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Mr. Rodgers

Sadly, I say "So, long, neighbor!"
to my favorite
Man for All Sweaters...

Ann writes: "Did you know that Mr. Rogers' mom made a lot of his famous zippered sweaters? He said this on a show once. And once on his show, he brought out two wooden needles and some twine, cast on five stitches, and carefully knit them. Whatta guy!

Bonne replies: "The Children's Museum here had a traveling exhibit celebrating Mr. Rodgers last year. It was a mock-up of his set and you could play with toys and watch the program on TV. The room also had a closet - you could open it and it was full of actual Mr. Rodgers' Sweaters knitted by his Mom! There were also kid-size sweaters so the kid's could put one on while they played...

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Saturday, March 1, 2003      8:53am - 30

Stand-by 10: Flying my Freak Flag

I get stuck in the most obnoxious places. One of my least favorites is the Daley Center in the Chicago Loop. This is a classic Steel Hi-Rise that is mainly framed huge windows wrapping a core of elevators. It contains the City Jurisdiction Courts. One is required to wait in a south-facing hallway that year-round is like an inferno. Between the pumped-in heat, and the gigantic windows, you are cooking in an EasyBake Oven for HOURS when you gotta go there...

Episode 1 of Law&Order: the Hall, finds our heroine gasping for a cool mouthful of air up on the 11th floor. She's already taken off her down vest, hat, and sweater and is panting in her turtleneck and scarf. Two crowd crushing interviews have just taken place against a near corner where the CPD has moved the Media out of the way of the doors to the court corridors.

Today is the umpteenth day of the Case du Jour: the E2 NiteClub Lawsuits. The place is swarming with every kind of lawyer known to modern man! Chicago Corporate Counsel! The State's Attorney! The representatives of the Owner. Personal Injury lawyers with so much make-up on they are dubbed the Fake-Bakers because they are so Tan (we have a running bet going if it is really Man-Tan from a tube or the Bed Version under a Foundation Base). They are all as slick as a Georgia goose and primping for the camera. I point out to my peers one guy's eye make-up. Not only is he wearing very thin eye-liner, his eyelashes are Curled. Very nice...

What is thoroughly unusual about this gathering is that the NiteClub Lawyers have thrown down with the Personal Injury Lawyers to gang up on the City's Lawyers. They want to retreive a series of digital video survellience records of the night's events from four different vantage points. They contend this will show the liability of the City in the case because the various rescue people just "stood around watching the event, treating it like a riot, instead of a stampede."

This crass observation is like an adrenaline cocktail mainlined to my brain. I have never seen cops or paramedics stand around gawking at the scene of any tragedy. They are the front line risking life and limb to serve and protect. Always.

While the motions are being heard in court, we wait in the hallway. People either chat (until the baliff tells us to shut up), read, do crosswords, and really big, carry on instant text messaging with pagers. Thumb typing at ultra-speed is the norm.

I knit. I now have my Boot Sock project on the road in my Pocket at all times. I calm myself from this intolerable discourse by floating away on the circs for awhile. It's lovely how you can pick up and drop this particular type of project.

I am the only woman in the hallway with over ten photographers of various types. The boys usually mock me for awhile when they see me knitting - it's a new thing for me to do in front of them and they are really bored. The adrenaline crash leaves you looking for your next fix. AND mocking is a highly refined art amongst us. You know you are part of the pack the day someone goes for your jugular. I give as good as I get.

And, once again, once they're over the ribbing, they all want me to knit some socks for them...

the offending but delightful, Boot Sock

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Sunday, March 2, 2003      7:39am - Snow showers/Temps in the upper teens

Fuzzy Feet a Feltin'

going to the washer and they're gonna get shrunken

I can't wait until about 10am. That's when the rest of my building comes alive and I can make a lot of noise. Sunday is certainly the day of rest at this building of three families. We have an unwrittern rule to not knock about wildly until a little later in the morning than ususal. The fine folks below me have an infant and a two yo and they need all the sleepers they can grab!!!

I get up at about the same time everyday. With or without the alarm clock. So this quiet morning time is the perfect time for me to do some knitting related things. Sisyphus Brown Big Cable is on the ironing board; one front is steamed and flat. The back is ready to go next.

I have about 30 shaping rows to go on the last front - should be done by 8am. Then I can make the button bands. I'm going to try and knit them on like someone suggested to me awhile back. I CAN'T BELIEVE I'm ALMOST FINISHED WITH THIS!!!

As a reward, I get to Felt the SHreK FFs! I finished them yesterday. I've been using the Two Needle Circular Method to knit my socks (that's what you see in the picture Mademoiselle MalteseKnitter!)

But reading Wendy's blog, she was talking about the Magic Loop method. I became curious because my FFs were driving me crazy. I had one 32" #10.5 circular and one 16" #10.5 circular attempting to do the thing. Can you say "Ridiculous?"

