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Saturday, February 22, 2003

Bootie Bootie

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Kool-Aid to the Rescue! I made mixtures of Orange, Lime, Blue, and Purple/Green and dyed four swatches I made out of the Berry-Berry Yarn


Uno: Orange

Dos: Lemon-Lime

Tres: Blue Moon Berry

Quatro: Grape/Lemon-Lime 3:1

(to be continued)

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Sunday, February 23, 2003

***** Tiddles & Bits *****

Traded: Opal Sock Yarn in the Mexico colourways

Thanks so much to all who offered a swap!!!


A Huge Shout Out to all of the Fabulous Bloggers mentioned in "Interweave Knits Spring 2003"!!!

I finally got an issue yesterday and read Around the World in 80 Clicks and just beamed!!!

Congratulations to Amy - IndiGirl; Katerine - Yarn Planet; Ivete - Blue Blog (now know as Knotology ); Kim - Knitpicky; Wendy - Wendyknits; and Marie - SciFiVille !!!!!!!


IK has some interesting looks - I like "Remebering Honey" on page 18 by Leigh Radford - and the "Corset Pullover" on page 38 by Robin Melanson. The side straps could be adapted to be more user friendly, but the whole look is splendid and could also double as a tank.


Because I'm just a fool for Kim Hargreaves, I bought the #33 Issue of Rowan Knitting Magazine, even though I was puzzled by some of the designs I saw online in fuzzy previews.

What's the story Morning Glory? Well, in a word: INTARSIA...

Hate it. Won't do it. Thinkin' if you design it, you have an army of production knitters who make samples so you don't have to do it yourself.

THEORY: this is really a throwback to the 80's when the Last Knitting BOOM took place. SO, maybe Rowan is fishing for some Gen80 knitters who were used to the boxier shapes and wonky color combos. I admit Mr. Fassett is a wonderful artist and lust after Design #2 "Lacy" but cringe at Design #25 "Gypsy Rose". I say, if you wouldn't wear it yourself, don't expect women to want it either Mr. F although it might make you a great bathrobe for around the house...

This is a transitional moment for knitting designers. You see here all of the *famous* OldSchool UK folks represented and some NewSchool offerings from the likes of Zoe Mellor and Carol Meldrum. Talk about Clash of the Titans!

If you take a second look at the designs themselves (especially by my mentor Kim Hargreaves) and just mentally erase all of the dreadful Intarsia littering the garments, the structural body of work is very sound! Lots of up to the minute shapes and trims!

So put on your excellent Intarsia Removing Shades and give it another look. OH, and somebody, tell Brandon Mably to just please sit down...


OR: go look at a back issue of Rowan that remains one of my all time favorites - Magazine Number 25 - Spring 1999

I think Maria over at Handworks Gallery has some. Handworks carries a lot of the past season's books.


Current Crop of Flamers: please understand that I have NO affiliation with any online or brick-and-mortar businesses that I link to on these pages. I don't get a kick-back or whatever you think is going on :) :) :)

It's just easier to post a recommendation because I get many emails from people asking me where to find stuff. So take it easy will ya!


Monday, February 24, 2003

Monday Morning Mirth

In the NorthWoods, being warm
does NOT exclude being CHIC!

Fred & BooBoo AKA Zipcode are prepared for the snow in their handmade sweaters and are ready to tunnel! They are brother and sister and are part miniature Dacshund and Wired Hair Terrier. They love to dig!

Fred belongs to my sister Cathy. She found them both in a box at a flea market a couple of months ago and took them home, then gave BooBoo to my Mom.

Fred looks great in his SeanJean inspired hoodie, but will probably throw the hood down when he romps...

BooBoo takes the catwalk in a striped sweater and cap set knit by my Mom. This jaunty hat will be history in microseconds but was worn with pride for the fashion moment this picture required.

I say, "YO! - DOG! Lookin' Good!"


Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Sisyphus SLumpBustin

Even though I'm totally psyched to finish all of the Sisyphus Cardies, I'm hitting that natural wall when I get about three-quarters of the way through a project.

It is just boring! I have for both the Brown and Charcoal projects both backs AND the sleeves done. Those fronts should just be jumpin' off the needle like a snagged trout.

Instead, I'm floundering about avoiding them like the plague.

This a job for

Budgie the Slumpbuster!!!

And what does Budgie Say?

Start a new Project!
Bribe yourself. Finish a sleeve.
Reward yourself by knitting 20 rows on this beauty.

This is an Aran Jacket for work. (Difference between jacket and cardigan? A jacket is a little bigger so you can wear a shirt and vest under it.)

