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Best Actress
Nicole Kidman
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Daniel Day-Lewis
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Queen Latifah

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Chris Cooper

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Saturday, March 22, 2003      10:18am - Overcast - 42f

Housecleaning be Damned!

I've been a bad girl... Usually I plan my schedule so I do all of my *chores* during the week so on my days off, I don't have to pick up a dust rag or sponge. The only housework on my weekends is the dishwasher running a puny load. Somehow, those naturally good intentions went awry this week, and I soothed myself by knitting a cool sock.

BUT: to avoid housecleaning is an art, an art practiced to perfection here at ChicKnits, as you can see!

Avoidance Trick #1: Play with your Computer and Ignore the World. I upgraded the graphics/nav bar so it is clearer and faster loading. I scanned one of my favorite earrings and just went from there! One of these days I'll design a permanent logo but the muse has not struck me yet.

I also updated the links page - put in some new buttons and did some cleanup. The current gallery page is up-to-date with everything BUT the Pea Coat! I wore it to work yesterday (honoring my own code of *New Threads Fridays*).

Avoidance Trick #2: Get Dressed Up. I think I'm in love... I have the Pea Coat on right now. Who could use bleach products wearing new clothes?!

Avoidance Trick #3: Go Out. Get right on the phone and make lunch plans IMMEDIATELY!

Hey, does'nt doing a load of towels count?!

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Sunday, March 23, 2003      8:07am - Sunny - 45f

a ChicKnits Runway Presentation


courtesy of Berroco

Banish Spring Fever!

I love ribbing - so easy - so textural - so fitted without the fuss and muss...

Here's a great cami to make out of the Berroco Glace! Very Fem and Flattering! (There's also a shawl pattern as part of this ensemble...)


click on above picture for pattern


Yarns Available at these Chicago Yarn Shops:

(773) 519-5648

Knitter's Niche
(773) 472-YARN

Knitting Workshop
(773) 929-5776

We'll Keep You in Stitches
(312) 642-2540

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Monday, March 24, 2003      6:26am - Partly Cloudy - 50f

Monday Morning Mirth

and now the Truth can be Told...

Just what does ChicKnits have as bedside reading?

The cool February edition of Paper magazine with none other than that bad boy from Queen's, A-D-R-I-E-N!!!

I told you about DDL just to throw you off track from my REAL boyfriend...


I almost fainted when he kissed Halle Berry!!! OMG!

(Standing in the wings, Collin Farrell, hmmm...)

Ladies: Slicked back must stay neater throughout the stressful evening but eEWWWHH! And whatup with Nicole's hair color? Under the lights, she looked so washed out. Those pale lipsticks and colorways are NOT for TV. Fashion be damned - get a makeup artist who understands!

I was slightly disappointed when Denzel said, "And by a nose, Nicole Kidmann." Just not funny.

The whole humor of the night was rather mean spirited - sheesh, Mr. Martin. Although I did LMAO when he said to the not-nominated Richard "Icky Man" Gere, "Welcome to my world."

His jabs about Jennifer Lopez's marriages was just incoherent.

Frodo and Roman Polanski were not in the building but I couldn've sworn they intro'd RP at the beginning. Maybe they were at the bar with Elvis...

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Tuesday, March 25, 2003      6:26am - Overcast - 43f


courtesy Vogue Knitting Fall/Winter 2002
Design 28 by Shirley Paden

Sleeve #1

What the... I worked almost 12 inches on this sleeve and DID NOT RIP OUT ONE ROW!!!

The allover Magenta Bulb Cable is basically Twist Stitches moving either one or two stitches left or right. I thought for sure I'd mook it up...

Perhaps because I have to seriously follow a chart, I'm actually making progress. Many of the garments I've made are just round and round Stockinette St. I go into AutoPilot and before I know it, 3 or 4 rows are done because I go pretty fast. This is fabulous for socks; really tragic for a pattern :)

I've forgotten what this feels like. Holy Moly Guacamole...

Have I broken the curse of Sisyphus?!

I might even finish this in this century!

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Wednesday, March 26, 2003      5:41am - Overcast - 32f

Michael Moore had PMS (Post-Oscar Moment Syndrome);
I just have an opinion...

Point / Needlepoint

In response to this article by Tonya Jameson in the Charlotte Observer, I wrote the following:

Hello Tonya!

I'm Bonne Marie Burns from whose website you quoted from in your very interesting article.

While you offered an interesting point of view on knitting being a "nesting" activity in response to 911, etc. and a de-evolved step for us all, let me offer you a little modern insight.

I am not a nester, empty or otherwise. I have a degree in Electrical Engineering and Photography and am a Photojournalist for a Major Network, based in Chicago. I am a Geek. I just cleaned my house thoroughly for the first time since Christmas because friends were coming over. I NEVER COOK!

AND, I knit any chance I get.