So, feeling frisky, I lost the 16" needle, used the 32" needle and after finding a picture of the ML in the current IK, I figured out how to do this. WHOOSH! Easy as pie. No stress on the needle joins that I could tell.

If you'd like to say that *R* word again, go ahead, because I'm going to. RIDICULOUS! After I was almost finished with the second foot, I noticed I'd done the first foot wrong. I didn't knit a row after every decrease row on the gusset shaping or the toe shaping. This would make for a too short slipper when I tried to felt it.

So what did the Queen of the Frog Pond do? Why I ripped it!

So really, I knit these babies almost twice. But they are BEAUTIFUL!

Moral of the Story: Knitting is kind of like practicing the piano. You can play Chopsticks relatively soon after sitting down to the keyboard, but Chopin takes a little more committment...

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UPDATE      Sunday, March 2, 2003

Due to popular demand, ChicKnits ToGo has added a Post Office Box address so you can also pay for ChicKnits Original Patterns using a Money Order, Cashier's Check, or Personal Check.

Mail to:

Bonne M Burns
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Please make the check payable to Bonne M Burns, indicate which pattern you are buying, and your eMail Address and your name and address for record keeping purposes...

Once payment is received you will receive via email the secure URL to download your pattern...

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Monday, March 3, 2003

Monday Morning Mirth

WOO Hooo!!!
Knitty is Here!

Enjoy an issue with some of the best
and flattering designs you've ever seen!

. . . . . . . . . . . . .


^this button^
and let the FUN BEGIN!!!

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

AND for those of you who asked,
here's a close-up of BooBoo
in her funkay knitted bonnet...

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Tuesday, March 4, 2003      5:57am - 12

Somebody Scream!!!

I can feel it.. The soft wool of Sisyphus Big Cable beckons me and it is so cold AGAIN this morning I want to wear it NOW! I think it would be Fantastico to wrap up in this over a black turtleneck and my black down vest!

All that is left to do is to finish knitting the mock turtle neck (I've seamed the shoulders and attatched the button bands - about 1' knitted), body seams and buttons...

Per the history of this wonderful piece (I DID adjust an existing pattern to use a larger yarn), I made one sleeve longer than the other, but it was only in the Cap so I had to redo the whole top of the sleeve - this is what happens when you make it up as you go and don't write it down! I took three tries to pick up the correct amount of stitches so I could do 3x3 rib on the collar. I wanted the purls to hit purls on the back of the piece and a couple of places on the fronts, so it took a bit of massaging to accomplish.

I made 10 stitch vertical ribbed button bands (my favorite) and knit the first one too long while I was gabbing on the phone. I really go into auto pilot on 1x1 rib - I think it's the aftermath of doing those sleeves on the Bonkers Cardie. (Memo to self: get the galleries updated!)

SO, Sisyphus Brown Big Cable lives up to its legendary status and wasn't finished on Saturday as planned. Maybe by this coming Saturday? Would look great completely buttoned up with a scarf peeking over the collar, worn with my dark brown skirt and high boots...

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Wednesday, March 5, 2003      5:47am - 12


Ohwww, all the knitting is done on Sisyphus Brown!

Such a beautiful morning.. The snow that fell last night coats everything with a fresh 6" layer of clean.

Because the streets aren't plowed yet, it looks like a mini-wonderland. Pretty soon the dog walkers will be out and romping will commence...

What's that? No light in the kitchen? No response when I flip the circuit breaker? OHWwww. No coffee?


There is light in the studio. The coffee will be made there! I will knit a little as I write this and all will be well.

Soon I will gird my loins with long johns, heavy wool socks, knit pants, ski-boarder pants, MOHAIR SomeWhere, and a down parka.


It's not even that cold (18). I can get by with just the regular tricked out layers that I've been wearing for WEEKS. I'll just add my snow booties.

Now the real adventure begins: finding an electrician to deal with the circuit breaker box because I had to shower in the dark. SPOOKY!

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Thursday, March 6, 2003      5:06am - Partly Cloudy - 15

a ChicKnits Runway Presentation


courtesy of Lana Grossa

Busta Slump

A little bit frisky and a little bit coy but easy! This stunner is knit with Lana Grossa's India Yarn - a beautiful tonal shimmery feast-o-filati...

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Lana Grossa Yarns
click on Model of the Month
for free pattern

Other archived patterns shown below that...

Yarns Available at Filati-World

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Friday, March 7, 2003      6:21am - Partly Cloudy - 25


Just me, Sisyphus Brown and
my Happy Dancin' Feet!

Join me in my happy dance and learn the Merengue!!!

First you must fix yourself a Mojito:


1 tsp sugar
sprig of sweet mint
juice of lime
a glass filled with ice cubes
one shot white rum
splash of club soda

Pour all the ingredients over the ice cubes. Mix, serve, and enjoy


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