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What the...

How to Glow
like J.Lo?

If you're still asking this question, evidently you missed the 10pm News feature on a local Chicago TV station. Thank God sweeps are now officially over.

J.Lo gets waxed
more important than a Star on the HW Walk of Fame, la Glow becomes an icon at Madame Tussaud's in MANHATTAN! prompting this reply from Hiz Honor:
"I assume Jennifer Lopez would want to have dinner with me," Mr. Bloomberg said, "I don't know. I never met the young lady, but I'd certainly be willing to."

Beam Me Up
Beam me Down

Multnomah County, Oregon seeks a Klingon interpreter

Is it just me?
Or has Allison Rosati run smack dab into a wall of Botox??? What up with those eyebrows?!

Laugh 'til you *insert vulgar phrase here*
From Stacey Joy: some Fashion Do's & Don'ts she calls "skanky & wonderful"

Fear Factor
Re: sock craze, Becky writes: "Welcome to the Wonderful World of Opal...or Beanie Babies 2003!"

Saturday, May 17, 2003

Sunday, May 18, 2003

I got my Thrill...

In a fit of chagrin, I realized I'd knit 8 pairs of socks since SuperBowl Sunday. If you'd ask my friends, they would say this is not abnormal behavior for me.

Every winter, I glom onto something and wallow around in it until I own it. WHY? The Winter Weather in Chicago puts you into what I will most diplomatically characterize as virtual HOUSE ARREST. Who needs an ankle moniter when there are unfriendly temps and oh-so-dreary skies.

Since it almost kills me to sit and do nothing, I take classes or pick an interest, and study. I call it *Squirrling Behavior*; my friends just call it squirrley (sp.).

One year it was Horticulture. Before long I was spouting Latin names for plants like they were the lyrics to the most pop of radio tunes. After a few choice organ-removing-laser-looks from my dearests, I learned to temper my knowledge and keep it for those lazy hikes up by the Canadian border. Who ya gonna call when a dazzling field of Arisaema Triphyllum is making your heart melt...

I learned Graphic Design at the School of the Art Institute. Right before the Dot Bomb. I was going to be the next Razorfish and own my own nightclub. In Paris.

We all know how that turned out. RAZF F*d. (ie. read BoHos in Purgatory). The Bomb happened as I was entertaining two job offers in the Multimedia Industry and I had one foot over the line, ready to give notice, dreaming of that new, foxed-out chic wardrobe I'd be sporting.

And I jumped BACK. Just in time. Never let it be said I do not have one fabulously powerful guardian angel...

AND, it appears, this winter, I was touched by a Sock Angel. I've created a Gallery to self-servingly showcase my efforts.

What could be more BoHo?

Why being a Knit Dweeb of course! And
ProudlyI Stand...

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Monday, May 19, 2003

Monday Morning Mirth

Au revoir, Fare thee well, Auf Wiedersehen

"Can you know the mighty ocean?
Can you lasso a star from the sky?
Can you say to a rainbow
'Hey, stop being a rainbow for a second'?
No! such is Mango..."

Why, oh why is Chris Kattan leaving SNL? One of the funniest bits I EVER saw was Mango & J-Lo duking it out over who was hotter - bashing each other for real; breaking furniture and Bslappin' each other!

So today, find a cute guy, turn a little, slap yer fanny and snap your teeth. MANGO!


say Good-Bye:

to Mr. Peepers


WHO put Roxbury on the Map!

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Tuesday, May 20, 2003

So Strickt man Str¸mpfe!

Opal "Inspiration" 5022

It had to happen... I am knitting some socks with Opal yarn. On the way back from my mom's, I stopped in Saugatuck, Michigan for gas and yarn.

Gas & Yarn? OK - just fill in this phrase:
*Commodity/Activity of your choice* & Yarn.

BLING!!! Carte Blanc to shop for yarn wherever and whatever you're doing.

This fabboo stuff is from a place called Juicy Yarns & Beads, downtown on Butler St. I battled 50mph winds to walk two blocks from my parked car to the shop. What sacrifices one must make for one's craft.

I'm not sure if I really like the colorway. The pink and orangey-beige reminds me of something but I'm sure they won't woof on the hoof when I wear them.

