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Annika Sorenstam waves at me from her golf cart as she drives by in the back-40 at the LPGA @Stonebridge in Aurora, IL. I am standing in the doorway of my truck, hanging by one hand, putting up the 60ft mast to feed in her news conference video. We're almost close enough to shake hands. A Bling moment for sure. Women doing women's work!

Really, this is my Horoscope for Sunday
You're utterly amazed at almost everything you see. Colors and shapes seem different than they ever have before, and you have a unique perspective on everyday things like people, buildings and every other object under the Sun. This isn't a dream, but it might make a really good movie! Write down everything you're thinking, hearing and experiencing. This could turn out to be research for a very important project -- or it could just serve as a really cool memory to look back on.

Saturday - Sunday, May 24 - 25, 2003

a ChicKnits Runway Presentation


courtesy of Berroco Yarns

Weekend Plans!

Berroco blasts off the Memorial Day Weekend with tons of free summer patterns released at one time!

Yeah! Throw some shrimp on the Bar-B
and click those sticks!!!

Here's Chicago's Yarn Stores in a Handy Dandy courtesy of the Windy City Knitting Guild of which I am now a proud member...


Summer Basics


Night & Day

Little Ones


Monday, May 26, 2003

Monday Morning Mirth

just how flat are my feet?

Just need a little air pressure...

my chiropodist would kiss these babies
faster than you can say DANSKO!

BTW - I was going to write about road-testing these socks. They are made of Wool, Hemp & Mohair and I thought they might be finicky.

NOPE! Stayed up all day. Didn't stretch out very much. Didn't bleed...

***** 5 Stars *****

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Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Hol-i-day-aze! Just fun, fun, fun!

It's been my habit to buy yarn at the end of season sales for the last couple of years. Since the Big Eyelash/Ribbon Boom of 2000, yarns haven't changed all that much. Each season sees new colors and some variations on existing stuff.

I save a lot of money this way! When a high-end yarn is marked 50% off and you only need 5 balls to make a tank top, KaChing! I've also become accustomed to knowing the yardage amounts I need for several types of garments that I like...

SOO - when I see a good deal, I can POUNCE!!!

Here's some stuff that's been marinating in Ye Olde Stash for a couple of years...

AND - I get to match the deals with some fun patterns that are new this year in the ChicKnits library (OOXXX fluffa/Becky !!!). Even though I know approximate figures for most of my favorites, the final configuration of yarn and style makes a little catwalk of it's own to make it on the needles...

Stay tuned...

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Wednesday, May 28, 2003


click on the yarn for garment picture...

Even though I always swear I'll never do it again after my torturous session with Dolcino (although I LOVE this sweater)and this nasty STUFF, I have 5 balls of Ribbon Yarn. It twists. The stitches jam up over one another on the needle. Just what the heck is it made of???

Well, this is called Poesie by Gedifra Yarns. Hold on to your synthetic hats, this ribbon is made from 40% Polymid, 32% Polyester, and 28% Polacryol.

Can I hear a big collective What the ----???

Silly me thought there was only ACRYLIC - that microfiber was just polyester wearing a downtown name. I didn't know that I was going to need a Chemistry degree to understand my fiber fascinations; I guess it's better to just stay in dark with this Content.

WHY? Because it is sheerly beautiful - a light aqua shot through with orange and gold shiny (not sparkly) threads.

I think it will look wonderful in this shell from the Spring 2003 Lang pattern booklet (Fatto a Mano nr.146). Super Duper - #11US needles and 14/20 gauge and pre-tested on bamboo needles for the correct ease of movement while knitting...

After I put my little skeins in the ZipLocks, I recorded the yardage per skein, total yardage, needle size, and gauge on a PostEm and put it in the bag with the yarn. THEN, I went through my pattern books and looked for an exciting turn on what basically is a lot of Shells-in-waiting. My brain is Full! It won't remember futuristic abstract ideas without crib notes anymore...

Call me wonky, but this is really a blast!

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Thursday, May 29, 2003


click on the yarn for garment picture...

I was waiting for the perfect patten for this *yarn*. It's called LOTUS by Trendsetter Yarns. It is actually similar in fiber content to the Poesie Ribbon from yesterday but has a very different texture. My friend and yarn muse, Edie, made a cardie out of this yarn in 2000 (also when I bought this yarn - a few balls at a pre-season sale, then the rest at a post sale). It is yummy but I just couldn't take the plunge with the pattern she used. It was very trad with buttonbands and pockets; great for the color she used but not for this combo.

Unlike yesterday's ribbon, which is somewhat sheer, this stuff has light body. The main color surrounds a center, wrapped micro-mini tape. That tape changes from yellow to orange to aqua to black then back every 2-4 inches. It is sublte and very pretty when knitted up.

Might look especially fine in the Pattern "Shingle" from the Rowan Cotton Tape Collection magazine Spring 2003 - finally, a cool, tied cardie with a little edge detailing that uses #13US needles and 12/18.

The best thing is that I watched Edie zoom through her cardie on bamboo needles as fast as Dale Earnhardt Jr. at the local Hooters after a Nascar finish...

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Friday, May 30, 2003


What happens when you do laundry LATE at night?

WHY, stuff gets mixed together that should never say howdie in the same bathwater...

I'm sure most of us have had some pink-tinted socks and undies in our drawers at one time or another. But now *I* have a hoodie that is covered with what I can only call cotton balls.

I made this for work last year out of Cascade Yarns SIERRA. It is 80/20 cotton and wool. It recommends hand-washing and flat drying on the label. This in itself should've made me run for cover because anyone who's knit with cotton knows it just MIGHT stretch out of shape while wearing. Laundering in the regular missionary position of washer/dryer usually brings the fibers back to the start dimensions.

This hoodie jumped in with my jeans unseen by me and the agitation somehow coaxed the cotton content (I think - why is it white???) of the fiber to the surface of the garment. IT IS HIDEOUS!

I am just devastated. I've only worn this a couple of times because I finished it late late spring last year. It's perfect to wear NOW.

So just think of me picking this fuzz off the thing for HOURS & HOURS - it does come off, but what a waste of time! Better go search for Mr. DeeFuzzit Comb that's here somewhere...

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