I sat down this weekend with my Barbara Walker #1 and picked three Aran patterns I liked and just went to it using another plain sweater I designed last year for a basic shape template.

I'm trying a new yarn from Sheepy Valley Farm in Walton, New York. It's mule spun like Bartletts (at Bartletts, in fact) but uses their Romney sheep for the wool.

The Patterns are:
Center - Aran Diamonds, pg. 265
Side Bars - Coin Cables, pg. 261
Seperator - Twist Two Right, pg. 117


Mea CulpaS for messing about with the site - ChicKnits has changed servers and had no idea they would be so fast transfering all the geeky registrar stuff...

Right on! But I'm having a BofaTime fixing all the settings. I had no Idea the site was so complicated...

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Oh Yeah

Today I'm going to have to just
pull myself up by my bootstraps...

We had a primary election in Chicago yesterday. The gracious wisdom of my powers that be dictated that I come into work at 6:30am. It was below zero.

I left work at Midnight. It was still below zero.

I am a wet noodle even as I write. But this is waking me up; coffee and peanut butter fudge that my dear Mom made for my birthday is helping even more. I keep the latter precious commodity in the fridge and dole it out two pieces at a time a day. I set it on the back of the coffee maker while it's brewing to slightly warm it up before eating.

Yes, the High Life is a priority over here at ChicKnits!

I had the tiniest time to squeeze in some quality knitting at the Cook Co. Board of Elections where my last assignment was. I finished off the first foot of the prototype boot sock! It's amazing now that it's done it doesn't look so big.

Several camera people were at the location who didn't know I was a Knitting Fool and one guy said with panic in his voice, "What are you doing?" (Why do I get this over and over???) I wasn't ripping I was stitchin'.

When I told him I was making Boot Socks he nodded and went "Oh yeah, Cool..." That's right, people, camera jags of all sorts appreciate a wool sock. They are getting harder to find and pricer every year.

OHhh. I just am so flush I feel like I've invented the wheel...

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Thursday, February 27, 2003      5:53am - 9

My Big Fat Geek Life

With no discernible timetable except extinction on one expensive server, I've changed over to a new company. I've got my fingers crossed on this one - sounds good, delivers good, seems like a great fit. WoooHoo, etc, etc, etc...

Too bad I didn't remember how all this is really tuned up to the max. Anybody who's set up their own Movable Type or Grey Matter can attest to the nasty little ghosts you get in the machine. These phantom brats are merely lines of code and if you are not a programmer, don't make a lot of sense.

I am a Cut&Paste Geek. I actually took programming in college, but youknow, if you don't use it you lose it, etc, etc, etc...

So, I'm finding these pesky buggers one by one and just smackin' M down. The Comments option is still whackin' me back...

It's gotten to be a fun game now but it's taking away from my knitting.

I've gotten over the SlumpHump on the Sisyphus Brown Big Cable and am speeding towards the finish line. (I think it was finishing the Boot Sock that pulled me through - that little break rebooted my brain as well). If I did'nt get sucked into watching Dan Rather's interview last night, I probably would've finished the right front.

As is, I had to actually cover my face with my hands several times through the hour and hide from my TV...

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Friday, February 28, 2003      6:58am - 15

Friday Five:

1. What is your favorite type of literature to read (magazine, newspaper, novels, nonfiction, poetry, etc.)? Hands down, MAGAZINES! I love Pop Nonsense News, Fashion, etc. I am banned from certain sections of the Michigan Ave. Borders for trying to buy armloads of Euro Fashion Mags and Rags...

2. What is your favorite novel? Really? Gone with the Wind! Also my mother's favorite, she gave it to me as a child and I've read it double digit times. I'm named after Bonnie Blue, Scarlet and Rhett's baby. It was always my dream to Honeymoon in New Orleans (happened in Cancun instead, still FUN!). I go to NOLA any chance I get - it's my homey feeling town.

3. Do you have a favorite poem?

Richer than me
You will never be.

I had a Mother
Who read to me... unknown

4. What is one thing you've always wanted to read, or wish you had more time to read? I have a collection of Charles Dicken's lesser known (ie. wasn't forced to read in HighSchool/College) novels. His blend of technology, greed and the class system never fails to intrigue.

5. What are you currently reading?? William Gibson's All Tomorrow's Parties. I learned to read when my year older brother was in first grade and I was in kindergarden. We would sit together and read. We shared books all the time growing up - he started me on Science Fiction and there's no turning back now...

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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April 9, 2004

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