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Cultural Froids

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Glow sit down
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Not RiverDance
Whitney's new CD by all the cash registers at my local drugstore with the display boxes almost empty...

Lord of the Shwing
Viggo Mortensen

Goin' to the Chapel
Russell Crowe & Danielle Spencer
why, I'm strangely apathetic!

December 22, 2002

Repeat After Me:
I'm an Elf
I'm an Elf
I'm an Elf

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December 23, 2002

Monday Morning Mirth

Last Minute Gifts - Ha - Good Gawd Y'll! If you are a Professional Procrastinator like me, chances are a couple of people slipped between the lines of your Christmas List - that's the Mirth Part of this tome...

There is still hope - that is, if it's a beginning/wannabee knitting friend you have!


Top 10 List
of Last Minute Gifts

10. Make a pretty *Coupon for Knitting Lessons* from you...

9. Make a *How-to-Knit Kit* out of 2 - double pt needles (wrap a rubber band around one end so stitches don't pop off) and a small ball of yarn and a little homemade coupon *Knit Lesson* (from you!) One set of Double Pts. will make 2 Kits!

8. Dig in your stash and find enough yarn (combine more than one if you need to) and make a *Scarf Kit* with the yarn and needles. OR, call it a *Hat Kit* and felt a hat together...

7. Get a Spray Bottle, Heavy-Duty Straight Pins and a couple of nice cotton towels, include directions, wrap and call it a *How to Block Kit*.

6. Get an inexpensive 4'x6' Indian Type Rug and label it *the Ultimate Blocking Rug* including directions.

5. Make a coupon for *Learn Finishing Techniques* if you know how to Mattress Stitch, Three-Needle Bind-off, and Chain Stitch. Three lessons at your pleasure...

4. Make coupon good for *Seam the Newbie's Sweater* because this is a daunting thing for most people to do and that's what friends are for.

3. Really suck it up and Make a LARGE coupon good for *Total Finishing of the Sweater of Your Choice* which would include blocking, seaming, banding, buttons, etc. Of course, this is worth millions and lifetime devotion so be very very careful...

2. Get a wonderful *Steamer* like this (if you don't have one get one for yourself as well) for finishing - it is a million times better than an iron and will send your finishing skills into orbit!

1. Break the bank($35.00) and make a person a coupon for *Membership in the Fiber Art Shop's Online Video Knitting Classes* - you register, pay and pass along the password on the coupon. These are very cool...

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December 24, 2002

It's beginning to look a
lot like Christmas

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December 25, 2002

2002 Bonne Marie Burns

Merry Christmas Everybody!!!

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December 26, 2002

Whawt? You never seen NorthWoods Chic?!

Just an aqua velvet shirt and a hat marked DIVA...

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December 27, 2002

Here's to all of us who
didn't finish *it* in time!

There is NO EXPIRATION DATE in knitting!

Absolutely, it's the thought that counts...

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December 28, 2002

Can't Get Enough of that Wonderful Stuff

This is a perfect week for a knitting break! Here at ChicKnits, that means all BIG projects can go fish and I can dabble in little stuff like hats and scarves. Oh, what the H, these are just gifts that didn't make it in time or, more hilarious stuff for me to wear in this un-user friendly weather of ours.

Chicago freezing temps are usually accompanied by an oppressive layer of rank grey clouds. We're just another ice cream cake from Baskins frosted by a nasty layer of dirty Cool Whip that keeps the cold BRRRR air from going anywhere.

Hence my need to burst out with some fabulous COLOR!!!

Everyonce in awhile I buy orphaned balls of yarn on eBay or other places for pennies. My stash is ripe with a few pairs of wonderful Kureyon which is going to bloom into many colorful slotted scarves.

I love buttonhole scarves but these really stay put! AND the pre-felted nature of this yarn makes it have enough body and warmth to just cuddle my neck. What more could ya want???

I started with this pattern from our own prolific and wonderful Sarah Bradberry:

The "Try This" Slotted Scarf



1. I used #9 needles for the garter stitch body and #8 needles for the ribbing

2. I increased every other row from the original 3 sts on one side only until it was 6" or 27 sts wide.

3. I worked straight after the "pointed part" for 5", did 3" of ribbing, 16" of straight garter stitch, 3" of ribbing, 5" of straight garter stitch, then decreased one stitch on the corresponding edge from the beginning angled side, every other row until 3 sts remain.

You can make this any width or length by adjusting the initial increases!

Thanks Sarah and Happy New Year!!!

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April 9, 2004

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Finishing up a couple of projects then I'll start my ENGINES!

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