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Can't Sit Down
OK - *BALI* Everybody needs to workout. But nobody needs to hear it put quite like that. I want your money back.

Glow sit down
will ya...

Not RiverDance
Whitney's new CD by all the cash registers at my local drugstore with the display boxes almost empty...


December 29 2002

Slotted for Slotted Scarves

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December 30, 2002

Monday Morning Mirth

presenting, in no particular order,
some reasons I love my Family...

from my sister Cathy: a wonderful Santa ornament she made! She is the best dollmaker I know and crafts beautiful works all year round...

from Mom: excellent blue fuzzy slippers with extra thick foam soles so you *moonwalk* across the flat...

Bonus: a precious snowgirl ornament marked "Blizzy" who appears to be wearing a hand-knitted cap and scarf...

from my excellent friend Lorri: a swivel hip doll from China, named of all things: Swan...

(Now Billy Swan wrote some Elvis songs, no?!!)

The package reads: Good for Everywhere! Automatical Dance Doll. An outstanding singer will perform on the spot for you. This's very beautiful. Please view and admire.

(Apparently, you put this on your dashboard and when the car moves so does "Swan's" torso...)

Back of package: Dance with the Super Star Swan! SWAN!! SWAN!!! LET'S SHARE HAPPY TIME!!!

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December 31, 2002

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January 1, 2003


look into my fuzzy Crystal Ball
for some ChicKnits Hair of the Dog

ArfArf #1

ArfArf #2

ArfArf #3

Guaranteed not to cure your hangover
but might empty your pocketbook!

Happy New Year 2003 Everybody!!!

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January 2, 2003

Yokel Yodel

Your mileage might vary but I've finally figured out what usually prevents me from knitting things in the round.


Three hundred stitches round and round makes me feel like a plow horse. Will I ever be done??? Can I just put it down??? Will it look half-worn from dragging and flopping it back and forth???

I am almost done with the yoke of the Cabled Cardi (yum) but am just toxic about this yoke because of the stitch count and the 1x1 rib it's worked in. It's going slowly because of the gigantic tedium factor!

I took a break to Mattress stitch a front to the back last night. This perked me up for a bit. NOW I can visualize my final goal.

Block me baby...

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January 3, 2003

Herstory II

Was it just ONE YEAR AGO I decided to pull the wool over my own eyes and just ignore the biggest measuring blunder to date in my knitting halflife?

Ah, yes. But the amending has started and since it's going well all I can think of to say is Heh.

Not WOW. Or OK! or even Yeah! (And of course, I would die of embarrassment if I ever punched my fist into the air shouting, "YES!" It is my fervent prayer that people everywhere stop doing this in 2003. Especially 10yo's. Especially anyone who might resemble Kevin Costner.)

Just a simple Heh. (Like the one uttered by Mar in my comments section the other day.) I had to ROFLOL over this small utterance. I imagine it to be just a short, cynical half-expellation of air from the immediate vicinity of one's throat. Certainly not a belly laugh, but mirthful all the same.


So I've Ripped and Washed the yarn of the Beast that would not Obey and here it lies beautifully ready to ball on the winder. It is very soft and fluffy now. I am dedicated to pre-washing any mule spun yarn I have in ye olde stash forever. I've learned my lesson.

I am finally understanding the paces that Clara over at Knitter's Review puts her swatches through. She makes one and washes it like the manufacture recommends. But, sometimes she makes two and just casually throws one in with the load of jeans and sees how it would behave in RealWorld use...

Yarn does not reveal it's true gauge until it is washed and dried, then measured. It can really change into something you were'nt expecting. Now that I've gotten over my fear of plain old *dry* swatching, I've evolved into this necessary step. It's kind of like choosing between a new pink bellied puppy that will love you forever and a demented miniature monkey that bites off your nose.

You decide...

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January 4, 2003

Feeling Knitty

To remain a Charter Member of Bus Route #66 it was mandatory I get with the hip trip of my fellow riders who are wearing, just like last year at this grey olde time of the year, RED SCARVES!

PROBLEM: I used almost all of my Xmas Red Lamb's Pride on a Shaker Rib cap. OOPs.

Since Santa stole my wallet, I'm not allowed to buy anymore yarn until maybe hell freezes over, heh, I mean Spring.

So I dug thru all of my leftovers and found this&that: 3 - shades of Red; 3 - shades of Natural, from light to dark; and Black.

Mix this with a Try This Slotted Scarf Pattern (I lengthened the ends a couple of inches) and inspiration from Melissa Lim, Becky Delgado & *Marc Jacobs* of Knitty fame:

Whaddaya know?
A Red Scarf for Monday Morning,
both Bright & Tangy...

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A big SHOUT OUT to Beverly Bundy for including ChicKnits in her finely written crafting piece
for the Dallas-Fort Worth Star-Telegram


the Knit Crowd

read it HERE

=====Russell Crowe=====

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April 9, 2004

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Finishing up a couple of projects then I'll start my ENGINES!

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