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Don't stop till you get enough
*I* watched the first hour of ABC's Wacko doc then turned over to CSI Miami then turned off when Horatio uttered, "Check out all the places where an Eastern European with bad teeth can get access to big apes."

Too Little
Too Late

Kim Delaney appears to have exited the show but the bad writing/acting looms larger than ever...

Those SoundFX
How'd ya like to have the job of making those swooshing/liquid sound effects for all the weapon entry and exit scenes in CSI. YUCK!!!

Can't get enough?
Wacko Jacko
Prime Time TV King

No Tugging Please
those pesky
Micro Mini's

Saturday, February 15, 2003     Gusting Winds: 25-30 mph

Sock it to Me Baybee Baby!

I think this would make a
great name for a sock yarn line!

Why does this feel like the Ultimate Accomplishment?
It's just a Pair of Socks. But I am tickled Pink!

I think it's a Form & Function thing for me. I love mathematics. The proportions, ratios, and curves of these things is just too wonderful of a package not to roll around in.

You can see that the sock on the right is a little flatter than the one on the left. This is because I've been carrying it aroung in my bag and pocket folded flat for days.

I'll lie and say it was an incentive for me to finish Sock2. But the real explanation is that I just liked to take it out and look at it and trace it's curves.

AH! Bonne's New Binkie!!!

You know how some people make amulets, etc. for power and strength?

Well, I won't be surprised if the Little Bad Muse makes me knit some kind of fancy Sock Amulet that I can carry around all the time and RULE!

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Sunday, February 16, 2003     Brisk NE Winds keep Windchills in the Teens

Rockin' Redux
Le Mythe de Sisyphe

Both sleeves on the
Sisyphus Brown Cardie are finished!

The yarn needed for the two remaining fronts needs to be washed. I used the recycled yarn from Theresa's and mine FrogFest and it bloomed beautifully when I washed it to get the kinks out. It also kicked the gauge up a notch so the rest of the yarn I use has to be washed also to match the fabric of the back and 2 sleeves.

Of course, I didn't *remember* about this until I was 4 inches into one front (not all yarns do this). I was on a very crowded #66 and crowing mentally about my single window seat, knitting like a banshee, and I was wondering why the piece seemed too stiff. I pulled out the back from my bag, compared the two and the difference was JUST ASTOUNDING...

So right then and there, I pulled the needles out of the front, and rewound the yarn onto the ball. The standing rider lurking above me, hanging by both hands from the upper bar, said with no little panic in their voice, "Whaht are you doing?!!!"

YUp. SIsyPhus Strikes Again...

So to show that cardie who's BOSS, after I finished the Brown sleeve, I started the sleeves on the Sisyphus Charcoal Peacoat. Let SBC stew in it's own juices...

About four inches into SCP, (I must have a *SwatchSwitch* in my brain that hits pause until reset), I notice the same thing about this sleeve. Same goofball mistake???


Instead, I kick up the Doofus Meter by about 10 notches by starting the body part of the sleeve with a needle I find at my feet on the floor. It looks the right size, so Off I GO!

That needle is one size too small and the sleeve looks squat and too wide. It is the needle I used on Sisyphus Brown and must've tossed in Victory to the floor when I finished it's Bad Sleeve. (Hmmm, pile of stuff on the floor, whawht mwa?)

Moral of the Story: When one is acting dumber than a box of rocks, one will NEVER run out of stones to roll up that Hill!

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Happy Holiday Mr. President - please get your $*!#!!! together soon! Thanks...

Monday Morning Mirth

--- SWAP ME!!! ---

Finally, a yarn Shrek could knit with!

AND, for a limited Time Only, it can be yours!

Since I've been Borged by the Sock People, one of my prime directives is to increase my sock yarn stash.

SO, since I abandoned the idea of knitting some Fuzzy Feet for Monsieur Shrek because I couldn't find double points in size 35, the above fabulous Lang LUPO yarn (gauge: 5.5sts/8rows per 4"/10cm on #35/20mm needles)is
Up For a Swap!

There are 98yds/90m total, enough for a rockn' fab scarf!

lime lovers how can you resist this!?

Send me your proposals HERE

Will decide this Sunday!


Stuff with a Lime Twist!


#4 & #13 - Just Plain Cool


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UPDATE     Monday, February 17, 2003

WOW! My sister is up on eBay with one of her dolls!
this is the cutest...

click here for auction

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Yes, gauge matters...

Since this sweater took two years to finish,
it gets an honorary place in the
Sisyphus Hall of Shame!

It was refreshing to knit with a smaller yarn (ie. smaller gauge) and even more refreshing to wear it. Feels like butta - this is the *Sweet* sweater from an old Rowan mag that I girlied up even more with double ruffles around the neckline.

This is from the night of my birthday - a co-worker took the pic. Usually I'm dressed like a construction worker, so this little session caused a mini-gaper's block. A couple of people didn't know who I was. A salesman tried to hit on me...

Although it might be an outfit more suited for the color-blind suitor, I wonder what would happen if I mixed those red shoes with this girly sweater! OWwww...

