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Saturday, May 31, 2003

a ChicKnits Runway Presentation


courtesy of Lana Grossa Yarns

Find the pattern by clicking on Model of the Month in the left column. Check out the previous Models of the Month below the current Model - lots of FUN!

This cardie is so pretty, I've stopped crying over my dreadful cotton mess!

AND, did you know,
EVERYONE looks wonderful in blue...

Sunday, June 1, 2003

When it's All Said and (not) Done

Remember - yarn has no expiration date...

This year, I have achieved the highest Finished Object (FO) to Work-in-Progress (WIP) ratio in recent history (uh, like the last 5 years). Everything is done that I started for Winter2003, except the Magenta Bulb Cardie (33% - Vogue Knitting Fall 2002 pg 105 - "Coppertone" by Shirley Paden - Yarn: Filatura di Crosa 501 Color: 2120).

Lame Reason: I just forgot how long complicated cable patterns can take. I actually thought I could whip it out by last Christmas, starting it around Thanksgiving.

I AM OUT OF DENIAL! I can't do just one project at a time! I hit a wall of sheer boredom and just move on to something else. That seems to jump start the old project eventually. This Bulb Cardie WILL be done by Christmas 2003 now that I've admitted I can only stand knitting it a little at a time.

So what's left? HooAaah... I have savagely gone through the Marination Chamber (way under the dresses and rarely worn long coat in my main closet) and came up with only a handful of Stalled Objects (SO)...

AND, these are things that ran out of seasonal time last year or I just couldn't face because I HATED THEM. Some are over a year old. (I'm not counting the Lovat Sheepy Valley Aran because I only finished about 4 inches on one sleeve - qualifying it as a Swatch. Heh...)

1. A Black Wool/Tencel Lacy Shawl: This is entirely shameful that I even started this project. I DON'T WEAR SHAWLS! Why make one? I envisioned myself in my sleveless dress at the theatre shaking like a leaf. This happens alot. BUT...

A BLACK SHAWL is NOT the answer - at least out of this yarn. It would drag and pick up all sorts of debris as I casually fling it over chairs and body parts. Heh. Think I've had ENOUGH of that with the Hoodie Debacle.

SO to the Frog Pond it shall go (r-r-r-r-i-p-it) and be re-incarnated as a SitCom Chic Sweater...

2. An Olive Green Ribbon BoatNeck Shell: I ran out of yarn with this one and stubbornly tried different combos of EYELASH Yarn to make up for the shortage. I had enough ribbon yarn to get to the armpit area.

Now I've been inspired by the BoatNeck Shell Knit-Along over at MonkeyKnits, and have almost finished the back. I'm trying something a little different this time around and I LOVE IT...

Anyone interested in swapping some swell Flora, Cancun, etc. for Sock yarn, contact me HERE. You can use any of these in this Free Scarf Pattern...

3. An Ecru Debbie Bliss Fitted Jean Jacket: even the sleeves are done on this - just became Wool Weather before this was done. I now know if I can't wear it in the near future, it will sit. I just have to finish the fronts, and collar -then BLING! It is a beautiful design.

4. A Black/White Tweed Loop-Edged Long Cardie: this is a project I am knitting mostly on the Bond machine. I have to be in the absolutely correct frame of mind to machine knit, so this will sit until the Muse descends - not anytime soon, because it's too heavy to wear until September...

That's it! Almost a demi-diva...

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Monday, June 2, 2003

Monday Morning Mirth

The Official Snoop Dogg Shizolator

"Everbody likes get presents, know what I'm sayin'? I just gots a big ass package from my top in Chicago; a sweater she made just fo' Snoop. This wuz no nasty Bill Cosby original from da 80's mutha, this wuz a hood on a thug, know what I'm sayin'?

So I wore that shiznit da Squares taping but Whoopi wouldn't let me wear that shiznit she said "Fool, you are covered with lint take that off and wear mine."

When I gots crib, Beyonce wuz there fo' a rehearsal of izzle new duet n' shit. We are singin' "I Got You Babe" fo' her new album - yo' ass know Bee has keep that shiznit lookin gravy in da hood now that she sang like some Opera Brizzle on that Pepsi commercial, know what I'm sayin'? What wuz that izzall 'bout?

So I be like Bee do yo' thing on this sweater 'n Bee be like I'll fix yo' ass right up 'n gots some things her stylist Geanne had given her in WV when they wuz on tour n' shit. I handed 'em back her 'n be like excuse me but that is not work fo' a man now go do yo' thing I has rehearse da song, know what I'm sayin'?

So I sat down across from her wit my Courvoisier 'n a blunt 'n Bee worked that d-o-g wit a piece of stone. Who ever heard of scraping a sweater wit a stone now I've seen that shiznit izzall n' shit. I be like brizzle go get me a loratadine did yo' ass eat last night wit Fat Joe? What is that smell?

She just laughed 'n be like that shiznit wuz lava rock 'n that wuz sulphur in da izzle. I had smoke a cigar get rid of that wind 'n open da window that shiznit wuz getting hot in there, know what I'm sayin'? Beyonce looked gravy in her halter 'n shorts leaning over da table wit her hair 'n bling swingin' back 'n forth, know what I'm sayin'? When I woke up two hours later, there that shiznit wuz n' shit. My hoodie. An original Dogg...