WHY? It's the perfect antidote to the HiTech Saturation point I face as a human every day in the URBAN world. It is digital, either knit or purl, on or off. In complex patterns, it is quite possibly the most mathematically oriented thing I've ever done and I got an *A* in Theoretical Calculus from Purdue. There were six people in the entire class. One woman. Me.

The concept of knitting being a throw-back to the daze of Mr. and Mrs. Beaver Cleaver is just a hoot! I've talked to and been interviewed by many people (even your newspaper) and the only people putting forth the viewpoint of knitting=nesting has been MEN! Why? They don't get it just like you don't get it. You've both bought a stereotype, hook, line and sinker!

IF you had actually talked to any knitters (in person), especially young women, (who are the major growth group on this hot craft landscape), you'd have found they are embracing some of the things that embarrassed the feminists of the 70's through the 90's because the time has come where We CAN be whatever we want. We ARE comfortable knitting and sewing because it's just fun! Relaxing. Creative.

Nobody's hiding in the house. We've taken it to the streets! I knit everywhere I go - the bus - the bus stop - while stuck on assignment - in the coffee shop talking to people - anywhere I want.

One woman I know has a largish tattoo of a ball of yarn with the needles stuck through it on her upper arm. She's the lead singer for a very cool alternative band called Millinary and her name is Sarah Stollack. Yup, she's not nesting either; she's on tour!

So, next time you want to know about what's going on in the world, get off your computer and go talk to *The People* instead of the *Cultural Experts*.

I ain't scared of no ghost!

Cheers and best Wishes Tonya,
Bonne Marie Burns

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Thursday, March 27, 2003      6:47am - Windy - 45f

Stand-by Unit 10: Believe
POV of a Chicago Video Journalist

Most Americans belong to the Cult of Personality. Whether we admit it or not, a Newsmaker will make us stand straight, wiggle with excitement, or just involuntarily smile.

Just like we attribute MORE to the beautiful in terms of kindness, intelligence and opportunity, the Famous/andOr Rich trigger a respect and good will that the peanut gallery will never know.

Some of those living the High Life on Cloud 9 deserve our praise and and adulation; many are just lucky genetic combinations that look good on screen or can stuff the net 'till we scream. Some have the power to change history...

I met a Nobel Peace Prize winner yesterday. Archbishop Desmond Tutu was in Chicago to address a charity luncheon and made himself available for a brief taped interview.

My partner and I went to the hotel suite where he was staying before he arrived. We moved most of the furniture in the living room. This was in the Presidential Suite where all the VIPs stay when visiting including the past 3 US Presidents. It is a one-bedroom apartment actually, with beautiful furnishings and appointments.

Our job was to set up the 2-cameras and lights for a Q&A that would create a look befitting a dignitary. Back-lights for that little halo on their head. Soft light to model their face and put a spark of light in their eye.

We were all set with 10 minutes to arrival when all the circuits blew in the place. We waited and waited in the slowMo of Panic Vision for the electrician to come throw a circuit breaker.

I was waiting in the lobby of the suite looking at my feet when the door opened and a man was walking towards me. I almost started laying into him for his tardiness when I saw it was Rev. Tutu! He is a small man with beautiful pure white hair and a face that has been molded more with smiles than displeasure.

I welcomed him and when the lights finally went back on we readied for the interview. Rev. Tutu asked us to pray with him. I was standing very close since I had just mic'd him with a lavelier, so I asked if I could join hands. He smiled and gripped my hands tightly while he prayed for the world, especially for the people living through the conflict in the MidEast.

It was electrifying; even the Reporter, who mentioned he had never prayed before an interview was visibly moved. Here was a man who truly possessed a heart of goodness and light so strong he had become a global example in spite of the challenges he had faced in his life, in spite of his physical size, in spite of the government he helped change. Very few have this goodness. You just cannot fake it.

He spoke to us of the dispossessed and the origins of terrorism - how the disparity between great wealth and absolute poverty will create an evironment where men will cast their goodness aside and band together to challenge and destroy those they perceive as the creator of their despair.

When he threw his hands up in the air and left his eloquence behind and said loudly, "You know what bugs me the most about sitting here talking to you? We're safe in this room but people are dying!"

And the lights blew the circuit one last time and we sat in the darkness, and my heart just clenched my soul.

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Friday, March 28, 2003      7:28am - Temps to drop from 60f to 40fs this afternoon

Sisyphus can KMA :)

This jacket arrived just in time to wear! Just how lucky can a person be?! Even if it's in the 40's, this yarn (Bartlett's Fisherman) is so warm, you just need to throw on a light fleece vest under it for a liner. I do this all the time with my work wardrobe - layer, layer, layer.

This jacket only took two years to arrive: first knit-up, then frog, making of skeins, washing of skeins, ignoring of skeins, balling up of a few skeins, ignoring of the balls and finally, re-knitting...

Here's the original:

Just a little bigger... This new version is fitted and has pockets! I had to ration out the yarn on the lapels to have enough yarn to make the pockets but it had to have pockets!

If I ever make another, I think the lapels would look better shaped and bigger, but What the...

It's DONE!

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