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Saturday, August 23, 2003

a ChicKnits Gallery Presentation

beautiful Barbara models her new ChicKami
introduced by her very adorable "Vanna"

Barbara from ...what I learned today...
writes: "I used Debbie Bliss 100% merino wool (very soft!) in a purple/eggplant kinda color.

Overall, I found it really easy to knit. Love that knitting in the round. I really have trouble with ribbing and messed up the bottom ribbing, but did the top ribbing perfect.

It was also my first time doing a 3 needle bind off; on the first strap I messed up and did it from the wrong side (so the seam is showing), but did it right on the second strap.

This was my very first garment that I've knitted, and I am very happy with it. :)

Bonne: "Bravo Barbara! I salute you on your premiere outing into the world of fashion knitting!!! The first sweater I ever made was a tragedy, alas, in limbo somewhere for eternity. But you are very talented and I predict many more fabulous creations in your future!

AND about your charming daughter Ahren - what a great assistant!

Sunday, August 24, 2003

a ChicKnits Gallery Presentation

Who sez you can't knit in the Summer?
Not our lovely Brenda, here modeling her spectacular creations!

Brenda from Close to My Heart
writes: "Hi Bonne Marie. I'm finally getting around to letting you know that I've now made two chickamis. I really love this pattern, and have received lots of compliments on it.

I've also made the uCan2 Shell.

Next I'm trying to get brave enough to try the Ribby Cardie, but sewing in that zipper scares me!

Bonne: "OMG - finally someone with as many projects on the stove as me!!! SISTA! Your work is wonderful and you look MAHVELOUS!!! I am thrilled that you made more than one - I have four so far...

Don't be spooked by that zipper thing - I used huge Snaps on my Ribby. OR, if you want to put in a zipper, read all about it in the ChicKnits Tips section - "How to Insert a Zipper into a Sweater"


When Steph told me she was making a ChicKami for her daugther Emma, I asked her to send me the picture when it was finished

Steph from And She Knits Too!
writes: "Emma went with me to the yarn shop and (with my guidance) she chose the colours and decided their placement. That four-year-old has serious style!

Bonne: "I'll say! And she has serious gardening talent - that's a BEAN she grew that she's holding on the right. I am so jealous Emma! My plants are very floppy this summer and there will be no tomatoes. You look very pretty in your Kami!

Steph did a great job re-sizing for Emma, but some of you might not want to do that. Anbody interested in ChicKnits producing a KidKami pattern? Email me if you are and if enough people are interested, I'll write one up for purchase. Let me know what sizes you might like...

Monday, August 25, 2003

Monday Morning Mirth

how to tell when you need a vacation

There are many diversions at my bus stop for the Route 66: lots of interesting storefront displays, a corner coffee shop filled with the few early AM usual suspects, cars that stop at the light with pumping music or arguing couples...

But the most interesting thing is the homade signage. There are handbills and posters for concerts and bands, services offered, cribs for rent, lost animals, and more...

Here is one that puzzled me for weeks:

I thought it was for a service where a guy would come to your party and pop out of a Fat Suit! Maybe strippers are outre, eh? After all, I've seen the Little People, a troupe of short, costumed human *puppets*, arrive at many a wedding reception, much to the chagrin of the bride and the pride of the new MIL! The puppets run around to a LOUD soundtrack and mainly just bump-belly with the New Couple. (Does any other area have these? Is it an American PHENOM? OWWwww...)

Because I'm so comatose in the morning, I never read the whole sign because the only part that faces me is what you see above. But one day, when I was all by myself at the bus stop, I was overcome and stold it. Took it down. Put it in my purse and looked around to see if anyone was watching.

Imagine my surprise when I took it out at home after work and actually read the Thing.

OMG, I need to get out of the city! And I still like my version better!!!

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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

I'm a Happy Cami

Even though this yarn defies digital photography, I am ecstatic over my new Joan McGowan-Michael camisole! (Read the August 8th entry for details.)

Just a little dance for this lady, please...

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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Jackets Away!

Excellent! Since I finished the Mystery Cami I can now go on and start some early Fall fun...

I started this at the end of last winter, then it got too hot to work on. The 3@aTime Rule was not in effect then and I had to marinate it for the summer. Now I can almost have a FO for nothin' because it was about 65% done!