Yo, Bonne yo' ass can come back to da Dogg House now."

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Tuesday, June 3, 2003

You had to be there...

Since I'm already
the self-proclaimed
Frog Princess of the Universe,

it isn't too far of a leap to
become a Royal in another department.
(It's always Tiara Time @ChicKnits...)

Tools of the Ultimate Lint Warrior Princess!

Besides opening department stores and going to polo matches, the Royals, at least in the UK, seem to be the World's experts at keeping a stiff upper lip and prevailing through times of crisis.

WHAWT? Me get depressed because of a problem with wardrobe.


Two hours, and many major muscle moves later, and I have a huge pile of fuzz to send via registered mail to Mr. Dunbabin at Cascade Yarn Co.

Maybe he can use it to spin up some more Sierra...

BTW, the shoe is included in this picture for scale.

The lint brush is from Walgreen's Drug store; the Sweater Stone (a smelly piece of what I think is Lava Rock) is from Arcadia Knitting on Balmoral St. and was the major player in this HazMat Drama. Many thanks to Geanne over at KnitPix who handily suggested I get a Sweater Stone. I paid US$8 for it locally.

I don't remember where I got the DeFuzzit Comb since it's been around since Moose and Squirrel were Must-See-TV at Mommie's who by the way sez HI...

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Wednesday, June 4, 2003

At long last DeFuzz...

I can't believe I really did this. Almost as much as I can't believe how this looked post-laundry a few days ago.

Why would I go to all this trouble instead of tossing the BsTrd? Well, the yarn cost about $8.00 per skein. It used almost 8 skeins. I paid full price - with taxes, over $70.00!!! An impulse purchase, I was very excited to see a cotton/wool mix at this gauge. I thought it would be much like a discontinued Classic Elite yarn that was my favorite - something called Cambridge.

So my major motivating factor was guilt! Guilt over spending so much money on something that was crapatronic. Guilt over not using what I'd pored many hours into and wanted to wear many, many times. I hate being wasteful almost as much as I hate being ignorant.

We won't even get into how basically humongously PEEVED this made me. Even though it doesn't have big balls of fuzz all over it, it has an old look to it & a crummy little fuzz halo forevermore...

Recipe for DeFuzz

Find a flat surface. I used a plastic cutting board under the areas I was working on over the dining room table.

I used the Sweater Stone inside and out, working on small areas at a time.

I used the DeFuzzit to pick up the light pieces left behind.

I washed/dried it again according to directions.

I used the paddle-shaped lint remover to take-off the rest of the loosened fibers.

I bought myself the new Jo Sharp
"Holiday Island"

Summer Pattern Collection
to reward myself and

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Thursday, June 5, 2003

Hah... Maybe... Hah...

Temperatures finally reach the 70s inland,
but hold in the lower 60s near the lake...

Ahhh, La Nina, the opposite of El Nino, where the cool air is stuck unseasonably too long by pressure walls then flips to the HOT side.

I'm ready. My sinuses are ready. And my wardrobe is going to be ready too! Although it's going to finally sometime today (pant pant with anticipation) be in the 70's, the evenings are still a little brisk.

I actually picked up a lot of the stitches for the edging on the bus because I got so excited about almost being done. This is my lunch hour project - too big to whip out in transit since it's been partially sewn together but the #66 was almost empty because rush hour was long over, so there was lots of room.

I was late because I was stuck out at Wrigley Field because Sammy put a cork in it...

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Friday, June 6, 2003


Rowan Summer Tweed Book - "Cinnamon"

I LOVE to learn new things! And it's especially fun when it's in a pattern by my hero, Kim Hargreaves from Rowan Design.

This is probably the simplest cardigan I've knit in a long time. Gauge a comfortable 4sts per inch. #9 needles. Limey tweedy cotton. Easy shaping for a nice fit - most important for a bulkier yarn. Very nice set-in sleeves.

AND, the piece-de-resistance (ok francophiles, just what does that mean?!), the shawl collar...

International patterns are not always the easiest thing to understand. I don't want to name names, but the European-to-American English translations that come with the native language booklets are sometimes downright OBTUSE. WIGGLY. SCARY even...

You've been there!

This pattern was not an exception except that no translation to *English* was needed. Just a GETreal interpretation of what was actually developing. Everything was given as number counts. Meaningless in a mind like mine that HAS to visualize the hard copy of just what I'm producing...

So I looked at the instructions from a pure mathematical point-of-view. Overall, short-row wrapping started at the last decrease on the v-neck and extended every row by 4 stitches on alternate sides for several repeats, then 2 stitches for more curve at the beginning of the collar, ending at the first decrease on the neck edge.

This gradual, gentle increase is what made the beautiful curve of the *Shawl*. Brilliant. No distortion from regular increases up one side and matching decreases on the downside.

I have 10 rows to go, then sew in the sleeves and make a loop for one button at the waist.

My crystal ball sees multiple versions of this lovely design. I have stashed some scrumptious variegated Manos de Uruguay scored at the end of last winter that is waiting in the wings. Hmmm, and some fabulous silver-blue vintage Red Heart Wool that cost $4 on eBay.

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