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Cultural Froids

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What the...

J.Lo says No
Ben swings out at a strip club and she's going to break up with him?

This whole relationship is the brainchild of some Hollywood Spin Doctor anyways. When your career is floundering, you either end up on Squares or the Enquirer with some kind of Wag the Dog story!

Gigli giggle gigli...

He's Everywhere
Bill Clinton has become the master strategist in California Gov. Gray Davis' campaign to prevent his recall on Oct. 7.

My Vote
Hank & Lisa
sittin' in a tree

Corn Fed Beef
4 of the Cupid finalists are from Chicago!

Holy Crap
I actually like the Missy Elliot/Madonna Gap commercial! BUT, let it be known, it's Missy & not Madonna that gives it its edge! Madonna still scares me...

I'm still looking for a Missy Bobblehead - anybody got one?

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100 Things about Me

18. My toenails are polished,
but my fingernails are bare...

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Saturday, August 2, 2003

a ChicKnits Gallery Presentation

The elegant Maeve from Knitting Musings shares her secrets of sucess with us...

She writes - "Just what summer ordered!

Yarn - random ebay purchase. My best guess is
rayon/cotton blend, boucle- rather thin, maybe

Other notes - I changed the gauge to 6 sts per inch, 8
rows/inch with size 4 needles, and fudged
the math accordingly. I also did NOT use the smaller
needles on the top or bottom ribbing- hence the little
"flare." Ummmmm.... other than that, I did everything
pretty much as written, and love the results! I'm
already working on another Kami, with a few more
planned! :) "


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Sunday, August 3, 2003

a ChicKnits Gallery Presentation

The lovely and talented MaryKaye models her recently completed ChicKami for us...

MaryKaye writes: "It was so much fun to knit.
The yarn I used was Tahki - Cotton Classic. This yarn fit the gauge perfectly.

I did not have to change a thing as far as that goes. I used 6 skeins which was a bit more than called for but - I am 6 foot tall so I always have to add a couple extra inches in length.

I thought the 5 stitch I-cord was the greatest thing. So far I have only ever done a 3 stitch cord. This one made a perfect strap - and the way it attached in the back worked out vonderbar!

Thanks for offering something cool to knit. I get all kinds of compliments on it!!!!"

Tuesday, August 5, 2003

the Zippity Doo-Daah that Didn't

I don't think I've ever knit more speedily with any yarn. Actually ribbon. Or would it be tape? Whatever, it's a blaster faster on the bamboo express...

It is going to be THIS. Notice anything different in my version than the picture? Like everything???

Not only is mine a little longer and but I have the wrong amount of rows of condo stiches and ribbing at the bottom. Funny I didn't notice this until now. Well, this is a pattern that is given in German, French and English. All on the same page. The garment picture is on a nice glossy page far, far away from the pattern itself. AND, all the instructions are given as: follow Pattern II for three repeats, then Pattern I for two repeats, etc.

I think somewhere I thought I was on track. This stuff just knits up so fast I went into some kind of psychorobotic trance and just kept knitting and knitting and knitting...

I hate it! I am frogging it right after I write this and am actually going to follow the pattern. Exactly.

Whew, all done frogging. I feel much, much better. And as always, it is not a ChicKnits masterpiece until it's been ripped out somewhere at least once.

NOW that's more like it...

SOmeboDY Scream!

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Wednesday, August 6, 2003

Burn baby burn...

I told you it was fast. Viva la ribbon!...

This is exactly what the pattern said to do. Four repeats of condo stitching. (Stitches end right under the bosom line). Shorter length. Different decreases at armhole edge than I did. Why did I change that? Their instructions did not make sense. But they worked!

This is some kind of Disco Dy-NO-Mite!!! Wear this and you are gauranteed to be a Mighty Mighty Aphrodite!!! Dance the Night Away...

SOmeboDY Scream!

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Thursday, August 7, 2003

ah, Tubular, man...

This is the most interesting stitch play I've done in awhile. The Lang pattern I'm using calls for the "Italian cast on method for an even number of stitches." This is also called a Tubular cast-on and is especially popular in European patterns. It gives a very stretchy, slightly thicker edge that doesn't roll. I like...

You first cast on half the stitches you need plus one, using waste yarn. (HEY, something that can use that brilliant orange acrylic *twine* left over from the Smooch fest a few weeks ago.) Then you do a trickster rib and take out the waste yarn when you're done. I've seen this ribbing on many, many commercially made sweaters, ie. machine knits. On the bottom edge, it looks like a strand of yarn is threaded through the loops of ribbing.

I just started the front of the Groovy Condo Shell...

For complete graphic step-by-step instructions, vist Flor's website where she covers it HERE.

Her complete list of happy tips and tricks is HERE.

Flor is from Brazil and has some cool patterns on the site as well.

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Friday, August 8, 2003

Mystery Guest Revealed!

click on picture for big hi-res picture

If I didn't know better, I'd think I just can't resist fiddling with patterns. Most of the time, it's just a little tweak here and there; my body just doesn't fit the average pattern - I'm a little long waisted, broad shouldered and very long armed.

When I got my Spring issue of Interweave Knits, I fell in love with the cover garment, the beautiful Luminous Lace Camisole by Joan McGowan-Michael. Joan M-M is, of course, the designer extraordinaire, behind the elegant White Lies Design.

But I had a problem...

I can't go backless - too many freckles make me shy. I can't go cupful - Mother Nature gave me just what I needed but not what this beautiful top deserved!

But I just couldn't resist...

I had to have it.

The solution? Joan M-M to the rescue!!! She's provided us with one of the best and most loved free patterns on the web. I performed a spectacular Summer Wedding of her IK lace halter-top and the Shapely Tank Top. I put an eyelet area between the two to provide the exact amount of shaping my unique bosom required. I'll make a thin cord out of the same yarn when I'm finishied to thread through the eyelet area.

AND, I wrote to Joan and she gave me permission to go ahead and do this. Viva La Joan!!!

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