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Sunday, January 19, 2003

ChicKnits Tips Redux

What's a cardigan pattern's Weakest Link? IMHO, the buttonband instructions...

Usually cribbed from the Book of Knitting What-the's---, it is usually up to you to find the best way to finish your creation.

Here's ChicKnits Clue to Freedom:


NO More Flabby Buttonbands!


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Monday, January 20, 2003

Monday Morning Mirth

Raiders vs Bucaneers?


I'll take a Gladiator on SuperBOwl SUnday!

Champion Defender for the
Verona Italy Soccer Team:

Massimo Oddo


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Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Funky Chunky

This is almost too good to be true. The BlueBoy Jacket made from Mystery Super Chunky Sears yarn is freshly washed and blocking in the back office (measures about 21"W X 28"L - still needs buttonbands and collar). The yarn really came alive in a warm water bath mixed with Mane'n'Tail Shampoo then treated to M'n'T Conditioner Rinse. Nevermind that I almost knit it completely twice (the first version was, as my dad used to say, binding...).

I did not realize in time that this Chunky Funk needs a little more ease than normal in your pick of sizing. So I went up a size. The gauge is 7.5sts/10rows per 4 inches. That's 1.875 sts per inch?!!! Maybe I'll make it a third time just for the fun of it. NOT...

Lucky for me this Chunky Monkey went like the wind on a looooong #17 (I went down a needle size because the gauge was off) circular and I knit it in one piece, picking up the sleeves at the underarm stage.

It got very cold in my apartment during one night this weekend - my furnace went wacky and it kept getting colder and colder so eventually I had to get up and futz with it at 4am. It finally came back, but to ease my way back into sleepyland (it's a holiday weekend whine whine whine) and banish my frustration, I ripped back the body of version one to the seed stitch border.

(Was it me that keeps saying, I know a project is going to be good IF I have to frog a little (or a lot)? Stop that.)

This signifies a great leap in maturity for me, because, not only was I experiencing household mechanical failure, but knitting condundrums as well. Usually, a recalcitrant garment like this would be found behind the couch after a few weeks. I don't know what came over me!

I accidently fixed the furnace and fixed my sweater. Sheesh, I better go play Lotto while I still stand a chance in H of this lasting...

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Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Like a Rollin' Stone

According to legend, this sweater was actually started two years ago. Through the Alchemy of Frogging, it became a pile of skeins once again on Sunday the 12th of January.

Now it's become the Sisyphus Brown Sweater!

It will be the luck of 2003 for me to re-work this into a wonderful, super cable cardigan like this pullover.

There are just some patterns too good to make just once and this has to be one of my favorites.

So, away we go!!!

BONUS: this Bartlett Fisherman's wool is great to hold on the lap during this sub-zero wind chill in Chicago...

It also helps to keep you warm if you eat a Reese's Peanut Butter cup with your morning coffee.

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Thursday, January , 2003

Seal the Deal

I don't hate the cold. I just would rather sleep!

It was SOOOOOO hard to get out of bed this morning. The temps are in the below zero range and just walking out to the garage (it's a car day YEAH!!!) is going to make me cross.

BUT, what's working miracles for me this year is a hat and scarf I made last year. I slightly felted the hat to make it more dense - it's already double stranded Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride - and the edges roll up to make a triple layer over my forehead and ears.

The scarf is just dandy - two strands of DK weight wool and one strand of short eyelash, with the ribby ring to keep it from moving once it's on.

So blow me down - I can take it!


While you're making some hats for yourself and family, make one from this list of donated patterns on the web (some links are broken) for some of our cold neighbors and send here:

Warming Families


a Crocheted Kango Hat


Dreadlock Cap Pattern


I searched Google on the phrase "Knit Hat Patterns" and came up with THIS

Try searching for the things you need to knit by using simple phrases...

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Friday, January 24, 2003

When the Going Gets Tough

The Tough Wear Mohair!!! This cardie makes it out of the cupboard maybe twice a year! Once upon a time, mohair was my favorite yarn. It is so much fun to knit with, feels great, this type has a large gauge and the colors are silky vibrant...

BUT, it is just too warm for me to wear most of the winter, even winter in Chicago. Up until this week, we've had a warmer than usual season and now it is back to normal. There is always a week or more of sub-zero temps in January. It's been cusping around that mark for a few days now and it's time to get real with the weather wear. So:

First layer: lots of lotion (Eucerin Plus)...

My Theory on Cold

Cold is a Vampire. It is the lowest humidity condition you can find in weather. Your body is 99.9% water. Cold will make you it's Bride by sucking any moisture that is available on your frame. If you seal yourself up good and tight with tons of lotion and drink lots of water, you will be warmer and not a temptation to the Undead...

Second Layer: unders and men's wool hiking socks that I've felted in the washer. They still come up to my knees.

Third Layer: Long sleeve turtleneck and polyester/lycra leggings from a Gap workout wear sale a couple of years ago.

Fourth Layer: Jeans and a sweater.

Fifth Layer: Fleece-lined snow boarding pants and a down vest. Gore-tex and thinsulate lined boots.

Sixth Layer: Medium weight down jacket, wind-stopper cowl and the Ruby Hat...

Hey Lestat! Can't touch this...

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