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Harry in Paris
Becky writes: "Saturday morning was spent at a craft store and then at a bookstore (where there were ZERO people by the pile of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It took me precisely 2 minutes to leisurely walk over, pick up a copy and pay for it. No long lines for me and no waiting for Amazon to deliver. Hahahaha!)."

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now I really hate Windoze
Microsoft paid Madonna roughly $24Million for use of her song "Ray of Light"

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Justin & Cameron

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Saturday, June 21, 2003

Holy Guacamole!

Everybody who sees this sock wants it - from my #66 busmates to my workmates. And you know what? I feel validated!!! Empowered even. I've been a little guilty (pleasurable of course) about being caught up in the SOCK MANIA sweeping the Globe.

Yes, it's global. Where the heck does this patterned sock yarn come from? Origin Not USA...

check out the little Sockhaus a German blog.

here's the StrickBlogger webring list
please forgive the inaccurate translation

I had a boyfriend once who forbid (!) me to wear Birkenstocks. He said they were sexless shoes. He was history faster than you can drop your mouth open with disbelief.

I can't wait to wear these with some sandals! This was yarn that I got in my first sock yarn swap ever with the wonderful and very generous Jose from Winnipeg (hi Jose). It is Opal Mexico color16.

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Sunday, June 22, 2003

a ChicKnits Runway Presentation

courtesy Garn Studio Norway

It is SUMMER!!! And I love bare shoulders...

Here's a little sweet camisole with eyelet darts and a crocheted flower for a nice day on the swing.

Get the pattern HERE.

Use the Multilingual Link at the Right to translate. It is very easy!!!

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Monday, June 23, 2003

Monday Morning Mirth

hey now, it's SUMMER!

time for some Northwoods humor...

My sister sent me this and all
I can think of to say is "THANKS!"

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Tuesday, June 24, 2003

stop me before I cast-on again!

I haven't been able to make it to any *LIVE* knitting groups lately. So I've jumped on the bandwagon and joined the TANK GIRLS in their knitalong...

Wendy, by the time you read this you're probably putting yours on to wear to the Toronto Stitch'n'Bitch (hello Toronto Babeees!!!). My Nascar Brain wants to know how many days it took you to zoom it?

I bet 2.5...

Mine is going to take a little l-o-o-onger, although, once you're past the charming edging and eyelets, it's St st all the way. For some reason, this is not as annoying as usual. I've been trying to finish 2, count 'em, 2 other mostly St st tankies for a month now and they just don't enthrall.

I think it's the yarn in this one that might speed it up. It is called KIM by King Filtes S.A.S. It is labeled "extra light yarn" and it is. The AllSeasons is not good for me for summer sleeveless - too hot for my hotness.

Which, BTW, signals the sure reasons it's:

the Start of Summer for
ChicKnits' My Kind of Chicago!


1. Frying like a piece of bacon at the bus stop.

2. Air Conditioning is working (!) on the #66 but sheer body volume is blocking any relief.

3. I work on my Mexico Sock anyway.

4. Huge Construction Worker covered with plaster dust sits down next to me and puts his arm around the back of the seat!!!

5. Without missing a stitch, I tell him calmly to please remove his arm from where it is. If he was a lip reader, he would hear, "@#"*&!!# - are you INSANE! It is 100 degrees in here, I don't know you and you are NOT attractive!" (Actually, if you could read my thoughts, it would be even choicer vulgarities than the soapy ones printed here for your protection.)

6. He removes his nasty, doughy, sweaty limb and proceeds to keep falling asleep and falling on me. I am a hands-on person so I just shove him over. There is no where else to go. It is a packed bus during rush hour. He wakes up 30% of the time and mumbles, "Sorry." Since 75% of the bus is nodding off, I can't get too peaked.

7. The adrenaline cocktail this produces allows me to get 3" done on my sock before we hit my stop...

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Wednesday, June 25, 2003

get outta here!

