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Saturday, July 5, 2003

a ChicKnits Runway Presentation

courtesy Lana Grossa Yarns

Dare to Bare! A wonderful way to show off your tan and feminine form! I especially like the lace up front - a little built in air conditioning to get us Northern Hemisphere Folk some Breeze...

Get the pattern HERE. Many thanks to Lana Grossa Yarns for these fab pats.

Just click on "Model of the Month" in the nav bar list on the left of their home page...


you can get their yarn at Filati-World

Sunday, July 6, 2003

New Gallery!!!

I've wanted to do this for a long time, and now that all of the KnitAlongs are going full tilt this summer, it seemed like the Little Bad Muse wanted to beat the drum...


If you'd like to showcase something you knit using a ChicKnits pattern (doesn't have to be from a knitalong), send me, (, a picture (preferrably of you wearing it!), and I'll post it in the KnitAlong Gallery.


Did you know that if you cllick on any
of the words in the bar at the top of the
page, you will go to other fascinating
places on ChicKnits?!!!

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Monday, July 7, 2003

Monday Morning Mirth

courtesy the Shed & Sirdar Yarns

I've been thinking about starting a knitting group in East Village where I live. These guys have inspired me to once again KIP (knit-in-public) in a Meaningful Way. Theresa, (from the Keyboard Biologist blog and my neighbor), and I have been looking for a place where we can meet and have ChicKnits NiteOUts...

Oh that we had a place like the Shed - a performance arts cooperative in Brawby, North Yorkshire, UK. It's founder, Simon Thackray, has hosted quite a few public *KnitOUts* in unlikely places. Apparently, in Britain, Knitting is NOT the new Yoga but the NEW ROCK'n'ROLL!

Simon emailed me with some background: "The line-up you see in the photo is: (left to right) the poet Ian McMillan, Wendy Moorby - the reigning World Champion fastest knitter, David Rawson - the Marketing Manager of Sirdar* and me! The photo was taken to publicise the knitted Elvis wigs and the North Yorkshire Elvis Bus Tour.

*a bit of background info:

My relationship with Sirdar began when they sponsored a tour of a show I dreamt up called HAT - which is a performance of words, music and knitting. Ian McMillan wrote four new stories about wool and knitting for the show and these have subsequently been published in a book entitled 'All Shook Up!' which contains all the stories and poems I've commissioned from Ian over the past 10 years - including the story about Elvis (hence the knitted wig pattern), the Yorkshire Pudding Boat Songs from the Yorkshire Pudding Boat Race and various poems for my venue, The Shed.

The latest news is that BBC Radio 4 have commissioned a new drama which will stitch together 'All Shook Up!' and the 'North Yorkshire Elvis Bus Tour' and will be broadcast next June. It'll be streamed on the web so you'll be able to hear it in the US - wearing your knitted wig perhaps(?).

Best wishes,


Read more about the Shed!!!

FREE Elvis Wig Pattern

Shed and the art of knitting

"Why knitting is the new rock'n'roll"

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Tuesday, July 8, 2003

the wheels on the bus go round and round...

It has been so hot here, I can't even hold a SIP. (That's Sock-in-Progress for you non-*SockDweebs*).

Wool has become my Kryptonite. I break out in a rash when I touch it. Heartbreaking, I know, what to do on the #66?

So I've turned to cotton and am making another Kami. It has the same wonderful trance effect of sock knitting: in-the-round you just go round'n'round. Perfect bus knitting.

Have I finished the Smoocheroo? Nay, I've stalled. It scares me with its narrowness. I promise to cast on for the front today. I'm done with the Back.

Instead, I've been in training for some Fall shenanigans by taking my Kami pattern and using it like a canvas to wrought this:

It incorporates some ideas I found in another pattern and I could not resist the eyelets and the shaping.

Hmmm, it looks like this summer I'm on a Boobalicious Tour!

Don't miss ChicKnits House Diva Beyonce in an upcoming TV interview on NBC Tonight!

Our wonderful KNITTY dishes up 2 count 'em TWO delightful summer tops for your continued knitting pleasure:

Ms. Amy from IndiGirl hits the runway with a very tasty halter top called Cleo!

Matt from Crowing Ram roars with a very versatile tank for all reasons and sizes called Sigma.

Check it OUT!

No excuses now to not
SummerTime summertime KNIT!

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Wednesday, July 9, 2003

By the time I get to Tustin

You'll have read this. And I'll have traveled almost 6 hours back up to Mom's house. A little Family Biz and Schniz on a 5 day weekend (!). Please let it be cooler up there. Or at least, less humid. The rain yesterday cooled the air for awhile but the humidity made me feel like I had a racoon hat on my head.

Except the Racoon was still alive...

check out this bizarre cloud pattern

this doesn't do the real thing justice,
which is why digital photgraphy
still can't hold a candle to film...

The sky looked like a huge layer of moving, undulating Cool-Whip. It was ultra smooth and creamy and was floating very slowly, close to the rooftops. It scared the H out of me. I'd never seen anything like it! Luckily, I was inside; it appeared that it could very well assimilate one if you weren't paying attention.

What I was paying attention to was Smoochie:

I am now 4 inches into the Front, making the largest size, which Rowan calls XL. It should be very easy to match it to the L size Back that is shown. The shaping is very similar, only a little tweaking is necessary.

NEVER be AFRAID of TWEAKING a pattern. This includes the ChicKami. I was happy to read that Alison over at the Blue Blog left off the shaping for her version.

ChicKnits Prime Directive: Measure yourself and see how those numbers match-up to the pattern before you commit the yarn to the needle. Save yourself a little heartache and big disappointment when unexpected Fit gives you Fits. Believe me. I've boldly gone before you and fell flat on my face many a time!

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Thursday, July 10, 2003

I'm not fishin'
I'm knittin'
in Tustin, MI

a resident's WEBCAM

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Friday, July 11, 2003

a Picnic in the Pines...

The upside of Rain, is that it eventually stops. And when it does, in the North Country, the woods are usually misty and wonderful places to be...

We went over to where my nephew Nathan is for the summer, Spring Hill Camp. The above picture is actually a bunkhouse! It started out as a real WW2 airplane. Now it's been outfitted with bunkbeds and steps. It still has the pilots seats and all of the instruments. They are fascinating to look at - the precision tooled cockpit draws a sentimental sigh from a geek like me. I find the hand-machined parts strangely beautiful - I wanted to sit in one of the seats and try to take off. But, I still wonder how ANYone ever flew any plane in the first place.

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