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Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Stand-by 10: Chicago on Bended Knee
POV of a Video Photojournalist

Even those who had no will to be respectful reflexively bowed their heads when they passed this makeshift memorial. Like many tragic places in the past few years, this site was growing by the minute with flowers, balloons, toys, and signs. Empty-handed curious still needed to look down to see the details of the messages of love and regret those giving had left behind.

Accidents bring out the best and worst in people.

Like the Famous Rhyming Minister who arrived open-handed, just offering a "People, people, people, let,s not rush to judgment" message. He was shortly followed by several Not-Famous Neighborhood Reverends who called him point-blank "a Rattlesnake" since he and his "clout-heavy" friends were supposedly responsible for keeping the place open in the midst of failed inspections and scandal.

The Fire Chief swore openly at the Club Owners who were in contempt of a court order to shut down operation of the second floor dance hall.

The Police revealed the large number of violent incidents inside and outside the club; about 80 reported crimes, 3 wrongful death lawsuits, letters to officials warning of over-crowding and potential consequence. One woman revealed on a normal night, it took over 45 minutes to leave by the front door, the only door.

The Party Organizer hurriedly left town and left behind the Wind this City is known for the mammoth Blame Game now whirling through all quarters swallowing whole the mourners, the media and the meaning of any of these young people,s lives.

I spent the whole day at the Epitome Club yesterday with the media videotaping the scene and shooting live reports for several shows and cities. When I had a moment, I visited the memorial without my camera and began to read the messages on the signs and toys.

If you followed the overflow of flowers into the alley between buildings, you suddenly came to 21 2-ft crosses lying on the ground along the wall of the club. Each was marked with the name of one of the deceased. I wrote the names of two people on a napkin in my pocket. They were both 21.

It,s become my ritual to do this at scenes where people have passed away. Since there can be lengthy breaks between hits, I occupy my hands with some knitting and my mind with respect and reverence for those left behind - the families and friends. Call it energy, spirituality or meditation. I just call it prayer.

Knitting and prayer go hand in hand. On 9/11, I prayed with all my energy for those who might be buried alive and without hope. Yesterday, I prayed for the families who by circumstance were now the victims of a catastrophic loss.

I was turning the heel on the third sock I've ever made when a young woman came up to the window of my truck and placed a photo against the glass, eye level to me.

She begged me to take a shot of the young man in the photo because she was afraid he would be forgotten. She had seen others on televised reports and wanted to let people who knew him know what had happened and that he was with them no longer. She was crying and telling me that no one else was interested and had chased her off.

I took the picture and videotaped it then wrote down the details of their family. I used the paper I'd pulled out of my pocket when I was standing by the crosses.

I wrote the name she gave me under the name I'd taken from one of the crosses. They were the same.

David Jones, age 21.


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Thursday, February 20, 2003

Sock People Nation

Yes, I knew it would be addictive.
I just didn't know it would be sooo much fun.

I had President's Day off this year and in honor of the *Father's* of our nation, I decided to do some birthin' of my own.

As many of you know, knitting a wardrobe is mainly not cheaper than buying a wardrobe.

UNLESS you are crafty...

AND, if you're a knitter, you're already crafty!!!

So I have been digging through my stash and found some *Pennies for Pounds* type yarn that I am experimenting with. It is 100% wool, light worsted/DK weight, normally knit at 5sts /inch.

I am cruelly knitting it at 6st/inch on #3 needles and trying to design the Perfect Boot Sock to fit MY foot.

My periogi's (my friend Di's husband calls feet periogi's because sometimes they look all pale and puffy like Polish dumplings) are sorta (right) wide and square. I have FLESHY HEELS!

So I measured my feet and have been attempting to make the prototype Boot Sock this week as my Pocket Project.

Everything was going well until I turned the Heel and started to Make the Gusset (I love that word, I don't know why). This occurred on the #66 and caused a small head-turning in the back of the bus (10+ count with raised eyebrows).

By the time I finished the Gusset Decreases, this sock looked like it could almost fit Monsieur Shrek! So, when I got to a spot where I wouldn't possibly offend with naked feet, I whipped off my boot and sock and tried it on.


I guess it was an optical illusion that made me think it was too big. I am knitting it very firmly, so it doesn't draw in on itself the way my first pair did. AND, you know, even if it is a little big, it might shrink because I plan on showing these babies no mercy in the washer.

Just wait till you see what comes next...

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Friday, February 21, 2003

Birth of a Boot Sock Nation


Everybody who's tried eBay eventually ends up with some Throw-of-the-Dice Yarn...

You buy most things on faith alone - can't touch, can't see, can't smell (oh yeah!)!

I was lucky enough to get some of the above yarn on one of my gambles. YES, it's bright and bold (looks just like it's picture). It's also very good quality and cheap as dirt!

Heh, it is the perfect Artist's Palette for KOOL-AID Dyeing!

I am making my Prototype Boot Sock out of this wonderful and wacky yarn and then will dye the pairs to get an excellent variety of colors. In the K-A dying workshop I took last winter, the instructor used a pair of socks she made as an example of colorfastness. She's washed them over 100 times. She made 3 socks out of the same wool and kept one back for comparison.

Besides a minimal amount of wear, they were VERY close in color after all that abuse!

(to be continued)

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April 9, 2004

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