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Robert, who is a body-double for Arnold, said on national TV the reason he really wants to marry Lisa is because she looks so much like Maria Shriver! Then they both can be body-doubles! Maybe you'd like them to appear at your wedding reception?

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Saturday, August 16, 2003

a ChicKnits Gallery Presentation

Teresa writes: "Here's a pic of me in my new shell.

I made it about 2inches shorter since I'm short-waisted and used moss stitch to make it faster (purl slows me down).

The yarn is Cotton-Ease.

Bonne: "I love the changes you made to the BoatNeck Shell basic pattern. (Get the free pattern HERE.)

The texture is just wonderful and if my eyes don't deceive me, isn't that Broken Rib on the bodice?

You look cool and marvelous!"

Sunday, August 17, 2003

a ChicKnits Gallery Presentation

The absolutely fabulous Jackie in her new ChicKami

She made it to match the Sitcom Chic
she made earlier this year!

Jackie from Karp Styles writes: "Finally Chickami is finished - after having frogged it due to baggy armholes.

Chickami was about 85% finished and I realised that it was going to be far too big around the armholes. I often have problems with clothing in that area. So I am going to get out my yarn winder and undo all my work ...big sobs.

I made the straight version with wide straps. It matches the first Sitcom Chic cardigan that I made. Very easy pattern to follow. Straightforward design. I would highly recommend it.

As far as the Sitcom Chic goes... people that I don't know stop me to say what a wonderful cardigan it is. That has never happened to me before."

Bonne: "I am not worthy - such huge praise from someone who went to the same school as Elton John and Simon LeBon and is brave enough to move to the Northwest Territories and raise a family! Bravo! And, bravo for the brave frogging and fitting to your shape. I am so flattered that you chose those designs and did such a bang up job!

Read more about Jackie from her fab 100!

Monday, August 18, 2003

Monday Morning Mirth

We Say Freedom!

Last weekend at the Halstead Market Days, this card was given to me by the cutest young man wearing, need I say, a KILT!

But this was no ordinary kilt. It was a Fashion Kilt. It was made out of Camoflage cotton fabric and had several very cool utility pockets on it. He was also shirtless, very buff, and had long sun-streaked blonde hair.

I was sold...

Then I noticed there were guys all over the place wearing the product - khaki, OD green, grey, etc. All were shirtless in the sun, wearing Kilts, Docs and BedHead. Most were from Seattle and I have an especial soft spot for zeGrunge...

(Hmmmmm, Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam, Kurt Cobain, Matt Dillon in "Singles")

But, ironic, find your freedom by wearing a SKIRT!!! Something we ladies take for granted (and try and escape from) being a mantra of liberation! I am so thankful I am not living in the prison of navy, grey and brown that most men think they must inhabit.

And there were guys, all of them fab, all over the place wearing skirts of all types. Let freedom ring!


HERE I am a few years back at the same fest with some charter members of the ChiTown Squares, a local square dancing club...

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Tuesday, August 19, 2003

BAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Bwaaaaaaaaaah!

a champion Cormo - my absolute favorite...

Don't hate me because I'm a City Girl, but I was sooo thrilled by the sheep at the Michigan Fiber Fest that I can barely stand it yet and it's Tuesday...

Go ahead and throw down a couple of Super What the ----'s my way, but when I walked into the Show Barn I was time trippin' right back to when I was 4yo. It was stupendous!

I didn't know every sheep had a different voice! When they *Baa* it's tonal, individual and really FUNNY! There was one big guy there that sounded like a fog horn - he must of weighed 250lbs so there was a lot of room for timber in his body.

I think I really entertained some of the people showing their sheep because I kept asking questions in a silly little ValGrrl voice (no OMGs) and was wearing this with my tattoo hanging out. Tattoos and piercings (no piercings on my person) don't seem to have penetrated to the inlands of lower Michigan as much as here so I got my share of stare-age!

More later - my scanner went Bserk this morn...

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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Festi's Angels

Alien Guard Dogs...

Mission: to traverse acres of fairground covered with every kind of fiber temptation imaginable and search and destroy one's wallet...

Operatives: Theresa (codename: Keyboard Biologist), Julie (BoogaJ), Tonya (CraftyGirl), and Bonne Marie (ChicKnits).

Time: totally irrelevant as were the pictures I almost forgot to take because I was too focused on the assignment...

Report: The three hour road trip flew by thanks to the charming company of Theresa and her handsome, intelligent husband, John. Then, we met up with Julie and Pete and their sweet little girl, and Tonya and Bill, up from around where my mom lives. The Power of Blogging made us fit together like the Special Ops team we were meant to be and we quickly accomplished the challenge.

Fueled by Bratwurst and 32oz Lemonades (about 1/2 sugar if my accelerated conversation was any clue), we traversed the fairgrounds with incredible accuracy and speed. Each operative more than satisfactorily completed their goal; whether it was bags of brightly colored roving, sock yarn or more, WE RULED!

ChicKnits Score: The objective was to search for enough yarn to complete 2 new LoTech Sweats for the coming season.

FoxHill Farm, Lee, MA

Although, the temptation to stray into the obvious was everywhere, I held out until the very last moment (we actually closed the fest down) and got the Cormo yarn shown above. My instincts were honed to razor sharp precision. Imagine my delight to find out that the wonderful sheep shown by Alice Fields, of Foxhill Farm, had won the Grand Champion ribbon of the entire show with her Cormo! There were Blue ribbons galore atop a Large (~5lb) batt of sheared wool with a delightful small crimp and length of 5 inches!!!

The softness and beauty of the yarn made from this wool is almost indescribable. I wish I had Feel-Around so I could share the *Hand* of Goodness...

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Thursday, August 21, 2003

ChicKnits KIP

show people what you're made of...

Where: Letizia'a Natural Bakery
2144 W Division

Time: 7-9pm


the above yarn is 8.5oz of Scandia yarn from the MFF on Saturday. It's a one of a kind dyelot handpainted by Traci Bunkers from Bonkers...

She'll be at Stitches Midwest this weekend.
If you go, tell her I said *Hi*.

Friday, August 22, 2003

Chicago is a Deep Dish Pizza Oven


Even though the heat index was over 105 degrees, 5 very brave knitters dissed the blast furnace of Chicago streets and made it to the First KIP at Letizia's.

Thank God L's had AC and some cool food and bev... We had a blast getting to know each other and sharing our LOVE of yarn...

Being able to express your fascination with the craft is a huge part of being in a group. There's show and tell - the amazing range of yarn on the table was almost too much - especially Corinne's Knitty project which is made from Lorna's Laces angora...

I, a weather flatliner, showed up with my Mystery Tank project to finish. I have one armhole to edge and really wanted to happy dance on New Threads Friday, but I FORGOT MY KNITTING NEEDLE...

Sarah to the rescue with a #3 circ but alas, it was too long for the task. I had to resort to keep working on the back of my chartruese Paulina tank, which attracted a new knitter wannabee - must make postcards. (I wanted to wear the cami to a baby shower Saturday, but I think I can squeeze it out tonight.)

And then came the other great part of being in a group: team support. Mary and Theresa and the others sighed along with me when I went "owwwieeee" in a pitiful low voice. You share the Victories and the Agonies of Defeat!

So HUGE cheers Ladies of Letizia's and see you next month...

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