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where did she get that nasty outfit - maybe Sharon Stone's closet?

ruled the stage in her very cool outfit - buff and struttt

WHY take AWAY the ONLY reason *I* watch the SuperBowl
Local TV news "previews" the SuperBowl Sunday Commercials

SuperBowl VI 1972 HalfTime Show
Salute to Louis Armstrong:
Ella Fitzgerald, Carol Channing, Al Hirt & U.S. Marine Corps Drill Team

SuperBowl XXXVII 2003 HalfTime Show
Gwen Stefani &
Shania Twain
*OH I hope they do a Duet!*
*OH maybe we'll see Gavin*
*OH who cares!*


Saturday, January 25, 2003

Stand-by 10: Part 2

Ripped from the Headlines!!!
All Crime All the Time!!!

As one of the probable minority of people in the USA without cable or a sat dish, I watch local TV. Network Progamming, Newscasts, Sports, geeky Saturday afternoon SciFi Movies on WCIU, hosted by Son of Svenghoulie, Korean and/or Polish Soap Operas, Hispanic Game Shows; nothing is safe from my remote control.

I've even made my Home Page one that immediately gives the TV Viewing Schedule for the day/evening. It's in grid form and if you read it vertically, during primetime, it looks like what we call in the News Biz a Police Blotter. This is Old School Dragnet Talk for the real "Ripped from the Headlines" Page 6 or whatever is logged in the local reports from the various CPD District House records.

Chicago even has local neighborhood papers which print page after page of these fascinating logs reporting real interviews such as: "Victim says he/she was hit from behind by unknown assailant after leaving the Lovehunt Tavern at 4:15 am Saturday morning. He/she says he/she is missing his/her wallet/purse containing $40.00 and is missing a 1 carat diamond ear stud. He/she thinks he/she was unconscious for about an hour and suffered multiple abrasions about the right side of his/her face when he/she hit the sidewalk."

We just CANTgetENOUGH of this stuff. NBC could just become an entire Law & Order Franchise Network. Just add a couple of more spin-offs and the whole primetime line-up for the week is taken care of.

I nominate a new Series called "Law & Order: BLT". Since it is now cool for Hollywood Players to do a few fey turns on the tube, I'd cast Al Pacino and Harvey Keitel as corrupt Bad Lieutenants and let them shake down and manhandle New York (sorry NY!) like Detective Brisco really wants to...

I would also start a series originating in Chicago. It could be called "Law & Order: the Hall". Pound-for-Pound, in the greater Metropolitan Chicago Area, we have more elected/appointed goverment officials on trial than any other major city.

My entire day Wednesday was at the Everett Dirksen Federal Building, working on not one, but 7 cases. This Mies van der Rohe high-rise is home to about 21 floors of courtrooms and offices filled to the brim with grim trials mainly dealing with officials that have SPENT MY TAX MONEY in some audacious and silly way. I wait on the First Floor with the rest of the Media Pack on cold, hard, almost block-long, wide marble benches. This lobby is three stories high, with multiple black rectangular columns. The outside walls are floor to ceiling glass. The elevator areas are faced with huge sheets of marble and twenty foot high bronze federal seals. It is intimidating and hideous.

We are allowed to wait here and tape defendents, attornies et, all arriving, departing, talking, punching, spitting and my favorite, head-butting. You have not lived until a suspected mob boss flares his nostrils and goes head down full speed ahead towards your midsection. Once, an outfit defendant lost control of his pants and was holding them up with one hand (unsuccessfully, since his trousers were seriously breaking wind) and punching with the other free hand. I won't attempt to recreate the verbiage he was lubing our group with but let me say it was probably in the top ten monologues of curse words and slang vulgarities I've ever heard! Bravo! OLE!

Who needs to run with the bulls in Pamplona when you can haul around a video camera and move as fast as you can BACKWARDS!

At some point in these proceedings, if your shift remains the same, you are there for the duration of sometimes month long(er) trials. The defendents and attornies get to know you and choose favorites from the Pack and cause major jealous rages and grumbling amongst us.

I was a slight favorite recently in a HUGE multi-state (Illinois/Nevada) far-reaching trial that is comely to a close very soon.

Maybe you've heard of Cicero. A near-west suburb of Chicago, it was built by none other than Al Capone as his personal *village*. It continues to this day as a bastion of petty crime and vice.

Its Mayor, is going down...


to be continued...

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Sunday, January 26, 2003

OOOoooh Ladies!
Bet along withMe...

Yes, I am a shallow, boy-watchin',
tush-checkin' FEMALE SportsFan...

Since I'm not too high on either team this year, I'm going the low road and picking the winner of SuperBowl XXXVII merely on the dude-ability of the team's QBs.

That's right, I'm picking the one I think is the best looking to win the game.

(How much more insight do the bookies really have???)

Sorry Gwen, but the Raiders are goin' down!!!


WHY? Because Rich Gannon's head is smaller than his neck! AND, scare me NOT with that nose-down-look buddy...

Quick make him a London Beanie or Footy Hat to balance it out!


GO go go Yuckaneers!!!

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UPDATE   : :  through the Looking Glass...

Five minutes ago, at 1:31 PM, I started my first sock...

In celebration of USA women everywhere, I salute all the knitter's working on anything in the middle of this National Football Holiday!

