the swirls you see on Asian blouses and jackets. I've gotten a couple of cool blouses this summer with this closure and I think I can make 'em.


From the Mouths of Knaves: (APNews)The Parsons (parents of 18yo Jeffrey Parson who is alledgedly responsible for the modified Blaster worm that crippled thousands of computers) said their son was not a computer whiz, and spoke of him as an ordinary youth.

"My son is not brilliant; he's not genius," Rita Parson said. "Anyone that has any computer knowledge could have done what Jeff did. It doesn't take a level of genius to do this."

Rita Parson said she fears Jeffrey's age and clean background won't help him in court. She doesn't think that's fair.

"I think John Ashcroft has come out and said, 'This child is going to be made an example of,'" she said. "And, at this point, I think there are a lot stronger variants out there. There's the originator of the worm, and they haven't found them."

MY REPLY: I am a geek. I mean G-E-E-K! I've ripped my computer apart and rebuilt it three times. I can program in two languages. I am Internet savvy. (I always wanted to say that!)

My computer got the worm 5 times before I figured out the whole deal with the cure and patch. I spent MANY hours fixing and educating myself to this blight. I helped many others fix their computers because they did not know what was going on - even the grandma of one of my friends. Grandma is a computer newbie and was scared to death she broke her expensive gear.

I CANNOT build a Blaster worm...

According to Mrs. Parsons, anybody with a computer could and probably, if they're under 21, is, right now.

Dear Mrs. Parsons...

I know you're a Mom. I know it's your job to stand by your son, although his unhealthy size tips me off that something was not right in your household to begin with.

But wake up! That very same computer was in YOUR household and, not only are YOU responsible for your son, YOU did not spend time on that computer creating a virus that cost MILLIONS of dollars of damage.

Your son actively sought out the knowledge, skill and information that enabled him to create a VIRUS. Viruses exist for one reason only: to crash computers and wreak havoc on INNOCENT people.

He wasn't just making a peanut butter sandwich here. He premeditated a vicious, anonymous ATTACK on OTHERS.

THAT has consequence. You and your husband do not seem to get it.

He is not a scapegoat.

If he robbed your bank of millions of dollars, would you minimize what he did with such a cavalier hand?

No, you would call him what he is.


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Thursday, September 4, 2003

a noivous finish

I was convinced this was a disaster! I tossed it aside this weekend because I realized I was not following the pattern for the back neck shaping. Furgeddaboutit...

Not being in the mood to frog, (whawt, me turn DOWN a chance to rippit?), I cheated (oh yeah, the 3@aTime Rule) and went on to greener, or should I say, tweedier, pastures and knitted my gauge swatch for the Mandarin Jacket.

That is the garment next in line after the Paulina Tank is finished, so I teased myself into completing the last few laps in the marathon...

Usually works.

Although I don't generally like finishing during the week because it requires a lot of concentration and alignment, I fixed the back neck (ripped 8 rows), and started Mattress stitching the seams (the shoulders were a 3-needle bind-off).

What a B*! This is ~3/16" ribbon, which was bad enough, but with all the side shapings not really matching the back edges, I made an executive decision.



I broke out the crochet hook and chain-stitched one side and it was fab! But then I panicked because it looked so narrow. After Theresa's nerve-wracking experience with her halter top (although her's was too big), I was really thinking this is not going to fit me.

SO I pinned up the last side seam and V█ila! Tried it on over a terrible sports bra and my jammie bottoms and I love it.

I can smell that Summer Tweed Jacket cookin'...

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Friday, September 5, 2003

the Two Sisters


Two sisters grew up in a river town in the middle of the nation. The oldest, by a few years, dreamed of being a dancer, although her lovely drawings and paintings of fashion models took much of her time.

The younger sister was the baby of the family. She loved dolls and cats loved her. One of these was always in her arms; she had the naturally loving nature that many last-born children have.

When the oldest sister graduated from high school, she didn't leave home, but landed a dream job in a local dress boutique. Now she bloomed into beauty able to buy the stylish things that her family could not afford.

But every once in awhile, on payday, she stopped at a toy store on the walk home and bought her little sister a doll. Those made by Madame Alexander were their favorites.

One was old enough to dress like a doll and long to play with the fanciful toys she never received. The baby was still young enough to enjoy it for them both...


I am writing this this morning at 6:32 am. Right now, my aunt, the baby of my grandmother's children, is being prepped for surgery. She has Stage 3 Uterine cancer.

Her older sister, my mother, is at her side, a survivor of cancer earlier this year. She is going to take care of her for the next few weeks and will love her forever.

I love them both. Tomorrow, I am going up to Michigan to visit for the weekend and bringing each of them their own Mm. Alexander for love & luck:

for my mom

for my Aunt Joan

I know our family will get through this...

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