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Tough Love
CL gets arrested at Heathrow Airport for calling a flight attendant a *B*

Fool for Love
L. F. Boyle's get-up at the GGs was a joke because she supposedly found paramour JN in flagrante with a *dancer* while they were together on a vacation in December. ChicKnits predicts he will be wearing it at some point because it looked rather large...

Fool for Spelling
I just spellChecked *inflagrante* and the only word that came up was *inelegant*

Fool for Attention
Courtney Love gets a bikini wax in a room full of people for a Q magazine shoot

Fool for Target
Mwah: Milk, cookies,
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Saturday, February 1, 2003

gimmee my fuzzy feet fuzzy feet, fuzzy feet...

presenting, drumroll,please
the most excellent yarn
to make my
Global Fuzzy Feet
hereby dubbed:

Pieds Velus de Shrek

in honor of my Hero
the one and only
Monsieur SHREK!!!

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Sunday, February 2, 2003

a ChicKnits Runway Presentation

courtesy of Rowan

a girl can dream can't she...

all the new books from the
ROWAN/Jaeger Design Team!
for Spring 2003

I am really loving Martin Storey's designs. Very chic and up to the minute without that Retro Hangover we've been seeing!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Colourway UK

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Monday, February 3, 2003

Monday Morning Mirth

Meet BooBoo (AKA ZipCode)

DISCLAIMER: this is NorthWoods Humor!

That only means that those of you lucky enough to live south of Cleveland might find this just goofy...

I can't have a dog where I'm at so I live vicariously through my friends and family's pets!

This is my Mom's new puppy BooBoo (although she is called ZipCode more often than not. This is MomSpeak for *yup she's a real naughty dog*.) She is half Dacshund and half Wired Hair Terrier - just a tiny thing.

BUT - even though she's so little, she's been relishing the over 14" of snow on the ground UpNOrth in Michigan (Hi Tanya!) and frolicking in the winter wonderland.

ZipCOde goes out and plows trenches then races around and around. You can't see her because the ditches she makes are higher than her. She's made a virtual race track out of the front yard - using the same trenches over and over.

A couple of days ago, she showed up at the door, minus her new sweater and just frosted with snow. After a lookSee, her missing coat was found on a low limb of a big pine tree - the branch entering the neck and continuing straight through the back. It was perfectly hung as if on a hanger!

BooBOo must have hit the branch going Full Tilt Ram!

Happy Chinese New YEar!

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Tuesday, February 4, 2003 - People - Start your Fuzzy Feet Engines!!!

Sysiphus Brown

I'm actually starting to enjoy myself...

This is the yarn from 2000 I ripped out in the Sunday Frog Fest with Theresa a couple of weeks ago. I decided to make a long sweater with big cables (every 18 rows).

This is a double Sysiphus. I make the sweater over and over AND wear it to work (eventually - but it's going pretty fast: the back and one sleeve up to the cap are done).

Since the holidays are over, I am concentrating on stuff I can wear every day while outside. This cardie is being made out of Bartlett Fisherman Wool which I've been told just gets better the more you wear the sweaters made out of it: tough enough, ages well, looks good.

That's *THE* recipe for extreme wear under my black down vest with a scarf and turtleneck - layering deluxe.

I've made many sweaters out of foo-foo yarn that don't get much wear. This year, I decided to start styling my work wardrobe to reflect my *after school look* of more class and pizazz.

BUT, the yarn has to take the punishment my job hands out. I'm keeping my fingers crossed this will do the trick. I've got a black one in the wings!

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Wednesday, February 5, 2003     Temperature: 9® F

Why Shrek REALLY is my HERO...

Last night my furnace died...

When I came home after work and entered the apartment, the temps were not that different than the outside - single digits and my nose did not like it! Like many really fair-skinned freckly folk, my nose gets tomato red in the cold. My cheeks flare ruddy like Prince William (eek - couldn't think of anyone else you might remember who flushs like that) and sometimes it scares people. Imagine...

I futzed with the furnace until it made me yell, "UNCLE!" and I got on the phone to call *The Dreaded 24-HOUR FURNACE GUY*. Get ready to watch your wallet need a tourniquet; it will be bleeding $$$$$ like a river...

So I waited in my down vest and TWO mohair sweaters, knitting on the first of my Shrek FUzzy FeET! It kept me focused away from my pitiful condition and made my hands warm and toasty.

Even when I was handed the bill, I was calm (relatively speaking for a city girl) and receptive. Walter the Furnace Guy showed me two little holes that the contractor had neglected to block. They created a little vacuum that blew out the gas after it lit the "torches" in the furnace. He fashioned a sheet metal *bandaid* for it and it works beautifully. Thank you Walter for braving the weather and giving your evening to all the other chilly ones.

It was only after he left I remembered the weird piece of silly putty I found earlier on the floor of the furnace box when I was trying to fix it myself. Cutting corners: the new(old) Universal Way of Doing Business...

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Thursday, February 6, 2003     Temperature: 9® F@6:23am

Tales from the #66: Shrek and all That...
la logique brouillÃs de chicknits

The Windy City. Below zero Wind Chill Factors for weeks on end. The oh-so-everfresh windtunnels in the streets between highrise office buildings that flatten the unaware pedestrian. Breeze so breathy it lifts fully loaded yard-long flower boxes from your second floor deck and pitches them into your neighbor's ground-level garden.

Chicago has all that and more.

You see, that is because referring to Chicago as "the Windy City" because of a weather characteristic is a misnomer.

Historically, we are the Windy City because WE Have So MANY GasBag Politicians. Our 50 Member City Council could inflate the GoodYear Blimp just by simultaneously exhaling. One of the current El Ni™o's on the table led to a depression of the thermocline in the Downtown Business area while raising the thermocline in the City of Chicago Treasury.

To wit (from the Campaign for Better Transit): "Over 2000 new bus shelters will be constructed in Chicago in 2003 in what city officials are calling an æunprecedented deal¾ with JC Decaux ... which they refer to as æstreet furniture,¾ at no cost to the City in exchange for the right to sell advertising on these structures. The City is to receive a share of these advertising revenues as well, estimated to be $300 million over the next 20 years."

The large ads on one side of the shelter coupled with the fact that this was pushed through as a no-bid contract (costing a kick-back of about $30Million in city provided electricity) is the catalyst raising the blood pressure of many an upscale merchant. The high-end retailers on the Mag Mile call the ads tacky and claim they impair the impact of their expensive, designer window displays on those walking by.

What the!!!

People who ride the bus generally don't shop Ermenegildo Zegna or Bulgari. They are the working class in the neighborhood on their way home. They surely need a place to wait out of the wind.

One intrepidite wrote me asking, "Whaddup with the Shrek Binge?"

Here is my Bus Stop with its new Shelter
trÒs Chic = trÒs SHrek = trÒs Feet...

click on different picture areas for larger pictures...

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Friday, February 7, 2003     Temperature: 10® F@6:27am

Can't stop Froggin'...

I couldn't help myself! Even though the temps are still single digit most of the time and glamour has taken a holiday, I had to do it...

The infamous Teletubbie Hoodie caused so many fibulously ridiculous comments by my co-workers whenever I wore it this year, I decided it had to work for me in another way. Like, maybe, a Bucket Hat!

Why waste this luscious color combo (one strand dusty aqua and one strand ocean mohair) on shoveling snow or bunching around my neck? And, to be absolutely honest although indelicate, mohair around the mouth and nose is a disaster and you will be pickin' and scratchn' the entire time you wear it!

SO I knit the bucket right from the top of the snood. I did save the pompom for future fun!

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