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What the...

Ya gotta see it to believe it
6ft Tall All-Star Game Bobbleheads on the streets of Chicago

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100 Things about Me

17. I love hot, muggy weather.
It's the only time of the year my sinuses act normal and my skin looks peachy...

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@ the Zoo
Lincoln Park Zoo
July 25 & 27

Taste of Lincoln Avenue
Fullerton & Lincoln
July 26 & 27

Grant Park
Drum Circle

I'm bringing my knittin' to this one!
Sunday, July 27
Grant Park @The seated Lincoln Statue
Columbus Drive & Congress Parkway

"Year of the Blues"
Free Performances
Fridays, 5:30pm
Chicago Cultural Center
Randolph @ Michigan Ave

4th Annual Chicago Outdoor Film Festival
July 15 - August 26
Movies begin at sunset on Tues nites (approximately 8:30 p.m.) in Butler Field, Grant Park at Lake Shore Drive and Monroe. Admission is FREE

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Saturday, July 19, 2003

Would Nancy Kozlowski and Teresa Randall please email me using whatever eMail program you use and not the form mail on this site asap... I'm having problems with your email addresses. Thanks!


for those of you who wanted to see how high the Kami back is - here's a striped one I made with all my leftover Rowan HandKnit Cotton DK oddballs last summer. It's taken through an antique mirror so that's why it looks spotty - the silvering is coming off in many places...

Sunday, July 20, 2003

You Asked for It!!!

the ChicKnitsÙ LoTech© Sweat

now includes 7 sizes!

Finished Measurements: 38 (40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50) Inches

Make one for a MAN! A Teenager! YOU!!!

Sorry this took so long; I'm about two months behind on all my updates. BUT - now you can get a jump on that Back-to-School thang...

I'm making one out of CottonEase in Light Blue. YUM!

Easy Dowloadable PDF Pattern:

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Coming soon: the Bucket-O-Chic in Bigger Sizes!

Read about PDF Patterns HERE if you
are not familiar with the process...

If you purchased a LoTech© pattern before July 20, 2003, go to your original email receipt (the one with *Order Info | ChicKnits Patterns* in the Subject line). Request an additional download by clicking on the Product Link that is in this email receipt and I will upgrade you for FREE!

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Monday, July 21, 2003

Monday Morning Mirth

Kiss Me I'm Smoochable...

thank God, it's over...

What's the story Morning Glory?

1. The left sides of my flat Stockinette Stitch pieces are always a little looser gauge at the left edge than the right edge on the knit side.

2. It made the neckline of Smooch bigger on one side that the other. Noticably so.

3. I tried several edges on it - garter stitch, reverse St st, picot, and a deconstructed edging mirroring the bottom border.

4. I did this while watching a 70s Disney Movie called "the 4th Street Irregulars" with my Mums up North a couple of weeks ago. Oooh, what a stinker... Mom was basically ROFLOL. It's her video. Well worn...

5. But it spanked my brain and made me spank my Smooch July 15, 2003.

6. So I did what I should've done in the first place: I made a knit picot edge just like the one that starts Smooch with one extra row and joined it to the neckline with a 3-needle bind-off.

7. Alright now...

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UPDATE ++++++++++ Monday, July 21, 2003

I've gone ahead and upgraded everyone's LoTech to the current model so it is unnecessary to email me. There has been no charge to your account. Have FUN!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

NeoModern Urban Brunhilda

I'm thinkin' this is the perfect top to wear to a beer'n'brat party at my neighbors! Yah hey, babees, this is just the thing to couple up with some low rider white capris and turquoise flip-flops...

I've got some light light ice pink toe polish and big diamond stud earrings. (They sure look like diamonds on the #66 anyways...) I think they're fake. Heh, I know they're fake. But they're very high quality FAKES...

So hold the saurkraut on those brats, please. Even though I'm half-Polish, it just isn't the same right out of the jar! I have to draw the line and request authenticity somewhere here! Geez, you're supposed to cook it up with some caraway seed and pork shoulder for hours BEFORE you pass the meat. You know that...

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Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Super What the **** Wednesday

Apparently I am not the only one seriously annoyed by the new Dr. Scholl's commercial: Dave writes: "So I finally saw that ad about gellin'. That ad exec might actually be a felon. It was repellin', and smellin' like Ellen's moldy melon. Worse: smellin' like the corpse of General McClellan. I was yellin' and rebellin', so before I started expellin' I ended up quellin' the sellin', and switched to somethin' more compellin'."

+++++++ I Give: what does gellin' like a felon" mean? +++++++

Need more? HEREs a site to wander through on your lunch hour, of course...

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Thursday, July 24, 2003

a ChicKnits Gallery Presentation

two more beautiful women in their Kamis!

Gina and Shannon lookin' good at the recent KnitSmiths KIP group in Boston!

Alison, the fabulous godmother of Tank Knitalongs, hosted it on Blue Blog, and took this fab photo.

Gina from Nearly Naked Knitting, who started this knitalong, writes: "The tank was a perfect way to use up some odds and ends I had laying around. I changed the gauge to use up some leftover white cottonease yarn I had. I really didn't know what the stripes were going to be until I got up to the top. I took the white as far as it would go, reserving a bit for the top. I then had some navy blue yarn I got at a yarn swap (I have no idea what it was) and mixed it up with the leftover bubblegum cottonease from my smooch. The back is all blue (not enough pink leftover). I had to switch to a three stitch icord to preserve the last few inches of white I had left. Otherwise, I kept pretty much to the pattern. I used the slip stitch armholes from Smooch instead of the k1p1 because my original plan was to try and integrate the white on the armholes to better frame the stripes. That was pretty much it!"

Shannon is posting some more details on her blog today, so go vist La Gringa Tejedora and see for yourself her wonderful job! Her ChicKami is made from Rowan's Cotton Glace.

Beautiful Work all around! I am just tickled chic to see all the variations of the ChicKami!

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Friday, July 25, 2003

Mystery Guest...

This yarn takes me back to the Garden of Eden. It is so forest from the trees. So CamoCami...

I started this last night - I am actually down to two WIPs. The chartruese Paulina tank has been sorely neglected because of the time-sucking roundabout with Smooch. It also is a pattern you really have to pay attention to - I have cylindrical row counters on the needles at all times so I don't lose my place. The pattern gives critical directions on certain rows, so if you lose your place you are TOAST...

The above is much more User Friendly. It is an easily memorized purl-back (wrong-side row purls ALL stitches) Lace that reminds me of leaves. It is going really fast and will go even faster once it is on the #66.

Dilemma?: the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) installed auto-voice stop tapes on the busses. Now right before the bus stops, a disembodied fembot voice calls out, (flatly I may add), the street the stop is on, and the intersecting street.

SO: imagine my delight when the BusBot refers to my beloved bus as *Route 66*!

Get your KICKS!

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