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Cultural Froids

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What the...

Austrian Robert
gets advice from American "Cupid" Bachelors to chill and not make comments on how easy it would be to untie her string bikini bottom. My advice: Go ahead and tell her but whisper it in her ear instead of out loud in front of all the other players, ET!

Sk8tr Boi
gets bounced from "Cupid" because of questionable oral hygeine. Hey, whaddaya expect from a steady diet of Hot Pockets?

Hey Liza, isn't James Brown single again?

even though they said it was forever, Liza & David split after 16mos of marriage.

I think it was probably over the first morning they woke up in the same bed and saw each other without their make-up on.

If you are as
scared of Demi
as Mariko & I

wait until you meet
Paris Hilton

Ya gotta see it to believe it
6ft Tall All-Star Game Bobbleheads on the streets of Chicago

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100 Things about Me

17. I love hot, muggy weather.
It's the only time of the year my sinuses act normal and my skin looks peachy...

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Saturday - Sunday, July 26 - 27, 2003

Great Day-O-da-Morning!

I know, I need a new model - and so do YOU...

For your personal knitting pleasure, the ChicKami is now available in No-Shaping & Wide Strap versions...

These variations are included with the Shaped, Skinny Strapped Original Version...

For those of you who expressed keen interest - use the button in the right column on this page to purchase the PDF file online. If you want to pay with a Money Order or Check, go HERE to get the details...

Thanks for supporting ChicKnits!


For those who've already purchased the pattern, I've sent you a no-cost URL to go get the upgrade. Have a Blast!!!

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Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Roll Tape...

Gedifra Poesie Yarn; Lang Nr. 146 #33 Pattern...

I was scared of this yarn! But it is knitting up like a dream! I think the Cotton/Microfiber blend makes all the difference. It is just zooming on the #11 bamboos.

THIS is the shell it is going to become. The big stitches are called *Condo* stitches = you *knit 1 stitch, wrap the needle twice with yarn, *across. Then you Purl across on the WS dropping the wraps and it makes one long stitch. I only wrapped once because I didn't like the looseness with this yarn of the double-wrap. But I sure like the effect!

And it's easy enough to do while watching a movie. I have "Gangs of New York" on DVD and am viewing it for the second time. Martin Scorcese is my favorite director and I have studied most of his movies for their shot set-ups, pacing and use of sound. There is one shot in his movie "Casino" that I consider the greatest pan shot of all time. Not to mention the Kitchen Shot at the Cocacobana in "Goodfellas" - OMG! Truly Poetry in Motion...

But the historical content of "Gangs" is just astounding. Here's something no one taught me in grade/high/college school! I collect photography books and have had Jacob A. Riis's book "How the Other Half Lives" (Dover Publications) for years, but until I saw this movie, I had no idea of the life the early 19th century immigrants faced when they landed in New York. At one point, approximately 15,000 people a DAY were arriving by ship. On Manhattan. Starving. Poor. Homeless. And the City just absorbed them all...


check out this New York History page -
use the drop-down menu to read about the Five Points area over the years, including Charles Dicken's quote about the neighborhood...

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Wednesday, July 30, 2003


pattern URL in column to your right

This shell has the same name as the street where I live! But it just isn't as friendly.

Since I have this *NEW* resolution to finish what I start and NOT have more than 3 things going at the same time (socks don't count), this project fell to the wayside. Blame it on obsessive finishing on Smoochie the Terrible. Go ahead, blame everything on Smooch; I am...

But, AHA, here's another rather challenging pattern for the unsuspecting. It's really difficult to see the actual shaping online with the pattern's provided picture (even in the larger one). For instance, I didn't even know there were eyelets in the thing until I started knitting it for real and read the pattern.

I ALWAYS read the pattern before I start. It might not make much sense, but I get a general idea of what I'm in for. This gives me an intuitive chance to ditch the whole idea before actual pain is felt...

Anyway, a few people have written to me about this top, especially the shaping. The arrows above show where I decreased to maintain the angled rib movement towards the edges.

The pattern isn't clear in a couple of areas - you might just be making YOs without dec and end up with two many stitches unless you remember to decrease somewhere everytime you YO. One decrease for One Yarn-Over. No matter what the pattern says or DOESN'T SAY...

I also have two of those little barrel shaped row counters hanging off of the needle - you can kind of see them in the upper left corner. One keeps track of rows; one keeps track of the cable pattern. The written pattern gives instructions by Row count in several places so it's good to just to count up as you knit.

Why do patterns give instructions by Row count? The pattern writer wants you to use the yarn called for in the pattern and assumes you are getting the absolute same gauge as called for. In a complicated pattern, this is the best way to guarantee reproducible results. I like it; others hate it. If you hate it, just divide their Row count by the Row Gauge per Inch and you'll have a measurement to refer to instead of a row count. Be careful!!!

I get email all the time asking ME(!) to adjust patterns for people who are getting different gauges than the one called for in the patterns they are making. FEH! Many times, it would require an entire pattern rewrite! The Yarn substitution MUST be very close in gauge and drape to the original yarn used or you might be in for a world of hurt. Say this 10 times gently: GAUGE IS GOOOOOOD......

I am 20 rows from the Vneck shaping. I've decided to NOT angle rib the back and just knit it in 2x2 Ribbing. I think the front deserves all the hoopla!!!

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Thursday, July 31, 2003


I don't know why,
but I feel more like Princess Leia
than Brunhilda in this Kami...

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Friday, August 1, 2003

Summer's Feast

This yarn is hypnotic. It is so delirious, even the digital camera cannot capture it's charm.

It has all the colors of the green garden growing upwards towards the sun. Then the leafy bouquet is tied in a bunch and tops off with???

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