Since knitting loves company, if you want to join me, I'm following Terry Royea's Sock 101 pages starting here:


using her pattern found HERE...

Thanks Terry!

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Monday, January 27, 2003

Monday Morning Mirth!

read about it here: Big Bang for the Bucs


click HERE for biggie


I feel like a WOAHman!!!

excuse me, I have to go
change into my rhinestone Bra!

Zi'm just a girl at the SuperBOwl!


This yarn is a colourway called "Septermber Morn" by a seller on eBay called "lotusblossom". She has tons of stuff for sale HERE at Over the Rainbow Yarns, (used to be called MaryAnn's Yarn Barn).

I've made a few items from her yarn including: the HandPainted Camoflage Hoodie, the Cosmic Long Cardie and the Ruffled Rib Pullover.

This particular yarn is 50% Merino & 50% Alpaca, DK weight. I've put off knitting anything with it because I was afraid it would be too hot for me to wear.

At one point during the SuperBowl, (which for the most part was as BORING as usual), I had to take off my sweater because I was working up a little heat wave knitting the gusset. This is challenging work, my knitting friends! I was also using two circs so I was a little wobbly goin' round the bend...


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Wednesday, January 29, 2003

TICK (fun) TOCK (fun) F-U-N!!!

I think I've been in the News Biz too long. Not only do I associate addresses with stories I've photographed, I work like a speed banshee under a deadline.

I am currently whipping myself into a frenzy finishing my submission for the next issue of Knitty. It is at the point where it is so exciting, I'd like to take a *Mental* day and just wail!

Imagine yourself with no pictures, diagrams or clue. I need a picture, so I make a sketch. Then I put notations on the raw sketch as I go. This one started out at one gauge, but that yarn was a bust so I had to swith it out to another gauge, so this page is getting rather crowded with hand multiplications and notes.

I use a shorthand for the pattern itself - like just the # of stitches for the front (oops, just for example please).

Shapings are marked like 1/2/5 - which would translate to DEC or INC once every two rows 5 times. I really like that notation. I wish real patterns were written like that.

Ya gotta try it! Make something from SCRATCH!


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Thursday, January 30, 2003

ChicDesign ReDux

Rousting around the web last year
I found a great resource from Pat Kirkland
over at the Yarn Barn.

She's put together a
"Short Course in Sweater Design"
that is VERY educational and easy to understand.

Last summer, I met someone like I imagine Pat to be up in Winettka, IL. "She" is the wonderful Carolyn herself from:

Caroline's Fine Yarns
843 Elm Street
Winnetka, IL 60093

+1 (847) 441 0400

My knitting buddy and good muse, Eden, took me there the first time a couple of years ago. (Thanks be to those who are so kind to introduce us to their fiber worlds...) I was amazed when Edie took a ball of yarn off of a shelf, whipped out some needles and made a swatch. Then Carolyn measured Edie (just like how the "Short Course" recommends)and Carolyn wrote an original pattern ON THE SPOT for the gauge swatch and type of sweater Edie wanted to make. I was in awe(mouth in a big round "O"!!!) She'd asked for a hip length V-neck cardigan out of some greaat tape yarn and WHOOOSH there it is...

This idea changed the way I think about knitting forever. I had been blindly following patterns letter by letter, number by number. When they didn't fit me, I usually blamed the pattern,
designer or even just the Little Bad Muse...

But ladies (& gentlemen), It Was Me.

I never swatched. I never used the yarn called for in the pattern. I NEVER measured anything besides sleeve length (am overly sensitive because once my brother called me "ape arms"). I never checked my progress to the schematics most patterns come with. No wonder I kept coming up with DUDS.

THUD... (sound of hand slapping forehead palm first)- I better get hip to my hips, my arms, MY waist, MY NECK, even my underarms...

These measurements are the most important tool in the knitting repetoire. So simple, yet so ignored.

The sketch above was what happened when I went one step further and measured my favorite cardigan that I was wearing under a down vest the entire fall of 2001. I used it like a jacket and it fit like a glove. Not tight, just right.

Guess what? These Numbers almost Approximate my body measurements with about 2.5-3" of ease (ease = the amount of inches over your exact body measurement). Makes perfect sense.

Now when I go to make a pattern (commercial or original), I take into consideration whether it is outerwear(+3"), an indoor cardigan (+2" - meant to be worn over a light blouse), a pullover worn singly(+2") or over other clothes(+3"), a shell that is meant to be a second skin in the warm air(+1")or a tunic(+2") that allows air underneath. I compare the measurements of the proposed pattern to my eased measurements at the onset and several times during the making. And, I really almost always come very close to getting a perfect fit these days...

Go figure...

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Friday, January 31, 2003

you know you wanta...

Fuzzy Feet Button

I just joined the Fuzzy Feet Felt-Along and you can too!

Mamma Kate has invited all of us to a international event starting February 4th!

Using Theresa's cool & easy Felted Slipper Pattern from the last issue of Knitty, people all over the globe will be knitting Fuzzy Feet starting this Tuesday.

Kate will accept the *BEFORE* & *AFTER* pics and put them in a gallery!

SO - find the *hidden* button in the Picture Above, click & get the info to sign up for a rousing roaring good ole monster of a time!!!

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