I've decided that these lighter weight wools might be good to work in, maybe even in the summer. Cotton socks DO NOT DRY en sneaker. They just leave you a clammy, sweaty mess. If you have teen-age boys, it can go beyond the pale in a matter of minutes you know what I'm talking about.

I think that is the translation of the last word in the first phrase on the back of the Opal yarn label. What else could this *Str¸mple* mean; I can't find it anywhere.


the Translation of the rest of the Opal Yarn Label

Opal Yarn INSPIRATION colorways

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Wednesday, May 21, 2003

maybe a 1/2 Gold Star is called for here...

I'll just blame it on Mother Nature but the only thing I could stand knitting yesterday was this little portion of sleeve from the Cinnamon sweater. It is very light and springlike.

So far, the back and left front are done and I am breaking my Sleeve Curse and getting them out of the way. This is rather easy, since this is being knit on #9US needles and the yarn is very light. A real antidote to that Opal, I'll say...

Unlike the Black Ribby, whose body is exactly 6 ROWS (!) from being finished. I am STALLED. It seems really heavy and now I remember why I hate knitting in the round. You have to flop over that huge sucker again and again. Hard on my hands. Bad on my psyche.

You have to remember I am a person who loves to mattress stitch. Pieces and finishing do not bother me! I bow to all circular knitters and know if I ever work up to some of the designs in my new AS Tudor Roses book, I better get over it.

So like La Bonne's Slumpbusters recommends in the Spring (and just when did I start having alteregos?), the Ribby will marinate for a couple of days while I refresh myself with some chartruese COLOR!

Knitting with black yarn, although I have a feeling many of us wear A LOT OF BLACK, is just sucky. You can't really see the stitches unless you are sitting under that special Ott light we all don't own or maybe a Kleig light. This project would be done by now if I could just see it!

I want it too; it's perfect jacket-wear to finish up the chilly spring we're having. So definitely, it goes back up on the block this weekend or whenever the muse hits me with a big fish like they do up in Glenbrook...

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Thursday, May 22, 2003

busta Slump

garru…lous…ly gruesome details follow...

Even after NancyB warned me in yesterday's comments: "The muse can be rough and she don't play. Watch your back!" - I was just outta touch.

No sooner had I finished yesterday's entry about the Stall, than I was assigned to go to the Dirksen Federal Building, where the case of the Glenbrook North FishSmackers is taking place.

My job? Get a shot of one of the defendants arriving to protest her being lumped together with the other teens accused of excessive violence in a Senior Class/Junior Class alledged hazing incident earlier this month.

Hmmm. I thought the whole idea of this initiation thing was belonging to a group; so WHAT's YER BEEF girlie, quit spending my hard-earned tax money on this nonsense! You know what I'm saying here: those who smelt it dealt it and there are CONSEQUENCES in the Real World.

But no...

I get stuck all morning waiting for No-Show; being subject to endless questions by other people and lawyers as to why myself and ten others (including CNN and Good Morning America) were foaming at the mouth and lurking. One really short stubby lawyer jumped my case about the lameness of continuing the coverage of this monstrosity and I ACTUALLY GAVE HAND (ie. the talk to variety)...

This has not been seen in the these parts in almost two years, but by gosh, Hand still packs a punch. I think Judges in Fed Court must routinely give hand. I know they give plenty of gavel here in Chicago.

The happy ending to this story? I was so wound up with excessive adrenaline, I went home and almost finished the Black Ribby. The 10 (not 6) entire rows on the body AND 2 and a half inches of mock turtleneck.

So if I have to be mused by a fish, let it be this little baby here, my favorite, the Porcupine Puffer!!!

If you look at these fish, they seem to be constantly smiling and have a particular love of prawns which is their favourite food. Also take note of their eyes which look like green marbles!...

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Friday, May 23, 2003

Hey, it's *New Threads* Friday

If there wasn't enough a MuseMent on Wednesday, a totally immature set-to with a peer at work fueled me with enough adrenaline to FINISH the Black Ribby.

Those infinitely tedious and trivial workplace problems just seem to fade into proper proportion when you can take your mind off the immediate landscape and knit.

I kind of think of it as gazing into my belly button. Since I knit with circulars at all times, the fabric is usually resting in my lap and I am intently focussing on it.

Just substitute knitting for meditation, and in no time at all a Ribby will appear and you can wear it with your new clogs to work!

That'll show those mean people you work with - you've got new threads and no dread...

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