FINALLY, I've reached the armhole shaping on the front of my Boat Neck Shell. Now the fun begins! This version has a FishNet bodice and is very fast and entertaining to watch develop. That's what's so fun in texture knitting versus plain Stockinette. Either there's a color change, or a stitch change, or lacy action, etc.

This FishNet version also has Breast Pride! Even though Mother Nature only winked in my general direction, if ya got it, flaunt it.

I'll be flaunting it at the Green Dolphin Saturday night. My favorite band from New Orleans will be playing two sets there: Kermit Ruffins and the Barbeque Swingers. He is an outstanding trumpet player that has bridged old school Armstrong with Street Hop Cash Money sounds. I adore his stylings and am so happy he is making the trip up here to tickle our ears - I hope he stays a few days...

Taste of Chicago starts this weekend and maybe there will be some special surprise guests popping up around town.

NEW threads? Must Have! And guess what - this top and a chic tulip skirt will debut in short order...

Day 2 of Hot HoT HOT...

1. Either I or my knitting are construction worker magnets.

2. A huge funky butt C-man did it again today by sitting just too close on a crowded hot bus.

3. I've figured it out.

4. All these guys are working on buildings downtown where it costs about $300 a month to park your car!

5. These Bastids are parking in my neighborhood for free and popping $1.50 for the #66 to go to their sites.

6. Kinky...

7. But still doughy and moist!

8. Get outta here!!!

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Thursday, June 26, 2003

Stand-by Unit 10:
Be Careful What You Ask For

POV of a Chicago Photojournalist

Some days my worlds collide. The personal laps at the professional like Lake Michigan at high tide on Oak Street Beach.

My most excellent guardian angel must've been just as jammed as I the last few days and just as fed up. The pasty dough-boy construction workers *sharing* my bus seat, the heat, the pressures of the deadlines at work; we now have a new policy. When someone calls in sick, they aren't replaced. The work just swallows up one worker instead of two. I was the lucky mega-multi-tasker yesterday.

My *karma* changed from central neutral position to an area better known as potential Public Enemy #1. Don't look at me; don't touch me...

I received an assignment to go to a huge Convention sponsored by Operation PUSH and pursue HRH J. Jackson Sr. This was after I shot, edited and did a live intro/outro on the HEAT in Chicago in a record 55 minutes from start to finish.

Temps in the 90s! Four locations in 30 minutes! Pictures of people in the haze at the beach, biking, jogging, working out at Crunch, the open air sweatshop on the lake where some cute Canadian boys where pumping iron and waiting for an afternoon Cubs game. And the crowning glory, interviewing some hot hoT HOT young, fit, construction workers! Personal, meet Professional... Payback begins!

And continues at the PUSH convention where we seek out and interview the CTA spokesperson Noelle Gaffney, about the air conditoning on all of the Chicago Transit Authority vehicles. After the reporter is finished with her queries, I can't help but give Noelle the skinny of how the air-conditoning is in perfect working order on the #66 but the seatmates leave a lot to be desired. (As in they suck all that air off the bus by their mere prescence...) Couldn't the CTA just make a video public service announcement that trains big sweaty men on how to be desirable busmates?

She laughs and that laugh shouts "Not my problem! I have a personal driver in a city-provided vehicle!" Heh...

Good Effort by me though. I knock out a news conference with His Jackson who would love to see Bush impeached, or the weapons of mass destruction found, and Alabama just drop off the planet. He's glad Affimative Action passed but is miffed it is only by one vote. So am I!

By the time I get back on the bus, it's later than usual and my seat partner is a charming 6yo girl who wants to knit my sock! Thanks Angel...

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Friday, June 27, 2003

New Threads Friday!

Bonne's Fishnet BNS

From MonkeyKnits

TGIF!!! Now Saturday, get here quick...

My only problem?
Should I wear the Black Capris
or the Denim Tulip Skirt???

===== Attencione =====

Erykah Badu kicks off
Taste of Chicago's FREE Music series
@Petrillo Band Shell @5:30 Tonight

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