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Cultural Froids

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This Week's

1. Yo-Yo Ma, who did a wonderful workshop with the Merrit School of Music's String Orchestra. Very nice. Very Photogenic. The beginner's orchestra was like a huge party of screeching cats and he just smiled and smiled...

2. Secretary Ridge, of Homeland Security, who toured a terroist drill here. He didn't even flinch during the Q&A rumble when I elbowed some camera dweeb from NY and told him to getheFoff me because he was using me like a tripod. Ah, what professionalism.

3. 2,000 Hissing African Cockroaches at the new African Adventure Exhibit at the Chicago Lincoln Park Zoo. Talk about unabridged evil - as big as your fist and spitting...

Hazing Skies
in Chicago

Glenbrook North High Seniors initiate Juniors by beating, dumping guts on 'em and hitting them with a big fish...

5 girls go to hospital with broken bones and injuries.

Read what many think HERE.

Oprah is SHOCKED!
School Supt. David Hales calls it "stupid and goofy"

How to Tell it's a Ratings Period on TV
MFTV Movie about "3's Company" airing against "CSI Miami". Hmmmm - wonder which inane show I'll watch. NOT...

Boomers RULE!
how else could "Menopause the Musical" be in the top 5 shows on Broadway in NY

just say NO!
Dr. Phil as projected Best Daytime Talk Show Host Emmy winner. Help me pull my finger outta my throat!

How do I...
get one of those Missy Elliot Bobble-Head Dolls that's in the Vanilla Coke commercial??? I Love IT!

Saturday, May 10, 2003


Mom's daffodil's waiting for the perrenials to awake...

Monday, May 12, 2003

Monday Morning Mirth

"Yo, doll face..."


Really fun Make-your-Own sites:
(Disclaimer: should ONLY be done on company time!)


Every Doll in the World

Mochi Delicious


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Tuesday, May 13, 2003

the Mother's Day Sox

a naughty dog dreams of some Regia of her own instead of the funky sock stuffed with old pantyhose she has for a toy...

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Wednesday, May 14, 2003

better finish my veggies...

The weather is finally getting warmer! I worked most of the day yesterday in my shirt sleeves. By afternoon, though, it was back to the breezy chill off the Lake and back into a sweater.

I had my ancient blue jean jacket with me, but I love being wrapped in my own personal *binkie*.

Being a person of great knitting discipline (heh), even though my couch is covered with summer yarn from the deep marination chamber, even though I read pattern books before I fall asleep like a child with a beloved fairytale, I WILL FINISH WHAT I START!

Of course, that means the Camp Jacket. AND, the fab Black Ribby Cardie I started way back when, needs just a few inches to take the catwalk. After working a few rows on the body, I joined the sleeves and addded another inch on the yoke.

A recent Ribby premiere over at Claudia's now has me mind waffling: Zipper or Big Snaps???

Check out her entries from May 5th and April 24th. SHE SPUN The YARN HERSELF!!!

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Thursday, May 15, 2003

Bus ta Sox

The Dzined Yarn Spring Sox are 3/4 done. I've been knitting like a zombie on the #66. AND, how does a zombie knit? ANSWER: sit in very crowded tri-seat and hold your bag on your lap and just move your hands and fingers. I'm a *thrower*, so it's more like Frankenstein Continental.

The Dutch Heel flap is 3 rows from done, then I'll turn the heel & pick up the gusset stitches on Sock 2. This magic moment is the best so far in sock making for me. Up until that point, they look a lot like Voodo Wristwarmers and really not too interesting.

But turn the Heel and BAM! It's a sock!

When people on the bus remark on it, they always say with wonder in their voice, "It looks like a sock!"


Yeah. It's even MAGIC to complete strangers...

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Friday, May 16, 2003

the Winner

Why I Like Snaps:

They are Big!

They are easy to put in!

They are chic!

They were in the buy bin and a double-ended opening zipper wasn't!

They let me close just one place on my cardie instead of having the whole thing closed...

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