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I fell down to my knees
in fear when I saw the extended promo for the MFTV Martha Stewart Movie - Cybil Shepard in a snit for some Melot for a cooking segment was absolutely terrifying. Of course, I will be watching.

Mini-Cam Fantasy
Martha Stewart, Leona Helmsly and Betty Loren-Maltese (the notorious mob wife/ex-mayor of Cicero, IL) as prison cell-mates. Leona and Betty take out a hit on Martha after they get sick and tired of her bossing them around. The last straw is when she faux paints the window bars a fake verdigris copper after she flushes their cigarettes down the toilet...

Saturday, May 3, 2003

Final Answer

Recipe: 64sts on #2 needles; 12 rows 1x1; 52 rows St st; 31 rows Dutch Heel; 64 rows St st; Toe Shaping. It's really gonna happen!

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Sunday, May 4, 2003

a ChicKnits Runway Presentation


courtesy of Adriafil Yarns

The Adriafil Spring Magazine is online!

Everthing from saucy to office!

Pullovers, cardigans and tanks with that special Italian design spark!


Many Local Yarn shops carry these yarns which are distributed in the US by the Plymouth Company.

Here's an online source: Yarns and...


Monday, May 5, 2003

Monday Morning Mirth

A knitter named Bon had Startitis.
It made her stomach expand with gastritris.
Her stuff sat in a pile.
and took such a while
Her buttocks developed cellulitis...

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Tuesday, May 6, 2003

Spring Fever and/or Chills!?

I would hate to be a Weatherman! The rampaging twists and turns of the forecasts for the Midwest States are so unpredictable this time of year. The pictures from the Plains States with the multitude of tornadoes made me dive for cover!

We had rain all night - then a clear, sunny day, until sundown. Then the temps drop. Instantly. By twenty degrees. It makes you think you're going hormonal - but no - it's just Chicago.

Time to grab a SWEATER...

I finally finished this yesterday. I started it this winter and it just sat there, waiting for, you guessed it, the last sleeve. How I snuck all the other body parts out without that final arm is just genius. But ridiculous as well, because it is my own brand of bad luck. I can't break the curse!

I am going back up to Mom's until Sunday after I finish writing this, so WhoopEEEdayoo, I'll have something swell to wear in the North when I walk down to the Post Office to pick up the mail.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2003

Show me your Bad Boyfriend

Most apartment leases in Chicago run out in May. Moving trucks snarl the traffic, renters dent the walls leaving in a hurry (movers=$75hr), and generally leave as much of a mess as possible because they've dissed the landlord out of plenty-o-$$$ by *pretending* the damage deposit was actually the last month's rent.

And that's when the meanest streets of all in Chicago have to be it's alleys.

This time of year they fill with an ungodly amount of human detrius of all types. Most of it is foul. Some of it is gold. The tradition is that bad goes in the can and good goes on top of the can.

One place I lived at, we'd time stuff to give away on top of the cans to see how long it took to be picked. Minutes at best! And if it was choice, then the dumpster would definitely be dived as well...

Somebody in my neighborhood either left in a hurry or was sick of packing, because they threw a ton of stuff away. Not in their cans, but my neighbors and mine...

Cherce goods of the highest order, as well. Started out, I am sure on the top of the can, then some greedy bas*$?! just dumped it out in the alley. Then a huge thunderstorm rendered it foul.

When I left for my Mom's yesterday, I had to take our largest snow shovel and put the mess IN the cans just so I could drive out of the alley. Little toys and plastic jeweled girl shoes. Doll clothes. Baby toys. Leftovers...

HOWEVER, I was rewarded with three plastic milk crates for the garage garden supplies and a crackle-finished wine cooler bucket I'm sure will reveal it's OTHER HIGHER PURPOSE to me at a later date.

Driving down the alley I came to a quick stop when I saw crumbled on top of a can what looked even from 10ft handknit something. Of course, I squealed to a stop and threw it in the car and kept driving.

On closer inspection at the first stop light, I realized the Boyfriend Curse had struck again!!!

Ah HAH!!!

Off to the washing machine for a second-wind as a pair of Felted Fuzzy Feet for mwhaaa!

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Thursday, May 8, 2003

Report from Petticoat Junction

even the Primroses are Happy!

The Good News: FINALLY got the report from the doctors about Mrs. CB (my Mom)! She is A-OK!!! No Chemo!!! 6-month check-ups and regular mammograms!!! We are so overjoyed it is incredible. This is going to be the best Mother's Day ever! I've been up here since Tuesday - decided to use some more time off to just be around the family. I can't get enough of that wonderful stuff these days...

The Bad News: I lost all confidence in my socking and made Mom try on the first Regia sock I was planning to surprise her with on Mother's Day. YAY! It fit like a glove (ahem, a sock, heh) - but no surprises now...

The second is going like gangbusters now that I know it's going to fit. It's kind of neat to knit it when we sit together in the evening. I can think of her and how much I LIKE her while stitching - that really adds to the fun for me!

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Friday, May 9, 2003

Back to the Land

meet Mr. Mugo Pine - my favorite plant in Chicago!

Next to knitting, I really love gardening. They both have this lose-yourself-into-the-activity quality that I find great relief in.

Up here in Northern Michigan, the gardening days are precious. This is Pine Tree country - not too many real farms - a little cattle. Where I am staying, it used to be Potato Country - many Swedish farmers. I always wonder why certain ethnic groups settled in the harsher areas of America - but if it feels like home, it must be home. And, this area has a very long winter.

The daffodil's are everywhere! I've been digging in my Mom's HUGE garden adding a couple of bushes (forsythia & candycane spirea) and taking others out. I get to keep all the little off-shoots of any bushes and will put them in the backyard when I get home.

Mom is actually outside with a chair weeding amongst her peonies and delphiniums. I've got her looking for spare Tiger Lilies for me. They started out in my Grandfather's garden and are here and then will be back in Chicago.

Full Circle Gardening...

the crabapple tree in Chicago

my postage-stamp size front yard

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