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Saturday, April 19, 2003


One of my favorite things is what the world calls *twofers*. That, of course, is when you naturally get two things out of one. Magic!

These socks are made from leftover yarn from the Fair Isle Sweater I made this winter. They are very thick boot socks from the same pattern as I used for my socks yesterday.

The funny thing about it, is they look so wild when off the foot, but when you put them on, WHOOSH, perfectly natural...


Report from Petticoat Junction: This is a chore day with the girls. Must clean the hut for the dinner tomorrow. All the shopping's done! That Myers Store was a blast! Seemed like everyone from the Hoi Polloi to the Cadillac Glitterati were madly rushing about, buying stuff for their holiday feast. It was contagious - I felt like I was on that one shopping show were you have 15 minutes to put whatever you can into your cart!

Now I just have to scrub-a-dub-dub...

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Sunday, April 20, 2003


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Monday, April 21, 2003

Monday Morning Mirth

Who in their right mind would buy a lime green Bunny Cake? Why it was me (ever-lovin' Shrek fan that I am)! I saw it and thought it was the perfect psychadelic surprise for my sister - I told her I baked it especially for her!

But the little stinker totally one-upped me by pulling out actual little Tiaras for all the girls, which we wore all day!

A good time was had by all!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Let the Fun Begin!

the first sleeve...

Now that I'm off the sock bender, I've started deconstructing the sweater my Mom made for me years ago. At that time she was working in a children's camp in Michigan, so we've decided to call it "Mrs. CB's Camp Jacket".

So far, I've gotten one sleeve done. Using the age-old trick of starting on a sleeve to get a feel for the yarn and pattern (ie. just a very weak excuse for swatching on the run...), I measured the sleeve on the old sweater and made a new one, combining the best fit from another same gauge sweater I knitted.

Here's the general measurements I'll be working to. This sweater fits me very well (as a jacket). The yarn I'm using is the same weight, gauge and drape, so I'll probably be in the ball park with the whole thing!

It's been very rainy, icy, snowy and cold up here and a perfect day to poke around and create something.

On to the first front...

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Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Mrs. CB's Camp Jacket

the Left Front...

After all of the activity of last week, I've been slacking like a pro...

A couple loads of wash, a little leftover Easter food for dinner and, with a grand Cool-Whip flourish, the polishing off of the incredibly vulgar Lime Green Bunny Cake. (Which was actually quite tasty and in Slacker World, a major food group.)

I also made a lot of progress on the Camp Jacket (CJ). Mom suggested I make it longer than the original (which I think shrunk) and I decided to shape it. The yarn is quite dense (and almost waterproof and FLAME RETARDANT! Jump Back!). I thought it would fit rather nicely if there was just a little less bulk around the waistline.

This yarn is a joy to work with - soft and cushy - not very processed. It is Light Sheep's Grey, a natural color of the animal, sorted after shearing. I'm not sure what kind of sheep Sheepy Valley has but want to write to them about it because I like it very much.

Wait until you see the collar on this creation - unreal...

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Thursday, April 24, 2003

Drum Roll Please...

of course, the label says "Specially Handmade by Mother"

This is my favorite part of the whole Camp Jacket...

My mom knit the collar right onto the fronts, bound off the shoulder stitches, and kept knitting in garter stitch for about three inches to *go round the bend* to the back.

THEN, she picked up the center cable panel from the back (a double cable like the sleeves) and continued it down. SO, when folded over the collar pattern lays on the back pattern just fancy like...

After three cable repeats, she increased one stitch each side every time she cabled to get the proper width for a gentle curve.

the Collar...



Report from Petticoat Junction: Mom is getting stronger everyday. We've been going outside for a bit when it's sunny and throwing a ball with BooBoo. Always good for a laugh!

We also walked around the edge of the yard and poked and delighted in all the new spring bulbs coming up. Mom has a huge allSeasons garden with bulbs and perrenials and flowering bushes and this is the best time of year when it all starts popping out...

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Friday, April 25, 2003


the finished Left Front

Even though I took pictures of the original collar (which I posted yesterday), I was not prepared for what developed on the needles knitting the front of the CJ.

What a weird looking little beastie this is! But think of the time saved! Button Band: Done. Collar: almost Done...

No tedious picking up and knitting those afterwards, which I think drives most knitters away from knitting cardigans in the first place.

We had a beautiful day up here yesterday - in the 60's with sunny skies. My Sister came up for lunch - she brought lunch in fact (YEAH!) and, homemade banana cake. Yum.

Then we sat out in the sun with Mom and the littermate puppies, Brother Fred and Sister BooBoo. They are hilarious - I've never seen dogs run so fast chasing and teasing. They had a couple of short rawhide bones and at one point, Fred took BooBoo's bone and tried to bury it in the flower bed.

Yes, vacation relaxation has been accomplished. All I can talk about is knitting and animals. LaaDeeDAAAAaaaahhhh....

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