This is made from Aunt Lydia's Denim yarn and I am making it according to a WASHED & DRIED Gauge Swatch I made because this stuff, like many natural matte cottons, really shrinks lengthwise when it is first washed.

Hmmmm.... a theme here? Kind of like FELTING? (more to come on this...)

I've been working on it after work and finishing the chartruese tank on the bus (only 65 rows on #5s to go!). The aqua ribbon shell should be done by Friday, because I want to wear it to a gallery opening...

Nothing like a social event to spur the creative juices! I LOVE having New Clothes to wear to a party? Am I alone?

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Thursday, August 28, 2003

Stand-by Unit 10:
Jump Street

POV of a Chicago Photojournalist

I am protected by my camera viewfinder. I see things in Black and White through the lens because technology in large cameras is not the same as in consumer cameras. It is easier to manual focus the lens on movement and exact point of reference when you are not distracted by color. But by doing so, it might add a layer of disbelief to truly unbelievable events. A filter. A very false sense of security.

Before I had a chance to shoot anything yesterday, I was behind a place called Kevin's Hamburgers in the Canaryville neighborhood of the South Side of Chicago. I'd driven up to a scene, past an empty detective's sedan and parked by the side of the restaurant. I really hadn't been briefed by my people about what was going on there and all I was thinking is what a great parking place I'd gotten relative to the address I WAS given for the rather vague assignment.

I jumped out of my truck at the same time about 40 SWAT troops were jumping out of their carrier 4 feet away. I had a camera. They all had automatic rifles and Kevlar face-masks and vests.

I was in the free-fire zone of a hostage take-down. Right across the parking lot, in the building housing an auto parts place, a man had tied up another man who was staggering about, while the shooter laid waste to several other co-workers.

I just said "yes sir" when the inevitable furious Captain told me to get my A** out of there after he asked me "What the **** I thought I was doing. I did not answer the first part of the question, but the reporter I was with jumped into the driver's seat and I jumped into the back of the truck and prepared for Jump #2.

Before we got much further, I had a huge argument with the reporter about the fact that he had the ba**s to ask me if I shot any pictures. Here I am with dozens of rifles in my face and he wants to know if I was rolling. I'm yelling about how after 911 things are different with the police - you DO NOT question any thing they tell you to do, especially if they say DON'T MOVE. His answer, "Don't give me that S**t."

This guy's been out of commission for about 6 years travelling around the world, not working. Totally out of touch with The Real World of 2003 USA. DO NOT tell me what is safe for my person, when you're standing behind a truck and I'm up front. I once stood beside a very experienced reporter in a similar situation and he asked me if I noticed a curtain move slightly in the house we were watching. I said No. He said maybe you better pay attention, because you are directly in the line of fire. We were standing side by side, very close together; he knew he was not and he knew I was. Now I KNOW the difference.

Jump #2: the North side of the street where the hostage situation was taking place. Two cameras were there; one was my associate who moved on to the staging area when I arrived and one was a still photog. I had no tripod, because my reporter took off with my truck so I placed the camera down on the street and started shooting and before I knew it, EMT people were running gurneys towards me and the ambulances that were in front of me. Somehow I felt a lot safer down on the ground with that eyepiece hugging my face.

Three people were removed from the scene and taken to local trauma centers. One was the gunman. I took pictures of them all without knowing who was who, but realizing with a spiralling sinking feeling what was going on in front of my face was without reason and beyond hope.

Later, when every early evening report from all venues casually ended their coverage with the fact that this was the first multiple workplace shooting in Chicago since February of 2001, I was standing in my living room trying to remember my name.

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Friday, August 29, 2003

No New Threads; No Dance

But only 50 rows to go on a WIP! Let's have one big chorus line KICK because I love this color!

I know I'm one of a minority of knitters who love finishing but now I've joined the ranks of those who love RIBBING! I am actually shocked at how fast I've become knitting this in 2x2 rib. I think it was the practice I got making the Karabella sweater last winter. That one had sleeves made entirely in 1x1 rib.

Alas, I did not finish the Aqua Groovy Condo stitch shell to wear tonight...

I'll have to have a New Threads Friday next week with both of these. Or as we say on the South Side by Comiskey Park where the Sox play (I'll never call it U.S. Cellular park; even the players refer to it as *the Cell*) - I'll have a big dance wit boat of deez next week...

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